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11 Best Calendly Alternatives Free For Android & iOS (2023)

Are you searching for appointment scheduling software? Then Calendly will come to your mind. It is one of the best calendar scheduling solutions. Calendly is not the only appointment scheduling software available at present. There are several Calendly alternatives available free for Android and Ios. They are more robust and offer a lot of calendar scheduling options. 

What Are the Best Calendly Competitors?

1) Acuity Scheduling

Acuity Scheduling is one of the best Calendly alternatives. It is simple and comprised of a user-friendly interface. The Acuity Scheduling app is available for both Android and ios devices. This app is good for marketers, sales teams, and Healthcare purposes. It comes with several plans. You can choose the ideal plan that suits your requirements.

The plan having the basic features come for free. There is a plan for individuals that costs $15. You can buy the plan available for small teams by paying $25. Also, you get a seven-day trial in Acuity Scheduling. The billing options are available monthly and annually. The Powerhouse tier comes for $50 per month. Acuity Scheduling is ideal for coaches and consultants. 

Which is Better Acuity Vs. Calendly?

Both Acuity scheduling and Calendly have different features. They have different price plans too. The requirements of a scheduling app differ from one profession to another. So it is better to consider them before selecting the best one. 


2) is one of the best project management tools that you can use instead of Calendly. has several features to ease your work. This is one of the best Calendly alternatives for small businesses, marketers, and freelancers. You get five plans on

The Free pan comprises basic features. You can purchase the premium version by paying monthly. One of the most adverse features of is it can be only contacted via email. It offers integrations with several apps. has several plans to select after considering your requirements. The basic plan costs $8 per seat for a month. The standard plan comes at $10 per seat for a month. The Pro plan costs $16 per user for a month. The enterprise plan bills annually. 

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3) Doodle

Doodle helps to schedule meetings, create events, and make appointments. You can create an unlimited amount of events using Doodle. It helps to keep an eye on your lifestyle. This calendar app is available in 20 languages. So your language won’t be a problem when using Doodle.

You can set your availability and let the clients see it. Doodle offers unlimited meeting types. It offers appointment scheduling, automated scheduling, calendar management, group scheduling, and online scheduling

More than 15 million people around the globe use this app. You can create a poll in Doodle and sent it to the participants. So they will pick the best time for them. Doodle app is available for both Android and Apple Ios. Employers should schedule meetings with employees living in different time zones

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4) Mindbodyonline

Are you searching for a scheduling platform to create unlimited meetings for free? Then Mindbodyonline is the solution for you. It is one of the best Calendly alternatives. Mindbodyonline can integrate with Google and Office 365. You can integrate it with apps like Zapier, Zoom, and Salesforce

Mindbodyonline is one of the best Calendly alternatives for health-oriented businesses like gyms, yoga studios, and spas. You can manage client appointments and get access to marketing tools when signing up to Mmindbodyonline.

It helps your customers to find you very easily. You can create unlimited staff accounts. Here, you get three plans in Mindbodyonline. The Essential plan costs $129 per month. The Accelerate plan comes for $239 monthly, and the Ultimate plan for $349 per month. 

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5) Google Calendar

Do you have a problem with scheduling apps because they don’t support only popular calendars? Then Calendar is the solution for you. It is one of the best Calendly alternatives. This app helps to schedule appointments. The calendar app is available for both Android and Apple Ios.

It is best for busy people that track and optimize time during a meeting. The app is free to use. There are paid plans also. You can buy a paid plan either by billing it monthly or annually. Many scheduling websites and apps support only popular calendars like iCloud and Google.

Calendar works with CalDAV-based calendars like Daylite, FastMail, and Zoho. It allows connecting multiple calendars. So it pulls your availability from all the calendars at once. If you are syncing all appointments across several calendars, then Calendar is the ideal one for you. 

Does Google Have A Scheduling Tool?

The simple answer is yes. ScheduleOnce is an online scheduling tool offered by Google. It works with Google Calendar and Google Meet. Google also offers a free appointment scheduler for the Google Calendar. You can get the maximum support from these Scheduling tools. 

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6) YouCanBookme

YouCanBookme is one of the best alternatives for Calendly. It is very simple and easy to useYouCanBookme comes with several beneficial features for users. It offers time zone detection, customizable branding, SMS, and email notifications.

As an alternative to Calendly, you can easily schedule meetings via this app. it offers a one-click schedule. You can create group meetings, and team meetings and coordinate conference calls via YouCanBookme. Also, you can ask the guest to vote on meeting polls. Then you can review the responses and manage the meeting time.

You can customize emails and SMS to send to anyone. Here, you can get the payments via Stripe. YouCanBookme offers a 14 days trial. The free version contains limited features. The paid version comes for $10 per month. Billing options are available on a monthly or annual basis


7) is a great alternative for Calendly. It is older than Calendly. The app supports Google Calendar and has very smart features to help you. It accepts online bookings. You can do a booking using’s mobile-optimized booking website, or from the existing site.

The specialty is this booking site accepts online booking via Instagram, Facebook, Google, and several branded client apps. The customized mobile app makes your bookings easy. You can add color themes and backgrounds to your booking page. It allows multiple payment gateways, including Stripe, PayPal, or cash or cards through the POS system.

