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17 Best Google Adsense Alternatives To Monetize (2023)

Google AdSense is a monetization program that allows you to sell space on your website to advertisers. It is the most popular advertising program on the internet which has millions of active users. Google AdSense provides many opportunities for publishers to monetize traffic effectively. Also, many other Google Adsense alternatives for Blogspot enable monetizing your website or blog. Sometimes it is easy to monetize your blog or website with them. So select a suitable one to blog monetize. 

What Are The Best Alternatives To Google AdSense?

1) – Is Media net Any Good? is one of the famous Goggle AdSense competitors for monetizing a blog. It is the world’s second-largest global contextual ads program by revenue. This blog ads network brand is specialized in contextual ads. operates a pay-per-click advertising handle by the Bing Adsense/Yahoo network. It has more than 500 employees in worldwide key operation centers like Los Angeles, Mumbai, New York, Bangalore, Zurich, and Dubai

How Does Media net Earn Money?

The user-friendly dashboard is one of the main advantages of You can create your custom display ads, or will check the sizes and send you the best ads for your website to display. This feature prevails in Google Adsense sites also.  

In the past, payments were allowed with PayPal also. But now it is not available. All the payments in take place via Payoneer. This platform has a minimum traffic requirement and works well with Native English countries. So it is good to have traffic from those countries when using

Who Pays More Media net Or AdSense? vs Adsense on bloggers: You don’t need to wait long to get approval for your account on this platform. Unlike in Google Adsense publisher, You will get approval within two days on average. You get an extra 10% over your earnings for the first three months as well. The minimum payout of is $100. You can collect your money monthly. 


2) Amazon Native Shopping Ads

Amazon Native Shopping Ads is one of the famous Google ads alternatives. It is one of the great choices as the highest paying ad network for your blog. But, it is not a pay-per-click network. You earn money for actual sales here. These best paying ad networks let you monetize by adding ads to your website based on the keywords in your article. Suppose your website is based on products, including product reviews, articles with the product mentioned, or articles around products.

In that case, it is better to try this ad provider. You must be an Amazon Affiliate to use this ad network. Besides, you get paid for sales, not for views here. Also, you can put display ads, carousel ads, affiliate links, and more in your blog. It is compatible to monetize blogger Adsense too. That means get Google AdSense website approval for Amazon Native Shopping Ads to your same blog. 

You can view the complete earing summary in Amazon Native Shopping Ads from a single place. Also, you get the payment after 60 days of purchasing the particular product by a customer. This means earnings for March will be paid out at the end of June. If you hope to get this ad network onto your site, try to maintain a significant audience. 


3) RevContent

RevContent has a unique widget-based ad system that can be used as the best AdSense placement. It uses custom widgets to deliver ads. So it differs from other conventional ad network platforms. You can customize the image to text ratio for your widget and layouts. So, you can decide the way how your widget should look on tablets, smartphones, and desktop computers. RevContent enables you to add custom Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) elements to widgets and display them over SSL.

You can have a preview on the widget to check before inserting how they look on your website. So you can focus on the user experience even after publishing ads. When you drive enough volume, you will get a private account manager. This option will help you in optimizing your ads for blogs for maximum revenue. It has a great CPC. You will be paid 1-10 cents per click. RevContent has a super wide network of advertisers from all around the world.

You get the payments in RevContent on a NET 30 basis. But, you have to maintain a minimum earning of $50 for withdrawals. It offers PayPal, Automated Cleaning House (ACH) in the US, and international wires for payments above $1000. Many big giants in the world like PCWorld and Forbes utilize RevContent to get revenue other than Adsense. You can use this ad network along with others. 


4) PropellerAds

If your blog or the website didn’t get approval for a google Adsense blogger, it is better to try PropellerAds. You don’t need to bother about monetizing traffic from countries like South Africa, Singapore, India, etc. These ad services for websites have as inventory for them also. It is one of the biggest available free advertising networks. Both publishers and advertisers can get the maximum use of this platform.

You don’t need to fulfill any minimum requirements to be eligible as a publisher in PropellerAds. It is famous for monetizing blogs with ads under finance, software, entertainment, videos, dating, gambling, and more. You can easily monetize website without Adsense under these niches. This ad network helps to monetize sites having large mobile traffic. PropellerAds work closely with apps and mobile services, getting high ROI and CPM

You can try this ad network for websites or blogs under niches like games, dating, finance, and entertainment. The new ad formats in PropellerAds have greater performances. They got native display ads, interstitial, popunders, and push notification ads. You have the freedom to select what ads are going to be displayed on your site.

