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13 Best Games Like Animal Crossing for PC (Android & iOS) 2023

Are you a crazily addicted person to games? If your answer is “YES”, definitely you are searching for new things, new experiences, new adventures, and the best gaming series in the gaming world. When we talk about the best games for PCs, Android or iOS, we can introduce Animal Crossing as the most popular and the best-rated game. Here you can select the best other similar games!

What Other Games Are like Animal Crossing?

1) Minecraft

Like Animal Crossing, we can find another best game called Minecraft, a sandbox video game. One hundred twenty-six million monthly active users and 200 million sold copies are evidence of the popularity and the success of Minecraft. It provides you with a procedurally generated 3D world.

Players have the opportunity to fight “mobs” that are computer-controlled and corporate or compete against other players in the same game. But it depends on the game mode. Minecraft is a fantastic learning and educational platform. This game gives you the chance to learn mathematics, language, history, problem-solving ability, logic, science, economics, literacy, etc.

They allow single-player and multiplayer too. I can recommend this game for the kids because there are no bad things for the kid’s mind, such as guns, bad language, sex, and blood. Minecraft is a customizable and flexible game. It is a very addictive game among the kids. So if there is no control over your parents, it will be a disadvantage for you. 

PC Android IOS

2) Stardew valley

This game is another best role-playing game among a huge game collection. And it is a farming simulation game. Here, players should create the character at the start of the game. You have different types of farm maps.

Players can select any of them according to their choice. Players can engage with non-playing characters in the town as well as the players. There are frequent updates from the developers. And lots of players like this game because there are lots of secrets.

In Stardew Valley, all the activities are very funny. As these advantages, there are some cons also. If you are a newcomer to Stardew Valley, you need a guide to play. The memorizing schedules are very dull here. But Stardew is a very addictive and beautiful game. So lots of people gather around Stardew Valley. 

Is Stardew Valley better than Animal Crossing?

I think Stardew Valley is better than Animal Crossing because of one reason. Stardew has a simple approach to enter the game than Animal Crossing. 

PC Android IOS

3) Terraria

What an extraordinary land of adventure and mystery! Terraria is another place that is limitless for the players. There is no matter if you are an action gamer, master builder, collector, or explorer. In Terraria, there is something for everyone. Build the basic shelter and start the game.

In this game, you can go fishing, ride an amount, build houses, find out floating islands, etc. You can find lots of content in Terraria. When I was playing Terraria, I felt that it is like Minecraft. You have the opportunity to make all the items and weapons you need from the In-depth crafting system of Terraria.

As for drawbacks, we can get the lack of tutorials, difficulty in setting up corporative mode. Some players love Terraria because of its lovely music of it. Anyhow Terraria is a fantastic game among a large collection of games like Animal Crossing.

PC Android IOS

4) Rimworld

Rimworld is another fantastic game like Animal Crossing, which Ludeon Studios developed. It is a construction and management simulation video game. Ensuring the survival of the people living in the colony and fighting against the external or various internal environments are the main objective of Rimworld. The game becomes harder gradually.

Players can unlock advanced technologies through research. You can easily learn to play Rimworld because they offer an AI tutor for you for guidance. In Linux, Mac, and Windows PCs, Rimworld is available for $29.99. So players who are away from the game, who are searching for free video games. Anyway, Rimworld is an excellent video game and an incredible gaming experience with lots of features.

Is Animal Crossing like the Rimworld?

You can find some similarities between Animal Crossing and Rimworld. But they are not entirely the same thing. Also, they have some differences too. 


5) Starbound

Are you searching for an action-adventure video gaming experience? Well. You are at the right place. Starbound is another milestone of the gaming world that offers you an action-adventure feeling. It is generated in two dimensional. Exploring new weapons, armors and items are provided to the player by Starbound.

The players can do town and village visits which have various intelligent lifestyles. Starbound provides many elements and features to the players such as planets, enemies, and many items. The ability of farming, sell crops, build buildings, and charge rent to travel NPCs are the things you can do in Starbound.

There are random monsters and weapons to discover. And the players can customize the villages related to their races in Starbound. But Starbound is still developing. You can find lots of bugs and plenty of uncompleted content. 


6) My Time at Portia

My Time at Portia is another best game like Animal crossing for Xbox, a combination of role-playing games and simulation video games. The Chinese developed this game. Expanding the city of Portia and becoming the best builder is the goal of My Time at Portia. It allows you to create the items.

To make items, you have to gather resources and combine them into recipes. My Time at Portia is very pleasing to the eye. It is cheerful and lovely to the players because of the excellent graphics. Farming, Fishing, Romance, Socializing with the towns, mining, and fighting cute enemies are the features which are offered by My Time at Portia.

Another benefit of this game is, it provides a 3D experience. The drawback of this game is, you can find plenty of errors here. Sometimes the game is crashed without any warning. So it is very hateful for the players. But My Time at Portia is an excellent game that you can play without any subscription

Is Animal crossing the same as My Time at Portia?

No. My Time at Portia is based on farming. But there is no farming in Animal Crossing. And there is a story in My Time at Portia. In Animal Crossing, there is no unique flow of events and ends. So Animal Crossing and My Time at Portia are different from each other. 


7) FarmVille: Tropic Escape

Stop at here. You will addicted to this game because of not no reason. You will choose this game due to the fantastic and colorful graphics of FarmVille: Tropic Escape. You can play this game full of adventure, mystery, and fun entirely free. Here you can find and uncover treasures, secrets, and mysteries.

