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13 Best Alternatives to Gotomeeting Free & Paid (2023)

Now you don’t need to bother about the operating systems, time zones, or location when handling a conference. Gotomeeting had dominated the business world for conference meetings a few decades ago. It is one of the best conferencing apps. There are lots of handy features in GoToMeeting. If you have been fed up with using GoToMeeting for any reason, then there are several alternatives. They also come with the same as well as unique features to help in online meetings. Let’s check out the best alternatives to GoToMeeting.  

Who Are Gotomeeting Competitors?

1) Google Hangouts

Hangout Chats is another product of Google that you can use instead of GoToMeeting. Internet connection is not essential for Google Hangouts. Here, you can work on slides, sheets on the device, and documents offline. Moreover, it is easy to join video conferences with Google Hangouts. Thirty participants can participate with a Hangout Meet’s a video meeting using a shared link. Hangout is compatible with several browsers and apps. You can install the app on Android and iOS devices

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2) Zoom

The user-friendly and uncomplicated interface makes your work easy in Zoom. You don’t need to create an account to participate in a meeting. Just download the app and use the link to the video conference to engage with it. You can enter the meeting by giving the meeting ID and the passcode. The highest participant capacity is available with zoom. The free plan allows to add up to 100 participants. Also, the enterprise plan hosts up to 200 participants, while the optional add-on supports up to 1000 participants

Zoom offers many features that make it a productive tool. The screen share feature allows sharing your screen during a meeting. It is easy to record the zoom meeting sessions via the cloud or any other paid plan. Social media streaming is also available in zoom. So you can improve the reach. You can install the Zoom app into the mobile phone or any other Android or iOS device. Also, it has a free plan that allows 40 minutes maximum group meetings.

The Pro plan has unlimited group meetings, social media streaming, and 1 GB cloud recording. But, it costs $14.99 per license. But, the Business plan that comes for $19.99 per license offers company branding, single sign-on, recording transcript, and more. The Enterprise plans give unlimited cloud storage, a dedicated customer access manager, and transcription. You can get the plan for $19.99 per license. There are several add-on plans too. 

Is Zoom Better than GoToMeeting?

Zoom and Gotomeeting are famous conferencing platforms use around the world. And, they offer call recording facilities, video conferences under 1080p quality, and screen sharing facilities. Also, zoom has few more options in screen sharing compared to Gotomeeting. It allows dual monitor users to share the screens with attendees.

You can share a part of the screen too. Scheduling of meetings is also relatively easy with both platforms as they allow showing up meetings on Google Calendar or Outlook. It is not fair to say zoom is better than Gotomeeting as both have the same features. 

What Are the Disadvantages of Using Zoom?

Zoom offers many beneficial features for users. But it also has certain drawbacks. Most of the subscriptions in Zoom come for an additional price. It does not have HD video as the standard. 

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3) Skype

Skype is one of the best GoToMeeting alternatives for free. Here, you can hold meetings via Skype with co-workers, employees, and clients via this platform. It allows instant messaging, file sharing, getting informal video or audio calls, and instant messaging. You don’t need to be tech-savvy to use Skype. Innovative technology is used to design this easy communication app. you can arrange online meetings, web conferences, and group messaging via this platform. 

Skype has a free plan. You can use it unless you need more advanced features. Skype for Business comes with three pricing plans. You get a free 14-day trial with all of them. The Business Essentials plan costs $2.50 per user for a month. But, the Business plan costs $8.25, and Business Premium comes for $10 per user. 

Is Skype Better than Zoom?

Zoom and Skype are popular videos calling apps to connect with people. It is helpful for business people to communicate with co-workers and clients and teachers to communicate with students. Relations also feel comfortable connecting with their loved ones via a Skype call or zoom video call. There are certain similarities as well as differences between Skype and zoom. So, both have video qualities up to 1080p quality.

Zoom and Skype can be used on Linux, iOS, windows, android, and macOS. You get file sharing, cloud storing, meeting recording, joining via call, and more. Hence, you can integrate the zoom app with several other apps, and it is not fair to say Skype is better than zoom as both are excellent conferencing tools. 

