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15 Best Sites Like eBay to Sell Your Stuff Online in 2020

Online shopping is a new addition to everyone, and especially today’s online shopping is filled with hygiene, security, cost-effective, and quick to buy things easily. When we consider e-commerce sites, eBay stands first to provide all the essential products that people were searching for all over the world. According to the statistics, it has 182 million users with 1.3 billion listings around the world. As you are looking for the best alternative sites like eBay, I will show you the options that have the same and advanced features as eBay. Get the insights by reading all the comparisons. 

Why do you need to find other sites like eBay for selling?

If you are interested in selling stuff online, you may wonder what are the platforms you will need. And the first site that comes to our mind would be eBay. But, you may feel that eBay might be too competitive. Almost every classified website is offering to buy and sell things at an affordable price. eBay is one of the recognized e-commerce platforms, which is very popular among Asian and European people. When we consider the pros and cons of eBay, you will be amazed at the features. 

different sites like ebay
  • Easy to buy products 
  • No need to provide credit card details unless you didn’t buy anything
  • Can search for products without even registering
  • Can get international free shipping
  • Great deals for seasonal 
  • Can buy or either sell products
  • Lots of policy 
  • Can’t get the refund immediately
  • Service fee for sellers

Comparison Table

App Name Android/iOS availability  Rating Downloads Multiplatform Support
AmazonAndroid & iOS510 MApp and Website
EtsyAndroid & iOS51.2MApp and Website
AlibabaAndroid & iOS538MApp and Website
Online auctionWeb-only5Website
MercariAndroid & iOS545 MApp and Website
Ruby LaneWeb-only5Website

Best 15 Sites like eBay?

1) Amazon – Is Amazon Better than eBay?

Is Amazon better than eBay?

Amazon is one of the biggest competitors to eBay and it’s more popular in the US and European regions. There are 310 million active users with more than 12 million products. They are offering only new items, and they are not offering auction-style sales like eBay. The products on Amazon are fixed price. You don’t have to wait for a week until the seller finishes the bid and sends you the outcome. You can directly place the order and get the product to your doorstep at a fixed price. 

Amazon delivers really well within 24 hours – 7 days, which is a speedy delivery service that is an excellent turn over time. Same time eBay takes around 45 days to ship international orders. 


  • Transactions are fast.
  • Credibility is good.
  • Suitable for big sellers and brands.


  • Competition is high, like eBay.
  • Not for small sellers.


2) Ebid – Auction Sites Like eBay

Auction Sites Like eBay

Ebid is also a popular eBay alternative in a sense; it’s also like an auction-based website. They do offer fixed price products to get the results at their lower cost. Ebid is not famous among people, but some regular customers are getting the best products at the lowest price. They do ship internationally for every nation. 


  • Cheaper than eBay. (profit range is high)
  • Easy to auction products off.


  • Low traffic than eBay.
  • Sellers have to take care of their traffic. 


3) Etsy – Is Etsy Better than eBay?


Etsy is also a good e-commerce platform which is currently having more than 30 million active customers. They do offer a sub store for every seller, and 1.8 million sellers are making 100s of dollars every time. Their shipping charges are minimal and can get a wide variety of product selections


  • Reasonable Listing fees.
  • You can simply edit and update listings like eBay.
  • Payment options are supportive.
  • Customizable design.


  • No Alerting system. So, you need to check it eventually (expired or sold items)
  • Limited Category options. (e.g., can’t expand list)


4) Trademe – Sites Like eBay


Trademe is no one e-commerce store based in New Zealand. Which is the same as eBay they do offering auction-style sales. The merchants from New Zealand can post any kind of products like used or brand new for sale. All the listings are free of charge. It is not globally recognized because it is limited only inside Newzealand. 


  • Local support. (Mostly eBay and Amazon sellers denied send to NZ)
  • Credit card rates are a bit cheaper.
  • Support CSV upload function.
  • Search filter functions like eBay.
  • Feedback and review support.
  • The user base is massive.


