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13 Best Games Like Stardew Valley (Farming & Realxing) in 2023

It’s no doubt that everyone loves Stardew Valley, but it’s true that you may feel bored with the time. I had the same experience after playing this game for 6 months. That’s why I thought to show you the perfect alternatives to Stardew valley on steam.  After testing more than 60 farming pc games Like Stardew Valley with more combat, selected these top best farming games for pc and mobile and we personally tested all these games

What Are The Games Similar to Stardew Valley?

1) Slime Rancher

Slime Rancher is farming seems and one of the achievement-based relaxing games like Stardew valley but free. The general idea is that you have a farm of slimes and use that buy product to sell and get in-game money. But there is a lot more to do in this game. There are gardens that you can construct to do your plantations for slime food. 

A variety of slime foods are categorized into vegetables, fruits, and meat. Also, you can combine slimes. (Benefit is easy to feed after doing that). There are various types of slimes such as pink, bouncy tabby, sonic roller rock, luminescent, (only come out at night) feral, and explosive slimes.

It is simple and fun like an excellent stress reliever. This game looks good even in low settings which can run on potato computers. Moreover, it has a lot to places to explore like challenging. The music is very peaceful. This game like Stardew Valley is also frequently updating. It is easy to survive which can get boring after a while.


2) Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing series is designed in a way that runs counter to how we typically play while many games are best experienced through intense binge sessions that last a few days or weeks at most. It made to be digested in daily bites spread out over a much more extended period.

(i) New leaf

The game’s storyline is started with sitting on a train and going to a new home. When you came to the destination, you’ve mistaken for the new town mare and get swept up in the animal townsfolk’s enthusiasm. It’s working the same as other multiplayer farming games on this list.

(i) New Horizons

New Horizons’ storyline is like a deserted island getaway that you go on, and the character called tom know convinces you to start. Then you’ll go and collect fruit and chop down trees and catch some fish, find some bugs and things, and you sell all those to pay back the bells that will eventually allow you to get a bigger house. You can also invite and visit different people to come and live on this deserted at the airport. However, it’s about crafting a community and life for yourself. 

PC Android IOS

3) Farming Simulator

The farming simulator series is always has been the switch farming game pc to play since its initial release in 2008. This day is still the kind of virtual agriculture. It does everything all the other pc farming games do. There are two maps: Ravenport (American town with the relatively centralized layout) and Felsbrunn (set around an idyllic European city with significant-looking buildings, a market square, and a large part of the northeastern corner of the map. 

If you prefer a more hands-off approach, you can hire workers to help your farm. Contracts can be taken out for other farmers in the area too. 2019 version of this game also introduces horses and John Deere machinery (300 pieces of kit) in the series.

This game has stunning graphics. The equipment is accurate and very detailed. Also, there are so many varieties of brands. A land editor could use some improvement and work. One drawback is there are only two maps.

PC Android IOS

4) My Time At Portia

An RPG farming simulator similar to Stardew Valley or Harvest Moon with better graphics. Inhere, you play as a young builder to return to the luxurious post-apocalyptic city of Portia, to require over their past abandoned builder shack. It’s a builder handbook that holds the recipes to make many sorts of machinery and construction through Portia.

Once you introduced yourself to a number of the townsfolk and put to figure building your first items. Pickaxe and Axe are the essential tools around the game. You’ll also form friendships with the various townsfolk, which may eventually blossom into a relationship with the assistance of some thoughtful gifts. There’s a variety of unique events and activities. You’ll participate in the remainder of the town like martial arts competitions that pit neighbors against a neighbor or spooky theme scavenger hunts.

There are so many great features of this game. Like, there is a huge amount of loot available. It is easy to play, hard to master which has a nice amount of classes available. The graphics are really good and cartoonish. Also, many players can play with each other. So build your own portable house with a cornerstone. But the level system needs to be adjusted.


5) Graveyard Keeper

Graveyard keeper is another game similar to Stardew Valley, but not with farming. This game is a strange type of village farming graveyard simulator. You’re going to working for a guy called the priest. He will ask you to clean up the graveyard, which will unlock the church and other things. You get paid by the innkeeper every time you bury a body, every day or two. 

Typically, this is a crafting game. You’ll find yourself having to do an entire production line of everything from wood to iron to steel. You also get to burn witches and hang out with the inquisitor who is a cool guy. If you want to take some quiet time, do some crafting, work on your production chains, this is for you. 

The music arts atmosphere is excellent. Developers have a good sense of humor. It is easy to understand the mechanism of the game without a fan before. But, you have to remember the dialogue. There is no way to check out some quest or essential facts.

PC Android IOS

6) Farm Together

With a Farming simulator you can blow lands, growing crops, building a house, or nursing animals, which is all up to your imagination. The game holds a somewhat silly or more fun vibe to the whole farming experience. It’s not that serious and challenging as some farm simulators on this list but more a laid-back and relaxed approach. It has a single and multiplayer up to four people. It doesn’t have a primary campaign. 

You can choose which map to play and hold some difficulties, but the main goal is to run your farm and become rich. Farm together has different quests to complete, requiring you to grow different crops or take care of animals. You can also play some mini-games like soccer or tractor racing etc. 

This game is very relaxing and has a cute design. It also has multiplayer features when strangers come. There is a different level of permissions to keep control of what they can do. But, no end game and very simplistic.


7) Moonlighter

Moonlighter is a fresh spin on the role-playing game formula. You play as Will – the young owner of a shop names Moonlighter. In a town whose fortune was founded on the mysterious dungeons that can be accessed nearby. Flipping between the dungeons and shop switches up the gameplay, meaning you’re never really doing the same thing for long.

