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13 Best Online Sites like Offerup For Selling & Buying (2023)

Are you searching for a platform to sell your used property or buy something new? Then there are plenty of sites where you can post ads for free. Offerup is one such site where you can sell your stuff and buy new things. There are other selling sites like Offerup. Those platforms will expose your selling items to a wide range of customers. Let’s check out what are the Best Sites Like Offerup for Online Selling & Buying.

What Are The Best Offerup Competitors?

1) Aliexpress

As all we know, Aliexpress is one of the world-famous apps similar to offer up. No more words. Here, you can buy so many different kinds of categories such as electronics, clothes, accessories, furniture, toys, jewelry and so many other stuff.

Many sellers here are from China. Moreover, this is a good site to do dropshipping where you can earn some money. Compared to other selling sites like offer up, the Costs of products are compatible low.

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2) eBay Classifieds

You may not be familiar with the classified section on eBay. This classified section will help to find items that are on sale near your location. Any seller can post their ads on this platform for free. You can search and find cheap items near your location.

This will help you to get the particular stuff within a short time. The eBay classified app has the auto-location detection option, which will find your location and show the nearest sellers. You can use this app to sell your stuff. This platform allows small businesses to post listings for free.

Can you be scammed on eBay?

No, because there is a review section for each buyer and products. So before buying, make sure to check all the review.

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3) Facebook Marketplace

It is a very popular social media platform where millions of people are online. The marketplace of Facebook is getting increased with time. You can sell and buy stuff ranging from garments to vehicles through Facebook Marketplace.

The easiness of this platform is that you don’t need to send emails here and there because messenger will help to communicate with customers. Facebook Marketplace is cleaner, faster, and visible to many people.

This platform is easy to use; you need to do a few taps and swipes to post a professional advertisement. The Facebook marketplace will link to your Facebook profile, so it will be very easy to deal with customers. The other important thing is Facebook Marketplace users do not need to give their phone numbers to others. This will reduce the risk of harassment.

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4) Amazon Shopping

Amazon shopping has now become one of the world’s top-rated shopping sites where you can do unlimited online shopping. Though it’s a USA website, It’s popular all over the world. Besides, you can find many offers and discounts. There are many shopping items branded or unbranded for kids, men, and women. But before buying, check the review. Then you won’t meet any scammers.

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5) Mercari

Mercari is called the “selling app” by the brand itself. This app allows you to sell and buy your products locally. You don’t need to meet people to deliver the goods. You can ship those products to the customer. A seller can easily list the products to sell.

Just take a photograph on your mobile then list it on Mercari. After that, set a price. This platform will charge 10% of your sales. The principles of this platform are all of us have things that we don’t need anymore, but someone else hopes to have them. You can buy or sell garments, electronic appliances, toys, and many more things.

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6) Carousell

The Carousell is one of the popular resale sites like Offerup where you can buy and sell many secondhand goods. It originated from Singapore but also operated in Other Asian countries, Australia and New Zealand.  If you are not in Singapore, then you can find the listing items selected near me products. And also, here you can find many cheap to expensive products where you can freely select them.
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7) 5miles

5miles is the best offerup alternative. It offers an easy way to buy and sell items with your mobile. Just take a photo and type a description of the product and list it. Thousands of buyers will be there to purchase your product. This platform uses the phone’s GPS location to identify customers and buyers in your area. It is very easy to make an offer.

You can follow your favorite sellers and like your favorite items. You can download the 5miles app to your iPhone or Android device and start selling and buying within a few seconds. This app is free for both buyers and sellers. This is one of the safest platforms.

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8) Etsy

Etsy is one of the leading Chinese online sellers and a website like Offerup where you can find many types of products. Also, it’s a good marketplace for many artisans, business owners, dealers, and craftsmen. Here, you can sell handmade items, like arts and crafts, clothing and accessories, and many housewares. So it’s a great place to launch and your own online store that helps to cath many customers all over the world.

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9) Craigslist

It is one of the famous sites like Offerup which is used by both sellers and buyers. Craigslist might be the best solution for buying things. This platform always has a seller who is willing to provide what you love. Everything you want is available on Craigslist.