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4) Cisco WebEx

Cisco Webex is the best Gotomeeting alternative for advanced call control. It supports Mac, PC, Linux, Unix, and Solaris other than Android and Ios. Cisco WebEx offers extensive features with many apps, including Outlook, Office 365, Salesforce, canvas, Google Calendar, and more. File sharing, video support, the ability to assign privileges to specific individuals, and screen and application sharing facility are available with this platform. 

There are some drawbacks to Cisco WebEx. The interface is less intuitive, many features need more time to learn, and an add-on is required to integrate Outlook. Cisco WebEx has a free plan that allows taking 50 minutes video calls with 100 participants capacity

Which is Better, Cisco Webex or GoToMeeting?

Cisco WebEx and GoToMeeting are famous online meeting platforms. Both of them are reliable and secure tools. They have a mobile app to ease your work. The better one from Cisco WebEx and GoToMeeting needs to be desired by the requirements of your Business. 

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5) is a cloud-based video conferencing tool. It is also a famous alternative for Gotomeeting. It has features like screen sharing, whiteboarding, presenter swap, and integrationsYou will find many helpful features in It allows you to have personalized meetings. You can customize everything from a personalized link to promote your brand. It is easy to set up meetings in advance with me’s a scheduler, Google Calendar, or Outlook. So arranging a meeting is just a thumb away.

You don’t need to select one by one to add to a meeting. Invite all your meeting participants with a CSV file. You don’t get alerts when participants join a meeting on All the best features are limited to expensive has three pricing plans.

The Lite plan that costs $10 per user for a month allows up to five participants to continue a meeting for any hours. You won’t find webcam stream support on the LITE plan. The Pro plan allows adding up to 250 participants, scheduling functionalities, ten webcam streams, 50 GB of cloud storage, and recording. It comes for $20 per user per month. The Business plan costs $30 per user for a month. 

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6) Microsoft Teams

The prevailing pandemic situation lets businesses focus more on conferencing tools. So many businesses moved to online gatherings and meetings. Microsoft Teams is a famous conferencing app for many businesses. It is one of the best alternatives for Gotomeeting. Microsoft Teams consists of lots of features. The entry-level plan has a 300 participant capacity. But, the most premium plan allows 10 000 maximum participant capacity.

Moreover, Microsoft Teams give you extensive file storage. It has 1 TB file storage for all paid plans while an additional 10 GB space per license. You get free planning in Microsoft Teams. So, it gives unlimited 60-minute meetings, 100 participants, 10 GB of cloud storage, and an unlimited chatting option. But, the Microsoft 365 Business Basic costs $5.00 per user for a month.

Hence, it allows 300 participants for 24-hour meetings. You get 1 TB per organization file storage plus 10 GB per user. The Microsoft 365 Business Standard comes with a desktop version of Microsoft products for $12.50 per user monthly. The Office 365 E3 costs $20 per user for a month

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7) On24

This app is one of the best alternatives for GoToMeeting. It is a cloud-based platform. Here, you can attend meetings or webinars via this platform. On24 Webcast Elite is free to use for 24 days. So you can check whether to proceed or not with this platform. Here, you will find lots of advantages in On24. It is in Enterprise –Scale. You can have a customized experience with code-less and intuitive drag-and-drop functionality. Also, you can integrate On24 with multiple apps. 


8) Adobe Connect

Adobe Connect allows holding meetings, attend meetings, webinars, and virtual classes. It is similar to GoToMeeting. You can customize the Adobe Connect design with custom pads, layouts, and imagesAdobe Connect is ideal for virtual classrooms. It offers many benefits, including persistent classrooms, instructive controls, and engaged learning facilities. 

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9) Zoho Meeting

Zoho meeting is alternative software for Gotomeetings that offers a platform for all your online meetings and webinars. It has a free plan where you will find limited features for conferencing. Pricing plans in Zoho are separated into two, namely webinars and meetings. The meetings cost $3 for 10 participants, $6 for 25 participants, $9 for 50 participants, and $12 for 100 participants.