PropellerAds is the giant of popunder networks that offers clock ad moderate operation. It restricts annoying and spammy ads and also provides virus-free relevant ads. Propeller has a NET 30 basis payment method. But if you prefer to get revenue weekly, just change your account settings. The minimum payout in PropellerAds is $5.

You can use Payoner, ePayments, Webmoney, and Paypal as payment gateways. Also, you can get the help of an account manager here to increase your revenue. This ad network does not bother Goggle AdSense. You get global coverage also. 


5) Bidvertiser

You can use Bidvertiser as the best alternative to AdSense. It is spread in 196 countriesThis ad network works on a bidding campaign system. Bidvertiser sells ad space of your website to the advertiser that pays more. So automatic ad placement is not available here. You can easily install the best ads for websites with HTML code. There are pros and cons to this site compared to AdSense. 

If your site has lots of advertising, then also you won’t be able to get Bidvertiser. You can’t get approval for sites that are under construction. If you have a website that focuses on a small niche, displaying ads may not be relevant to the content. There is a high chance to get many bids for blog advertising sites having lots of traffic. You will earn more revenue than blog Adsense in BidAdvertiser. 


6) RevenueHits

RevenueHits is another best ads website alternative similar to Adsense. It is a new ad network that launched recently. This site has advanced optimization tools. It will study your ad performances and show the best places to display ads on your site. So you can consider the user experience before adding ads to websites. 

You are not paying for cost-per-click in RevenueHits. Only, you get revenue considering the performance. After clicking the ad, the reader should do the mentioned action. The action varies from advertiser to advertiser. Most of the action that needs to be done is making a purchase or subscribing to a service. So then you get revenue. 


7) Sovrn

Sovrn serves image-based ad programs. It is one of the best website monetization companies. Luckily, it is a robust, content monetization platform. Sovrn transforms product links into affiliate links. You don’t need to convert URLs manually. Sovrn automatically converts links to affiliate links. Most of the products on your site may not have links.

Sovrn turns all the unlinked products into monetized links. You don’t need to fret about a loss in potential revenue. Also, you can decide the number of links you want to generate per page and which merchants they should direct.

This ad network enables us to connect with social media networks. You need just one click to post on social sites and generate revenue. Sovrn lets you connect with merchants that offer commissions for linking and purchases made by your site visitors. So you get passive revenue from clicks and resulting sales. The minimum payout in Sovrn is $25


8) PopAds

PopAds is one of the popular sites like Adsense that offers instant approval. Getting approvals and setting your ads take only a few minutes. This network is specialized in Popunder ads for advertisers and publishers. PopAds monetize all the countries.

It offers reasonable rates. You can get daily payments in PopAds. But you have to earn more than $5. It is one of the best paying Google Adsense alternatives for small websites or big sites. They don’t have a strict approval procedure. So you can get PopAds very easily. This ad network has access to more than 40 countries


9) Viglink

Viglink is one of the best ways to monetize your blog. It is one of the famous Google AdSense alternatives instant approval used by many people. VigLink finds commercial keywords in your content and automatically converts them into revenue-generating links. Also, it transfers the links in your content to affiliate links.

For example, suppose your blog content has the term ‘iPhone 12’. In that case, VigLink will create links to the highest-paying merchant destinations. It also creates and shares affiliate links on social media networks like Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest. VigLinks tries to maximize your earnings by finding the highest-paying merchants.

If the user makes a purchase, you get a referral commission from it. This ad network automatically monetizes all outbound links. So you can get an income from it. VigLink is an SEO-friendly platform. This supports multiple platforms like blogs, forums, WordPress, etc. The ads don’t hinder the user experience. 


10) Adsterra – Which Is Best Adsterra Or AdSense?

Adseterra is one of the best Adsense alternatives for websites. It has innovative ad formats. You get a variety of ad formats for both desktop traffic and mobile traffic. Many growing large brands are using this ad network. Adsterra is also good for small webmasters. This platform is suitable for both publishers and advertisers. 

Categories like popunders, direct links, web push notifications, video ads, direct links, and many are included in Adsterra ad formats. You can filter and select any type of ad format to run on your site. The best ad format will take the best CPM for your traffic.