You get many benefits like coupons & gift cards, memberships, sale of products, and Packages from You can monitor your business The can automatically identify the features that suit you based on the information added to your business category.

Calendly supports multiple languages. It includes 32 languages like English, Icelandic, Arabic, etc. You won’t find this facility in It is available only in the English language. is ideal for small businesses and solopreneurs. It has a free plan and a paid plan. The paid plan costs $9.90 per month. 


8) Setmore

Setmore acts as online appointment scheduling and event booking calendar, diary, and agenda. It is one of the best alternatives to Calendly. Setmore is free to use. It offers ample opportunities to grow your business. Setmore allows you to create a customizable booking page. You can book appointments, make customer profiles and send email reminders through Setmore.

Here, you can add a 1-click video meeting to your appointmentsThere are two versions of Setmore. One is free, and the other is a premium version. The premium version comprises advanced features. You can extend your team with up to 20+ staff profiles. It can sync with a two-way calendar with Google or Office 365.

You can make customers come back with recurring appointments. It takes payments with Square or Stripe. This app supports only the English language. You can install the Setmore app on your Android or ios devices. So you can get notifications on your tablet, desktop, or mobile

Website Android IOS

9) Gettimely

Gettimely is similar to Calendly. It is free to use. There is also a premium version that costs 10 per user. It allows scheduling, conferencing, and meeting features. The premium version cost starts from $24 per user monthly. Gettimely takes away the pain of finding the right date and time to meet.

You can install the Gettimely app onto your Android or ios devices. So it is easy to schedule a meeting even when driving. If you have a medium business, small business, or freelancer Gettimely suits you. It also offers a free trial. 

This app helps to manage staff, stock, reporting, and more. Gettimely allows you to manage your schedule, add and edit appointments, and view emails and SMS. This app is famous among professionals having salons and spas. You can install the Gettimely app onto your android or ios devices. 


10) Zoho Bookings

Zoho Bookings comes with affordable features. It can integrate with Zoho Calendars, Google, and O365. When you add a booking, it automatically marks that slot is unavailable for other works. So you want to overlap your work. You can set a buffer time here. It helps to prepare for the upcoming meeting.

Zoho Bookings does not give last-minute approvals. It avoids surprise bookings. You can plan work and break time to prevent people from booking you when you are out of the office and during break hours. Setting allowed time limits for cancellation and rescheduling is another feature available in Zoho Bookings.

You can make the payment via several popular payment gateways like Stripe and PayPal. Also, you can customize the booking page as you wish. This scheduling app allows adding background images, page content, and contact details to the booking page.  

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11) is one of the best solutions to automate meeting scheduling. has several packages to select from. The personal package is free. It is only for individual use. The professional plan comes at $4 per user for a month.

The business plan is available for $12 per user for a month. The enterprise plan costs $20 per user for a month. For more than 250 people it also offers a discount. All these packages have unique features. So it is better to select the best one that suits your requirements. You can have a free trial too. is good for sales and marketing, customer assistance, consultants, freelancers, and virtual assistants. It integrates with several calendars, including Office365, Exchange, iCloud, Zoho, etc. this app is available in languages like English, French, Dutch, etc. 


What Is The Best Calendar Software?

There are many calendar softwares available at present. Some of them are Microsoft Outlook, Google Calendar, Chili Piper, iCal, Microsoft Exchange Online, and Spike. You can use any of these calendars to make your work easy. 

What Is The Best Online Booking System?

Online booking systems give you easy access to meetings and other works. There are many online booking systems available Acuity Scheduling, 10to8, Appointy, MeetFox, Bookafy, Taskeo, EssentialPIM, and SimplyBook are some examples. They have user-friendly dashboards as well as customizable booking options. You can select the best one to use for business purposes. 

What Is The Best Appointment Reminder Software?

An appointment reminder software helps both you and your clients to remind about the scheduled meetings. So you won’t miss them. At present many appointment reminder software are available to install onto your tab, mobile, or laptop. Acuity scheduling, GigaBook, Calendly, and Appointy are some of the best appointment reminder software.

What Is The Best Free Scheduling App?

The scheduling apps make your lives easy. They allow you to book, reschedule, and cancel appointments via an app. there are free versions and paid versions of these apps available for both Android and ios devices. Setme, Groove, Revenue Grid, and Calendly are some of them. They Hv different features to ease scheduling. So it is better to consider your requirements and select the best app. 

Employee scheduling apps are helpful for employers. All the discussed apps in this article are employee scheduling apps. You can make maximum use of them. Install one of the employee scheduling apps and feel the change. 

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Now it is very easy to schedule a meeting. You don’t need to spend a day or a week planning it. The appointment scheduling tools make your lives easier. Calendly is the best option to schedule your meetings without jamming things. It allows setting preferences and sharing the link with the team or clients with so many benefits for users.

So, it provides a seamless user experience. There are many apps like Calendly for both Android and Ios devices. Some of them come for free. The requirement of a scheduling app differs from one professional to another. So it is better to consider all your requirements before switching to one platform. 

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