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11 Best Apps Like Truecaller for Android & iOS (Secured & Trusted) in 2023

You may have fed up with getting calls from unknown numbers. Is there a private calls app to identify unknown callers? If there are such best caller id apps for android and iOS, it will be easy to identify who is caller. You may have heard about such apps as Truecaller which is a world-famous caller id and block app to identify phone numbers unknown and spam. There are so many similar apps like Truecaller. Sometimes these apps like Truecaller for android & iOs offer extraordinary features unique to them. Hence, go through the article and select which app is similar to Truecaller!

Which Apps are Similar to Truecaller?

1) Callapp

The Callapp is another famous unknown caller app that reveals blocked numbers. Other than identifying unknown callers, Callapp also blocks spam calls and records calls. You can record both incoming and outgoing calls. You can add customized ringing tones for different callers. Hence you can easily recognize the caller when the phone rings.

Callapp vs Truecaller: One of the main problems in this phone number checking app is high battery consumption. The battery drainage is relatively high when using this app. You can freely install Callapp on your android device. About 60 million people make use of this app. You also have the chance to be a person who uses Call app.

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2) Eyecon

Eyecon is also similar to the Truecaller app who does unknown caller identification. As a mobile caller identifier, this who caller app will show you the picture and name of the callers. It shows the location of the caller too. Syncing with social media profiles is the unique feature of this app. It syncs with Facebook and other social media and phone dialer, address book, and contacts. So it will show much reliable caller information about the caller.

It offers a Call recorder and calls blocker features. Eyecon is a little bit different when compared with the other apps. This is a safe and reliable app to reveal private numbers free from charges. You can try Eyecon for mobile and feel the change.

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3) Whoscall

As one of the best Truecaller like apps by Google play store, this provides the identity of the callers that call you. You can easily download the Whoscall app to check phone numbers onto the Android or iOS device. International media also use Whoscall to know who is calling you. It uses internet searches while relying on the app’s local partners and user community to identify caller ids.

Whoscall has a database of about 700 million mobile and cellular numbers. This real-time caller id finder some features unique to it. This unknown number calling app has an offline database. It allows users to identify the caller even without connecting to the internet. Spam calls are a headache. Getting spam calls every time makes you uncomfortable as well.

Whoscall allows you to block spam calls. You can block numbers from which you don’t like to get calls. Search to track unknown numbers is another feature provided by this app. It has more than 70 million downloads. Whoscall is a free caller id app for android and iOS to download. So you should try this. 

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4) Hiya – Is Hiya App Safe to Use?

Hiya is very much similar to Truecaller. So it is one of the best apps like Truecaller for iPhone and Android. This phone number identification app is also called Whitepages Caller ID. Hiya will automatically block the calls that you don’t need to connect with. You can use this block number identifier to find out who called you which has a huge database comprised of about 400 million phone numbers.

All the incoming calls and SMS that come to your mobile will compare with the other apps’ database. The unknown number will match the corresponding entries, and the result will be depicted on the screen. Then you can decide whether to pick the call or not.

You can block calls and SMS from unknown numbers. Hiya can check the malware and viruses in messages. So you can protect the device from viruses. Hiya takes a long time to identify the caller’s identity under poor internet coverage. 

Which is Better Truecaller or Hiya?

Hiya, vs Truecaller: Hiya does not show any ads. It is very easy to use. The blocking service it provides for calls and SMS is reliable. But many users complain about the occasional speed issues that occur in Hiya. Truecaller also offers reliable blocking. It has a simple user interface. So it is very easy to use. Truecaller has past security issues. You can decide what the best caller id app Android and iOS is by concerning the pros and cons of each. 

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5) Showcaller

You can easily find the identity of the unknown callers through Showcaller. It is easy to set up and consumes a little amount of space from your device. The Showcaller phone number id app does not waste your phone’s resources. The Showcaller app does not consume the phone battery in the background.

This private number tracker is a specialty in this app when compared with Truecaller. This cell phone caller id app shows the name and the photo of the callers. So it’s very easy to see who is calling. This app is capable of showing the ID information of the incoming call. This private number finder offers a T9 dialer. It is fast and allows you to search quickly through contacts.

