Best Call of Duty Warzone Tips for Beginners and New Players (2023)

Call of Duty: Warzone is a fun FPS battle royale game that has forever changed the online gaming world. With over 100 million active players, Call of Duty: Warzone is one of the most played games. One can quickly double-check the download numbers of the game, which are not slowing down anytime soon. But while the whole gaming experience can be fun, it could be pretty infuriating if one does not get to an optimal start to the season. So, why not follow the following Warzone hacks and tips and start with all guns blazing in the new season.

#1. Make the most of the start

Though no fault of the Call of Duty franchise, a common perception is that the round does not start unless the gamer has landed on the battlefield. That is simply a wrong perception that one could have. As soon as you make that jump, you will be in the fight of your life.

And that is why you must take down as many players as possible during the landing phase. You can quickly shoot down your enemies in the air using your pistol. Similarly, you can also cut down their chute, forcing them to fall to their deaths. Sounds a bit cruel? Well, everything is fair in love and Call of Duty.

#2. Get that extra weapon experience during the pre-game phase

The sooner you level up your weapon, the more attachment you will be able to unlock. And the pre-game is undoubtedly the best place you can do just that. Any kills you make during the pre-game scenario will permanently add to your weapons XP. Ideally, you should get six to seven kills, but even four is an incredible number and something you should target.

#3. Build helpful combat strategies

The lower time to kill in this game is something that genuinely sets COD: Warzone apart from the rest of the game in the battle royale segment. It means you would be more than likely to be in action quicker compared to other battle royale games you have played before. So, naturally, this means you need to create combat strategies that take this into account. Always make sure that the number one priority is to keep you safe.

#4. Keep an eye on your minimap and compass

While there is no way to be sure where the enemy is hiding, you can get a general idea of their location by observing the minimap and compass on your screen. When an enemy near your location uses a non-suppressed gun, a red dot will appear on the screen, giving away their position. Take advantage of that and create a strategy to neutralize them or get away safely.

#5. Kill downed enemies completely

A common mistake by beginners is not killing the downed enemy completely. It is, in fact, relatively easy for players to revive themselves, either with the help of a teammate or through the self-revive that can be bought from the Buy Stations. So, you would be wise not to give your enemy even a second respite and make sure that they cannot get back up.

#6. Make the most of your armor plates

This is a tip that cannot be emphasized enough. Call of Duty: Warzone has an excellent defensive tool that players can take advantage of – the armor plates. So, if it is there for one to use, you should liberally make use of it. They can easily take the brunt of the damage and save your life on more than one occasion. The armor plates cover the whole body, so you need to worry about the headshots. Its only weakness is Gas, and well, there is nothing much you can do about it anyway.

#7. Choose the right Perks

The right perk can easily be the difference between a sure win and a disastrous result. That is why you must spend some time not just thinking about your preferred weapon combo but also the perks. While creating your loadout, you must choose the perk that suits your playing style. It could be the difference-maker. And focus on leveling up as this way, you can unlock many of the high-level perks available only to top-level players.


The beginners and new players always look for the best tricks to improve their gameplay, especially in popular games. Now, check the most useful tips mentioned above and enhance your gaming skills as a beginner. 

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