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10 Best Games Like Call of Duty You Should Play in 2021

We all love to play modern shooting games with excellent features. If you are looking for the best trending games like Call of Duty to play with your gang or to spend quality time to feed your inner energy for a game? Then you are in the best place to learn everything. There are many modern shooting games released to the public, but Call of Duty, Battlefield, and other games never replaced. Once you try to play call of duty world war II, there are no excuses to enter the battlefield with your boots. Once you were comfortable with the multiplayer battlefield, you are exposed to groups of new features and tricks.

Which Call of Duty Game is Better?

There are different features they added in each game. You can switch the elements as you like. Not only world war 2, but there are also many game series like the Black Ops series, which is another full pack of entertainment and adventure. You can experience the multiplayer battlefield differently from the call of duty: ghost. It is another level of shooting game that you will ever play. Call of duty: ghosts will take you to another level of enemy line as a friend when your time comes. You can simply kill them. There are no friends in these games.

Want to know more Killer games like Call of Duty? Read below.

Top 10 Similar Games Like Call of Duty

1) Battlefield

When it comes to a killer shooting game, the battlefield has the best features and great animations. We consider the current amazing games like Battlefield Bad Company 2, Battlefield 1, Battlefield 3, battlefield combat black ops 2, Battlefield V

It is a game with many cool features. Battlefield games have their own built features like custom weapons, maps, modes, vehicles, and classes. Where you can customize the entire features and play as the player likes. This game has cool maps to play with. Join the latest battlefield to discover many features. Not only battlefield series has many features, even Medal of honor.

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2) Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

One of the world’s largest live streaming games like Call of Duty, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is now having active members of 600,000. This game was developed and published in 2012, and it got famous and trending within eight years. There are no record breaks in the live stream games. This has the largest player set, and you must join the club to enjoy t’s cool features.

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3) Medal of Honor

The most recent title released, ‘Award of Honor: Warfighter,’ turned out in 2012. Because of it being ineffective, EA chose to take the Medal of Honor arrangement out of the revolution. Accordingly, no further games have been made. In any case, the seventeenth game in the method isn’t far away.

That is because Respawn, the Electronic Arts-claimed producer of deeply respected shooters like the Titanfall arrangement and Apex Legends, have declared Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond is being made. The game will be an Oculus VR selective and is required to be discharged in the mid-year of 2020. Well, beyond is coming back to its foundations and will be set in World War II. It will be mostly a single-player game, however, ‘one of a kind multiplayer modes and highlights’ will be definite later.


4) Titanfall 2 – Top Similar Games Like the Call of Duty

Titan falls 2 is also another popular one of the first-person shooting games like Call of Duty with amazing features. These games will take your inner peace peacefully. If you are stressed to handle any situation, simply play this amazing game. This game was released to the public in 2012 with a series of. Now it has more than four series and the fifth series on its way to the public with advanced features like maps, weapon changes, teammates selections, and many more.

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5) Spec Ops: The Line – Most Realistic CoD Game

Spec Ops is one of the most realistic shooting games like Call of Duty introduced to the world by a young set from Dubai. It has many cool features, and the characters in this game have a natural feel. You can select your map and start playing with the enemy team. No restrictions are there. You can play it anytime with any team. All you need is a good computer and good internet connections.

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6) Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege

This game is an ultimate game for everyone over 18+. Don’t miss the beat, Tom Clancy’s rainbow six sieges are coming soon with two new operations. You can join the rescue mission and join the rainbow team from this season. This game has many operations to follow while playing the game.


7) Apex Legends – Best Alternatives for the Call of Duty

The game opens with a somewhat staggering set-piece including a helicopter pursuit through the housetops of Dubai. The player controls a warrior discharging a chaingun from the entryway of a chopper as the adversary copters people and buzzes the vehicle. As the pursuit unfurls, the player unavoidably tears through structures and tears up housetops with high-gauge adjusts as they attempt to battle off their assailants.

