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13 Best Online Sites Like Poshmark (Android/iOS) 2023

Are there other sites like Poshmark? Of course, there are so many sites that help you sell used clothes online. If your wardrobe is full of clothes that you barely used before or not using anymore, the best website to sell clothes is Poshmark. But, Poshmark is not the only way of selling old clothes online. There are other resale Poshmark alternatives available for your consideration. Today’s article is dedicated to the people who are thinking about where can I sell used clothing.

What Are Other Websites like Poshmark?

1) Wallapop

If you are thinking about how to sell clothes online, it’s worth having a look at Wallapop. Wallapop is the market leader in buying and selling used clothing products. It’s not only clothes you can sell on this platform; literally, you can sell anything you wish.

Motor, technology, baby items, fashion & accessories, sports, video games, and home decor are a few of the categories of Wallapop. It’s so easy to sell your stuff on it; all you have to do is take pictures of the items you wish to sell and post them on Wallapop.

More than 15 million users are inside the platform, and selling your used clothes is never a hassle. If you are a seller, you can use Wallapop’s delivery system to ship your clothes to the buyers. It only requires you to hand over the ordered items to the nearest post office. You can also use the Wallapop clothing sale app to interact with buyers easily. 

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Alibaba is a reputed and reliable platform you can look at to sell second-hand clothes. The demand at Alibaba is huge. If you have quality, clean and trendy clothes, selling them is relatively easy compared to most other sites like Poshmark and Mercari. To resell clothes, Alibaba would also be a fantastic place to fulfil the buyers who need bulks of used garments; even some of the items are available in Kilos!

You can register with them for free to create an account and start buying and selling used clothes with ease. As said, it is a 100% safe and legit website you can consider selling clothes online. The problems you will face in terms of shipping and payments are very much little to nothing.

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3) eBay

Making some handy side money by selling clothes from home is very much a walk in the park on eBay. They allow you to sell any clothes online and accessories like shoes, hats, caps, or even ties. You will require an eBay selling account to advertise your stuff. You can directly connect with customers to discuss everything.

Superior clothing brands like Columbia, Bebe, Banana Republic, Under Armor, Theory, and Victoria’s Secret tend to sell fast. But you must make sure that your choices are in good condition before you list them. If not, they will take down your account and will lose a magnificent chance to sell your clothes online.

Is Poshmark better than eBay?

The fan base of Poshmark is small compared to eBay; but, for a less problematic listing and selling, Poshmark is the best way to sell clothes online. If you want more options and functionalities, eBay has loads of helping tools inside the platform. 

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4) Tradesy

Suppose you are in the game of selling designer clothing online. In that case, the chances are considerable to hear the name Tradesy as it is among the best resale websites in the world. Tradesy has helped millions of individuals to flip their wardrobes.

For the sellers, there are loads of new and unbelievable deals available daily. In 2019 it reached a sale of $ one billion; this says how popular and trustworthy the platform is. The items that are listed on the site are generally in good condition.

When you sell an item, Tradesy sends you a package to arrange your products for the buyer to deliver professionally. Talking about buyer safety, you can return the item if you feel that it’s not delivered as advertised and request a total refund. Tradesy will verify your concern and will credit you the amount within a short time. 

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5) Mercari

If you want to convert old clothes into cool hard cash, Mercari is a great place you can think of as an alternative to Poshmark. You can sell electronics, household goods, or collectables other than clothes on Mercari. In it, you can choose between a website and an app to resell clothing online.

It’s always good to look at both before you decide what fits you the most. Mercari takes around 13% as a commission for selling dresses; and is regarded as one of the lowest and best places to sell used clothes in particular.

When you list on it, make sure you elaborate thoroughly about the clothes to sell them quickly. We have seen some sellers hide actual details for many reasons. It is unnecessary because Mercari gives you five options to list items; new, like new, good, fair and poor.

Which is better, Mercari or Poshmark?

Poshmark takes 20% to sell your old clothing, whereas it’s only 13% on Mercari. However, Poshmark is relatively popular than Mercari.

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6) IndiaMART

When it comes to Indian websites to sell gently used clothing, IndiaMART is a trustworthy pioneer in the market. Even you can sell clothes online for cash in the form of cut pieces for wiping purposes.

You can see individual sellers and wholesale sellers in IndiaMART, and the registration process with the platform is relatively straightforward. For Asian women, it’s a very common thing to have loads of Sarees that are hardly used; and they consider IndiaMART-like websites to sell clothes without much of an issue.

IndiaMART app is one of the best apps to sell clothes similar to Poshmark. Here you can instantly interact with your customers to chat, trade, add reminders, or get payments on time. The collection is not that huge for used clothes, which tells that it is still growing. However, it does open a huge opportunity if you intend to do business out of selling a dress online.

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7) Grailed

Grailed is more focused on men and provides buying and selling opportunities to fashion enthusiasts under various categories. The unique feature of Grailed is that you can hardly find items listed on it anywhere else. We would say Grailed is the best site to sell clothes to like-minded fashion-conscious people because of the nature of the platform.

Concerning the buyers, it is an easy way to build a wardrobe full of only the clothes you need at an unbelievably low price. The users of Grailed are hardcore men’s wear fans who have a fair bit of knowledge about the latest trends.

The transactions that happen inside the platform make it easier for both the buyers and sellers as there are fewer misunderstandings due to their comprehension of the subject. If you are wondering how to sell used clothes online or search for clothing sites like Poshmark, Grailed is a place you should not miss. 

