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13 Best Shipping Sites like Amazon But Cheaper (2023)

Arguably, Amazon has become one of the most popular e-commerce platforms in the USA, most probably in the whole world. Most people worldwide tend to go with instinctively for their online shopping, most of the time, without valid reasons to justify their selection. Haven’t you thought, at least once, what is the best alternative to Amazon shopping sites? In today’s article, we will bring you the best online shopping sites like amazon but cheaper than Amazon website as well. Let’s dive in.

Where Can I Shop Online Instead Of Amazon?

1) Wish

Wish is an e-commerce company similar to Amazon founded in 2010. It’s one of the popular online ordering sites like Amazon, particularly on the whole world. The staggering number of visitors makes Wish the biggest and most visited online store in many countries. Wish is a shopping website like amazon shopping online USA. You can find anything you need but for a relatively lower price than the latter.

They do provide fast deliveries for their purchases but have limited space for international shipping. Wish is an excellent option as a website similar to Amazon in many countries. We love Wish because of fast deliveries within the region and loads of new products added every day. Discounts are available up to 40%.

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2) AliExpress – Is AliExpress Better Than Amazon?

Yes, considering the buyer protection it provides, AliExpress is arguably better than Amazon and most Amazon-like sites. You are always protected with them, as you will get 100% refunds if you never receive the order or it’s not delivered as promised on the website. The price range and the available products are vast; even there are items lower than 5$.

AliExpress has come a long way from where it started and is now one of the giants of the world e-commerce business beating many other sites like Amazon and eBay. We love AliExpress because of its unbelievably low prices and buyer protection. Hardly there is a middleman.

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3) eBay – Is Amazon Better Than eBay?

We started with a question for a reason; and, that is, eBay is one of the biggest competitors for Amazon. Many new e-commerce companies similar to Amazon shopping website came and gone over the years. Still, they hold a considerable chunk of the online shopping like Amazon to date fighting day in day out with online shopping websites like Amazon with free shipping. eBay tops the list of websites cheaper than Amazon and probably better than Amazon as well.

Unlike Amazon, eBay provides you with various buying options, like outright purchases, biddings, and best offers. We love eBay because low and better prices than Amazon, various buying methods, free shipping for a lot of items, and a huge selection of products.

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4) Target

Target is nothing new to the USA’s people, and it is a different sort of the best place to buy things online unlike other online selling sites like Amazon. We say that Target is not targeting everyone out there on the market; instead, they focus on providing state-of-the-art products always, and discounts on sales are not their motto. But, the choices they got are humongous, and this website cheaper than Amazon is loaded with trendy products.

You can have the order delivered to your place or like Walmart; you can pick them up by the nearest outlet as well. We love target because there are high-quality, trending products, free 2-day shipping, and lots of seasonal deals, and promos.

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5) Alibaba

Alibaba, the Chinese giant, is another best place to shop online and a big competitor of Amazon. If you type, which is the no one online shopping website, The name Alibaba would appear right at the first couple of names. In our perspective, the options you have inside the website are considerably taller than other shopping sites like Amazon and eBay. Besides, Alibaba offers countless offers, discounts, and promos for most of the products.

Who is Amazon’s biggest competitor?

Alibaba is their biggest competitor concerning internet-based sales. Anyways, reaching or defeating Amazon online website would take a massive amount of work for all other websites like Amazon wishlist as they are way ahead of the rest as of now. 

Who is bigger: Amazon or Alibaba?

Considering the number of products put up to the customers, Alibaba is in front of Amazon. This means you would hardly get a chance to shift to another website with stuff without finding what you want at Alibaba. This is simply because of their business model.

However, suppose you take market share and capacity to account. In that case, Amazon is way in front of most other e-commerce companies. We love Alibaba because of its seamless options for buyers. This site is safe and reliable. Free shipping is available for most items.

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6) Walmart

For various logical reasons, Walmart is one of the best amazon alternatives for sellers we suggest for you. It is one of the world’s largest e-commerce companies, unlike Amazon Walmart is more famous for its worldwide supermarket chain. Moreover, Walmart is one of the few buying sites like Amazon prime as they have their premier membership called Walmart Plus.

Similar to Amazon, you can place the order online, and the goods will get delivered to your doorstep, or you have the option to pick up right at the nearest outlet. We love Walmart because Free shipping is available for most of the choices. Also, prices are relatively low. Loads of new promos and deals available every day

Who is Amazon’s Closest Competitor?

Walmart is the closest competitor of Amazon, but you should know that a big portion of Walmart’s sales come from their outlets (brick-and-mortar shops). 

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Amazon isn’t the ideal place for clothing for many reasons. ROMWE would be the more suited new online store like Amazon for both men’s and women’s clothing compared to Amazon, and it’s a website full of discounts and offers. Even you can buy their products via Amazon. Still, it’s pointless why you prefer Amazon over buying directly from ROMWE as the deals are pouring at their store.

Don’t waste your time searching for sites cheaper than Amazon for your clothing needs, because the internet is crowded with crappy online clothing stores similar to Amazon. Visit ROMWE with confidence; chances are less for you to go wrong. We love ROMWE because there is a huge collection of garments with new offers each day. Also, it is a reliable place for clothing needs.