How do I Use the Showcaller App?

Showcaller identifies spam calls and blocks them. It provides many features like an offline database, unknown number search, avoiding robocalls, avoiding telemarketing calls, and built-in call records. It also has call recording features. Showcaller records both incoming and outgoing calls with clear HD quality. It has an auto-recording feature. More than 50 million people use this app. You can install the Showcaller app on your iOS or Android device without any cost. 

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6) Simpler Caller ID

Simple Caller ID is one of the best apps similar to Truecaller. This call identifier enables users to find the identity of unknown callers. Besides, this caller id lookup app responds to unknown calls and SMS before you respond to them. You can easily block unwanted callers permanently in Simpler Caller ID.

You need to turn up the caller ID to get the unknown numbers displayed as private numbers or unknown. Identifying private numbers and monitoring your number, instant blocking of numbers, and detect spam are some of the features provided by Simpler Caller ID. You can easily install the Simpler caller-ID for android and iOS on mobile. 

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7) Caller ID & Call Blocker Free

Caller ID can identify calls and display the name and photo of the unknown caller. Moreover, this app can get information from social media profiles. This free caller id and blocker connects with Facebook and other social media platforms to find the caller’s photos. It creates a photo-based address book and dialer through this method.

Anyway, the database of this safe caller id app is small when compared with the Truecaller. But the users can access much more information from this app when compared with Truecaller. It also has options like blocking spam calls and the availability of a caller checker.  


8) Callersmart

Are you fed with the calls from persistent scammers, ex-lovers, telemarketers, and pranksters? Then better to try the Callersmart app on your mobile. It will drive away the whole headache caused by unknown numbers. Callersmart investigates a suspicious text you got. You can type the number in the reverse phone lookup search bar to get information about a phone number.

You can monitor your phone number to see who has been looking for the number. It includes records also. This app can be installed on your mobile very easily. Though the true caller is compatible with iOS and Android devices, Callersmart is only for iOS devices. Callersmart app has gained thousands of good reviews from its users. 

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9) Trapcall

Trapcall is also a Truecaller alternative. It allows us to get the online caller IDs. You can easily unmask the blocked calls through this app. Now you don’t want to worry about the identity of the callers shown as unknown or confidential. Trapcall will reveal the identity of those. This app is ideal for the iPhone, but it is also available for Android devices. Android users have a complaint that there are certain issues in the app.

Does the TrapCall App Really Work?

This app allows us to block spam calls and identify callers. Automatic spam blocking enables the blocking of robocalls. Trapcall maintains an updated global list of spam callers to provide ultimate service to its users. The other specialty is you can add annoying numbers to the blacklist. The caller gets an announcement saying that his phone is disconnected.

Just like in the Truecaller app, Trapcall also supports “Live Caller ID.” Privacy lock for unknown callers and recording incoming calls are some of the other features available in this app. It is an app like Truecaller for the US. You can have a free one-week trial after installing Trapcall. 

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10) Me – Caller ID & Spam Blocker, How others Name Me

Me app is one of the free apps like Truecaller for ios and Android which identify unknown numbers. You can easily download it because it is the best caller id app for android phones and iOS. It shows whose phone number is this app while calling. So it can be used as a private call tracker app that helps you in your daily works. Moreover, the app is very user-friendly which has full spam protection itself. So overall, it a private number identifier app. 

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11) Numler

Numler is another popular blocker app. It allows us to identify unknown calls and block unwanted and spam calls. You can install this caller id identifier for free. It has good reviews and ratings in the app store. The battery drainage of this app is very high. So there is a high probability of running out of battery while using Numler. One of the main disadvantages of this app is anyone can tag a number that is not identified as spam. The Numler app collects too much data about your calls and contacts. It directly affects the privacy of people. 

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Why We need Apps Similar To Truecaller?

This app was developed and published by True Software Scandinavia AB. It has the highest number of users all around the world. It has about 200 million users who take the maximum use of it. The user-friendly interface of Truecaller will make your lives easier.