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8) Shpock

Shpock is one of the best online consignments and a great app to sell used clothes. It is already dominating the UK through a variety of products. More than 50 million users inside Shpock put it among the top five downloaded shopping apps from 2016 to 2019. Because of this massive fan base, it’s very much easy to sell used stuff.

You can also share your products to form ads within seconds via social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter. For that, use the app and start your own store to sell dresses online. There are lots of delivery options provided on Shpock, including no-contact door-to-door couriers.

Not only clothes, sneakers, streetwear, sports equipment, furniture, toys, books, and electronics are a few other categories available at Shpock. If you are a buyer, you can find great deals around the place you live via the “search alert” option. There, you can customize what type of items you want to see to grab the deal before anyone does. 

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9) Vinted

Over 25 million people use Vinted as their trusted used clothes app and the best way to sell clothing online. Listing your clothes is always free with Vinted, and it takes less than one minute to the whole process.

You will have to enter the nearest post office’s barcode number to trace the order, and you will get the payment right after the customer receives the goods. Further, you can explore the best-selling products to cater to the demand following trendy products and brands.

There is a comprehensive search catalogue available for the buyers to find the best deals. There are no shopping baskets. You can directly connect with sellers to inquire about everything you need to know about products. Vinted is one of the popular online resale sites among girls. You can join the community to interact with one another to get tips about everything!

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10) Depop

Depop works precisely like other apps like Poshmark but provides you with a unique shopping experience by letting you see what other people are buying and selling. This app helps you to come up with ideal products to suit current markets.

More than 18 million people use Depop, and the marketplace is full of top brands such as Nike, Adidas, Polo, Off-White, Supreme, and many more. Buyers have the option to filter and select the products as per their preference. The huge range of products covers loads of interests.

Interestingly, Depop organizes social events such as meetups, lunch parties, and several other activities worldwide, allowing users to connect with sellers, influencers, and artists. It’s one of the excellent clothes-selling apps that you must give a try.

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11) TherdUP

Help sell your clothes for cash without leaving the house is the goal of this, and it is what ThredUP exactly does. You can easily use their “used clothing app” to list your clothes. To keep you at your sweet home, ThredUP sends you container bags called Standard or Expedited. Both these bags come with a pre-paid shipping sticker on them to sell your clothes.

The standard bag takes a few weeks to receive from you, whereas the Expedited one comes faster but with a price tag of $16, which will get deducted from your sale. ThredUP’s buy and sell clothes app allows you to join charities as well. If you don’t mind donating dresses, you can go ahead and choose a donation bag to help someone who has a requirement.

Is ThredUP better than Poshmark?

ThredUP indeed has excellent options for the sellers, but, according to our perspective, selling on Poshmark is relatively easier compared to ThredUP. We would say that you should use both stores to sell clothes as they bring different elements to the table.  

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12) Vestiaire Collective

Is your place full of high-end brand clothes and Jewellery? Then, Vestiaire Collective is a place you should take a walk. Working with this Best-selling Clothes Platform is not that much difficult; you will have to send photos and descriptions of your products to them for review, and they will approve them within a short time.

Vestiaire Collective again reviews your products when a buyer places an order to verify the product’s authenticity. There is nothing to be worried about as far as you have high-quality items. Vestiaire Collective takes 18% to 34 % in commission charges, depending on the sale value. If you are searching for a place to sell designer clothes online, this is the place we suggest with utter confidence.

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 13. Facebook Marketplace

Facebook is introducing new features to ease the day-to-day life activities of people. The Facebook Marketplace is a fantastic and newly invented option you can consider one of the best places to sell clothes online.

It’s easy as ABC. All you need to do is go to your news feed, click marketplace, create a new listing, add photos of your products, put a description about them, and publish your listing. The selling charges of Facebook Marketplace are considered very low compared to sites like Mercari or Poshmark.

It’s just 5% or $0.40 minimum per order. If you know how to use Facebook, there is nothing you can’t sell on it. Facebook ads also is a super-efficient, and low-cost option people use to the fullest to sell their used clothes and many more household items.

You don’t have to be a pro to use these features; going through a simple YouTube video can be enough for you to get the maximum out of Facebook Marketplace.  Before the end, let’s see a few frequently asked questions about reselling marketplaces.


What Are Online Poshmark Alternatives in Canada?

eBay is the market leader in Canada when it comes to selling used stuff. It allows people to sell anything they can think of. Suppose you are a Canadian and looking for similar sites to Poshmark for home décor. In that case, ThredUP is another option you can consider as the shipping is currently available to Canada. 

What are Shopping Sites Similar to Poshmark for Australia?

Gumtree is one of Australia’s famous online marketplaces with a huge number of active buyers and sellers. Depop, Carousell, and Yordrobe are more into selling used clothes in Australia. 

What Are the Other Selling Sites in Europe?

  • The RealReal
  • Vestiaire Collective
  • Shpock


Do you know that the fashion industry is the third most environmentally polluting industry in the world? Yes, it is. You don’t have to be a part of this harmful event as you now know how to sell clothes that you are not using. Not only that, you can earn some good money from it, and even you can make a living out of it if you can build a business.

Talking about overall luxury resale websites, Fashionphile, Luxury Garage Sale, Poshmark, Collector Square, StockX, and The RealReal are regarded as top-grade marketplaces. Suppose you are thinking about selling old clothes. In that case, you can refer to the options in the list we provided as they are more focused on reselling clothing. 

Anyway, you have cool resale clothing apps and resale sites Like Poshmark to choose the best place to sell clothes online. it’s the best way to sell used clothes. We hope you will take the maximum out of the suggestions we provided. Do not hesitate to add more by commenting below. Have a great day. Cheers! 

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