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11 Best Games Like Total War for PS4 (2023)

In my gaming history, Total War stole a great place. I’m sure if you also try Total War, you will love this game series. But you may have a curious idea about what game gives a fantastic experience in a series. I usually choose one game from a series according to my favorite. Gradually, the young crowd left from Total War to the new Games Like Total War due to the new attractive gaming series. Choose the best one for you! 

What Are the Other Games Like Total War for PS4?

1) Mount and Blade Warband

It’s time to enter a war with your team. “The throne of Calradia” It’s your target. Let’s lead with your team to the war, expand your kingdom, and finally claim your prize. Mount and Blade Warband is a game that gives a realistic feeling to your battles.

Here you can have multiplayer battles, and it can be up to 64 players. Team Deathmatch, Capture the flag, Deathmatch, Siege, Conquest, and battle are included in Multiplayer mode. There is the ability to use most throwing weapons.

And you can earn money by accomplishing goals and fighting with enemies. Many players like this game because of the immersive system, general solid combat system, and budget price. With all these facts, you may find out how Mount and Blade Warband suites you. 


2) Knights of Honor

Knights of Honor is another strategy video game series that can enjoy you a lot. The developer of this game is Bulgarian Black Sea Studios. It also has two modes as Single-player mode and multiplayer mode. The most important element of the games are the Knights, and there are six different types of Knights.

In this game, there are more than 60 structures and upgrades. You can see nine different types of battles. They are Camp Assault, Town Assault, Open Battlefield, River crossing, etc. If you choose to play in multiplayer mode, you can go with up to six players. With all these features, Knights of Honor gives you a better gaming experience.


3) Starcraft

If you need a military environment with your games, Starcraft is the best place for you. Blizzard Entertainment owns Starcraft for Microsoft Windows. Here you can repair the units and the structure. Starcraft offers several ways to outplay your opponent. There are so many races in the Starcraft series, such as Terran, Protoss, Zerg, etc.

When I was considering these races’ pros and cons, I found that they differ from each other. In zerg, you have simple units. As a con, it needs more map control. In Terran, there are lots of harassment options. In Protoss, when used well, it gives them a powerful edge. This is how Starcraft’s features for the players.


4) Warcraft Series

Warcraft series is a wonderful gaming series which is created by Blizzard Entertainment. This game series includes Tides of Darkness, Orcs, and Humans, Reign of Chaos, Hearthstone, and World of Warcraft. Among these five games, three of them are in the real-time strategy genre. And the latest thing is the digital collectible card game called Hearthstone.

In my opinion, the progression is very meaningful. When you begin to play this game, you will identify that this game’s war campaign brings life to the world PVP. There you have a fun crafting system. The player is always searching for various things. Here you have numerous engaging missions. The main drawback of this game is slow-paced combat


5) Europa Universalis

Europa Universalis was an excellent strategy video game in 2000. This game is based on another French board game by Philippe Thibaut. Europa Universalis is more approachable to the new players. It offers a strategy gaming experience without too deterministic. This game is a member of the 4X genre.

The player has to take the country’s control over the centuries, and he or she has to guide the decisions. From the research I have done, I realize some common elements such as Wage War, Settle new colonies, Explore the world, Control trade, control, and upgrading cities and provinces, etc.

Other important mechanisms of the game are events and Monarchs. But they are different from one another. Anyway, Europa developed day game by game. In the first two games, the monarchs are predefined ones. But after the EU, three monarchs are generated randomly. 


6) Age of empires

The changer of RTS games is the Age of Empires. Twenty years ago, the Age of Empires started to change the traditional gaming environment with new graphical user interfaces, reproduced music and lots of sounds, and so many new features.

You can enjoy eight-person multiplayer battles here. Most of the audience feedback is the visuals of the Age of Empires are great. This would be a help to attract the players to the game. If you are a historical lover, believing “Old is gold,” you surely start to love this fantastic game created around the historical environment.

Is there Age of Empires for Ps4?

No. Unfortunately, there is no Age of Empires for ps4. It was developed as a PC exclusive. As in every game, Age of Empires also have some cons. When I was playing this game, I felt some difficulties with pathfinding. Anyway, the Age of Empires will give you a better historical experience.


