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13 Best Golf Apps for Android & iOS (2023)

Golf is a game some find amazing, and for some, it’s a classic game; if you are a die-hard Golf lover and if it is what comes in your dreams, then this is a must-read article. As sports-loving people, we always love to keep in touch with the game we love throughout the day. So, having a cool app is necessary, and we thought to reveal such best golf game apps that keep you intact with the game 24×7. Let’s see what we have for you today.

What Are The Best Golf Game Apps?

1) SwingU

This is one of the best golf GPS apps available for golf lovers, and around six million people have kept their trust in this magnificent golf score app. When talking about the best golf rangefinders apps, SwingU works with literally every course in the world and even every obstacle on the field.

Is the SwingU app free?

Yes, SwingU is the best android golf GPS rangefinder free app, but there is a premium version too. The premium version would cost you around $42 per annum, and if you purchase it every month, you will have to pay $3.49. With SwingU premium, you will get many additional and valuable features compared to the free version. 

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2) Golf GPS Rangefinder: Golf Pad

Golf pad is a super-fast and intuitive rangefinder app android users can have, and they got more than 40,000 courses. You don’t require prior registering with Golf Pad to play, and it conforms to all new tournament rules and regulations. Android users, but GolfPad is also one of the best golf apps for apple watches.

This free golf tracker app is optimized to save your phone’s battery life, and downloads are 100% free. Also, there are no limitations on that. The free version of the app allows you some great options compared to other GPS golf applications. You can upgrade to premium with $19.99 for extended statistics and smartwatch features

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3) Golfnow GPS rangefinder

Concerning the best golf apps for tee times, Golfnow is a name that pops up in many search results, and there are valid reasons for that. Some of this app’s tee time features include 7000+ golf courses, incredible savings, weather protection, and many more tools you anticipate from this kind of best iwatch golf app.

There are more reasons to state Golfnow as one of the best golf apps to book tee times; because it books instantly 24×7 without the hassle of calling or waiting, thousands of top reviews from golfers to ease your pressure in finding the best courses, and provides its map to find the best course near you. Moreover, It secures your credit card information for a safe and easy booking.  

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4) Hole19

Hole19 is another amazing range finder app. It has outstanding solutions for your search for free golf GPS apps queries. It’s a top golf app free loaded with vital tools, including a GPS rangefinder, digital scorecard, shot, and statistics tracker.

Basically, Hole-19 is an all-in-one golf course app for all your needs, and it lowers your handicap in Golf as well. Finding the best golf rangefinder app is not easy; yes, that is correct; but, you have fewer chances to go wrong with Hole19 as it precisely measures your shot’s distance regardless of the direction you hit over more than 40,000 courses all around the world.

If you want more features or additional statistics, you can consider upgrading it to the premium version for $5 per month; but, we feel the free version is more than enough for most people to enjoy the game to the fullest.

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5) Golfshot

Golfshot is a combination of a rangefinder and tee time app, and it’s one of the free golf apps for iPhone users. You can enjoy real-time distances to the green over more than 45000 courses. You will also be provided with shot tracking, statistics, flyover previews, and recommendations for the clubs.

In the paid version, they have many more up-to-date tools, and you have the luxury of a seven-day free trial to feel the features of premium before you purchase it. We recommend Golfshot as one of the best golf apps for apple watches. It provides some world-class coaching tips; actually, there are more than 400 personalized videos available in Golfshot to elevate your game. 

How much does the Golfshot app cost?

It costs you $39.99 per annum after the trial period, and if you go with a monthly plan, it would be $6.99.

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6) Garmin

Garmin brings new joy to Golf lovers with its brand-new features. We think Garmin has all the qualities you expect from the best golf GPS app for iPhone. When you connect the Garmin app to your iPhone, you can review stats in many modern-day watches and devices.

When it comes to the gameplay features, it has more than 40,000 golf courses in it and provides you with some useful stats to measure and improve your game.

If you don’t have any compatible devices with you, you can still use the app itself to participate in the best golf apps games by manually entering your scores. There are more options available in this app. If you search for the best apple watch golf apps, you should definitely download Garmin and see the features.

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7) 18 birdies

Do you want to improve your game? If so, 18 birdies is one of the golf training apps you should consider having. With 18 birdies, you can upload a video of your gameplay and get expert feedback within a jiffy.

This app will guide you through how to rectify your errors exactly via custom video tips. Isn’t that great? Coming back to the features, it has a GPS rangefinder, stats and round history, auto hole switching, side games, tee times, and many more unique tools.

18Birdies got a free trial before switching to the premium version, and the paid version is full of great golfing components. Simply put, this is one of the best golf course GPS apps going around these days, and we are bringing you only the best ones. 

