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17 Best Gmail Alternatives Free For Android & iOS (2021)

Gmail is the most popular email service in the world. Also, most probably, it is the best mobile email app for both Android and iOS users. However, Gmail comes to you with certain drawbacks. The most concerning factor about Gmail is that your privacy is somewhat not secured on the platform. As you would know, Google scans everything we do on the internet to provide better advertisements for the users, and it’s the same with Gmail. So, why don’t you try to keep everything private and secure by opting for a Gmail alternative app for your Android or iOS devices? We have some of the highly regarded good Gmail alternatives to reveal you. Let’s explore them. 

Who Are Gmail Competitors?

1) Outlook

Microsoft’s Outlook app is one of the top Gmail alternatives and probably the best email service for privacy. Outlook is available for Android and iOS users, and previous Microsoft users would know how easy to work with Outlook. It offers free and paid services, and there are packages available for enterprise-level businesses as well. 

Which is better, Gmail or Outlook?

If your end goal is to streamline everything, Gmail is the ideal choice for you. But, if your ambition is to operate with an email provider with more options and feel a REAL email experience, Outlook is the one you should go with.

Which is safer, Gmail or Outlook?

Both are reputed email service providers and cover all contemporary aspects of email security. However, Gmail is owned by Google. As you know, Google is the biggest and world-famous search engine in the world. They run advertisements on behalf of businesses. So, it would be wiser to try an alternative email service like Outlook for those who consider privacy a priority. 

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2) Yahoo Mail

Yahoo Mail is one of the oldest in the game and one of the best Gmail alternatives we can offer you. The feel of Yahoo is very much similar to Gmail, including the features. It provides you with a bucket full of customization options. The ability to easily unsubscribing from junk mail is one of the email account options we like the most. Also, it gives you a storage space of a whopping 1TB, which is a rare cushion you have compared to most Gmail alternate email providers. 

 Is Yahoo email better than Gmail?

Yahoo is better than Gmail when it comes to spam blocking. However, the crown for the best business email service is still with Gmail considering most of the other essential elements. 

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3) Yandex

Yandex is a versatile email app tailor-made to manage all your existing email accounts. Also, it’s considered one of the better Gmail alternatives Android users have. The exciting part of Yandex is that it allows you to manage Gmail, Outlook, and most other popular email accounts in the Yandex app. This is a helpful feature, and it says you don’t have to install other email alternatives if you have the Yandex app on your device. 

In addition, you can use a few of the features of Yandex mail without an internet connection. To protect your emails from attackers, you can use a pin code for emails; even you lost your phone, no one can get access to your emails when you use this code. Yandex is among the top Gmail alternatives for privacy and as said, for those who don’t want to use the Gmail app and still want to access their Gmail account, here is the deal. 

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 4) Samsung Email

The Samsung email app is available only for Android users. Like Yandex, you can access your emails on other platforms in the Samsung email app. This app is pretty helpful for individual users as it is easy to manage personal and work Email simultaneously. It takes not more than 25MB from your storage space and demands only an android version 8 or above to function smoothly. 

Adding new accounts to Samsung mail is never a hassle, and you can create customized folders to organize your emails. In addition, the email search functionality of the app is so comprehensive, and you can search for old emails by filtering “from” or “to”; it saves your valuable time. There are loads of five-star reviews for this light-weighted email app from Samsung. It might not be the best Email for business. Still, indeed it is an excellent option to consider for personal use. 



It’s the official mail app of is a simple yet powerful application that provides you with the chance of working with multiple email accounts such as Gmail, Yandex, Yahoo,, and many more. Full synchronization, folder protection, email search, push notifications, spam filter, Email caching, and multiple email accounts are a few of the prominent features of 

It is one of the popular Gmail alternatives free apps on the Apps Store you can download. It has more positive reviews than the previously mentioned official Samsung email app. This tells there is something special about, so why not give it a shot? 

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6) Newton Mail

Newton Mail is an uncomplicated email service for both pc and mobile users and one of the best Gmail alternatives in 2021. It supports many popular email platforms such as Hotmail, iCloud, and Yahoo. All the functions and features that you expect from a good email service are available in Newton Mail. Email tagging can also be done by typing the name, and organizing the inbox is pretty much comfortable. 

Suppose you compare the overall features and functionalities of Newton Mail with Gmail. In that case, you will note there are lots of similarities between the two. In 2018 Newton Mail stopped its service and started again soon, and as of now, we would say it is one of the best iOS Gmail alternatives. 

