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12 Best Games Like Terraria (Hunting & Exciting) in 2023

This article is all about the Terraria flash game alternatives. If you are a fan of Sandbox games, then surely you are a fan of Terraria. My brother loved to play this Terraria flash game while hunting bosses with exotic weapons, but he often faced technical issues while he playing. That’s why we thought to find similar games like Terraria with better performances and exciting gameplay.

What Are the Other Games Similar to Terraria?

1) Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley is a farming simulation game that is inspired by the harvest moon games similar to Terraria pc. Your task is to make as much money and build a decent farm. You have a limited amount of energy which refuel by eating stuff and sleeping. One of your initial tasks to introduce yourself to the inhabitants. So you can get acquainted with them. These people are an essential part of this game.

In games like Terraria and Stardew valley, You can build relationships by talking to them every day, doing some tasks, and giving gifts to them. You can get married and have a pet. It’s impossible to marry one of them anyway. Stardew Valley has a day/night cycle, and game power takes real-life minutes. It also has seasons, which take three months. If you bit tired of farming, on the fifth day of the first season of spring, mines are opening in the north part of the maps. Mines exist for small levels. You can find rocks and fight with enemies. Worth buying.

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2) Hollow Knight

Hollow Knight is one of the games similar to Starbound and Terraria which has so many unique features. Here you have to play a role of an unnamed knight called Haloownest. On that path, you will meet so many different kinds of these Hallownests and combat. You should fight against many insects filled kingdoms.  It’s so exciting that you can open so many challenges and mysteries which going forward unlocking new abilities.

You also have access to a map that always marks your next destination. If you are looking for light-hearted PC Terraria alternatives with a unique and well-crafted upgrade system that is accessible for both hardcore and casual gamers alike, you’ll want to check this game.


3) Factorio

This is a game like Terraria in which you build factories and many Options to create custom factories. There are tons of items to harvest and use. Here you have to do mining necessary resources, researching, gathering many technologies, and so on. Its’ unique music and art design give you a very unique game experience that has a variety of support modes. There are some drawbacks also. Fewer user guides and basic combats are few.

This game has beautiful artwork and brilliant soundtracks. It gives better controller support and has a large farm to maintain. (Many NPC). Fighting mechanics not proper. This game isn’t for this anyway. It is common that there are some controlling issues.


4) Starbound – Is Starbound Similar to Terraria?

Starbound is one of these types of 2d games like Terraria free. It’s an adventure survival game that develops by Chuckle Fish. However, it stepped out from a shadow and is a beast all of its own It is the game no man is sky wanted to be upon release. Stages are interesting in this game. It has many things to explore. You can spend your time exploring worlds while raising yourself from building campfires to building max.

It has enemy worlds that are colorful and strange. This game also supports the .abc file format and gives you modding Support. But it has an Average Story and no ship protection when playing multiplayer mode. Sometimes, you may feel that mining is a bit boring.

Is Starbound as good as Terraria?

In games like Starbound and Terraria, there are villages and different types of people like robots, evil, and more. Those people in communities have their own little cultures. There are various Planets with different types of monsters to hunt using many unique Combats or the ability to use them as pets. Villages are the best places to find tools and guns with special effects. Also, you can uncover puzzles and mini-games even you can build your starbase. I think it’s also a good game as Terraria. 


5) Don’t Starve

This is one of the mobile games like Terraria and Starbound that offers a variety of characters to play as each with its pros and cons. A sandbox-type world that you can customize and even a difficult setting that you can adjust. Don’t Starve game will give you a new experience each time you play through it. In this game, you can do a lot of gathering, mining, and chopping. Sometimes you have to fight with death.

You can plant traps to protect your property and explore caves to fight for gold and gems. (watch out with earthquakes) Trick animals into your traps by baiting them with their favorite foods only to capture them alive. You can make friends with animals and have them harvest goods for you. Also, have your friends form a bit of an army. Then you can go after enemies with them. Everything in this game wants to hunt you down. Enemies, darkness, even the weather. Survival in this game isn’t a joke.

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6) Spelunky

Spelunky is attractive among gamers since games were made by Derek Yu. It’s like digital lego, where you have an unlimited amount of different block types. Spelunky is not just a game. It’s beyond that, an experience that we have to get. There is no guidance or story, so all your imagination as to what happens and why. You can create your structures by breakdown resources and weapons, etc. However, some resources are challenging to find, so exploration is also key.

In Spelunky, there are four modes, such as survival, creative, adventure, and spectator modes, to learn something new. You have to face enemies such as Spiders and Snakes which is unique to this game. It is a short review to get an idea about Spelunky, so a lot of things will be miss, such as rabbits, bats, rats, torches, fire, all sorts of things because this is a vast game with potential.

If you are a fan of Terraria game or Minecraft, this is going to eat away at your life when you buy it. The World map is deep and full of places to explore and treasures to seek. Spelunky offers you the ability to create custom depths. This means you can decide how to survive and go deeper, how big is it, sturdy, and long it should last. You can make whatever you want (almost). Capturing and taming monsters is chilly in here.


7) Craft The World

Let’s say It’s a smoother version of Terraria. It’s easy to play, hack, and slash to build what you like and treasure hunting. Craft The World has quests, which you can do stuff using their main worlds. Each one of them has slightly different landscapes, enemies, and blocks to be smashing around the game. You can even use to be a male or female and work out three classes. You can be a fighter, miner, and Dungeon Keeper. Each one comes with different abilities and weapons.