The present trappings of the officers and the high-octane fuel of the scene quickly review the CoD: Modern Warfare games, however, a closer investigation uncovers something different; the to and fro between the player’s character and his AI pilot partner sounds stressed and split – a million miles from the expert enthusiasm of CoD’s fighters. The pursuit closes in an accident, and afterward the plot streaks back to half a month sooner.

Dubai, it turns out, is in ruins after a destructive dust storm wrecked a ton of the city, and cut it off from the outside world. After an intrigue was conveyed, a US armed force regiment called the 33rd redirected their movement home from Afghanistan and headed into the covered city. That was some time back and things being what they are, that US central leadership hasn’t got notification from the 33rd, or its administrator, Colonel Konrad, in a long while.

With that in mind, it dispatches a three-man Delta Squad to Dubai to discover the explanation Konrad isn’t noting their attempts to reach him. The group comprises Adams, an overwhelming heavy weapons specialist; Lugo, a loud expert rifleman; and their leader, Captain Walker, a man who served under Konrad in Afghanistan and thinks of him as both a legend and a loyalist.


8) Sniper Elite V2

The Frontier War is finished. Following quite a while of contention between the IMC and the local army established to battle them, the district of the room known as the Frontier can at long last observe harmony.

Be that as it may, freedom can include some significant downfalls: the Frontier universes were left infertile by the war, and guaranteed help dwindled to nothing. With no real way to help themselves, the individuals who remained had no real option except to leave their homes. The bold migrated to the Outlands.

A remote group of planets on the Frontier’s edges, the Outlands are immaculate by war and abounding with assets and opportunity. Be that as it may, life is modest here, and peril sneaks everywhere. Its pioneers, voyagers, and bandits used to spend their carries on with secured an unending influence battle. Presently, they settle their disparities in the Apex Games. In this bloodsport, Legends from all sides of the Frontier go after cash, distinction, and wonder.

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9) PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds) – Best Games Like Call of Duty Mobile

The world online has detonated into fight royale franticness, with the dispatch of a few gigantic games. One is PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, and the Fortnite other is PUBG to its associates.

We’ve discussed Fortnite independently: that game is like PUBG, yet Epic – the game’s designer – portrays it as a hybrid of Minecraft and Left 4 Dead, as there’s a fundamental component to it, which doesn’t evolve into PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.

The significant thing about these enormous titles is that they are presently both portable games – consequently PUBG Mobile – just as accessible across different stages.

Fight royale necessarily implies all against everyone, somewhat like The Hunger Games, where you start with nothing and need to rummage and gather weapons and gear. At last, the game is a fight to the last player remaining, with 100 players on a 8 x 8 km island.

There are three play methods: solo, pair, and crew, with the last letting you collaborate with three different players for a group of four. Each is somewhat unique with various upsides and downsides, the giant star of group play being that has individuals to help you, resuscitates you, and brings a component of co-usable strategies to the game.

The game begins with you, parachuting onto the game island. On handling your central goal is to accumulate all that you can to enable you to win, from garments to clinical supplies to weapons, with a full scope of weapons and alterations.

PUBG is available on all platforms including PC, android, and iOS.

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10) Doom: Eternal

Doom eternal is also one of the best solo shooting player games like Call of Duty. The user can switch to many maps and have the thrill alone. Their latest version was released to the public on March 20th, 2020. You can now play the game using windows PC or PS4. This game has five different levels and five different series. If you are a good player? Then you can try all the series to enjoy the next level of shooting games.


Is Halo Like Call of Duty?

There are both similarities and differences between both games. Both of them are shooting games and very addictive. But with my experience, CoD has many advanced features than Halo. Also, graphics are better in Cod. They also have different combat engines and environments. If you are a beginner, you can try playing Halo as it’s fairly easier than Cod.

Final words

I hope this simple guide will help you to discover new games like Call of Duty. If you wish to know more about the latest games and sites, stay tuned with us. Subscribe to our newsletter to get notifications directly into your inbox.

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