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12 Best Movie Streaming Websites Like 123movies (2023)

One day my friend came to my home, and we decided to go to a theatre to watch the newly released film. Unexpectedly a rain broke up, and our plan was ruined. He suggested watching a movie on a streaming website. I was not familiar with the streaming website. My friend just played the film that I wanted to watch at the theatre. I was very curious about it. Just after he left, I googled about the streaming websites. So I don’t need to spend money on theatres again. For you, we selected 50+ sites to find the best similar Websites Like 123movies from this study. So, the following list is spam-free and has a good content library.

What Can I Use Instead of 123movies?

1) Netflix

Netflix is one of the most popular top websites like 123movies. It is tough to find someone who hasn’t heard about it. Netflix is at the top of the list of streaming sites to watch TV series and movies. You get different membership plans to select on Netflix. The most exciting thing is ads will not interrupt your user experience. You can download the content on Netflix to watch later. 

Netflix is available all around the world. So you can watch tv episodes online free, movies, TV shows, and documentaries being anywhere in the world. But the selection depends on your location. It means in the United States. You get a great selection of TV shows and movies. It has 4.5 ratings out of 5 in Google Play Store. It got 3.8 ratings out of 5 ratings and 249 006 reviews in Apple App Store. 

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2) Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime may be familiar to you. It is one of the best streaming websites like 123movies to watch tv series free online. Best from every site which is listed above. Moreover, you can watch movies, read books, listen to songs, and more on this site. You want to hinder the user experience in Amazon Prime. Due to the well-organized interface and ad-free option it has. This has all the new releases, and the old movies, and the quality no doubt their streaming is 100% quality HD movies.

What is the Monthly Fee for Amazon Prime?

You need to spend a monthly $12.99 to enjoy the features. Amazon Prime has a 30-day free trial offer for everyone. This streaming site won’t give you a chance to select other top online movie streaming sites. It is fantastic. After the free trial, you can purchase the facility monthly. If you are not interested in watching full tv episodes and movies on Amazon Prime, cancel it. Amazon Prime app has a 4.3-star rating out of 5 and 2M reviews in Google Play Store. In Apple App Store, the rating is 4.8 and has 2M reviews. 

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3) Tubi TV

Tubi TV is also one of the very famous movie streaming websites like 123movies free. You can watch streaming free movies and TV shows without any subscription. But it is available only in the United States. If you are not a person in the US, use a VPN with US servers. 

You can easily make register on Tubi Tv. You will need to provide your name, date of birth, and email address. The email address must be an active one because you have to verify it. This site shows ads. But if you use a premium VPN like CyberGhost, ads won’t bother you. Tubi TV app is available in Apple App Store, Google Play Store, Amazon app store, and Roku Channel Site which has monthly visitors of 213 000. 

Is Tubi Safe?

The Tubi TV sites tell that they are legal, and users do not need to use any VPN. When using Tubi Tv, you won’t get any pop-ups, security warnings, redirecting to malicious sites, or malware. It is a legal and safe site. 

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4) Hulu

Hulu is also a great choice for best movie websites like 123movies online free that mainly focus on movies and TV series. You can find stream older TV shows and original content on Hulu. Other than these two, it also shows news, entertainment, live sports, and more. This platform supports multiple devices. Besides, this streaming site releases new episodes of some most popular shows around a day after being aired on television. 

What Are the Hulu Plans?

You can decide whether to invest in Hulu after experiencing the free trial for one month. Hulu has two plans. The $5.99 per month package contains ads. You can get an ad-free version by paying $11.99 per month. Hulu is available only in the US and Japan. If you live in any other country, use a VPN to watch movies and TV series on Hulu. 

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5) Crackle – Is Crackle Free?

Crackle is movie sites like 123movies where to watch free tv shows. Sony is the owner of it. So you get access to the Sony back catalog. You can watch episodes online free on Crackle. If you want to watch full episodes online free or download content, you need to sign up. After the signup, you will get so many marvelous features. Many top-rated and best films are available here. Crackle users get ample media player options. When watching movies and watchable tv shows online, you have to undergo long time commercial advertisements. This platform has missed the option to sort films by popularity. 