Think of an instance you want to caller id search for an unknown number, type the person’s name, or place it on the app’s space. Apps like Truecaller will help to find it using the reverse phone lookup feature. They allow the user to check caller id free and whether their friends are free to talk. The other specialty is Truecaller has an option to send a friend request to friends of friends.

It also allows you to get information about the people who viewed your profile. Apps like Truecaller USA allow you to block unwanted calls and SMS without wasting your time. The built-in call recording feature enables users to record the calls automatically. So it is very easy to access the call history. So Truecaller users can keep an eye on those who view your number. You can download these Truecaller alternatives to any mobile platform like iOS, Android, BlackBerry, and Windows phones. 

What is the Best Alternative to Truecaller for iPhone?

There are so many alternatives for Truecaller. You can select one of them to install on your mobile. Hiya is one such famous alternative. Hiya has lots of similarities to Truecaller. This app helps to protect your data from hackers and fraudsters other than identifying unknown numbers. Hiya has so many unique features.

Automatically blocking unknown numbers is a feature Hiya has, which is similar to Truecaller. Hiya does not show any ads. There are free caller id app android and Apple. This app is not only free for iPhone but also for Android devices. CallerSmart is another alternative to Truecaller. It focuses on the privacy of your contacts. You don’t need to share the whole contact list with CallerSmart to use the service. When someone searches for your name and number, it will give an alert.

This app shows the location of the caller too. It maintains records about past searches. This free cell phone caller id app is also free. But there’s a paid version that provides a “paid data source.” Though the Truecaller app is available for both iPhone and Android devices, Callersmart is only for iOS. Try one of these alternatives on your iOS.

How do Truecaller Like Apps Get Information?

You may be wondering about the way how these apps like Truecaller get information. Does True caller steal data? No, it isn’t. The developers of these apps have partnerships with various phone directory providers globally and on social networks. And also, the Truecaller community suggests names through their website and apps. All the collected data goes through multiple algorithms to pick an accurate name. This app does not support uploading phonebooks to make them searchable or public from Google or Apple store downloads. 

Now you may think about how your mobile number is available on Truecaller without even installing the app. If someone with this app has your number in their contact list, your contact details will be added to the global Truecaller database. Other alternative apps also collect information like this. This is simply the way how apps like Truecaller get information. 

How do you Figure out Who is Calling You?

Now it is very easy to figure out who is calling you with the help of blocker apps. Think of an instance when you have missed a call from an unknown number. Now it is very easy to find out the identity of the caller. You want to type the number in the search bar of the blocker app.

Sometimes it will show the photo and the location of the caller along with the name. These apps will keep you away from telemarketers, harassments, and hackers. From whom you always get spam calls and SMS. You can find great blocker apps at Google play store and Apple app store. 

Is There any Indian App like Truecaller?

Showcaller is one of the alternative apps like Truecaller in India. Showcaller also provides a call blocker, smart dialer, and call recorder along with the reverse number lookup feature. Those alternatives also have the same options that prevail in Truecaller. You can reveal the identity of unknown calls and SMS. 


Truecaller is the most famous app to find the identity of unknown callers. There are plenty of apps similar to Truecaller. Sometimes they have similar features to Truecaller and unique features that can’t be found in other apps. There are certain disadvantages to Truecaller. You can check Truecaller reviews. A good internet connection is a must for this app. Otherwise, you won’t be able to see who is calling you. This app does not work well in some locations.

It is more frequent to select Truecaller as your blocker app. But there are so many similar apps like the true caller to identify unknown calls. These alternative apps are loaded with a list of identical features to Truecaller, along with unique offerings. Now you don’t need to bother about the unknown calls thinking about who this is and why he is calling. Just use one of these unknown number apps.

So are there any apps like Truecaller? Yes, it is better to go for an alternative. Now we check out the best alternatives for Truecaller. They will help to identify spam calls and block them. The user reviews and features will guide you to have the best blocker app and identify which Truecaller app is the best. You can pick the most suited one to ensure safety and avoid all calls and messages from unknown numbers. You can make your communication safe and efficient by using these apps.  

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