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7) Temp Mail

As the name elaborates to a certain extent, Temp Mail is a temporary email application for mobile users. For those who want to keep their inbox clean all the time, there is no better option than Temp Mail. It is anonymous, secured, and notably one excellent free email service, especially for Android users to try. However, this might not be the perfect email service for most. Generally speaking, it’s not safe for most websites around the world. 

That said, if you aim to work with a simple email platform with instant messaging and no registration hassle, it would be ideal for picking a service like Temp Mail. In addition, this is a multi-language mobile app, so you have the luxury of interact with your favorite language as well. Automatic email responses, premium domains, and multiple mailboxes are the most valuable features of it. Most importantly, Temp Mail contains no distracting ads. If you are in search of Gmail alternatives without a phone number for registration, consider Temp Mail.

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8) Spark Email

You can use multiple email accounts in Spark Email, including Gmail, Yahoo, iCloud, Outlook, and much more. Spark Email checks all the boxes of a contemporary email service, and it comes to you free of charge as well. Snooze emails, pin emails, reminders, follow-ups, smart search of mails, and undo sent mails are great and easy features you get when installing the Spark Email app on your mobile device. 

Moreover, it consists of an eye-catching dark mode theme. To enjoy an undisturbed service, you can adjust the notification settings as well. In addition, it’s easy to add the Spark Email widget to the home screen of your smart device to send and read emails quickly. It might not be the best free business email service globally, but it does wonders for individual users. 

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9) ProtonMail

When talking about the Gmail alternatives for business or Gmail alternatives privacy, you can’t ignore the name of ProtonMail. You can create an Email for business free in Proton, and you will get 500MB storage and 150 messages for free in the free version. Also, it won’t cost you much to upgrade to paid plans as the Plus package of ProtonMail comes to you at 4€/per month in which they give a free email domain for small businesses as well. 

The functions, safety, and affordable prices of ProtonMail make it one of the best, if not the best, email services for businesses. Try using Proton for once, and you will hardly look for Protonmail alternatives!

Is ProtonMail safer than Gmail?

Both Proton and Gmail utilize TLS data in the transit process. However, ProtonMail is considered more secure compared to Gmail in terms of message encryption. 

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10) iCloud Mail

Apple users know more about iCloud; it’s the online cloud storage service of Apple. But, many don’t know that it has a dedicated email service as well. Also, it’s not mandatory to have an Apple device to access this service. It is one of the prominent competitors of Gmail. If you are not a heavy email consumer, the free plan of iCloud Mail would be more than enough to use because you are entitled to enjoy a storage capacity of up to 5GB. 

Which Email is more secure, Gmail or iCloud?

Gmail is rich in features and tools. Also, it is fast and convenient compared to iCloud. We say this because Apple focuses more on its users and depends on Apple ID and password to keep the data safe. 


11) EasyMail

Easymail is one of the best Gmail Alternatives which indeed easy to work with EasyMail. This super light-weighted mobile app is so fast, and it won’t eat up the precious memory of your phone, unlike the so-called best email apps. There are no hidden fees or plans in it. The EasyMail mobile is free to use, and you are not aimed with third-party ads as well. This app supports multiple email accounts, provides instant email notifications, uses two-factor authentication for security, and innovative email filters permitting the best possible service for its users. 

Even though it’s completely free and super-fast, EasyMail is not the most sophisticated email app in the world. Further, there are limitations in email customization as well. That aside, for users who have minimum storage space on their mobile devices and want a fast email app, EasyMail is an excellent resource to consider. 


12) Zoho Mail

This review only had a couple or so emails for small businesses, so we thought it would be helpful for you to present a specialized service for business emails. It’s the email platform of Zoho, and they define themselves as the best free Email for business. It is not entirely free, but it costs you only $1/per month for the basic plan of Zoho. Even in this package, Zoho gives you email hosting for multiple domains, attachments up to 250MB, email recall, offline access, email routing, domain aliases, and email syncs. 

All the features of Zoho Mail are up to the standards. It is difficult to get such quality services from other free small business email providers and one dollar investment per month is unbelievably affordable. Simply put, Zoho Mail is one of the best in the business. 

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13) GMX Mail

GMX is a free email app but supports ads. It is available on all mobile devices and supports IMAP4 and POP3. The most likable aspect of GMX Mail is that it is pretty helpful to organize your mails. Also, you can work with 10 GMX mail accounts inside the app, which is especially useful for exchange users. It is well equipped with features like battery saver, calendar sync, cloud support, and pin protection mode. 

GMX Mail has more than 11 million users on the platform, and it is in existence since 1997. This says GMX Mail is one of the reliable email service providers going around. That said, it is not the most secured one as GMX Mail lacks encryption capability. It automatically deactivates your email account if you don’t use it for six months. 

