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12 Best PC Survival Games like Rust on PC (2021)

Rust is one of the pioneers of new survival games, and it’s a staple landmark of the survival game genre. Typically, the best pc survival games consist of unforgiving environments, limited resources, and even zombies to fight against. Upon the arrival of Rust-like games, the genre’s outlook changed drastically, and developers worldwide came up with brilliant ideas and many survival strategy games. Today’ we are bringing you 12 survival video games that are very much similar to Rust. Your search for good survival games ends with this article!

What are the Other Games Similar to Rust?

1) 7 Days to Die

It’s an open-world horror video game that first broke into the scene in 2013. Seven days to die came a long way from its inception from Microsoft Windows to Xbox One. The game is about the aftermath of world war III that destroyed a large part of the planet except for few areas, such as Navesgane, the game’s fictional country. You will be playing the role of a survivor searching for food, shelter, water, and fighting against numerous zombies. It’s one of the best survival games on Steam, with more than 100,000 positive reviews from its users. Thus seven days to die far had a sale of over 7 million copies. Only it’s among the best multiplayer survival games the world has ever seen.


2) The Forest

Are you a fan of playing immersive survival games online? Then, The Forest might be an excellent option for you. You will be playing the game in a heavily forested atmosphere after surviving a deadly air crash. If you love wilderness survival games, The Forest brings a seamless experience to you via horror and excitement. It has all the features of base-building survival games, and you can chop trees, start a fire, build shelter, lay traps, and fight with enemies. Talking about the game’s success story has sold more than 5 million copies over the years. So we can consider this games as one of the best survival games on pc by game lovers. More than 200,000 very positive reviews on Steam prove it’s a great exploration survival game. 


3) DayZ

DayZ tests how long you can survive in a post-apocalyptic world filled with an infected Zombie population. You will have to fight first against the survivors for the limited available resources while taking the Zombies. Yes, for sure, it’s one of the hardest and best open-world survival games available on Steam. There are no second chances in the game for the errors; if you die, you lose everything and would have to start over again. 

 Is DayZ or Rust better?

Honestly, both games are from the top cupboard of best survival crafting games and will test your abilities to the fullest. However, according to our perspective, DayZ is a realistic game compared to Rust which is more of a game-game. Don’t compare them. Take your time and relish both the games. You will never be disappointed.  


4) Ark: Survival Evolved

Concerning games like Rust on pc, Ark: Survival Evolved, one of the notable alternatives hits the mind. When you search for survive online games, you probably would see this one on most of the lists for sure. The game style is very similar to Rust, and it’s arguably one of the best dinosaurs games ever made. Every movement of the Ark looks tough and reliable. The game throws you all sorts of threats such as starvation and dehydration, even making you vulnerable to hungry predators. 

Is Ark survival evolved like Rust? 

The game’s start is very much like Rust’s start, where you have little to no resources available to survive. You will have to grow yourself step by step to face the situations. Ark: Survival Evolved is a multiplayer-enabled game. So, you can use it to cooperate with others to improve the capacity of survival. Moreover, Ark; Survival Evolved is considered one of the best first-person survival games.

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5) Raft

Even though Raft is classified as an open-world survival game, it’s more of a sea-surviving game. You will be starting the game on a vessel surrounded by dangerous animals trying to catch you as a solution for their starvation. Like most survival hunting games, you have to use nothing to keep yourself safe. In this, you have only a plastic hook, which you will have to use for craft materials and hunt for foods. When you move on with the game, you can build your tiny little dinghy into a huge fortress. The Raft is among the best co-op survival games, which means you can get help from online players to accomplish the tasks if you fail to do them independently. 


6) The Long Dark

Indeed, this is not one of the easiest survival shooting games out there. When it comes to single-player survival games, you cannot omit the name of “The Long Dark.” To start the game, you need to select one of the four difficulty levels. It determines the obstacles that you are going to face. The lowest one grants a handful of resources to start with.

In contrast, the highest difficulty level demands everything from your end, and the provided resources are very limited. However, suppose you want to relish the true meaning of this survival simulation game. In that case, we think it’s better to play at the highest difficulty level. The game’s aiming controls are also not straightforward if the target is not right in front of you. Overall the gameplay is challenging, and it is ideal for people who are addicted to playing surviving games. 


7) Miscreated

The game’s story is about the so-called final war; countries using their nuclear power against each other. The population of the world is rapidly decimating, and survival is getting difficult and imperative. Those are getting escaped from the war start new ways of life. You will have to fight against mutants, players, and nature itself.

