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15 Best Alternatives To PayPal For Sending Money (2023)

Are you looking for free online payment processing? The PayPal payment option is one of the best online payment systems like PayPal worldwide. Actually, what is PayPal? Is it like a digital wallet? Yes, it is like a digital wallet, actually; from my experience, it is somewhat of a regular wallet for online shopping. Sites like eBay, AliExpress are accepting their payments through PayPal. So, try it. If you search for payment alternatives to PayPal Quickpay, I will briefly introduce the best online payment options for businesses just like PayPal business to accept online payments free. 

Who Are Paypal Competitors?

1) Venmo

It is another perfect app like PayPal for person-to-person online payments like PayPal options. Venmo is one of the mobile payment service alternatives like PayPal owned by PayPal. So Venmo account holders can do transactions via their mobile phone app. Can handle speedy transactions. Users can add their debit card or bank account details for their Venmo accounts similar to PayPal. Another unique thing, app like Venmo has introduced a physical debit card that has access to ATMs. 

Which is Better, Venmo, or PayPal?

These two are the most popular platforms for online payment solutions. Both can operate on iOS, Android, or web platforms. Also, both can do a credit card, debit card, or bank transfer. When comparing transfer limits, PayPal has a transfer limit of $10,000, which is higher than payment apps like Venmo (transfer limit $3,000).

Also, Venmo can only do transactions within the US. But PayPal available for 200 countries, including the US also. Both have no transfer fees for bank transactions. But both have a small amount fee for credit card and debit card transactions. So, according to my experience, PayPal has a better position compared to the Venmo app.

Is PayPal or Venmo Safer?

When doing a transaction, the most concerning factor is safety or security. Venmo and also PayPal services give a maximum of security for transactions. Both electronic payment services similar to PayPal credit have an encryption mechanism, and both alternative PayPal similar services use OTP codes to confirm the transaction to the users.

Venmo transactions can be seen by the users who deal with while PayPal does not show your personal and bank details for users who deal with it. To send money, PayPal does not need registration, but Venmo requires the registration before sending money. This is my research about the security between Venmo and PayPal equivalent. So, the decision is up to you.

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2) Skrill

Like PayPal but free, another digital wallet provider to do online transactions owned by first Skrill limited after Paysafe Company. Skrill can be used only for US and European transactions. Skrill also has a good security platform, just like PayPal. And also, easy registration and no complexity in creating the account in Skrill. And also, Skrill is suitable for immediate transactions cheaper than PayPal.

Skrill vs PayPal: In my experience, Skrill is better compared to PayPal. Why am I saying so? Here are the reasons. Skrill has 41 available currencies, while PayPal has only 25. And also, PayPal does not offer any cashback bonuses. But, if you are a Skrill VIP member, you will have up to 100 euros. PayPal is famous for online marketing like eBay, AliExpress platforms. But Skrill is used in gambling.

The main reason is the availability of currencies, which I previously mentioned. And another advantage of Skrill is, it can handle up to 4 different currency accounts. This means you can store your money in Skrill under four different currencies according to your preference. But PayPal does not have the multiple currencies feature. So, the Winner goes to Skrill.

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3) Payoneer

Another American-based financial company that available for online transactions. It is also one of the popular competitors to PayPal. Payoneer is also available for multiple currency Paypal payment types. Payoneer is also available for more than 200 countries, including Southeast Asia, Philippines, Japan, Korea, Britain, Pakistan, China, Ukraine, India, Dubai investigation, and French Airbnb with around 150 currencies.

Just like PayPal, Payoneer also can send and receive the transactions to bank accounts. But there is one problem that is Payoneer can only transfer to another Payoneer account. Several companies consider Payoneer as the best way to accept payments like Airbnb, Fiverr, and Google. So, freelancers try Payoneer as your online transaction platform if you are not satisfied with PayPal.

Which is Better, Payoneer, or PayPal?

My recommendation is PayPal. There are many reasons for my proposal. So, let us see one by one. The first thing is the exchange rates. Payoneer exchange rates are high when compared to PayPal. Payoneer has an annual online payment like PayPal of $29.95, which is slightly high compared to other online payment programs and other companies like PayPal. But in PayPal, it is entirely free of charge.

No yearly cost, no maintenance cost for PayPal, which is my second reason for choosing PayPal. So, the third reason is Payoneer can only transfer for another Payoneer account. Another reason is Pioneer will charge for currency conversions from 2% to 2.75%. So, because of the above reasons, my conclusion is the PayPal is more beneficial than Payoneer.

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4) Square

Another American financial company, Square or Square Inc, is based in San Francisco, California. Square is not suitable for large businesses. But it is a perfect match for small businesses. No monthly account fees, just like PayPal standard accounts. Also, no chargeback fees, which is $20 in PayPal.

Square is ultimately a business management tool. Also, Square is the first to sell mobile card readers. Now they provide the free magnetic stripe reader where PayPal offers the same for $24.99. This accepts any payment with a free square account. So, if you are running a small company, try Square definitely because it is more suitable for small companies or individual sellers than PayPal.