This ad network comes with multilingual support. Adsterra has NET15 basis payment methods. Hence, you can use Bitcoin, Paxum, PayPal, Webmoney, wire transfer, and many other payment methods. You can get money after it goes over $5. Then, you get the payment in Adsterra without any delay. 


11) InfoLinks

Monetizing your blog is easy with InfoLinks. It offers a variety of ad types. InText ads match ads to keywords in your content. Then, it shows the ad when the user hovers over the keyword. InFold ads are placed at the bottom of the screen on both mobile and desktop. Besides, the InTag ad type is directly related to the page where InScreen ads display between page views. InFrame ads display vertical ads on the vacant side position of the site on wide screens.

Infolinks do not have a minimum traffic requirement to get advertising on your website. Websites in any language can get approval for InfoLinks. But it does not approve websites containing content related to violence or hatred and adult content. This ad network provides excellent ad solutions without interfering with the user experience. InfoLinks works in 128 countries. 

Is Infolinks Better Than AdSense?

Google Adsense displays very quality ads compared to InfoLinks. Adsense free has many ad formats like image-rich ads, matched content ads, video ads, banner ads, etc. But InfoLink has mainly four ad units. You get paid on a NET 45 basis from InfoLinks. But Adsense follows a monthly payment method, and it pays through a large number of payment gateways. It is not fair to say Infolinks is better than AdSense. InfoLink still has some functions to develop. 


12) Adversal

Adversal has strict policies regarding content. You cannot publish objectionable content like adult content and excessive advertising. If you can’t obey these rules, you can not work with this platform. You have to publish unique and new content to get the audience to your website. The minimum number of views you have to get is 50 000 per month.

You can decide the banner type and size before publishing ads on your website. Adversal is famous for popunder ads. It also offers Leaderboard, skyscrapers, medium rectangle, banner, ministerial, and wide skyscrapers. This ad network uses a code that does not allow pop-up blockers to block Adversal pop-up ads. Adversal offers NET 35 payment option. The minimum payment threshold is $20


13) BuySellAds

Does your blog generate consistently high traffic? Then monetize your blog with BuySellAds. It is a self-service ad portal for publishers. You need to fulfill some criteria to be eligible to get ads on your website. The website or blog should have at least 100 000 page views per month. You have to design the website very well. The entire content in it must be in the English Language

Buysellads vs Adsense: You get a 75% per click in BuySellAds. The Goggle Adsense minimum payout pays only a 62% commission rate per click. So you can earn big revenue from this. This platform’s ad formats are email ads, text ads, RSS feed ads, and content sponsorship does not display targeted ads or automated ads. And native ads. 

It is tough to tell what is ad network pays the most. Many AdSense alternatives pay more. Ad networks like BuySellAds and Infolinks pay more than AdSense. You can find many other alternatives that pay more than AdSense. 


14) Adcash

Are you searching for ways to monetize a blog similar to AdSense media? Then better to try Adcash. It is a way to monetize a blog. Adcash is among the top networks that have been in the industry for about 12 yearsAlso, it has several ad formats. Those are push notifications, video ads, interstitials, and banners. So you get plenty of options to monetize your website.

You can use interstitial ads to monetize sites that have mobile traffic. Luckily, your country or the size of the website is not a problem to monetize with Adcash. This ad network spreads in 196 countries. So you can get traffic from around the world. Both mobile and desktop monetize are available in Adcash. The multilingual account manager is another option you find in Adcash. This helps to unlock exclusive features to suit your needs.

Adcash offers multiple payment methods that include PayPal, Bitcoin, Bankwire, Payoneer, Skrill, and WebMoney. It uses a pay-per-action model. The minimum payout is $25. But you should have $100 for wire payments. Adcash follows a NET 30 basis. This ad network has more than 200 million active users, and 850 000 app installs per month. 


15) Skimlinks

If your site or blog involves affiliate marketing, Skimlinks is one of the best Google Adsense alternatives for bloggers. The company has partnerships with more than 50 networks. It can give you access to more than 48 000 e-commerce merchants. Moreover, it will search your content for existing links and convert them into affiliate links.