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6) Pluto TV

Pluto TV offers anything you like to watch. If you are a crime fan, there is a channel. It has a separate channel for documentary lovers. Like this movie, channels provide new films while other channels provide niche interests. The number of ads it shows is relatively low. Pluto TV provides a facility like a cable TV. It offers hundreds of channels to stream tv shows online free. You can watch live news coverage from several outlets, TV shows, and classic films. Pluto TV is a place where to watch tv shows for free. 

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7) YouTube

Do you want a global platform for watching television shows online with thousands of movies free of cost? As all we know, youTube is a free online movie website like 123movie. YouTube is a copy of 123movies official website with the exact collections which has fewer advertisements compared to 123movies, and this has a wide user all around the world. The platform shows you the most viewed movies, top-rated movies by the viewers, and most searched movies. Moreover, it is the best place to watch tv shows online.

It offers a download option also. But, you can’t watch movies offline. There are movies in different languages. If you are a Hollywood or Bollywood lover, YouTube is an excellent choice for you. You will find paid films and web series on Netflix for free of charge here. But, the most recently released movies are not here. 

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8) PopcornFlix 

The name PopcornFlix tells you that watching films without popcorn is not complete. But you don’t need to go to the theatre with popcorn to watch films now. It is a free movie streaming site and a website like 123movies, with no signup. It has one of the largest movie libraries on the internet. You can sort videos by genres like Horror, Adventure, Comedy, Action, Thriller, Romance, and more. There are more than 1500 movies in these categories. PopcornFlix has separate sections for TV shows and movies.

You get Film Buffs like giving feedback for certain parts of a film while watching it. Also, you can customize the available GIFs from the screen. One of the main drawbacks of this streaming site is showing ads while watching free tv episodes online and movies. It affects your user experience. You don’t get access to subtitles to get displayed on the screen. An improved and enhanced video player is a basic requirement here.

Is Popcornflix Really Free?

PopcornFlix is free to download in Google Play Store and Apple App Store. It has 3.2 stars out of 5 and 13 465 reviews in Google Play Store. In Apple App Store, 4.0 out of 5 ratings and 5 060 reviews. It is a wise choice once you compare it with other similar sites. This site is a collection of all the free movies for free for their precious customers. This is a carbon copy of 123Movies where to watch tv shows online free but has the best collections rather than other sites.

Is Popcornflix Legal?

PopcornFlix does not show illegally downloaded movies. So it is safe to use. You can access this best site to watch free tv shows from 10 countries, including Canada, the UK, and the US. 

Website Android IOS

9) Kodi

Kodi is one of the best alternatives for 123movies. It is also the best free movie streaming website for tv shows. The developers are rebuilding their site at present. So if you face any problem, ignore it because you will get a better version after the development. You get several filters and a unique interface in Kodi. The primary categories available on this site are Movies, Music, TV Shows, Forum, and Games. In here, details about TV shows of the current week and next week are displayed. So you don’t miss any TV show.

How do I Use Kodi Player?

You can discuss Tv series and movies with other movie buffs. You need to have an account to be a part of the community. It allows you to leave feedback on what you watch. It is not necessary to register on Kodi. You can watch movies without any interruption. Kodi is an old streaming site that is a bit old but old is gold. This site has many old movie collections, but the appearance is new-looking. But it’s okay. We need to take the content only.

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10) Putlocker

Putlocker is another site like 123movie to watch movies online free full movie no signup. You can watch movies and Tv shows in HD quality. Also, you can find movies in several genres like crime, family, romance, action, horror, and more. The library contains a huge collection of Putlocker movies that come from more than ten countries. Exploring top IMDB movies is easy in the Top IMDB movie list. Just use an ad blocker extension to enjoy streaming without any problem. The Putlocker app has 2.7 stars out of 5 ratings in Google App Store. 

Many people ask the question, Is Putlockers legal? All most all the streaming sites that provide a free streaming experience are illegal. Even the sites that allow downloading films are illegal. Putlocker is not a legal site to watch free tv episodes and movies. So you can use a trusted VPN. If you are searching for websites like 123movies with the same features? Then this is the best choice for you.