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5) Xoom Money Transfer

Xoom money transfer, a child organization of PayPal, is the best cheaper alternative to PayPal, Western Union or Money Gram. This allows the users to transfer their money using a mobile phone or their PCs. Very few steps to follow to make a transaction. First, you have to register with Xoom, which is free.

Then select the money transfer option. Under that, you need to fill in the receiver’s name, country, amount, and delivery method, which is a cash pickup or bank deposit, or home delivery. After that, double-check the information you have filled in and then transfer.

Another specialty is that receiver can receive his or her money in US Dollars or local currency. The fee for transfer money depends on the country. Quick and fast compared to PayPal. If you need to transfer money for your friends or family members, Xoom is one of the best ways to pay online without PayPal and do transactions. So, try it and start buying and selling online without PayPal like services.

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6) Shopify Payments

Among the best online payment methods like PayPal for online transactions, Shopify payments is a multicurrency acceptable, e-commerce, high rated platform in available countries. It has a $15 cashback fee but does not have any monthly fees. One of the main disadvantages is this cashback fee compared to PayPal, which is entirely free. Just like PayPal and Square, Shopify is also available card readers, which you need to buy and slightly costly, around $50.

The security of the transactions is adequate. Like PayPal, Shopify payments is developing day by day. But PayPal has a vaster range of county coverage compared to Shopify payments. That means Shopify payments only available in few countries. But in the future, up-and-coming e-commerce platforms for the best online payments. So, use it and see the features of Shopify Payments.

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7) Amazon Pay

Amazon Pay is one of the best online payment services like PayPal launched by amazon in 2007. No registration cost, just like the standard version of PayPal, and both have the same transaction fee, which is 2.9% + $0.30. But the difference is PayPal available for more than 200 countries but Amazon Pay only available in 18 countries, including Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Germany, Denmark, Spain, and France.

And also, PayPal available for more than 20 currencies, but amazon Pay is only available for 16 currencies. Security of both PayPal and Amazon Pay are of acceptable standards. So, nowadays, amazon pay is smaller compared to PayPal but has a good rise in the future. So, do not hesitate to do transactions via Amazon Pay. Try it if you want PayPal alternatives for minors.

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8) Google Pay

Very fast-rising online payment platform worldwide that available on iOS, Android, and also the web. Very similar to PayPal. User can enter their debit card information to do transactions. Very famous on Android mobile devices, especially in the google play store. Google pay was founded in 2015. There are no registering fees, just like PayPal.

Only 2.9% of the cost will take from credit cards when doing transactions and free debit cards. But PayPal will take 2.9% + $0.30 from both credit card and debit card transactions. Like a website like PayPal, it has a $10,000 daily transfer limit. Very cheap service like PayPal when compared to other alternatives. No bank transfer cost or debit card cost.

PayPal cannot do transactions in the google play store or google store, while Google pay can. So up-and-coming and rising star in the e-commerce platform. One day in the future, Google pay will rule the online e-commerce platform than other alternatives. So, try this PayPal replacement and feel the difference.

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9) Stripe

Another American online transaction platform for internet businesses. It is also a digital wallet alternative to PayPal credit. Both PayPal and Stripe have a transaction fee of 2.9% + $0.30. No registration or startup fee, just like PayPal. Also, no monthly service charge like PayPal.

The string has a $15 chargeback fee while it is $20 in PayPal. Stripe charged a RADAR fee when the user attempted to do a transaction, even in the wrong trade. The security of both PayPal and Stripe is excellent. Both PayPal type services are under strict standards when doing transactions.

Stripe also available around more than 30 countries and still developing, while PayPal available in around 200 countries. But Stripe is easy to use and has a low chargeback fee. Both have 24/7 service. So, Stripe also a good alternative for PayPal users. So, try Stripe if your country is available for Stripe.

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10) Western Union

If you are trying to send a small amount of money, then PayPal is a suitable platform for the best pay system. But according to my experience, Western Union is the best platform for a large number of money transactions. Western Union also an American-based online e-commerce platform where the headquarters in Colorado in the US.

The maximum transfer amount is dependent on the country when doing transactions with Western Union while $10,000 in PayPal. Western Union has a slow delivery speed of 5 to 6 days, while PayPal has a faster delivery (Within one day).

Both PayPal and Western Union are available in more than 200 countries. Within that, Western Union available for more countries than PayPal. If you need to send money to your family members, then Western Union is suitable for you like Xoom. So, try it and feel the difference.

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11) Money Gram

Another American-based company, located in St. Louis Park, Minnesota. Money Gram is also very much similar to Western Union and Xoom. But compared to PayPal competition, Money Gram will provide a more expensive service because it charges $1.99 for online bank transactions.

It is a flat rate. Suppose you send $5 to an online bank; $ 6.99 will be deducted from your account. It applies to the maximum transaction also, which is $10,000. If you use a credit card or debit card to do your transaction, then money gram will deduct $1.99 + 1% of the transaction amount.

Security is perfect in both money gram and also in PayPal. What is good about money gram is the speed. The receiver in any country can receive their money in time less than an hour. So, according to my experience, Money Gram is the fastest option to choose for online transactions.