In the shop, you’ll be setting prices for items and using customer reactions to figure out how to price your items fairly.  Some people will come in and try to nick your goods!. You have to catch them before they get away. You can pick up all manner of interesting items by defeating monsters in the ever-changing dungeons. There’s something new like a strange doorway around every corner you’ve never seen before or a pool of healing water. Upgrading weapons are a bit expensive, so you have to work harder.

It has a tasty variety of enemies. You can upgrade weapons for the course of the game. There are several merchants. No replayability unless you want to hunt achievements. If we talk about combat, it doesn’t have a vast amount of depth either. We can feel that sometimes this game is a bit repetitive.


8) Littlewood – Is Littlewood like Stardew Valley?

Littlewood is one of the games that Look like Stardew Valley.  There are so many anime-style character arts. It is much less tedious than Stardew Valley. But, you can’t sell livestock. Also, lacking marriage candidates and seeds and products are less to sell are some drawbacks of this game.

Alone how you’ll grow and harvest crops take care of animals, go fishing and mining, meet and build a relationship with neighbors, and even find love. The game has several mini-games you can play as you attend festivals and has its mini-games in the Lock ball form.  The game features a classic trade sequence where you’ve given an item, and you trade that item with other villages, ultimately receiving something sweet in the end. 


9) Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles

Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles is one of the best farming games PC which has so many attractive events, part-time jobs, and mini-Games. Here, you can play a male or female farmer who moves into a sugar blossom village inhabited by good-natured people in the Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles. Your goal in the game is to locate and befriend the feral shades once more to restore the village to the prosperous village it once was. Each villager has a charming personality.


10) Rune Factory 4 – Is Stardew Valley better than Rune Factory?

Rune Factory 4 popular as one of the fantasy adventure-free games like Stardew valley but better graphics. It was designed to play for 13 and up ages, which means easy to understand the concept. You can spend the time doing running the farm and crafting, building relationships.  Also, you have to fight with monsters too. The best way to understand real-life concepts such as problem-solving, time management, and social interactions.

Combat is a part of the game, but it’s far from graphic. In Rune Factory 4, your characters can craft, sell, and consume alcohol like other similar games on the list. It has new chapters. Combat is sharp and enough. There is a heap of activates. There is time addictive gameplay. Character models haven’t aged well. There is a lack of a guide. Sometimes, a bit confusing at first.


11) Garden paws

Garden paws feel like an animal crossing crossed with my time in portion. You play as a cute animal and run a shop in the village that your grandfather left for you. You can sell all sorts of things such as fish, flowers, vegetable construction materials, furniture, animal produce.  However, the game opens up very slowly. It gives you time to adjust a few in-game days just as you start to think that this game is a fairy light once.

The rest of it starts opening up through quests. If you like doing things, there are 276 quests multiple upgrades, buildings to spy for the village, different plants, fish, ponds, etc. depending on the season. Co-op up to four players is available, and you can play offline too. There is charming character customization which has different crafting recipes and items. Also, Quest rewards are individual for each player. No storyline or main quest. Progression is slow and chaotic. Also, there is limited swimming time and energy.


12) Doraemon: Story of Seasons (Popular on Steam)

The game takes place in the Doraemon universe during summer vacation. The main character and his friends are sucked back in time to an unknown period and have no way to get back. Meanwhile, Doraemon has lost all of his helpful gadgets that would have indeed gotten his home. That’s the starting point of the game.

This game differs from most stories of seasons. There have many friendship events that involve multiple people around town, which all tie into the main plot of trying to find a way home. In this town, everyone has their struggles going in the background, and you’ll help to sort them out through the power of farm work and friendship. There is various content to explore. The music and art style are beautiful. Moreover, it has simple gameplay mechanics. Controls are a bit clunky. Time mechanic is to be too fast.


13) Harvest Moon – Is Harvest Moon Better than Stardew Valley?

Harvest Moon was held a top position in the video game industry when it first launched on the Super Nintendo in 1997. There was nothing else quite like it. While nowadays, we have a bunch of good board games like Stardew Valley and Animal Crossing, at the time, it was revolutionary for the genre.   But, it’s been a long time since games like Harvest Moon 64 and Friends of Mineral Town stole our hearts. Under this category, there are plenty of games. Check the below two of them. 

(i) Mad Dash

Mad Dash is a match-three style farming frenzy—no strolls or idle banter here. Instead, you’ll be busy planting up a storm as you try to harvest as many crops, pails of milk, and bales of wools as you can, as fast as you can.

(i) Light of Hope

Light of Hope seems your avatar arrives at a previously flourishing destination that is deteriorated to restore growth. In light of Hope, the target is an island destroyed by a storm that knocked out its magical lighthouse. Nearby town and the land you claim are both in disrepair. You can set about fixing it up by growing crops, harvesting resources, and raising livestock. 


What Are The Other Mobile Games like Stardew Valley for Android?

  • Fairy Kingdom: World of Magic and Farming
  • Blocky Farm
  • Country Life: Harvest Day
  • Town Village: Farm, Build, Trade, Harvest City
  • Terraria – games like Stardew valley but not farming only
  • Family Island™ – Farm game adventure
  • Pocket Build – Unlimited open-world building game


There are so many farming games on steam popular. If you like farming, harvesting, building, and so on, then this is the place. Go through our good games like Stardew valley but Multiplayer, sometimes single player and select the best one for you. There are so many adventurous games with so many different kinds of challenges. So, Have fun, Guys!

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