  • You are paying more for an older platform with fewer features.
  • It required to display ‘in trade’ status.
  • Fees are bit high (calculated to included shipping costs) promotional extras costs up to 5$ extra per listing.

5) Alibaba – Sites Like eBay But Cheaper


Alibaba is one of the best alternatives for eBay. It is a multi-support site that is filled with wholesale products. Alibaba is collaborating with many industries, and all the products displayed in that are wholesale. If you are planning to start a shop, then Alibaba is the best site to buy the products and get delivered to your doorstep. 

On the other hand, if you are buying there are many products cheaper than ebay in Alibaba.


  • Bigger than amazon.
  • Instant access to a lot of suppliers and buyers globally.
  • Easily organize products and categories
  • Good for wholesales.


  • BBB, F rated Alibaba.
  • Shipping is taking longer.
  • There is no easy way to visit the website before you buy it.
  • Their pricing algorithm is difficult to understand. Some products are at high prices rather than in other shops. 



6) Online Auction – Deal Sites Like eBay

Online auction

Online auction is a web site that is running through a young person who is offering varieties of products for the customers. You can get the result by negotiating the price because you can contact the seller personally and directly through email. 


  • The platform is easy to use. (user-friendly)
  • Online auctions can be a bit less tense, which means you spend less money.


  • Auctions can quickly get out of hand.
  • Everything is virtual.
  • Pictures can be misleading.


7) Rakuten

eBay alternative in Japan

Rakuten is an e-commerce platform, just like eBay and Amazon. People also identify them as Japan Amazon. Their business operations are done throughout the world. Anyone can buy products and get delivered to their doorstep. It is ranked as the top 3rd in the world online carts


  • Easy to use.
  • You can get cash back when shopping purchases. (some stores offers 40% cashback)
  • Referral programs.
  • PayPal Support.
  • Coupons support.


  • They can permanently disable your account.
  • Sometimes it isn’t accurate.


8) Newegg – Sites Like eBay Electronics

Sites Like eBay Electronics

Newegg is an eCommerce platform built for only tech items such as electronics and gadgets. You can get all the tech items within the site for a minimum price. They do have international shipping, anyone, from any nation, can buy the products for the best price.


  • 6.1 million monthly visitors in the US.
  • Educated customer base. (they know what exactly they want)
  • Commissions are low.


  • Sellers have to pass the test according to their niche. (responsible)
  • It’s hard to sell no-name products.

9) Mercari


Mercari is also an alternative for eBay, which is also selling everything. With the selling rate, Mercari performed well with sports items new and used too. It is trendy in the US and Japan. The daily listing items are between 150 thousand to 200 thousand products a day


  • Selling fees are low.
  • Easy listing formats.
  • You can make an offer like eBay.
  • The shipping rates are reasonable.
  • Customer support is exceptional.
  • There is no cost to list your products.
  • Listings never expire.
  • You can modify and delete listings.
  • The rating system is perfect.


  • Customer service is only accessible via messaging.
  • You can’t sort items. (like highest to lowest)
  • Suppose you are looking for black market items. It’s not allowed here.
  • The desktop version is limited.


10) Ruby Lane – Best for Vintage Products

Ruby Lane

Ruby lane is one of the best and popular e-commerce websites for vintage products. They are offering excellent customer service for their precious customers. The app is easy to use and very profitable while comparing with the other ten alternatives. It also has a good trust score according to the Trustpilot.


  • No setup and listing fees.
  • Less commission fee.
  • Shipping fees are low.


  • Monthly fees are high than eBay.


11) Bonanza


Bonanza is an online marketplace that very similar to eBay, where they don’t have their products, fulfillment centers like amazon. It just allows you as the seller to connect with buyers and sell your products.

There are cool benefits to selling on this platform that you may don’t know. When compared to eBay, Bonanza’s final value fee is very low, which start at 3.5%, but if you want to advertise your products, then it goes up to 9%, etc. 