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12) Poll Pay

Poll Pay is a cash app that gives you money and gift cards by completing millions of surveys. It is like a work from home stuff. Do you get lazy in this period? Do you need money? Try the Poll Pay app today, which gives you money by completing the surveys they provide. Poll Pay is one of the leading cash providers for completing surveys.

You can also receive some gift cards like Amazon gift cards, Xbox gift cards, Netflix gift cards, Google Pay, PayPal, and iTunes. What are the steps? Straightforward, just three steps. First login. Then complete surveys that available and convert your balance into gift cards, PayPal credit, or other features available in Poll Pay app. So, don’t be late and pay for services with this PayPal credit alternative.

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13) Cash App

Cash App, also known as Square Cash, is another child from Square Inc. Cash App, which offers the user to transfer or receive money to another Cash App or email. User can withdraw their money to a debit or credit card and also to any bank account. This massage is for cryptocurrency lovers.

You know what? The Cash App can convert your money into bitcoins. So, try it. Also, users can send their money to another user by merely scanning the Qr code using their mobile phone. Cash App has very safe policies. It has a security lock system, including Pin entry, Touch ID, and Face ID verification. So, don’t be late. Try Cash App, which is a good PayPal substitute.

Is Cash App Similar to PayPal?

Just like PayPal, it is very famous for person-to-person transactions. So, Cash App does very similar pay services like PayPal credit but without some features. Users can only send or request their money to any person who does have a Cash App account. And user can withdraw money from any linked bank account without any cost, just like PayPal.

Cash app also has a digital wallet, just like PayPal. So, users can hold their money in their digital wallets. The main difference is that the Cash App can buy and sell Bitcoins, while PayPal does not allow that feature. So, Cash App has similarities with PayPal and also has differences. But 90%, It is similar to PayPal. Also, the best alternative for PayPal.

Is PayPal Safer than Cash App?

Pay Pal and Cash App; Both have significantly higher security protocols. Cash App has highly secure because it is encrypted all the sending and receiving payments. PayPal has very high security, such as two-step verification. But it is up to you whether the feature, use, or not. So, someone uses those features, then his or her PayPal account types are very, very safe.

But if the person does not bother about those, then that account wouldn’t be safer. So, customers can get full advantage of those features if they activated the security protocols. No cost for activation security protocols. If you are running a business, I highly recommend PayPal because it provides you with high security. So, use PayPal with the activation of those security features.

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14) 2checkout

Another promising application that can do online transactions, just like PayPal. 2checkout allows users to receive or send online credit like PayPal and debit card payments, and also it has the feature of accepting many types of PayPal payments.

In this application, there is a monthly fee of $10.99 while it is free in PayPal standard accounts. Also, it will cost $0.45 when you are doing a transaction. So it is somewhat costly when compared with PayPal. But it is also a good alternative for PayPal payment methods.


15) Dwolla

Dwolla is an e-commerce platform that provides mobile payments and other online payment methods than PayPal founded in 2008. Under $10 transaction, they will offer a free service, but above $10, they will charge $0.25 for each transaction. But Dwolla does not accept any debit card or credit card for transactions. It is one of the main disadvantages of using Dwolla. But it is very cheap.

And also, Dwolla has adequate security. They only need a Dwolla ID or email or mobile number to do a transaction. So, there is no need to share bank account details to do a transaction. So, Dwolla is also one of the best alternatives to PayPal credit when we look at transaction fees.


Who is PayPal’s biggest competitor?

As you know, PayPal has conquered the world. And PayPal is the best e-commerce platform in the world. All know about PayPal. So, it is tough to beat PayPal in the e-commerce platform. But I have to mention the platforms like Skrill, Venmo, Stripe, and Cash App give massive competition to PayPal. Security is best in those PayPal type apps.

The transaction fees are also in the affordable range, just like PayPal account options. So, in the future, online payment apps like PayPal mentioned above may be beating PayPal. Skrill has already won PayPal in the gambling world. So, these PayPal like apps will give massive competition to PayPal.

Which Online Payment System is Best?

For online transactions, all the apps similar to PayPal mentioned above are very much good. All of the other apps like PayPal have their unique styles. And all have differences between each other. So, finding the best app is very much tricky.

It depends on the users who use the features and what type they expect from the online transaction platform. In this article, I have mentioned the best online payment sites like PayPal credit suitable for doing online transactions, including PayPal. So, the decision is up to you to select PayPal type sites, whether to use it or not.


Because of Technology development, the world is going towards doing all the things using the internet. So, when it comes to online transactions, security is the main issue for the users. So, PayPal plays a significant role in doing online transactions.

PayPal was founded in 1998, and it is the most popular and most commonly used online payment system in past years. People can store their debit card or credit card information to their PayPal accounts and can do online shopping as much as they want.

Here, in this article, I have mentioned the best applications that are alternatives for PayPal. So, go through it carefully and see the difference between each other. Apart from that, here are our memorable mentions; Authorize.Net, Serve,, and WePay. So, what is your idea? What are the better alternatives to PayPal for business? Let Us Know What is your thinking in the Comments Section!

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