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8) Etsy

Quality over quantity is that what are you looking for? Etsy is one of the best alternatives to marketplace like amazon, if not the best, of course. Because Etsy is somewhat different from places like Amazon and eBay as most of the products they have are handmade and most of the stuff is related to arts, crafts, or vintage items.

The sellers and the buyers are more specific on Etsy, and a great deal of the money you spend on goods goes directly to the artisans rather than multi-million Amazon similar companies. Importantly, the products available on Etsy are very much unique, and you would hardly find them in internet stores like Amazon. We love Etsy because there are quality handmade and homemade items, amazing customer service, low prices, and unique products.

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9) Banggood

When thinking of the best shopping apps among amazon related sites, Banggood would be our cheapest number one choice, closely followed by eBay, and Etsy. And, it would always be good to explore apps like Snapdeal, AliExpress, and Flipkart for your online shopping needs as well. 

It is difficult to mention items selling on this app that are offering free shipping right now. But, most online retailers in this new company like Amazon offer free shipping considering numerous factors; the company operating country, delivery place, product, and price, to name a few. 

You can order online from this china amazon alternative without placing bulk orders. The days of buying 20 toothbrushes are now over and don’t worry. There are many products available for you to buy individually. Jump to their website and see the range. 

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10) Overstock

Overstock is very much of a shopping site like Amazon, and it is ideal for shopping if you want to buy household stuff. It is one of the few online sites like amazon that accept PayPal, which has become an essential ingredient these days for online purchases. There are many attractive buying options inside the websites such as sales, clearances, and flash deals sections.

If you sign up for the emails, you will get a whopping 15% off on all exclusive products. Overstock has dedicated apps like Amazon to ease your shopping experience. Their customer service is also rated by customers much higher than the websites similar to Amazon and eBay. 

We love discount websites like Amazon and Overstock because they provide free shipping, loads of deals, and promos, feasible payment options, and friendly customer service. OK, peeps, if you are a regular online purchaser then no wonder the following questions must have crept at least once in your life; if so, let us clear them for you in an instant.

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11) Newegg

If you search for the best alternatives to Amazon marketplace to buy high-quality, low-priced electronics, we would recommend Newegg as our number one choice. For obvious reasons, why not consider a Newegg website that is dedicated to electronics than run behind online retailers like Amazon? There are price cuts up to 50%, and you will get a 10% discount for your selected items when you sign up for emails with them.

Moreover, the store is well-equipped with high-caliber brands like Lenovo, Samsung, Acer, and many more top-notch products; making them a considerable competitor for big companies like Amazon and eBay when it comes to tech-related stuff. We love Newegg because the huge discounts, promo codes, and deals are available. Also, there are quick deliveries to your doorstep. It is specialized in electronic items.

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12) Zappos

It’s a subsidiary company of Amazon where you can find up-to-date clothing, shoes, and accessories. As we mentioned, you are better off shopping at Amazon for clothing requirements, and here is another option for your consideration. Zappos’ customer service is always regarded as one of the best in the industry.

They do provide free shipping for many products; even, you have the luxury of expediting your deliveries. Also, you would earn Zappos rewards for every purchase you make with them, which you can redeem on your next purchases. We love Zappos because of its super-friendly customer service, free shipping, and expediting delivery options. This site accepts defects and returns up to one year from the purchase.

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13) Flipkart – Which Is Better, Amazon Or Flipkart?

Strangely, surveys reveal that Flipkart is a trusted website than Amazon; yes, numbers may suggest that Amazon got a huge customer base, but Flipkart is rated higher than Amazon concerning the trust. Usually, its deliveries are super-fast, and its reputation for selling smartphones is up to the mark.

Coming to the Asian countries, Flipkart holds an edge over many e-commerce sites, and mostly it ranks high among the websites like Amazon in India. The website’s interface is super user-friendly and exploring for the desired choice is never a hassle with Flipkart. We love sites like Amazon and Flipkart because they are trusted e-commerce websites. Products are low in price with fast deliveries.

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Which Oline Shopping App Is Best And Cheap?

  • Snapdeal
  • AliExpress
  • Flipkart
  • eBay
  • Etsy

Which Online Shopping App Is Best For Clothes?

  • Vestiaire Collective
  • By Rotation
  • Depop
  • ASOS
  • ShopStyle
  • Shein

What Are The Best Amazon Fresh Alternatives In India?

  • Flipkart
  • eBay India
  • Jabong
  • Shopclues and
  • Quikr

What Are The Best Amazon Like Websites in the UK?

  • Rakuten
  • Fruugo
  • Newegg – The Best Websites Like Amazon UK
  • ASOS
  • OnBuy

What Are The Best Online Shops Like Amazon in Canada?

  • eBay
  • Etsy – the best sites like Amazon Canada


Alright, guys, it’s a wrap from us. As we said right initially, most of us tend to go with websites like Amazon and eBay all the while perhaps for no valid reasons, and forget to see the other side of the coin. There are many reasons; first of all, Amazon USA online shop failed to accommodate China’s local tastes. It’s believed that they have refused the products from local Chinese manufacturers. Besides, free shipping was another hurdle they had to face other than the overnight deliveries. 

We hope our list of sites similar to Amazon provides enough opportunity to enhance your online shopping experience if you would want to stay away from Amazon for whatever reasons. Please check other Amazon websites/alternatives we brought and let us know your take on them by leaving a comment below. Cheers! 

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