FarmVille: Tropic Escape allows you to create your paradise. Here you can use trade boats and trade with other players too. In FarmVille: Tropic Escape, the rewarding system is very nice. If you need to get rewards, first you should build a wildlife center.

Then attract the rare animals to your island by treating and feeding them. You have the opportunity to earn rewards by snapping the animals for your guests as souvenirs. I also love this rewarding procedure. It makes the players relax. FarmVille: Tropic Escape is another best and most enjoyable game like Animal Crossing. 

PC Android IOS

8) Seabeard

It is another best alternative to Animal Crossing, an adventure video game for iOS and Android. Here, you can discover a fascinating and rich world. Seabeard allows you to make new friends. You have the chance to build your crew. And also, you can rebuild the legendary trading capital, hire market traders.

Seabeard allows you to use your creativity more. There are unlimited ways of personalizing building the islands and making you draw according to your preferences. Playing with friends, exploring their islands, and telling the idea about their crew is allowed by Seabeard to the players. Seabeard needs an internet connection to play, such as 3G or Wifi.

And you can play this game entirely free. But you have to purchase some items in the game if you need them. If you are a beginner, you can get a tutorial from the game. And you can sell your items at the swap shop for Big Money. With all these benefits, Seabeard provides you with a superior gaming experience. 

PC Android IOS

9) Forager

Forager is a 2D game where you have exploration, farming, and crafting. In Forager, you can gather, collect and manage resources. Also, you have the chance to craft useful items and structures. You can buy lands to expand and explore.

Forager allows you to level up and learn new skills, blueprints and abilities. Solving puzzles is also provided by Forager. This game is not like other traditional video games. In this game, the choice is yours. You can set your own goals, work to reach them, and achieve whatever you want.

This is the main benefit and the difference of Forager. The visuals and the audios are stunning in Forager. But Forager is a slow starter. So, I found some bad reviews about crashing from the players. Overall Forager is a colorful and attractive game for the player. 


10) Don’t Starve

Among the collection of games like Animal Crossing, I can introduce Don’t Starve a survival video game developed by a Canadian indie video game developer called Klei Entertainment. If you are a person who is interested in a scientific field, this is the perfect game for you.

At the initial stage, there is no version for Android and iOS. But after some time they released the pocket edition for iOS and a version for Android too. Don’t Starve is built around a scientist called Wilson.

The game’s last objective is to keep the scientist healthy, mentally well-being, and protect him from enemies. In this game, combat is done by clicking and pointing with the mouse. And they provide the ability to generate new worlds randomly if you need them. In Don’t Starve, there is no hand-holding, help, or any instructions. 

PC Android IOS

11) Spiritfarer

Spiritfarer is one of my favorite games, like Animal Crossing. It is a sandbox action video game developed by the Canadian studio Thunder Lotus Games. Spiritfarer is available for Xbox, PlayStation 4, Linux, Mac OS, and Microsoft Windows.

They allow up to two players. First, you should build a boat to explore the world. Then you can befriend and care for spirit. In Spiritfarer, you can enjoy beautiful animation and hand-drawn art. You have the chance to build, manage and improve your ferry. Rich customization options are provided by Spiritfarer for the boat, character, and cat also.

The ability to explore a fantastic world, upgrading crafts for your ship by gathering resources, and gifting for your passengers are the other features provided by Spiritfarer. With all these pros, Spiritfarer gives a fantastic gaming experience to the players. And also I failed to catch any con of this game.


12) Garden Paws

I like to introduce Garden Paws to you like a video game that is cuteness overloaded. Here you have inherited the grand parent’s farm because they went to travel the world. Here you have to make your own home and shop as large farmland. You can do it through questing and upgrades.

Some features are exploring caves for valuable resources, upgrading your weapons and tools, cooking food in so many varieties to store energy, and earning more points. Not only that, Garden Paws provides other features like building the town of Florens by adding a Museum, blacksmith, and Inn.

But these are a few more features. Multiplayer mode is available in this game. Also, there are Halloween Island, Winter Island, Combat Island, etc. You can visit all these locations by boat. Moreover, you can create your creative structure in Garden Paws. 


13) Wandersong

A little bit different from all the other games like Animal Crossing. Wandersong is a puzzle adventure video game which American- Canadian indie developers develop. And it is a music-themed video game.

In this game, you have to use Bard’s singing to solve the puzzles, affect the environment and defend against enemies. The puzzle-solving mechanism is the singing of the player character. I recommend this Wander song video game for especially music lovers.

Wandersong is available for Mac OS, Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, Play Station 4, and Xbox. If you join Wandersong, you can enjoy it much more with the unique characters of the game. Among the large collection of games, Wandersong is an excellent concept. It can entertain you a lot. But someone feels like it’s too easy. 


What Are The Animal Crossing Similar Games for iPhone?

  • 8-Bit Farm
  • Crafty
  • Virtual Families 2: My Dream Home
  • Seabeard


Games are highly addictive. It depends on the players’ favors, the way they have to play, and the unique features provided by each game. Day by day, the existing games are improved, and the newcomers are added to the collection. Now people play games not only for entertainment or as a hobby. It created a large industry.

Due to all these facts, gaming becomes more popular among the young crowd all over the world. So some games are played for business purposes also. Animal Crossing is one of the best social simulation gaming series among a large collection. As an Animal Crossing player, I love this game because of the colorful and lovely attractive graphics in the game. And it has beautiful music also.

Not only Animal Crossing. There are lots of best games like Animal Crossing for PC (Android & iOS). We provide you with a few games like Animal Crossing. They have some similarities, differences, unique items, etc. Before you choose the game, you go through all the features and benefits of each game. Then you will automatically stop at the place where you should be.

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