Webinars also have several plans for different attendees. You need to pay $19 per month for 25 attendees, $29 for 50 attendees, $39 for 100 attendees, $79 for 250 attendees, $125 for 500 attendees, and 1000 attendees for $200. It accepts payments via PayPal, MasterCard, and American Express

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10) RingCentral

RingCentral is a cloud-based business communication solution provider similar to GoToMeeting. You can integrate many apps into this platform. RingCentral offers several features to ease your business requirements. Here, you can get unlimited domestic calls and send messages via this platform. All your data is secured with end-to-end encryption, SRTP security, and TSL. So you don’t need to bother about the security of information you shared in RingCentral.

It offers High-Definition group videos on both meetings and group callsPricing for plans in RingCentral differs with the number of users. Let’s check out the pricing of plans for the Business that have 2-10 users. The Essentials plan in RingCentral costs $19.99 per user monthly.

The Standard plan comes for $27.99 per user for a month, while the Premium plan costs $34.99 per user per month. You can subscribe to the Ultimate plan the $49.99 per user for a month. Remember these pricing changes when the number of users increases above 10. There are several add-ons also. 

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11) Lifesize

Lifesize is a Gotomeeting alternative. It is the cloud contact centre and video meeting solution for most businesses across the globe. Hence, it offers 4K video quality, superior audio quality, and full interoperability to any meeting. Lifesize fits any meeting room, contact centre, and customer touchpoint. You can have a custom enterprise solution in Lifesize and download the app onto Android or iOS devices. 

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12) ClickMeeting

ClickMeeting is a site like GotoMeeting. If your company has employees or clients based worldwide, then ClickMeeting is the ideal conference platform for you. People can link with each other, share screens, and share videos during conferences via CickMeeting. 

You can hold live webinars, breakout rooms, online business meetings, on-demand webinars, paid webinars, and huge virtual events through ClickMeeting. It consists of many features. One-click recording, desktop sharing, webinars, stats, and meeting rebranding are some of them. ClickMeeting offers screen sharing, setting up of tests and surveys, and live webinar facilities. 

You get a free trial for 30 days. It allows up to 25 attendees. The price of the plans in Clickmeeting depends on the number of attendees. Let’s check out the pricing of each plan for up to 25 attendees. The live package costs $25 per month. The most popular plan is Automated that costs $40 per month. The Enterprise plan is best for the companies seeking a scalable and customizable solution. It has customized pricing. 

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13) Starleaf

Starleaf is an alternative for GoToMeeting that brings people together to work better. Besides, it is one of the best platforms to held weekly meetings and large scheduled meetings. It is always meeting people through calling, texting, and meeting. You can integrate Starleaf with many apps. 

Starleaf has few plans for you. The basic plan is free to boost up to 20 participants and has a 45 minutes limit for a meeting. But, the Pro plan provides host up to 100 participants while the business plan is up to 300 participants. The Enterprise plan can be customized as you wish.

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What Are the Free GoToMeeting Alternatives?

If you are searching for a GoToMeeting alternative, then there are several platforms. You will find free plans on Skype, Zoom, Starleaf, Microsoft Teams, and more. 

What is The Safest Online Meeting Platform?

There are many safe online meeting platforms other than GoToMeeting. You can use Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Zoho Meetings, and BlueJeans Meetings as they have relevant safety procedures to safeguard your data. 


Online meeting platforms create a safe place for businesses to collaborate and work remotely productively and efficiently. Time zone or geographical landscape are not problems for current Business as these platforms allow dealing with anyone anywhere at any time. GoToMeeting has several price plans that you can either pay monthly or annually.

Our business requirements will decide the best plan that suits you. You get screen sharing video conferencing, video conferencing, mobile conferencing, meeting recording and transcription, and conference room equipment. The best GoToMeeting alternative depends on your requirements.

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