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10 Best Sites Like Depop to Sell Clothes Online 2020

Are you searching for a platform to sell your used clothes? Now it is very easy to sell clothes online. The apps and services available at present make it easy to earn by selling clothes. There are so many sites that will help to get rid of last season’s outfits. And also you will earn some money by selling those old garments. Depop is the most popular site to sell and buy clothes. This site is best to sell anything. But quirky and vintage items are at the top of the best-selling product list. But there are so many other Sites Like Depop also. You need to upload pictures of the product to the site. Then add a caption and more information such as the quality of the product and type of it underneath the image. You can select the item size and set the price in Depop.

If you are a newbie seller selling your first product is very easy. This site enables you to sell jewellery, shoes, posters, and old books too. Depop provides the chance to swap items among the sellers. Selling in Depop is very easy. This site charges 10% of each sale in addition to PayPal fees. Though the most popular site to sell clothes is Depop. There are so many alternative sites. Those sites also provide the features available in Depop. Sometimes those sites have features unique to them. Let’s check out the ten best sites like Depop to sell clothes online.

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Best Depop Alternatives For Selling Clothes Online

1) Vinted

Vinted is one of the best online sites to sell clothes. This marketplace is one of the similar sites like Depop. Just like Depop, the seller has to upload images of the product. Then set a price and wait until it sold. The audience of Vinted is quite older. So selling fashionable clothes is a bit difficult here. More than 25 million people use Vinted to find secondhand clothes from different brands. This site does not charge any fee from the seller. The Vinted app can be downloaded from the app stores onto your mobile for free.

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2) eBay

eBay is a top-rated site for online selling and buying. There are more than 180 million active buyers on eBay. So the chance of selling your products is high. Millions of visitors visit this site every day. eBay is a trustworthy marketplace. This is an excellent alternative for Depop.

You can sell your unwanted clothes here. As soon as making the sales, funds are transferred to the PayPal account. There is no convenient method available to see what is sold on the Depop app, but eBay shows a “sold” listing. So it is easy to see what you sold within the past 60 days. There Is a “best offer” button on eBay. It allows the customer to send offers. Offers in Depop are sent via direct messages. There are certain differences in eBay when compared with Depop.

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3) Etsy

Etsy is best for selling homemade and vintage items. This marketplace charges $ 0.20 as the listing fee. Also, 5% of the transaction fee should be settled by you and a payment processing fee. There are more than 1.7 million sellers on Etsy. Do most people ask whether is Depop or Etsy better? Depop is faster in paying than Etsy. The money in Depop goes directly into the PayPal account without any delay. On Etsy, you can select a deposit schedule. It can be monthly, once every two weeks, once per week, or every day.

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The money in Etsy is deposited in the bank account. So usually there occurs a delay of one day to get money. Depop has gained more reviews compared when comparing with Etsy. On Etsy, the customer’s age range differs. So Etsy has a more sophisticated vibe for all vintage things. It is not fair to say that Depop is better than Etsy. So I recommend to try both these platforms and choose the one that fits you.

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4) Vestiaire collective

Vestiaire Collective is famous as one of the best-trusted sites like Depop for pre-owned luxury goods. You can easily start selling on this site. You should send images and descriptions of the luxury item. After reviewing the post, the site will approve it. Then your products will advertise on the site listing. When a buyer purchases your listed item, the site will again review it for authentication before the shipment. This site charges a commission rate depending on the value of the product.

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5) Mercari

Mercuri is also one of the best sites like Depop. Though this app was made in Japan, it has gathered a worldwide population to buy and sell clothes. You can sell used and handmade products, including clothes, via this app. It is easy to start selling in Mercari. You want to write a short description before downloading photographs of clothes. After answering a few basic questions about the products, you have the chance to list it. You must enter details about covering the shipping cost. More than 45 million people have downloaded the Mercari app. This app is an excellent alternative for Depop. Mercari app is free for both Ios and Android devices.

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6) Poshmark

Poshmark is another app that is famous for online selling of no longer want clothes. This app is renowned for buying and selling women’s fashion and men and children &# 39;s clothing. As previously said, as soon as a customer purchases a product, the money goes to the PayPal account. In Poshmark, the money is not released until the customer accepts the item. After the customer received the item, the money will release within three days.

Poshmark charges a 20% fee for the clothes you sell. Depop also charges a fee, but it is less than Poshmark. If you are selling vintage items like Alt-fashion, Y2K, and Vintage Streetwear Depop may be the best place. Poshmark has more than 60 million users.

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7) Letgo

LetGo helps you to get rid of your unwanted stuff at the same time making money. One such item is clothing. On the other hand, LetGo paves the way to buy clothes at a reasonable price. LetGo helps to make your lives easier by providing quicker and simpler service in buying and selling. LetGo shows the ratings and reviews of user profiles. So you can get an idea about with whom you are going to do the business and what other people’s opinion on that person. About millions of people around the world use this LetGo app. Buying and selling LetGo is very easy. It will filter items concerning the distance from your location. You can log in to this app via email, Facebook, or Goggle Plus.

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8) Carousell

The origin of Carousell is in Singapore. But now this is a world-famous site. It is a secondhand good selling company. As this site is a fast-growing community marketplace, you will able to sell secondhand clothes very easily. Other than clothes, this site enables you to sell and buy furniture, products, books, and accessories.

There is a page called “unique page” on this platform. You can join different clubs and collector pages through it. Then you can connect with buyer’s activities looking for items. You can easily install the Carousell app onto your mobile. The app offers customized search options with keywords for a secure and fast shopping experience.

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9) Facebook marketplace

You may have tons of unwanted clothes that are in good condition. Now you can easily sell them on Facebook. There are billions of people online on Facebook. Facebook marketplace is good to sell and buy clothes. It is entirely free to use. This app incurs no charge. You should select “Marketplace” in the menu and then click on “Sell.” Then fill it with the correct information. There are certain clothes selling groups on Facebook that you can be a member of. It will be easy to sell your clothes through these groups. You don’t need to download any other app to continue selling and buying through the Facebook app.


10) ThredUp

ThredUp is an online thrift shop. You can easily sell your used clothes here. You can get rid of the unnecessary items while saving money. This marketplace is specialized for women and kid's clothing. This platform’s specialty is to order a free kit and send a dress in good condition for review. Then ThreadUp will pay off the pieces they keep. The payment can be either cash or credit. The clothing that is not accepted by the ThreadUp will be recycled. You can download the app onto your Ios or Android device.

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There are so many sites for selling clothes online. Though Depop is the giant in online cloth selling, other apps also have features similar to Depop. Just use these apps to get rid of your unwanted stuff. It will help to earn money as well as to keep your wardrobe clean.

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