11) Movies Joy

Movies Joy is another best 123movies alternative. You can find content in various languages here. Movies joy allows you to watch movies online and download them. This streaming site contains movies of several categories like Mystery, Horror, Comedy, Romance, War, Sci-fi, and more. You can find view many Hollywood and Bollywood movies and have the chance to watch movies in HD quality. Moreover, you can watch movies without registering or buying a subscription to Movies Joy. 


12) FMovies

FMovies is famous for streaming videos like 123movies. You can get updates on the latest movies and TV series by subscribing to this site. Only, you need the email to subscribe. The movies released in the theatres are available in Fmovies after few days. But those movies are in CAM quality. The site contains the latest and most popular films. It also suggests your top-rated movie list and IMDB movies. If you cannot find any movie, you can submit a request to stream that film on this site. 

The Fmovies interface is user-friendly. It will give a good user experience. One of the main drawbacks of this platform is showing ads. This hinders your user experience. Fmovies also have many collections from different categories. When we consider the above sites, this has many movies. If you can spare a minute to create an account, you can have suggestions and enjoy the whole movie with family and friends.


Is 123movies Not Working Anymore?

You don’t need to register or subscribe to the 123Movies to watch movies. You only need to type the name of the movie in the search bar. All the relevant information about the movie, such as genre, release year, IMDB rating, and more, are shown. I got the chance to watch movies online in 123movie as well as it has a download option. So whenever I saw the best movie, I download it to watch it later.

The homepage contains a filter tab. An idea about the top viewed movies, most favorite movies by the audience, and top IMDB movies can be taken. But the official site is currently not working. As 123movies was shut down in March 2018, fans had to find alternatives to watch movies online. No need to worry. Because several alternative Websites like 123movies provide the same service to watch high-quality online streaming videos.

Are Free Movie Sites Illegal?

Most of the free streaming movie sites are illegal. They get shut down very frequently. The safe way to watch free television episodes online and movies on these streaming sites is to use a VPN. All illegal movie sites have something unique to offer. Some sites play ads while others are not. Sites like the movie Joys and Gomovies allow you to download movies to watch later. So you have to select the best movie site concerning your preference. My personal preferred movie site is Netflix.  

Which Is The Best Free Online Movies Website?

There are many free online movie websites like 123movies available at present. 123movies is also actually a free streaming site. Its library contains thousands of TV series and movies. Most streaming sites offer the chance to watch full movies. You can watch the latest and top-rated full movies on these streaming sites. 

Is There a Website like WatchFree?

Yes, if you are searching for a streaming site like 123movies to watch free full tv shows and movies online, WatchFree is an excellent choice for you offering free online movies of good quality. It is one of the best websites like 123movies, no signup. This site has a big library containing a variety of films and TV series. So you will find your favorite one very easily.

There are the latest movies, popular and top-rated movies for you to watch. The homepage contains the latest movies, top 100 great movies of all time, Highlights HD movies, and TV shows. So you will never miss them. There are several genres, like Biography, fantasy, action, romance, history, crime, and more. 

What are The Best Sites to Watch TV Shows?

  • MoviesJoy
  • Vumoo
  • Pluto TV – Website to watch tv shows free
  • Peacock TV
  • Yesmovies


But if you google it, you can find some google suggestions and sites. The one at the top of the list was 123Movies. It was a free streaming site. I was amazed to read that it shows movies for free. But the problem is most of these sites are scams and not free. If you want to check out the safe alternatives for 123movies, I have listed a list of the best streaming websites like 123movies that you can watch free shows online and movies just like 123movies.  

I hope these sites will help you to find and select the best alternative for 123Movies. I have compared only ten, but there are more sites similar to this. Find the best, and enjoy your free time with the best movies. Now you don’t need to go to the theatre to watch movies. The free tv show websites offer marvelous experiences in watching TV shows and movies.

123movies is a very famous streaming website. You can find several alternatives for it. Some of these alternative sites enable you to download movies to watch them later. Many paid streaming sites offer a free one-month trial to experience the service. So if you are interested in them, you can buy the paid versions. These streaming sites are helpful to spend your leisure. If you have any other websites like 123movies, please share them in the comment box!

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