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15 Best Augmented Reality Games Like Pokemon Go {2021}

This post is all about similar games to Pokemon Go. A few years ago, Pokémon Go was an increased reality game that was launched by Niantic Studios. Just after the launch, the game surprised the entire mobile gaming market community. Even in 2020, it has over 603 million active users all around the world. Beginners have to go outside and search for Pokémons using the device. In contrast to other usual mobile similar games to Pokemon Go, this game urges people to get out of their rooms and travel the world around them, where there were tons of people on Pokestops and other popular Pokemon breeding places.

What Other Games Are Like Pokemon Go?

1) Harry Potter Wizard Unite – Is Harry Potter Wizards Unite Safe?

Anyone who familiar with Pokemon Go will attractive to this GPS based game. Similar to Pokemon Go, players walk around the real world to encounter magical creatures. You can take down enemies using spell energy instead of recharging over time. Challenges, mysteries, events, potions, and achievements propelled the gameplay. Recommended game to pick up when you happen to be outside traveling Somewhere.


  • It positively encourages you to get out and about.
  • A lot of magical animations and over 300 monsters to catch and train.
  • You get the option to choose out of three careers. (Professor, Magizoologist, and Auror) and you will have specific strengths you use while trying to return compoundable or play in challenges.
  • You can play via PC by using Bluestacks. (Emulator Version)


  • Events are not enough to keep the game fun.
  • Technical issues.
Website Android IOS

2) Jurassic World Alive AR Game

It is one of the best walking games like pokemon go. If you want to get experience as Jurassic world live, then this is the best-augmented reality mobile game. You will be so surprised that you can see many different dinosaurs are roaming in your around. It will be so exciting. Here you can explore your favorite Jurassic world characters in your surroundings. Moreover, you can challenge your friends to win valuable rewards. Besides, there are many different challenges like creating unique dinosaurs in labs, defending dinosaurs, and so on. So get the experience!


  • You can play and chalenge with your friends.
  • Many magical animations.
  • You can play via PC. 


  • Rapidly overheats my phone 
  • Technical issues.
Android IOS

3) The Walking Dead: Our World

This game looks like the Pokemon Go zombie GPS game edition. It uses real-world maps, gaming locations, and services to shuffle around your town or stay inside. Each mission is entirely different from one another. This game is even better if you can play with a group. You can collect cards to upgrade weapons heroes and items and then build a base to save survivors and drop them off for loot. 


  • There are different types of zombies.
  • Scenarios infestation is a series of stages that clear them for massive rewards. 
  • You can also team up with surrounding players.
  • Weekly challenges.
  • Supply crates.
  • Easy to learn and easy to progress.


  • You have to buy gold in-app purchases to get full of fun.
  • Few glitches.
Website Android IOS

4) Ingress Prime

Ingress Prime is a kind of game like you go everywhere, meet people, developing teams and things like geocaching, and build your kingdom. It requires you to interact with the world, which is something that a lot of gamers don’t do. Ingress uses a GPS dial, geocaching as well as a unique interface. There are two teams, which are Enlightened and Resistance. After selecting your time, then it’s you versus whoever in your town, city, country, etc. Ingress is like you can capture portals for your team, link them together to make triangles, and stop the other side from making triangles.


  • Exciting Graphics.
  • AR-based open-world online game.
  • It can help make friends.
  • Chat functions.


  • While playing in mobile ar games like ingress, Battery consumption is very high.
  • Bit buggy.
Website IOS

5) My Tamagotchi Forever

If you play this game, then you’ll have the fullest and coolest little monsters made in Japan gather here. So hurry to collect the more reliable and popular Tamagotchi characters. It is the strategy in this board game that uses Tamagotchi figures. Work with the most exceptional team of Tamagotchi and play together. Let’s explore an open world searching for the rarest and strongest Tamagotchi monsters by exploring new worlds and prove your skills are not less than others. Get ready for the ultimate Tamagotchi experience with dragon games like pokemon go! 