In this game, you can rebuild certain areas. Those areas will help you to build a dwarf fortress. You can play this and Coop with friends, which is excellent. There’re plenty of weapons and armors. As progress through the game, you’ll be unlocking better weapons, armor, and everything. Competition is a reasonably open world and no age restrictions to play.

It has sandbox mode-paid games like Terraria. This game has a decent amount of levels to explore and hunt cool bosses. It has an attractive art style as a block game. There is a lot to loot. But, mid of the game is a bit boring. Moreover, planets are not good. The game is cheap, but the quality is at another level.


8) Steamworld Dig 2

Dig 2 is a Metroidvania action-adventure platformer with a lot of puzzles. You play Dorothy Macragge, which is a steam bot trying to find her missing friend rusty. You’ll meet a few interesting personalities in your travels, including fen who is a Vectron sprite who will aid you with some sadistic dialogues. The game features are a decent variety of locations along with a sprawling subterranean world. The game balances progress with these three gauges, which are health, lantern, and water.

Visuals’ humor and animations are rather charming, and the customization with the upgrade system lets you take control of how you want to play the game. There is a lot to explore. Upgrades will change the way you play the game. Dig 2 has a distinctive environment and a smart teleporting system (no useless backtracking). Moreover, this game has many secret levels. On the other hand, Combat isn’t satisfying much and NPC is mostly cliche. There are no side quests and too much hand-guided.


9) Planet Centauri

Planet Centauri is a 2D sandbox RPG game where you can dig, craft, build and hunt a bunch of monsters. It has all the ingredients for a classic sandbox game. You can open chests and find useful items to Max HP or increase SP. Experience can be used to obtain particular skills such as sprinting, dashing, or special attacks. Different biomes have their theme and sounds, which provide a superior level of variance.

This game has a user-friendly interface with very creative Dungeons. Moreover, it gives you to play with clean combats under great Music. The Monster Caching system is excellent that has a unique transformation system. But, there are no NPC settlements and a lack of vanity and merchants. No space travel and water biome. You can’t change your spawn point. It’s common to have technical difficulties. If it includes furniture and animal updates in the future, that would be cool.


10) Crea

Crea is a survival-based game that is similar to Terraria and Starbound. But it has an RPG aspect where you can build your characters’ stats as well as build the world and learn spells, and different abilities look cool. Here you can skill Tree and earn points. Crafting is always a big deal, and in this game, crafting is a bit harder. Exploration is pretty standard. Your world is round so you can walk around it to find ore in diamonds, Silver, and gold chests if you’re lucky. As an example, Random monsters drop the keys to these items.

You can find keys by searching lava pits as long as you’re healed up, you can dive into the lava to get the item to jump out. Of course, you can create a house to keep all your things and crafting tools. This game has RPG Elements and a good researching system with a good crafting system. There, you get the ability to teleport all around the map. But this game is slower-paced than Terraria. Not much content and new events. 


11) Junk Jack

Junk Jack is officially created for the IOS platform. It’ has included hunting dungeons and exploring things in random worlds. Crafting armor is an advantage when you find resources and hunting. Their graphics help to get a thrilling gaming experience. You can breed animals or cook them when you bored by mining. It doesn’t take long to get the primary stations (addons). Like others, you can build your own house, which is cool in these types of games inspired by Minecraft and Terraria.

However, not a copy of them. Building and farming are attractive in this game. If you a single-player gamer, try this game with your friends. If you’re a fan of pixel arts, this is for you. It has good Music and has many things to collect. There are so many varieties of unique biomes and monsters. You can play under a cool-weather system and addictive Nature. But it has simple combats. The Control system, not user-friendly at first, but you will get it later.

PC Android IOS

12) Roblox

Roblox is a game creation platform which means people can come and create games. There’re a wide variety of games similar to Terraria. Roblox is intended for a wide age range. Using Roblox, you can make anything that depends on your imagination. Then put that game out, so other people can play it and even earn money using it.

Roblox has a community aspect because people are playing these games online. Which means you can chat with other players inside games. If you’re a parent and if you want to stop strangers talking with your child, you can control it via Roblox privacy settings. To access all the games, you must be over 13 years old. If you’re a parent, this platform is safe for your child.

This game supports all devices and gives multi-platform support. It also encourages the creation of new games. Moreover, It has parental control. You can earn by using your creativity. But, you can’t delete your account. Also, you need special permissions for club members, subscription users. There are no ads in free trials. Updates are great and excellent gameplay.

PC Android IOS

Are There Any Games Similar to Terraria?

  • Dig or Die
  • Minecraft
  • Deep World
  • Eco
  • King Arthur’s Gold

What Are Mobile Games like Terraria for Android & iPhone?

  • The Blockheads
  • Adventaria
  • Growtopia
  • LostMiner
  • GunCrafter
  • Pocket Mine 2
  • Apple Knight: Action Platformer


In the game world, Terraria pc game is a popular one that has a huge fan base all over the world. So if you like to feel and live in that kind of game story, background, and characters, then we have offered you some best options for that. There may be many reasons to find out other alternatives for Terraria. But now it’s time to select the best one. Go through our whole article about paid and free games like Terraria and Enjoy them to the fullest. 

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