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11 Best Social Media Apps Like Instagram To Use (2023)

Instagram is one of the most world-famous social media apps available in the world. People share and photos using this app. You can show your creativity to the whole world using this app. Instagram enables you to share photos and videos, chat with friends, advertise your business, and find new things. Many apps have the potential to replace Instagram. So it is better to go through the alternative apps and select the one that fits your requirements.


What Apps Are Similar to Instagram?

1) Facebook

Millions of people around the world use Facebook. So many top photo sharing apps similar to Instagram have been developed by looking up Facebook. It is an Instagram alternative app. You can post anything on Facebook. You can add images, texts, and videos for stories. They disappear automatically after 24 hours. Just like the Instagram app, you can go live on Facebook.

Anyone can log in to Instagram with a Facebook account. It has nearly 2.5 billion monthly users. These Safe apps like Instagram make money through paid ads. Also on Facebook, The audience generates money for this app. Now many businesses tend to advertise on Instagram due to the popularity it has.

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2) Tiktok

TikTok is becoming famous all around the world. In 2018, the TikTok app was the social media app that had the highest number of downloads. It is an app to use instead of Instagram. A very younger audience is available at TikTok.

This platform enables the sharing of live videos. The user can adjust the privacy of viewing that includes everyone or the user’s contacts. There are about 500 million monthly active users in TikTok. You can download this app onto your iPhone or Android device.

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3) Snapchat

Snapchat is one of the main alternatives to Instagram but for adults. You can share moments with friends and family. This app allows users to post stories that disappear after 24 hours. It is very easy to send snaps with Snapchat. All you have to do is take a video or a photo, add a caption and share it with your friends. Snapchat is available free for ios and Android devices.

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4) Twitter

Twitter is a chatting app like Instagram for Android And Apple. Many people use Twitter to know the latest news in the world. You can post live videos and photos on this better than Instagram. Filters like Cool, Vignette, and Happy helps to edit your images. GIFs are also available here. Twitter also uses hashtags like Instagram. There are about 300 million active users on Twitter per month.

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5) Pinterest

Pinterest is one of the great alternatives to Instagram. You share images with others here. Pinterest offers high-quality images. You can share images and also view them. You can talk about the images with other people. This app is helpful to get inspiration about anything you want. You can create a personal account, create boards on specific topics, and pin pictures to boards. Pinterest is not much similar to Instagram. Pinterest has over 320 million monthly users.

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6) Retrica

Retrica is one of the best alternatives to Instagram. It has many unique features apart from the similarities to Instagram. You won’t find the filter quality of Retrica on Instagram. A large number of options and quality make it worth trying at least once.

But you will never be fed up with using the Retrica app. Retrica is a new, build social media app. You need some time to get used to the interface of this app. There is a high tendency to invade social media with the Retrica app. This is a free app available for Android and Ios.

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7) Tumblr

Tumblr is one of the famous social media apps available on the internet. You can use Tumblr as the best alternative to Instagram for Blogs. You can share videos, images, texts, GIFs, and any other thing here. The posts you are sharing on Tumblr are called a thread.

The hashtags make it easy to search for posts. If you are a meme lover, this is one of the best social media apps. One of the main drawbacks of Tumblr is its less user-friendly interface. You won’t find posting stories and going live on this platform.

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8) 9Gag

9Gag is one of the best instagram alternatives. Many popular memes, Videos, images, breaking stories, and GIFs are sharing on this platform. There are categories like comedy, cute, movie, prank music, and TV in 9Gag.

Memes and funny contents are viral here. People create and share GIFs. It is one of the most popular media forms used in the 9Gag comment section. You can spend your time reading memes. The original content in 9Gag will keep you addicted to this platform. 9Gag is compatible with major chatroom apps like Reddit. Other users often share 9Gag links in their posts.

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9) Vsco

VSCO is an alternative app for Instagram. The other users can enjoy the pictures you upload here. This app enables you to put a nice caption and hashtags to the photos. If you want to improve image quality, try out the filters available in VSCO.

There is a ‘tool kit’ option that takes care of minor details. If you want to improve clarity, skin tone, and contrast, this app provides you with ample options. The edited image can be added to the camera roll and shared on another photo sharing social media platform. VSCO is easy to use because of its minimalistic interface.

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10) we heart it

We Heart It is an app to use instead of Instagram. It is famous as one of the image-sharing apps to share photos. If you want to enjoy inspirational and positive things, We Heart It is a great choice. Do you need to read a motivational quote just after bed? Or do you need to watch a pleasant image of a beach? This is the app that you have to install on your phone.

You can share GIFs, melodramatic quotes, landscapes, and videos here. Many women under 24 years tend to use this app. We Heart It has more than 45 million users. It is famous among teenagers and college girls.

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11) Flickr

Flicker is an app like Instagram for photographers. Many famous photographers are members of this platform. This app similar to Instagram has a high demand for professionalism. There are lots of brilliant photos for you to enjoy. You can find high-definition pictures and resolutions in Flicker.

Also, you get the chance to interact with photography lovers in this app. You will get compliments from photography lovers about the photos you share. Flickr uses cloud storage. So you can view any uploaded photograph later.

Flicker does not have a huge number of users, just like Instagram. So your posts won’t reach a large audience. User engagement is not much dynamic too. Unlike Instagram, hashtags do not possess more power. You can install the Flickr app on your iPhone, Android device, or Windows phone.

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Is There Any Indian App like Instagram?

SquadCam is made in India. It was released on 25th July 2020. This app SquadCam lies in between Whatsapp and Instagram. It has mainly focused on enhancing the bond between friends and family.

What Are Websites like Instagram For Adults?

  • BeBee
  • Mastodon
  • LinkedIn



Instagram has gained a first place as the most popular social media like Instagram. It is famous among youngers and teenagers. It offers live video streaming directly from your phone. Instagram has more than 1 billion active users. More than 500 million of them are active daily. The Instagram app is free to download on iPhone or Android devices.

Usually, people tend to use popular social media apps then search for alternative apps to use instead of Instagram. People have developed free apps like Instagram for artists, photographers, and many other needs. The alternative apps that are like Instagram contain features available on Instagram. No more Instagram.

Flickr app, which is one of the best alternatives for Instagram, has more advanced features. Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat have touched the height of mainstream popularity. These alternative apps are developed by taking Instagram as an example and avoiding the prevailing drawbacks. But alternative apps of Instagram have something unique to offer you.

So in the future, any alternative will replace Instagram. Hence, try to use one of them and become an older member of future populated social media platforms. Let’s check out the best social media apps like Instagram but safe. You will find lots of similarities to Instagram from these apps.

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