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11 Best & Free Money Saving Apps like Ibotta (2023)

Can you enjoy yourself without money? Your answer will be ‘Can’t.’ But you can enjoy everything you need money for without any expenditure. This is how you can save money. But how? Money Savings apps like Ibotta give this opportunity to the people. Ibotta is one of my favorite platforms. With the popularity of the Ibotta app, lots of apps came up to the stage. Here, you have a collection of apps like Ibotta to save your money.

What Are the Other Apps like Ibotta?

1) Fetch Rewards

Fetch Reward is an app that is very loyal to its consumers and a cashback platform for grocery items. In apps like Fetch rewards, you can upload retail receipts, and from that, you have points. And then, you can redeem gift cards using these points.

You have to collect a minimum of 3000 points or $3 to convert them into rewards. This is a free app for users. Fetch Rewards does not have any barcode to scan for beginners. 2.5 Million monthly active users prove the popularity and the success of Fetch Rewards. And there is no need for an active offer to claim them.

As the main drawback of this app, the dollar value of a point of Fetch Rewards is very low. Here one point is equivalent to $0.001. And there is a freezing issue when the receipt is scanned. Fetch is another best cashback app like Ibotta. 

Moreover, you can earn points by snapping a photo of your paper receipt and submitting it. And also, you can redeem your points for great rewards. And they allow the fastest method to earn money. You can connect your email and Amazon accounts. Then receipts are submitted automatically, and you can earn points faster.

Is Fetch Rewards Better than Ibotta?

I think Ibotta has a nice welcome bonus than Fetch Rewards. But Fetch Rewards has a user-friendly environment. It is very easy to use. And Fetch Rewards takes less time.

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2) Snap by Groupon

Are you searching for a grocery app like Ibotta? Don’t worry. Snap by Groupon is the ideal place for cashback purposes from grocery items. Just select what you want to buy and snap the receipt when you are doing shopping. Then it will return the money into your account. It takes only a few minutes.

After you complete $20 in your account, you can retrieve money from the account. When you are requesting to retrieve the money, they mail a check, and it takes 60 days to come to your home. Like other best shopping rebate apps like ibotta, Snap by Groupon allows you to earn money by inviting your friends.

It offers $1 for a referral. And Snap by Groupon is an easy and simple app to use. Every week, they provide new stores, deals, products, including home essentials, grocery items, beauty and health items, etc. It is not only a cashback app. It helps you by offering retail store-specific promotions in coupons and advertisements. 

Website Android IOS

3) Walmart Savings Catcher

If you heard any notification about the rebate, wasn’t it nice? I know you all like to save your money. So you all love rebates also. And why do people choose Walmart? Its price policies are matching with people. Savings Catcher is very easy to use.

It takes only a few seconds to scan a code also. And you can have a notice when you cash-backed. Walmart Savings Catcher allows you to shop from local stores, and you can make lists also. When I was using Walmart Savings Catcher, I found some problems with scanning the code. Sometimes, it is not working.

At those times, we have to enter the code manually. It is a disadvantage for the users with their busy schedules. Another drawback of Walmart Savings Catcher is there are lots of items that don’t have refund quality. But I can recommend this ibotta similar app as the best cash rebate app. 

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4) RetailMeNot

When we talk about the money back or cash back concept, RetailMeNot is another milestone that we cannot miss. Simply download the RetailMeNot app, sign up, and start saving money effortlessly. RetailMeNot is an entirely free app. It is an American company that has the receipt scanning procedure too.

RetailMeNot is one of the cash back shopping apps among a collection. If you join with RetailMeNot, you can enjoy money-saving every day with every work such as dining, summer essentials, clothing, shoes, home garden, electronics, and more both online or in the store. This is where you can find coupons.

  • Beauty Products: Tarte, Sephora, Bath & Body Works, Ulta
  • Home Good deals: Home Depot, Hobby Lobby, Jo-Ann
  • Fashion: Walmart, Macy’s, Target, Kohl’s, Amazon
  • Food deals: McDonald’s, Dominos, Burger King, IHOP, Papa John’s

Can you imagine how much the RetailMeNot app pays for its consumers? It is above $175,000 as an average. You have more than 24000 food deals offered by local and also international restaurants.

For online shoppers, RetailMeNot is an exciting place. When you are using cashback apps, definitely you are searching for a secure and safe method or app. This app is a recommended and more secure way of cashback and dealing.

To continue with RetailMeNot, you have to do only a few things. You have to sign up for RetailMeNot by using your email, which you use for online shopping. Among the thousands of retailers, Best Buy, Athleta, Kohl’s, REI, Newegg, Macy’s, Staples, and Old Navy are few

Website Android IOS

5) Rakuten

When you heard the name “Rakuten”, definitely you will recognize it as a Japanese name. Yes. Of course. Rakuten is originated in Japan. It is an app that is a leading e-commerce company and helps people in shopping by offering cashback and rewards.

Now Rakuten has a large audience with 13 million consumers. It has over 70 services. They are operating through three segments called Internet Services, FinTech, and Mobile. There are 2500 stores, and you can shop from these stores with rebates. Amazon, Origins, Macy’s, JCPenny, Ugg, Samsung, and Forever 21 are the most common Rakuten stores.

$10Rakuten cash bonus, a $10 gift card is offered by Rakuten when you sign up. You can read their guides about how to earn gift cards and earn them too. The procedure of Rakuten is, When you clicked on the link which you need to buy, then the process will start. 

Is Ibotta or Rakuten Better?