Game Features

  • Impressive Ultra HD Graphics 
  • Excellent Places 
  • Awesome and cute Tamagotchi Characters
  • Bonus Tamagotchi Characters Special Abilities and Powers Fun for all ages
  • Catch and train dozens of unique Tamagotchi
  • Travel from Tamagotchi Camp to the Temple Ruins in an addictive and immersive story
  • New Online Battle Arena
  • Challenge your friends to 1 on one battle
  • New Dragon Tamagotchi to catch
  • Get exclusive Tamagotchi iMessage stickers!
Android IOS

6) Geocaching

It’s the art of exploring and looking for hidden treasures that have been hidden by other people just like you. You can use the website to create an account and look for hidden items. You can use the hints and the GPD coordinates to venture out and try to find these caches. It also included difficulty and terrain ratings. So you can start with something easy. You can do it anywhere. It can be a fun way to liven up a vacation or even a way to explore familiar places in whole new ways. If you’re going on a trip, consider looking for caches in that area.


  • Walking spots and hiking trails are exciting.
  • Many tiny treasures and scavengers to hunt.
  • The app is easy to navigate.
  • The best thing if you want to be active and exploring new places.


  • Technical Issues.
  • Not added many features to apps like their website. (will be added later)
Android IOS

7) Inkhunter – Is Inkhunter Free?

If you’ve been hoping for a tattoo to be done, here’s the best game like Pokemon Go, called Inkhunter. So it helps you decide what and where to ink without regretting that growling wolf facial after the fact. The app provides you with a rich collection of designs by famous tattoo artists that you can try out virtually via the smartphone-powered augmented reality placing pixels on your body in real-time. You can also transmit your sketches to the app to see how it looks on you. Let’s see whether your pen skills are sharp enough to merit, leaving a permanent mark on your body.

Try on practical tattoos with increased reality before it’s inked into you forever. This app designs any tattoo on any part of your body so you can see how it will look. Make tattoos look natural using the advanced photo editor.

Game Features

  • Try on your tattoo or choose one from our gallery, or download from the web.
  • Check out your tattoo in different ways
Website Android IOS

8) Temple Treasure Hunt Game

Temple Treasure Hunt game another AR-based game for mystery finders and myth lovers. It uses real maps to create the game for you. It’s a concept to find treasure at nearby locations to your home. You can play this game as you like, such as indoor and outdoor. There are two characters included in the game, Treasure hunter or Treasure Protector. Firstly, If you choose to protect the treasure, you can create treasure trails. As a treasure hunter, all you have to do is bypass those trails and find the treasure. It based on Indian mythological characters. If you are searching for the best augmented reality games android and iOS like Pokemon Go, then this game would be a great choice.


  • Walking spots and hiking trails are exciting.
  • Easy to understand and navigate.
  • It works on different floors as well.


  • Annoying ads.
  • Missions are not enough to keep the game fun.
Website Android

9) Sharks in the Park

Sharks in the park is a digital outdoor under Waterworld game that uses AR to create a virtual world that kids can interact with. You have to run away from the shark, and they are running towards your fish and catching them. It has scary sounds when the shark comes and tries to get the fish off them. You have to run away from it to keep your fish. That’s the whole of the objective of winning this particular game.


  • It uses geospatial AR technology.
  • Suitable for kids health. (Running is a good exercise)
  • Built-in a road safety feature. (That detects nearby road)


  • Battery consumption is high.

10) Zombies Run – Is Zombie run good for beginners?

Zombies Run is a workout app, but it’s also a game. It uses GPS technology like similar running app games similar to Pokemon Go. It can track your runs, such as how fast you’re going. However, it’s different from others because it motivates you to run. It can inspire you to run by telling you that you run away from zombies.

How Does The Zombie Run App Work?

It starts you off, but you have to wear a headset while you are running obviously to hear what the app has to tell you. And also It begins to like someone trying to contact you through radio and telling you that you’re away from that settlement where there are surviving people in the middle of a zombie apocalypse. If you hate even think to run, We recommended this app for you.


  • Realistic Storyline.
  • Sound effects and voice actings are unique, and it helps you to motivate while running.
  • Other Similar workout app features included.
  • Best for outdoor runners.


  • There are a limited amount of stories in the free version.
Website Android IOS

11) Grand Theft Auto

Grand Theft Auto is a fantastic game, loved by millions of players. Here, you can act in a criminal role with the most exceptional team and challenge your friends in real-time multiplayer battles and challenges. You can tour an open world and prove your skills to be the best. Let’s set ready for the ultimate criminal Experience! New World is updated all the time with even more quests, battles, and more. Moreover, you can do taxi driving, racing, bus driving, and learning many exciting challenges and more in this game. It’s so wonderful!