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14) Tutanota

If your concern is on security and safety, Tutanota is a service you must try. It is a German-made app, and the emails are end-to-end encrypted. Germany is a country with strict laws regarding data security, and Tutanota reflects that in its services. The interface of the app looks pleasing to the eye, and it is dark-themed. There is a free version of Tutanota, in which you can expect free storage of 1GB, but you can’t create custom domain emails. 

 However, the paid plans are affordable, and the Premium plan of Tutanota starts at €1.20 per month. Here you have the luxury of one custom domain, unlimited searches, multiple calendars, email support, and five aliases. You don’t get a free professional email with Tatunota, but the money you invest is worth it. 

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15) FastMail

FastMail is another email platform that has keen attention on the safety side of things. This is more businesses focused email service, and there is no free plan in FastMail to try its features. There are no ads in all the plans, and expert customer support will be given irrespective of your purchased plan. The biggest drawback of FastMail is that you only get a customized email address when you opt for the standard plan, which comes with a price tag of $5 per month.

But, there is a free trial of one month, and it offers massive storage space for your business emails. As far as we are concerned, FastMail won’t fit with ordinary individual users; the prices of paid plans and their structure suggests that it is appropriate for the businesses. 

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16) eM Client

It is simple to configure and simple to use. eM Clent helps you to function with several email accounts simultaneously on one platform. Working with your Gmail, Yahoo, or Outlook is never a problem in eM client, and it has all the resources to get your work done and quickly. Again, this is a service that has its focus on businesses rather than individuals. Although there is a free plan of eM Client, the number of features is minimal except that you are allowed to use two free accounts. 

There are two pricing plans in eM Client and costs $24.95 and $109.95 per year, respectively (one-time payment). If you are a business owner who thinks of the next level of the business, it would be an excellent option to choose eM Client as your preferred email service provider. Getting its service via a one-time payment is a wise investment you can make for the future of your business.  


17) Posteo

As we said, the biggest concern of Gmail is your data security; even though they don’t misuse them, you are exposed to the platform. That is why you should consider an email service provider such as Posteo. Your information remains anonymous in Posteo, and you don’t have to worry about your valuable data as it comes with powerful encryption features. Posteo keeps everything simple, including the price slabs. 

Since it is a European-based service, Posteo uses Euro as their main currency for the services. The basic package costs you only €1 per month, and you get permission to access all the features without any limitation. The allowed storage capacity is 2GB; if you want additional storage, it will cost you €0.25 for one GB and €0.10 per additional Email. The payments also anonymous, and you can remove your subscription with prior notice of 14-days. It’s simple to work with Posteo. 


Which Is Better: HotMail or Gmail?

The definite winner is Gmail. Hotmail got its name via HTML and it kind of lives up to the reputation of the name. In contrast, Gmail has loads of new features and spam blocking in it, and it is much faster and responsive compared to HotMail. However, HotMail is one of the closest competitors of Gmail, and it’s a secured email platform as well. 

Which Is Better: Apple Mail or Gmail?

Most users believe that Gmail is better than Apple Mail. Also, Gmail has all the tools that businesses need for their email tasks than Apple Mail. Gmail is the clear winner in most of the must-have aspects. Even though Apple users get the Apple Mail app as the default email app on their devices, most prefer Gmail. 

What Is The Most Anonymous Email?

Anonymous emails mean sending emails without revealing the IP address. It is a safer way to exchange valuable data on the internet. ProtonMail, Tutanota, StartMail, and Guerilla Mail are some of the recognized email providers that help you send anonymous emails. 

Which Is The Safest Email Account?

The safest email account in terms of third-party hackers is Gmail. However, as we explained, it is not the safest out of the lot regarding privacy. Apart from Gmail, you can consider using AOL, Outlook, Zoho Mail, Yahoo Mail, ProtonMail, or iCloud Mail for a secured email exchange. 

What Is The Best Alternative To Gmail?

First of all, let us tell you, Google is probably the best email service out there for both individual and business users. If you have valid reasons to move away from Gmail, you can choose a service like Outlook, Zoho Mail, ProtonMail, Yahoo Mail, or AOL Mail for your email tasks. 


Gmail is good, has excellent features, fast and reliable. Working with Gmail is simple, and you have almost all the features you expect from an email app. However, it has certain drawbacks that might make you think about the alternatives. Also, we suggest you step out of your comfort zone and explore one or a few tools to see whether they match your intentions. You don’t have to wait until something terrible happens to you to consider another service. Today we have discussed best Gmail alternatives, including a few free business email account providers and great options for individuals. So, try a few and make the most out of them. Cheers!

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