Rewards Tokens and set up coupons are included like eBay. You can import listings directly from other marketplaces to Bonanza, and also you can set it to automated way to work further. If something sells on eBay, it automatically ends on Bonanza and vice versa. So it’s very seamless.


  • There are no listing fees.
  • Reward system.
  • You can choose advertising Levels.
  • PayPal Support.
  • Advertising feature. ( They will advertise your products for you)


  • It’s not famous yet. (but growing)
  • Limited customization layouts


12) Craigslist


It’s a free site that you can view and post local advertisements. Kind of like a classified section of the newspaper, but it’s free to use. You can add information about photos of the item, condition, manufacture, model number, and so on. Also, you can share the location of your item on a map.


  • It’s free, and there is no monthly cost.
  • It’s a local channel.
  • Your advertisement remains for up to 30 days.


  • It’s not automated.
  • You have no idea how many people click on your item.
  • Some categories require to pay. ( job, real estate, cars, etc.)
  • Popular or scamming things.
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13) Ecrater


Ecrater is an online store like eBay, but it’s free. You can use Paypal and other payment methods and don’t need to pay fees like eBay. You can make your store, and it can set up easily like craigslist. 

However, you can’t do everything like other marketplaces on the list when you created a store in Ecrater. It’s a bit different compared to other online platforms. And, It offers various links that allow you to give much more info, such as about page, terms, categories, FAQ, contact, etc. 


  • Free from monthly subscriptions and verification fees.
  • You can use their forum to interact with other sellers.


  • You can’t use HTML format. (which mean challenging to customize your store as you want)
  • Large pictures not accepted. (250×300 only)
  • Competition is high. (it may be a disadvantage for your business)
  • You can’t control their feedback system.


14) Art Fire

Art Fire

With Art Fire, you no longer need to juggle a host of different sites, market places, or web stores. You can create an Art Fire online store without knowing any coding or hosting your website. Which means you can focus on your customers have more time to develop and quickly build your business with an easy-to-use integrated platform that manages your promotion, sales, and customers in one place.

Art fire delivers a turnkey solution for your business with built-in traffic. They will promote your products to the online market place. They can push your products to all major shopping and search engines and use their global marketing reach to show art fire items over 20 million shoppers


  • Each store can hold unlimited items. 
  • Art fire encourages to build handmade and unique items to sell in their market place.
  • Allow commercial products.


  • customization and promotional options are limited
  • Monthly subscriptions are a bit high. (if you aren’t selling much)
Website Android IOS


15) Facebook marketplace

Facebook marketplace

Facebook is offering users who want to post their items for sale and users who want to search through those items to see if there’s anything that they want to buy. It makes it easy to list everything on the service from your items and services.

It isn’t really for business. It’s mostly suited for selling and buying things that you might need for your life. But if you are looking for specific things that you need for your business, Then the 

The Facebook market place is going to be a great place to start to try and find those items pre-owned or used. It’s working as an open forum for conversation. Most people don’t know how to market correctly on Facebook.


  • Don’t charge from you to buy or sell unless you boost (promote) it.
  • Low cost per lead if you marketed it correctly. (You can target and boost your ads to a specific location or group of people)
  • Real-time alert through Facebook notifications. 
  • You can get social proof. (likes, comment, share)
  • Facebook Messenger helps you to interact.
  • Anyone with 100 miles radius will see your items.


  • It doesn’t support buyer or seller protection like eBay.

Is selling on eBay worth it?

As a seller on eBay for 2 years, I can say that it is still very profitable. But the thing is you need to update with the trend, some products may be outdated with time. In that case, you need to do proper market research and update your listings according to that. So, as long as you are filling the market needs it is very profitable.

Final words

I hope this simple article on sites like eBay helps you to figure out the best alternative to sell your products. But before you enter your credit card details, think twice to keep your encrypted data as it’s. It is a bit of thoughtful advice from us to save our customers from scammers. If you have any doubts and questions? Use the comment section to get quick and relevant answers. Have a great day stay tuned with us!

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