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14 Best MS PowerPoint Alternatives for Presentation (2021)

PowerPoint is a slides presentation software tool that helps users create professional-looking slideshows to help their presentation needs. However, as a slideshow presentation maker, it has certain limitations to build some of the advanced pieces of presentations. So, we have dug deep to find programs similar to PowerPoint to provide you with a few slideshow presentation software options that you can use as PowerPoint substitutes for your presentation requirements. Let’s dive in our collection of powerpoint alternatives!

What are the Best Alternatives to PowerPoint Presentations?

1) Google Slides

Google Slides is perhaps the best free presentation software tool you can use in place of Microsoft PowerPoint. You can use this magnificent tool for free as far as you have a Google account, and even this feature is available on your Gmail dashboard. Using this Google slide presentation software is easy and less complicated than most other open source PowerPoint presentation platforms. There are hundreds of pre-designed templates available for the users to select when they create dynamic presentations.

One of the great features of this slide presentations software platform is that you can open PowerPoint slides with it, and the final presentation can be converted to a PPT file. However, we honestly feel that the design capabilities of Google Slides are not up to the mark, at least for now. 

Is Google slides easier than PowerPoint?

We would say both the tools are easier to use than most of the competing presentation programs. But, the Google Slide’s collaborating feature puts its nose ahead of PowerPoint. 

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2) Canva

Canva is a cool presentation tool that helps to create engaging slideshows without much of a fuss. Canva does have a paid plan in it, but they provide loads of amazing free version options to build eye-catching presentations. There are hundreds of layouts available for you to use for free. Working with Canva is super-easy compared to PowerPoint software; in fact, you can drag and drop images, sounds, layouts, and backgrounds to make professional-looking designs. 

Moreover, you can add your stuff, such as images and video clips, to the presentation you create with just a button click. When it comes to free alternatives to PowerPoint, this is the name we suggest you with a considerable amount of credence. 

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3) OfficeSuite Slides

The Slide feature of OfficeSuite is another serious PowerPoint replacement you can consider to empower your presentations’ creativity skills. You have the opportunity of using ready-built themes or templates, adjust the size of the sides, or change the background layout with this creative presentation tool of OfficeSuite. Further, you can enhance the clarity of the data you intend to show by inserting videos, shapes, or even a picture from your mobile phone or the internet. 

The Slides app is available for Android and iOS users to download to construct slides easily on the go, and the easy-to-work options make it one of the best presentation apps you can use instead of PowerPoint. 

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4) LibreOffice Impress

Making presentations with LibreOffice Impress is as easy as ABC, thanks to a wide range of editing and view modes. You can manage the sequence of displaying slides similar to PowerPoint slide software and add 2D or 3D images to improve your presentation’s outlook. It supports various types of monitors, and the Presenter Console of Impress gives the handler enhanced control over the slides to interact with maximum efficiency with your crowd. 

Also, as you most probably would know, LibreOffice Impress is one of the free PowerPoint programs available for the users; all in all, you can address your audience, focusing more on them rather than the presentation if you have this presentation application.

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5) Prezi

Prezi is one of the best cloud-based online PowerPoint alternatives and one of the best presentation software examples we can recommend to you. It is well-equipped with thousands of pre-made presentations and features a converter for PowerPoint to Prezi requirements. 

Is Prezi better than PowerPoint?

Prezi presentation software is considered more persuasive compared to most other PPT alternatives and even PowerPoint itself. There are no slides in Prezi; instead, it works as an open canvas to create a presentation. However, Prezi is not a free tool to use, and another must-note element of Prezi is that, unlike PowerPoint, it is an online slide program software tool. However, considering the helpful features and previous user comments, we must say that you can hardly find good presentation websites like Prezi. 

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6) Zoho Show

Zoho Show is a part of the online Zoho suite and provides the users with a PowerPoint-like working environment for designing tasks. As most of the online presentation tools we mentioned thus far, Zoho Show also gives you the chance of creating, editing and sharing the content with the world using any device or browser. You have the luxury of embedding videos from YouTube, Tweets, or even Flickr images to the presentations to blend value to the audience. 

Zoho Show is not a free tool, and as we said, it comes as a part of Zoho’s WorkPlace Bundle, which costs $4/month for one user. Zoho Show is one of the major Prezi competitors, and some of its features are better than PowerPoint.

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7) SlideShare

Speaking about applications for presentations, SlideShare is the largest community for the users to share presentations with more than a whopping 50 million monthly visitors. It’s not a dedicated platform for the presentations; actually, it supports videos, webinars, PDFs, and various kinds of documents. It is an online presentation software tool with features for document management, transfer files, and a streaming facility for presentations.

SlideShare is a subscription-based PowerPoint and Prezi alternative. There is no free trial available for you to test the features’ capability, and the plan starts at $22/month, which somewhat makes it not ideal for the individual users for their presentation tasks. But, Freelancers, small and medium-sized businesses are reaping the rewards with SlideShare mainly because of the tool’s versatility.  