Game Features

  • Online Battle Arena
  • Battle with your friends and players worldwide in Person to person multiplayer battles
  • Unloose powerful skills and brilliant tactics to defeat even the strongest rivals
  • Huge new maps, more actions, and an amazing and immersive story
  • Discover the new town types
  • Skill Cards battle mechanic for more strategic battles
Android IOS

12) Clandestine Anomaly

This game tries to mix traditional tower defense gameplay with augmented reality (AR) and throws in some GPS location stuff for good measure. It takes your actual physical location like where you live in the real world. It uses as a game map and then occasionally melds in features that force you to move to different physical locations in the real world to access parts of the game. If you hold your phone up and the game will take advantage of your camera and place enemies in the actual area where you’re playing.


  • Interesting Story.
  • AR part of the game is most useful.


  • Battery consumption is high.

13) Ghost Busters World

In this game, you can become a ghost hunter. All you have to do is find some ghosts to bust. Ghost Busters is a game using a map system. It’s much more fun if you can leave the house and wander around. You can customize your character if you are traveling via a vehicle or at high speed, which is so cool.  

This game contains characters from all ghostbusters movies and animated series. The gameplay is exciting as an example. When you are walking around the map, you’re also going to find dimensional doors. You can trap ghosts. Also, you can use a PKE meter to find them. Likewise, there is a lot to do. So, if you are a ghostbuster lover, this is your game.


  • It’s not a lame ripoff of Pokémon Go.
  • The storyline is excellent.
  • Tons of gameplay options. (catching ghosts with/without AR, PVP battles, Story Mode)


  • No updates. (nearly a year)
Android IOS

14) ARrrrrk

Among these alternatives, ARrrrk is a treasure hunting game in augmented reality. It is a two-player game(duo). The first player’s job is to hide the treasure, and the second one’s job is to find it. It’s a straightforward game for children. You can even play on the same device, so if you want to play with your friend. It’s only one device is needed. ARCore is smart, and the environment is altered, not just adding models.


  • AR and VFX are exciting.
  • It works on different floors as well.
  • Best for children.


  • Annoying parrot.
  • Not accurate well.
Android IOS

15) Zombie Survival Simulation

It let you survive from the zombies to fight other tamers for domination in a realistic open-world survival game hunting for the rarest and strongest monsters. Play an arcade monster fighting game from the collection that you have obtained. Explore many regions and search for zombies to tame. Collect and gather a team and evolve them to make them more powerful. Then challenge numerous players through a turn-based combat system and establish a strategy early on to ensure victory. Save your friends and yourself and save the world! Clash against heroic champions and become famous in this epic journey!


  • Develop yourself into new and powerful forms.
  • Universal Apps that can play on your iPhone, iPod, or iPad.
  • iCloud support. Back up your data and game on all your devices!
  • A vast and engaging dark battle system.
  • Mighty and unique legendary Nexomon, find all eight of them
  • Battle compelling and challenging foes in the Nexoworld.
  • Select from seven unique starters.
  • Explore all ten colorful and vibrant and dark regions.
  • Fully animated zombies
  • High-Quality gaming experience like no other!


  • Events are not enough to keep the game fun.
  • Technical issues.
Website Android IOS

What Are Similar Android Games to Pokemon Go?

  • ARLOOPA: Augmented Reality 3D AR Camera, Magic App
  • DinoMess
  • Garfield GO
  • Magical park

What Are the Best Gps Location-Based Games like Pokemon Go Mobile?

  • Harry Potter: Wizards Unite
  • shadow cities
  • Maguss
  • LANDLORD TYCOON Business Simulator Investing Game

Is there A Digimon game like Pokemon Go?

  • Slime Rancher
  • Temtem
  • Yokai Watch 3
  • Monster Hunter Stories


Welcome to the mysterious and beautiful world of monsters if you love adventures, monsters, exciting battles, craft, and fun. Because here, you can find your soul friends. It lets you, pocket creatures, build your house with unique blocks, take care of the pet, and use individual balls to catch a friendly monster in your collection. Improve your skills and become the best trainer in our mysterious world.

Fight with other trainers, check out the abilities of each beast, and select the most suitable monster for you. And never forget to follow your position in the game and use your expertise on time. That is the duty of the trainer. There are different types of magic monsters in the world, each of which has three evolutions. Moreover, you can meet a legendary mystic monster. In our world, new skins of characters, new types, and developments of battle pets regularly appear. It will be a great augmented reality mobile games experience. So select the suitable games related to pokemon go for you and Have fun!

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