7) Civilization V

In the Civilization game series, civilization v is a 4X video game that is launched in 2010. In this game, the player comes to the future from prehistoric times on a procedural map. In earlier games of the series, except the civilization v are based with square tiles. But civilization v is based on a new game engine created with hexagonal tiles instead of square tiles.

When I was playing this game, one thing I realized. It is some concepts of the game. They are perfect and also the idea is cool. And the unit strength is spread broadly. Hexes help you to make easy movements and plans. However beautiful graphical user interface is the jewelry of civilization v to grab the audience. 

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8) Crusader Kings

Crusader Kings is a gaming series in which you can have an experience with lots of historical characters such as Alexios I Komnenos, Genghis Khan, Harold Godwinson, Robert the Bruce, Alfred the Great, Harald Hardrada, El Cid, Constantine X Doukas, Harun al-Rashid, Ivar the Boneless, Baldwin I of Jerusalem, Boleslaw the Bold and Saladin.

But unfortunately, this game allows choosing only a few figures. Crusader Kings is more popular in the middle ages. Among the other interactive games, Crusader kings are the most attractive ones, and they became top. According to my experience, the only drawback of this game is the complex user interface. It’s not a problem for the addicts’. 


9) Stronghold

Stronghold is a game that allows you to design, build, and destroy castles. You can join with two single-player campaigns or multiplayer up to 8 players. There are 21 missions based on 21 stories. The entire map of the game is shown on a single screen because of the high-resolution graphics.

People love Stronghold’s beautiful interfaces. And it has lots of units. But the drawback of Stronghold is that there are not enough different buildings in the game and some bugs. Anyway, Stronghold is a unique game that you can enjoy with a historical background. 

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10) Star Wars – Empire at War

In my favorite strategy video game collection, Star Wars takes a great place, giving me a fantastic battle experience. Lovely music and audios also catch the player’s attention to this game. And the most important fact is Star Wars: Empire at War is supported for Mac mini and Mac Book. This game does not require top-notch hardware. You have so many varieties of Space and land combat.

Star Wars offers you lots of features. All these are the pros of Star Wars Empires at War. But this game has cons also. The capability of multiplayer is supported only for the Mac. And there you can find the ground graphics are weak. And there is no PowerPC support. However, you can have a better War experience here and enjoy it. 

In this game, it attacks the sweet spots between many spaces and hardcore entire management. And there is replay value. But in this game, victory conditions are a little bit unbalanced. Star Wars is a very addictive game for players. If you join Star Wars, I’m sure you also will be the same.


11) King Arthur

As a role-playing game, King Arthur is more popular among the players. This video game is developed by NeocoreGames and published by Paradox Interactive. There you have two modes as Single-player mode and Multiplayer mode. In King Arthur, you can see great artwork and character design.

It is another strategy game that is based on 4X turn. In this game, the player should take responsibility for the fictional age of civilization. This game allows you to choose a race from the predesigned ones. And you can create your tales also.

But when I was playing this game, the combat is very boring to me. And there are so many game elements without points. So they drop lots of players from King Arthur. The player is always searching for a happening game. But some are like this kind of game. Anyway, you can play the best game for yourself.


What is the Best Total War Game to Start With?

In the Total game series, I failed to find out the best one because all the games are lovely and offer a fantastic war experience to players. War Hammer 2, Three Kingdoms, Shogun 2, Rome 2, Medieval 2, Empire, Troy, are these awesome games of the Total War series. 

What Are Some Massive Battle Games like Total War?

  • Civilization
  • Crusader Kings
  • Age of Empires
  • Mount and Blade

are the major games like total war and its alternatives. 


Your ideas are different. Also, your hobbies and favors are different. You are always searching for information and choosing the best matching one for you in everything. Like this, you can choose the best game for your preferences.

In the gaming world, you and I know, the Total War game series is the king. So how can I nominate another one to start. According to my experience, also Total War is the best place to start your gaming journey. 

Like that, Total war also gives you a challenging experience. But playing is up to you. Total war game series is created in a range from an easy level to a difficult level. Total war is not more difficult. Anyway, every war game is very challenging. 

There are many games. If you are bored with the Total War game series, now you have lots of alternative games. Each of them is different and may give you a different experience. You have a collection of games similar to Total War for Play Station 4 here. Here we are offering you lots of alternatives to the best game ever, Total War. 

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