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8) Slidebean

Do you find it difficult to find time for your presentations or don’t have sufficient knowledge to create spectacular slideshows? Then, Slidebean is tailor-made for you. It has ready-made templates to match all sorts of requirements for startups, marketing agencies or individual users. Slidebean allows users to import photos or GIFs from third-party websites like Unsplash to decorate the content. Another feature that we like is its chat window, which you can use to communicate with necessary parties. 

Slidebean is built to help users concentrate only on the presentation they create, and designing white-collar-looking content takes only a few minutes, thanks to the helpful features. Yes, it is one of the best presentations tools going around, but you will have to purchase it for $96/year to enjoy its properties.


9) Visme

Being a cloud-based alternative PowerPoint user shall consider, Visme has all the tools inside the platform that users expect to create compelling content. If you are fed up with the templates and themes of other fancy PowerPoint alternatives, Visme’s HD backgrounds and mind-blowing layout makes it worth a try. Moreover, it allows you to share the presentation via an URL to your audience and also, there are options available for you to control the privacy settings. 

The built-in library of Visme consists of animations, videos, surveys, quizzes and even calls to action buttons to bring more value to your presentation. The whole platform works as a drag and drops tool to ease the creation difficulties, especially for rookie users. 


10) Adobe Spark

It’s not only presentations you can make in Adobe Spark, but social graphics, videos, and building web pages also is a walk in the park with its tools. You will get access to the Adobe fonts and full premium templates in Adobe Spark to design amazing presentations; and, to make your creation unique, you can add your ingredients as well. Besides, it permits you to create, edit, and share the content by allowing integrations with three of its mobile apps; Spark Page, Spark Post and Spark Video. 

Adobe Spark has two paid plans; Adobe Spark Team Plan and Adobe Spark Individual Plan. However, there are no differences between the features in the free plan compared to the paid plans. The only thing lacking in the free plan is that users don’t have the cushion of contacting the support centre if they face any issue.

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11) WPS Office Presentation

Similar to Microsoft’s PowerPoint, Presentation is the PowerPoint alternative tool users get with the WPS Office package. This particular tool is compatible with programs like Microsoft PowerPoint, Word and Excel. All the WPS Presentation features are superbly organized for the users to take maximum benefits without any issue. Features like autosave, built-in email tool, automatic encryption system, user-friendly interface and wide range of file importing capability make WPS Presentation one of the best PowerPoint alternatives.

Further, it is powerful enough to build presentations, including multi-media and top-ranked companies worldwide now use Presentation over PowerPoint because of the lack of agility of the latter. And, if you are worried about a Mac equivalent of PowerPoint, WPS Presentation would be an excellent choice.

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12) Polaris Office

Polaris Office also is an Office suite, and it features the option to create new presentations or edit existing PowerPoint-made creations. Adding and managing slides are very much the same as the PowerPoint’s options, and users can convert the word documents to Presentations with a couple of clicks. This feature can become handy to build up presentations instantly, and users can use most of the Microsoft Office shortcuts to perform the same action in Polaris Office. 

You can use Polaris Office to view, edit and share all the Microsoft Office documents from any device. Since it’s available for free for individual users, you shall use Polaris Office instead of the PowerPoint app to receive high-quality output. 

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13) Crello

Crello is another cloud-based software tool that allows users to make great content to match their requirements. This option is best suited for those who have limited skills in tech-related tasks to generate high-quality graphics, especially for their social media posts. Crello got a massive content library containing spectacular templates. The drop and drag nature of the tool can help build professional-looking content within a short period. 

The downside of this tool is that it doesn’t help you work offline and might not have the features you expect from PPT programs. Yet, if you are looking for a platform with colourful pre-arranged templates and media for the designs, Crello got some great features to amaze you.

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14) Keynote

Keynote is Apple’s equivalent of PowerPoint and a power-packed product with all the modern and intuitive features. It is one of the best interactive presentations software in the market; the charts, reflections, and picture frames are quite striking, and you can create unforgettable presentations for your spectators.

You can edit PowerPoint files by importing them to Keynote and save the finished presentation as a PowerPoint file. Also, there are options available for you to collaborate and share the content you make with it; and obviously, it comes for free for Apple users. 

Is Keynote better than Google Slides?

If you are an Apple user, Keynote is probably the best PowerPoint equivalent for Mac, and you can use it free of charge as well. However, for those who work with a team using different OSs, Google Slides must be the go-to option.

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What is the Best Alternative to PowerPoint?

You can use most of the PPT presentation software tools mentioned above instead of PowerPoint. Out of them, we would rank Prezi, Google Slides and Zoho Show for the first, second and third places, respectively; but, it depends on the work you are planning.


Nowadays, people around the world look for alternatives for everything for a better user experience; the Autonomy Microsoft and PowerPoint had over the years is now slowly dividing among the competitors. With that said, we complete our top presentation software list. Try one of these PowerPoint Alternatives other than PowerPoint for your next task and let us know the results. Cheers! 

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