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13 Best Free Movie Apps to Watch Movies Online (2023)

Many of us love to watch movies for free at home or anywhere we like. It has become a popular hobby due to the prevailing situations in the world. There are so many best streaming apps. But, there are many spammy apps on the internet. So, we tested 100+ free full movie apps to filter the spammy free movie websites and apps and find the perfect free films apps to watch movies online. So, we did the hard part, and let’s right dive into the list of free movie apps to download.

What Are The Best Free Movie Apps for Android and iOS?

1) YouTube

Most everyone is familiar with this app for the best free streaming movies. But most of us don’t think that YouTube is among the best apps for movies on both Android the iPhone. YouTube has a large number of movies that you can watch. It provides a list of all free movies.

A notification comes whenever a new film arrives. So you will never miss a new movie. But, the no. of google play free movies on youtube is lesser when compared with the other movie apps free. Sorting of the movies or browsing by genre is not available on YouTube.

Website Android IOS

2) Hotstar

Hotstar is a popular and one of the best free movie streaming apps available at present. This app has a variety of other things like live sporting events and news updates. This app has an endless movie collection. You don’t need to log in to see the movies and also the quality of the pictures is very high. But a drawback is that though you have a good wifi speed, it will take a long time to load movies.

Website Android IOS

3) Tubi TV

Tubi TV app is one of the best free streaming apps for Android and iOS for you. Moreover, the Tubi app is divided into several categories. This free movie app for android and iPhone is straightforward to use. Every movie is free in this app. Tubi TV movies have famous and free new movies.

The good thing is that you don’t need to have an account to stream movies for free. You can watch videos either as a guest or after login. But, multiple short ads are playing during the Tubi tv free movies. Moreover, you can use Tubi tv for pc also.

Website Android IOS

4) Viki

If you are a Korean drama lover, then this is the best place to stop. Viki is one of the top streaming apps where you can watch new movies for free and Tv shows in Asian cinemas for free. It is an American streaming movies-free Website that also has quarters in Tokyo, Singapore, Japan, and South Korea.

There are so many Asian free tv shows and movies such as Chinese, Korean, and Kpop & Kdrama news. This app is totally legal in that many countries have full licenses to watch free movies and tv shows with subtitles.

Website Android IOS

5) Sony Crackle

This is one of the top-rated free movie apps which is developed by Sony Television. You can select comedy, drama, action, and thriller movies considering your preference. You can save movies to watch for free later. This app has a Spotlight channel. It shows the features of shows and movies recommended by the Crackle team. But, this app also displays ads. You can watch Later function is available in the Sony Crackle app.

Is Crackle Illegal?

No, it has lots of legal streaming movies and tv shows free to watch. You don’t need to sign up or pay to watch here.

Website Android

6) Pluto TV

Pluto TV is another best free movie download app for android mobile and iOS and one of the famous Android, and iOS & Firestick Movie Apps. Because this free movie mobile app works on lots of devices. You will be able to watch the most recent and popular movies on Pluto TV app.

You can watch movies free while they are playing on TV. There is a facility in the Pluto TV app to hide the channels that you are not watching. You can also view the descriptions of the movies that are playing later, which are not live at the moment.

The availability of on-demand movies is one of the greatest cons of this app. But, there are non-movie channels in this movie app. Only a few movie channels are available in this app. There is no method to watch a movie again if it is not available on demand.

Website Android IOS

7) Kodi

This app is one of the Best Movie Apps for Android. Kodi is very popular for Google free movies and TV shows. This movie app download can be installed on a variety of media boxes. It is open-source and gets frequent updates. Kodi can install an Add-on. But, the interface of this app is not user-friendly.

Website Android

8) Plex

Plex media is one of the free movie apps for ios and Android that works on both Android and iPhone. You can watch quality plex movies for free. This app contains 720p HD quality movies. The Plex app has a parental control feature. It provides Wifi sharing. This free movie app is available in the both play store and the apple store. You can enjoy so much plex streaming.

Website Android IOS

9) Vudu

This movie app is not free. Either you can buy movies or watch free movies online those play occasion ads. It is easy to find the free movies to download in the Vudu app because there’s a separate page. You will be able to see all the free movies download for the particular week from that page.

Vudu is available for both iPhone and Android. The interface of this movie app is obvious. What you have to do is just browse the category and tap on the name. Vudu is updated with new free movies very frequently. Free movies are easily accessed in Vudu when compared with other movie apps.

This app contains a lot of high-quality movies. But, all the free movies show ads. Sometimes, it can be so disturbance. Also, you must be logged in to stream movies for free download. Besides, Free movies are removed from this app very frequently.

Website Android IOS

10) Yidio

Yidio is the best free movie download app for android that works only on a few devices. There are many filtering options in this app. It is easy to find the movies that you already watched with the new ones. You can filter the movies by Genre, MPAA rating, and premiere date. This app is the best movie app for iPhone as well as for Android.

Yidio app helps to find movies hosted on other apps. The availability of filtering methods to sort favorite movies is a cool function. But, every film is not free on this app. It works only on a few devices. You may want to have a different app to watch some movies.

Website Android IOS

11) Popcornflix

Popcornflix is a very famous free full movie app. It has a massive collection of movies. This app has several categories, like TV shows and movies. There are several subcategories in the movie section. Some of them are drama, action, staff picks, and popular. So you can select your favorite film very easily. We can easily find TV shows and movies separately.

Is Popcornflix Safe?

One of the safest features of this app is the availability of separate apps for kids and horror moviesBesides, only relatively short ads are played during movies. The availability of popular films is one of the greatest features of this app. This free movie watch app supports only some devices.

Website Android IOS

12) Netflix

Netflix has a 30-day free trial. So you can test all the services offered by Netflix in these 30 days. This is a very popular movie app for many devices. It always updates with free new release movies. If you start your premium account on Netflix, then you can always watch new movies for free.

This movie app is very easy to use and one of the Most Popular and Cheap apps. Also, you can download movies for free and watch them offline. Also, the Netflix movie app is free from commercials. This is not a free movie app after the trial.

There are different membership plans that you can get considering your preference. Another disadvantage of this app is that the content depends on your location. Some full movies are free and are not available in some locations.

Website Android IOS

13) SnagFilms

SnagFilms is the best movie app for the ones who love documentaries and movies. The movies included in this app drive the watcher towards further thinking. SnagFilms contains classic films and great documentaries. So this is the best movie app for you if you like those.

There are specific categories in this app like climate change, the environment, and filmanthropy. There are so many cons to this app. One if that the no. of ads that are showing in SnagFilms is less when compared with other apps.

Besides, the app is easy to use and navigate. Also, you can save and watch any movie for free later. But, this app does not provide a filtering option or sorting of the last entries. Moreover, the amount of older movies is higher.


What Are The Free Movie Apps for iPhone?

There are so many free movie apps for iPads, iPhones, and Mac. Some can stream movies on iPhone and Android.

  • Hotstar
  • iTunes – apps to watch free movies on iPhone
  • Filmstruck
  • SnagFilms

What Are The Best Free TV Apps for Android & iPhone?

What Free Online Movie Sites Are Safe?


There are several free and best movie streaming apps that you can download movies free to watch. Some are movie download free, free tv streaming apps, best free firestick apps, best android movie apps, free movie iPhone apps, and so on.

You can install these free movie apps online on your android phone or iPhone. Choose the best one that fits your requirements by considering the pros and cons of each of these movies and tv apps and download free movie apps. Then you can enjoy watching free movies. That can be the best place to watch free movies as you want.

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