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10 Best Marketing News Sites To Read About CRM (2023)

Marketing is a quickly developing field, especially with the rise of technology and new solutions. That’s why it is essential to always stay on top of what is happening in the industry. It helps to grow as a professional and implement new methods or CRM software for business success. One can learn almost anything from the Microsoft CRM implementation cycle or find out about Tik Tok algorithm adjustments. These News Sites are exactly what you need if you always want to follow the latest news and trends. 

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What Are The Best Marketing News Sites?

1) Facebook Newsroom and Facebook for Business News

We’ve combined these two in one because they have the same purpose – to get the latest news from the source. Before you open up a third-party journal and get their opinion, it is always better to get the information from the company itself. This is just a must-have for those who work with this platform especially.


2) Think with Google and Google Webmaster Central Blog

Here are two other sources that are essential for anyone working in digital marketing and customer relationships. Google is a trendsetter and industry giant when it comes to SEO, SEM, and website performance. A marketing professional needs to know all about any changes in the algorithm, upcoming trends, and site ranking rules. It helps to stay on top and make relevant changes to stay successful in this field.


3) Digiday

This is one of the excellent news sites for all things digital marketing. One can find the reports on what is happening and great analysis and exclusive research on different subjects. There are articles about technology, like AI and various types of CRM system solutions. And one can also find lots of advice and analysis of different social media, from Twitter to Tik Tok, in the realm of marketing.


4) SugarCRM Blog

This is one of the favorite sources of SugarCRM consultants and developers. This blog is, of course, related to this particular customer relationship management solution. But it is also quite useful for all marketing specialists, even if you are not a SugarCRM developer or consultant. One can find expert advice on customer experience strategy, mapping buyer-s journey, and AI-based lead scoring.


5) MarTech


This is a former Marketing Land that is now known as MarTech – an excellent news site focusing on technology that serves marketing purposes. One can find all the latest news here, but also excellent intelligence reports. And the platform also hosts webinars and a conference for those who want to learn more from industry leaders. But overall, one can treat it as a great news site to get all the updates from.


6) Social Media Today

Social Media Today

Professionals working with social media will love this one. It is one of the perfect news sites to read about any news related to all social media platforms. For example, you’ll read about Instagram testing new features, Facebook launching campaign ideas generator, or Twitter working towards eCommerce and testing a shopping module. Some pro-tip articles can also be quite useful.


7) Constellation Research

Constellation Research

Are you interested in reliable and relevant research of the industry? Then this one is for you – a blog by a Silicon Valley research firm. There are many news and helpful blog posts like social customer care strategies, CRM integration specifics, and actionable intelligence for BI analytics. And there is also a research library where you can find data on specific topics, like marketing transformation and next-generation customer experience. It is an excellent platform to get insight and make data-driven analyses.


8) Search Engine Land

Search Engine Land

The name says it all – if you need to know all about SEO, this is the site to go. Here one can find all the breaking news and the most recent reports and researches on the subject. And it also has a lot of content with actionable tips and insight like the “how to do this” type of content.

The articles are well-written and appear quite quickly, so one can always stay on top. The platform also hosts webinars for those who are looking for more educational and practical information. Overall, it is a perfect way to know what is happening in the SEO world.


9) Adweek

Even if you are not working directly with paid promotion now, it doesn’t mean you should disregard this part of marketing. It is also worth noting that nowadays, inbound marketing often works in blend with paid media tactics. So this platform can be useful to understand the market and the trends and get some inspiration for new ways to increase customer relationships.

Overall, this is a wonderful place to learn about traditional advertising and its tactics and online promotion strategies. One can find here news on sports or travel marketing, the Tech sector and much more.

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10) Social Media Examiner

Social Media Examiner

This website is amazing for both getting the news and finding actionable tips. It is a powerful mix of new data combined with applied strategies. SME covers all topics related to social media and content marketing that help to grow social media presence. And there are also several excellent industry reports with some exciting insights and numbers to keep in mind.



Here is where one can read about all things CRM customization and customer relationship management in general. Of course, there are many other sources to get the news on customer relationship management. But no professional has time to read all the sources that exist online. These ten platforms are useful for any marketing professional. They give insight on various sides of what makes successful customer relationship management.

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