Skimlinks provides automated affiliations to the commercial content of the website. You get the revenue based on sales, not on views. There is a high chance to get good revenue through Skimlinks. The minimum payout is $10. You can use PayPal to get your Skimlinks payout


16) Ezoic

The ultimate goal of having an advertisement maker on your website or blog is to gain money. So you have to know about the ad network that pays best. All the ad networks pay good revenue. Some ad networks are compatible with more than one network. If you want to double your payment, you can have Ezoic and another ad network on your website. 

Is Ezoic Better Than AdSense?

Ezoic is one of the best income sources that you can have for your website or blog. You will be able to earn lots of money within a few time. Ezoic is a secure ad network to use. There are thousands all around the world that earn dollars from Ezoic. No minimum payout of Ezoic. When you reach the $20 threshold, it will release your money. You can see current earnings, ads generating many clicks, and other useful data in your Ezoic account. 

You can join Ezoic freely. But there is a paid option also which costs $39 per month. You can sell space on your blog to put ads on websites. The above-discussed ad network will help you to make great revenue. Also, you can sell your products on a blog. Proper SEO will attract potential customers to your blog. The other thing you can do is do affiliate marketing. You can earn through your blog by monetizing it. 


17) AdThrive

If you are a beginner blogger, you may be in a hurry to make money. But you have to focus on the quality of your content. You won’t be able to make money without a quality blog. So, you have to add ads to websites with unique and original content to your blog. Thousands of bloggers around the world earn money through their blogs. AdThrive is CMI Marketing’s advertising tool that launched in 2013.

Both publishers and advertisers get security and transparency in AdThrive. It does not hesitate to ban any account that does not obey its terms and policies. Most of the successful publishers started with AdThrive.

AdThrivee is a very famous ad network that allows both webmasters and publishers to earn from their websites. Though it has built a reputation and trust for a long time, it does not says that it is the only way to make money. If you could not get an AdThrive account or need to scale up your revenue beyond AdThrive, just select a new website monetization platform. You will end up getting more revenue.


What Are The Best Google AdSense Alternatives in India?

Are you an Indian having a blog? Do you need to get paid using an ad network? All these best ad networks for bloggers will help to gain revenue for your website. But my recommendation for you is ProppellerAds. It has a separate fill rate for tier 2-3 countries. So PropellerAds is one of the best blog advertising networks in India. 

What Are The Best Youtube Monetization Besides Adsense?

YouTube monetization also offers a reliable source of income. Google AdSense is the major monetization method used by YouTubers. But youtube is the place where you can make lots of revenue than blogging. There are many alternatives other than AdSense you can use to monetize your YouTube channel. AdRev is one such alternative.

The YouTube channel needs 500 visits per day to monetize under AdRev. Fullscreen Media is another high paying AdSense alternative for YouTube. Freedom is another effective platform that you can choose. You can use also Google AdSense alternatives for youtube such as Machinima and Maker Studio to monetize your YouTube channel. 

What Are The Best Alternative To Google Adsense For Low Traffic?

You won’t get huge traffic just after starting the blog. But still, you have ways to monetize blogs and earn through them. Many AdSense alternatives offer monetization to low-traffic blogs. You can use Infolinks,, RevenueHits, PropellerAds, Viglinks, and Amazon affiliate programs to monetize your blog as the AdSense alternatives for low traffic.

These ad networks help you to display ads for websites easily. I also used ads for my website. So I recommend you to start with or Infolinks. You can easily use the dashboards of these ad networks for blogs. They are easy to use as well, as the ad runs in no time. When your blog traffic grows, you can try other ad networks for websites too. 


Sometimes you may be fed up with applying to get approval for AdSense, or you may be busy with appealing a ban due to invalid click activity. On the other hand, you want to switch to a better ad network to get more revenue. Google AdSense has one of the top difficult account approval processes. But, google check lots of criteria to see your website’s viability or blog to be accepted into the Google AdSense program.

There are ample methods to earn from a website without AdSense. You can do affiliate marketing on your website or blog. It’s worth enough to try one of them if you fail several times in Google AdSense approval. There are plenty of Google AdSense alternatives and alternative ad networks in the world. Sometimes they offer more facilities than Google Adsense for websites.

You have to check the requirements to fulfill before selecting an ad network. Sometimes your blog or website won’t be compatible with some alternatives to Adsense for WordPress and etc. It is better to research the ad networks before jumping into one. The right Goggle AdSense alternative will make good revenue by displaying ads in your website’s free space. 

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