Miscreated is one of the many survival multiplayer games like Rust on ps4. Among the best co-op survival games, pc users can opt. You will get a chance to access more than 100 weapons to fight against the enemies and includes all survival-based mechanics. Overall it got mixed reviews on Steam, and some users complain that there are too many bugs in it. So, while recommending it as one of the alternative Rust PC games, the decision is upon you whether you buy it or not. 


8) Stranded Deep

The Australian company Beam Team Games is the developer of this survival video game, and it was released in 2015. It would be a perfectly matching game for the people searching for games like Rust but single-player mode. Again, we would say Stranded Deep is the best-selling survival game steam has in their arsenal, and the story is about a survivor of a plane crash.

You can explore islands of the Pacific Ocean, reefs and will face life-threatening scenarios along the way. Health, hunger, and sunstrokes are a few of the elements you will have to closely monitor while you hunt for shelter, food, and weapons. The game was initially released for Linux, macOS, and Windows. Later in 2020, developers provided the game for the Ps4 and Xbox One users. 


9) State of Decay

You can call it action-adventure, survival, horror, stealth video game, and release in 2013. It’s a single-player third-person perspective combat and base building sort of a game where you will play the role of a leader in a small group of survivors. You can select an ideal location to place your base and reinforce it with towers, gardens, and many more facilities. Besides, you can either follow the game’s storyline or complete tasks to ensure your community’s survival.

Moreover, you will also have to pay attention to the available resources such as food, ammo, and medicine to help you and your team. So, you can again do transactions with the outsiders, help them or even recruit them. State of Decay is one of the best crafting survival games and overall among the best survival games for pc. 


10) ECO

ECO is a multiplayer simulation game in which users have to work in tandem to build a civilisation on a virtual planet. An incoming meteor threatens the game’s planet, and your task is to research and enhance the technology to deal with situations and nullify the asteroid before it hit the world. The game world is similar to earth, where you will see stones, dirt, and many underground resources.

Also, it consists of rivers, forests and there are animals to hunt for the food requirements. Meanwhile, you will have to control the natural resources and protect them. To do this, you will have to build a working society and an economy for the trades. Regarding Steam reviews, Eco has over 4000 very positive reviews, and it seems that it’s a game that would go a long way.


11) Conan: Exiles

Released in 2018, Conan: Exiles is a single and multiplayer action-adventure survival game developed by Funcom. The bottom line of the story is surviving in a fictional prehistoric world. You will start the game by getting convicted for several crimes, sentenced to death, and crucified under the burning desert sun. Then, you will get rescued by Conan and will have to navigate to a cruel desert landscape as an exiled. The character can be customized as your preference; you can choose the gender, voice, and many more physical appearances.

Also, there are many races you can select the character from, including Stygian, Cimmerian, and more. Using the available natural resources, you will have to manage food and fight against the enemies. The game consists of numerous fictional creatures such as dinosaurs, dragons, and several NPCs. With regards to the release of the game, Conan: Exiles had a sale of over 300,000 copies during the first week, and end of four weeks, the figure went up to 480,000. 


12) Subnautica

We know you have heard Subnautica at least once before; it was the best survival game of the year 2018. You don’t get overwhelmingly positive reviews on Steam survival games for no reason. It is also considered one of the best open-world survival games pc users can get their hands onto. You will be exploring an ocean of an alien planet after your spaceship crashes on the planet. You will have to search for resources and face unknown creatures to survive.

There are four modes in the game, and each mode throws different survival tasks at you. The game is available for Windows, macOS, Xbox One, Ps4, and Nintendo Switch. Still, the game is relatively new to the gaming world. It has already won three major awards from reputed organizations and was nominated for several other awards. Though we mentioned Subnautica as the last suggestion, if you are looking for an alternative to Rust, this is a game you should try. 


Is Ark better than Conan?

According to the users, Ark is slightly better than Conan in terms of survival mechanics and combats. The Conan’s survival is considered a bit generic, whereas Ark got Dinosaurs taming and breeding. But both are magnificent games and worth having a go. 

Are there any Games like Rust on Xbox?

Yes, there are good games like Rust on Xbox. Dayz, Ark: Survival Evolved, Dying Light, Saubnautica, Grounded (Early Access), to name a few. 


Playing survival games is a joy, and now you have 12 exciting and fun survival games to play instead of Rust. We have closely gone through user reviews before suggesting these for you, leaving no chances for you to get disappointed after your purchase. As we always say, do reveal your suggestions other than the ones mentioned above, and we are confident that you have great names to name. Have a great day. Cheers!

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