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8) UDisc Disc Golf App

Mark our words, finding android golf applications that have more than 4.8 five-star ratings out of five is not a joke, and the same applies to so-called best golf apps for iPhones as well. In this app, you will get over 10,000 courses, 100K hole maps, courses nearby, course reviews, updated course conditions, driving directions for the preferred course, multiple tee options, and many more.

It’s not a fluke, fellas; it’s probably the best golf app for apple watches as it’s quite easy to enter your score via your watch. When you move from free plan to pro, you have no limitations on creating scorecards. You can share scorecards, backup all data, and participate in global leaderboards. Another cool thing about this golf distance app is that you have one month trial period to test the premium features.

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9) GolfLogix Free App

If you need the best android golf app to read your putts and tell where to aim them, GolfLogix GPS is the ideal one we can suggest. It displays 3D greens on approach shots, helping you realize how the ball will behave after it lands, and even allows you to know exact GPS distances on each tee. It’s a fast and easy-to-use golf score application and well-equipped with more than 35,000 golf courses.

Most of the golf courses GPS free apps usually come with fewer features than GolfLogix. This app will suit you ideally, particularly if you are at the initial stage of your career. Give it a shot and see whether you are capable enough to take on the next challenges. All in all, GolfLogix can be ranked as one of the top golf shot tracker apps in 2021

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10) Golden Tee Golf

Oh! Yes, this is one of our favorite android golf apps. It’s already enjoyed by more than 20 million people around the globe. You can tee up and check whether you can go past the snowy peaks. In Golden Tee Golf, you can select your golf club, tees and easily take a golf swing with just a swipe.

It gives you a detailed golf game experience with its comprehensive stats, and even you have the chance to customize your golfer as well. There are many game features such as Golf in campaigns, daily golf challenges, multiplayer golf games, and golfing gear upgrades. It is available for both android and apple users; and, it’s free to download and play. 

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11) Golf King – World Tour

The Golf King – World Tour creators have kept no room for complaints regarding graphics, characters, or shot controls. It’s the most realistic golf game you can ask for; the golf courses are just unreal and just out of the world.

The shot controlling is straightforward, and when you collect trophies, you can unlock new exciting games. You can even get promoted to the weekly leagues, and you can compete against the well-renowned golfers around the world.

Also, you have the luxury of customizing your look (golfer’s look) with endless options like caps, hats, glasses, pants, and many more eye-catching fancy items. It’s super exciting and appealing; don’t take our word, give it a try and feel it by yourself.

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12) Grint

Grint is the best handicap app for golfers. It’s some statement. Yes, when searching for the best golf apps for handicaps for a couple of bucks, Grint would obviously select the golfers. Also, we say that Grint is fighting closely for the crown of the best rangefinder app for android.

Enough the decoration, let’s see why? The new handicap membership in Grint costs you only $1.99 per month, and pro membership demands only $3.99. And, of course, they provide you with a GPS rangefinder, live scores, performance stats, and

It has super-efficient customer support in the free version. In the paid version, you will get all the paid version features and a few amazing tools like legit handicaps, scorecard picture service, and unlimited access to your previous stats

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13) mScorecard

Golf scorecard apps or golf scoring apps must help you with instant score calculations, handicaps, side games, and more comprehensive round statistics. If you choose mScorecard as your preferred app, it will give all the above-mentioned details instantly with supreme efficiency.

It also helps you track the strokes you play. You can store full game history, including sand saves and penalties, unlimited golf courses, players, and rounds. Also, in mScorecard, they have given you the chance to share the scorecards and stats with the people you want.

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Can An Apple Watch Be Used for Golf?

Yes, you can use the apple watch for Golf. We have brought you a few best apple watch golf GPS apps in this article, and you can do most of the golf watch stuff via your apple watch. 

What is the Best Free Golf GPS App for Android & Apple?

Golfshot, Hole19, GolfLogix, and SwingU are the best Golf apps, and they do have free versions.

What is the Best Free Golf App For the iPhone?

We would say Hole19 is one of the golf GPS apps for iPhone (if not the best).

What Are the Best Golf Apps in The UK?

 Shot Tracer, Vpar App, Tag Heuer golf app, Hole19 are a few of the UK’s well-renowned names.


So, we are reaching the end of the article; actually, this is more of a golf GPS app review. Anyway, in our articles, we usually answer a couple of frequently asked questions to help our readers. It’s the end of our golf GPS apps review and if you are a golf lover.

Obviously, that’s why you are reading this. Now have a handful of great options for golf GPS apps for android as well as iOS. The final selections are totally upon you, and let us know the best app according to your perspective and the good side you saw in that app. Have a great day, guys! Cheers!

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