What Sells the Most on Craigslist?

It can be kitchen equipment, pets, houses, lands, services, baby products, or even a job. You can install this app on iOS and Android devices.

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10) Gumtree

Gumtree is also one of the best alternative sites like Offerup. The paid app version of Gumtree provides many special features. Those are urgent, bump up, featured, URL and spotlight. With the urgent feature, you can add an urgent label to your advertisement.

Gumtree is a very populated platform for buying and selling goods. You have the chance to post ads on a city board for free. But a certain amount should be paid to extend the advertisements to cities beyond your hometown. You can send your ads to the top buyer’s search results by paying a certain amount of money.

You can bump up your ad to the top of the search results. With the availability of the spotlight feature, you can put your ad on the Gumtree home page. You can put a URL for your advertisement. You can either select the paid features or the free version of the Gumtree app.

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11) Letgo

Letgo is an app very much similar to Offerup. It is a top-rated app and is said that more than 75 million people have downloaded Letgo after launching the app. Sites like let go are considered the fastest-growing marketplace app. This app is user-friendly. If you need to sell a product, take a photograph then you can list it in these selling sites like letgo.

Is Letgo Better than OfferUp?

This app uses AI technology to automatically title and categorize the listing. So you can quickly advertise your products. The essential features available on these websites like Craiglist will help you to search for products easily. It is easy to identify products by filtering concerning the category and even after checking the user profile, ratings, and reviews.

Letgo offers a chat option. So you can easily chat with the customer or the buyer to know about the product you are going to sell or buy. You can install this app without any cost. There is an option for professional sellers to buy prime real estate on listing results.

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12) Listia

Listia is much similar to Offerup. It is an excellent option for sites like Offerup. This site offers the facility to exchange your belongings for more useful stuff. But you have to bear the shipping cost. But is negligible when thinking about getting rid of unwanted things. If you post something in Listia, someone will buy it by paying both credits and shipping costs.

Then you can earn credits. You can spend those credits to buy stuff that someone has listed. This app offers the ability to save money by getting rid of unwanted stuff in the meantime collecting necessary things for your house. Listia supports you to dispute transactions and negotiate returns and funds in case of any problem.

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13) Oodle

Oodle has many more similarities to Offerup. It also enables putting ads about the items you are selling. Again, this app allows you to find products that are close to your location. If you are a pet lover, you can easily find a pet from this platform. Even if you want to sell your pet, this app provides the facility.

All reputable pet stores and breeders have the chance to post ads in Oodle. This platform provides the facility to offer apartment rentals, jobs, cars, and services. This app is free to use. You need to live in a location that accesses Oodle. Otherwise, you won’t be able to get the benefits from this app.

There are some featured boards for Oodle. If you are living around these locations you will be able to get the maximum use of this app. The app, Oodle is an excellent alternative to Offerup. To install it and enjoy the easiness of buying and selling.


What Are Other Apps like Offerup?

  • Locanto
  • Swappa
  • Close5
  • Recycler
  • TradeMade

What is the Best App to Sell Furniture?

  • Chairish
  • 5Miles
  • Facebook Marketplace
  • Nextdoor


Offerup is a world-famous site for selling and buying used goods. Offerup has so many advantages, like providing good customer service. There are plenty of apps that offer the same features. Those sites are free, and the features and facilities they offer differ from one to another. Sometimes these alternative sites offer more features than Offerup.

There are so many sites like Offerup for Online Selling & Buying. You can easily sell anything by advertising on these platforms. You can attract customers to sell a product just by posting an ad. Now it is easy to get rid of the unnecessary products you have. It is also easy to purchase anything from these sites. And also you will be able to find the best quality product to purchase due to the presence of many sellers.

These buying and selling platforms have several features that are similar to Offerup. Some of these apps can be installed on your iPhone or Android device for free. But some paid versions of these platforms will offer you advanced features. You have the freedom to select the best apps like Offerup to sell or buy used goods.

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