I think Rakuten is the best one to save money and according to both platforms’ features. For example, Ibotta offers $5 for referrals. But Rakuten offers $25 for referrals. 

Website Android IOS

6) Receipt Hog

No matter what you buy. No matter where you shop. You can make money very funny and in an enjoyable way by rewarding, similar to Ibotta. In Receipt Hog, you have so many ways to earn money. You can purchase at any store, restaurant, or café.

Receipt Hog provides you with thousands of items and stores. Your family members also can earn you points by purchasing. It is the unique feature of Receipt Hog. But unfortunately, It is available in the United States and Canada territories only. And if you stop using Receipt Hog, the point will be expired.

Then you have to snap a photo of the receipt by using the camera of Receipt Hog. You can win Hog Slots Spins from some of the receipts, which allow you to win big coin prizes. Also, you can earn bonus rewards also by continuing uploading receipts.

And taking surveys and answering the questions is another way of making money through Receipt Hog. It means we can buy anything from anywhere. It will be a great advantage for you over other ibotta like apps. 

Website Android IOS

7) OwlSmarter

Lazy consumers! This is the place for you. OwlSmarter is a simple and easy way of cashback and saves money. There is no doubt about products, brands. OwlSmarter is dealing with leading products, brands, and sponsors too.

Don’t you like to enjoy gift cards, cash prizes, and save money by just a submitting receipt? OwlSmarter is the place for it. You can earn paid gift cards from Walmart, Amazon, Home Depot, Target, Lowes, Visa, etc.

This app helps you to cash back without traditional coupons, discounts, and promo codes. OwlSmarter offers 100% cash back rewards to you. You can save money from each purchase. If you are a newcomer to this app, you can sign up completely free and win a $1 bonus for the new arrivals. Friends also can help you.

In OwlSmarter, after you submit four receipts, you will complete a point card, and it gives points. These Points allow you to play a bonus game, and from it, you can win this and earn additional points. Here you can store the receipts for future use also.

When your friend purchases something through this app, you will get a 5% amount on the product price. OwlSmarter offers a $0.5 bonus to the clients for referral sharing. You can earn in OwlSmarter by taking surveys, and these take within 5 to 7 minutes. All these features grab people to this app to save money. 


8) Krazy coupon lady

If you are a person who is searching for a money-saving expert, Krazy coupon lady will be a great solution for you. Krazy coupon lady is one of the best apps like iBotta in which you can find the best stores and deal with Walmart, Target, and Kohls. Krazy coupon lady team, where you have money-saving experts, helps you shop for products from your favorite places and offers discounts.

This money-saving platform provides free coupons and rebate offers, grocery deals, Sunday newspaper coupons, online coupons, cashback coupons, promo codes, etc. Offers are updated every week.

You have to do just a few steps. First, browse the deals and offers. Then find the place to buy the product and buy the product from your favorite place. Also, take a photo of the receipt and scan the barcode of the product. After that, you can have your cashback within two weeks into your pay pal account. So, you have the opportunity to earn by inviting friends using referrals.

They show new offers with instructions. It will be more helpful to the clients. You have tutorials and videos to the new couponers into a money-saving machine. You can have free shopping tips also. This is another best alternative to Ibotta. 

Android IOS

9) Checkout 51

I think Checkout is the second most popular money back and cash rewards app, which helps you save thousands of money on your groceries, necessities, and brands. Every Thursday, grocery offers are updated. Then you can find coupons there in Checkout 51. And every type of coupon is available here.

You have to do just simple steps. First, save your receipt, take a picture of it and send it to get your money back. After you reach $20, you can earn money, and it allows you to check the money balance at any time. In Checkout 51, gas station fuel rewards are very frequent.

You can earn from CVS, Kroger, Walmart, Safeway, Walgreens, HEB, Costco, Whole Food, Babies R Us, Sam’s Club, etc. And you can make it easy to shop by sorting grocery offers by store. The main advantages of Checkout are, it is very easy and simple, a free app.

The Approval time is between 2-3 hours, and there is no physical coupon involved. And the main drawbacks of apps like Checkout 51 are, it is not available in Quebec, and if you don’t have a data plan, they do not allow you to check the availability of deals while shopping. 

Which is better, checkout 51 or Ibotta?

Both money-saving apps are amazing, and the better one depends on what you need to buy and where you shop. According to my expectations, my favorite is Checkout 51.

Website Android IOS

10) ShopKick

Are you suffering from finding cashback apps like ibotta that are available in every destination? Now you are in the right place—no matter where you shop or dine. ShopKick offers thousands of stores and restaurants all over the world. You don’t need to print the coupons. You can win coupons, shop save money, and do all these things online.

It has good dependability. And it offers discount policies and student discount policies too. You have lots of sales and promotions here. ShopKick is supported for so many payment methods like Apple Pay, Google Pay, Debit Cards. However, it is also another coupon app like Ibotta.

ShopKick is another fantastic platform to earn rewards and win gift cards. You don’t need to buy anything to earn rewards. Also, you can earn rewards, beautiful deals, and excellent discounts by doing so many things. These are the thing you can do to make more. 

  • Scanning barcodes
  • Walking into stores
  • Purchasing and submitting a receipt
  • Watching videos
  • Making online purchases

You can see that ShopKick downloads are over 10,000,000 and reviews over 240,000. ShopKick is entirely free. And here, you have an excellent opportunity to earn by using referrals up to 100. You will get $1 per referral. ShopKick takes some time to earn kicks. And the opportunities you have in this app depend on the location. It doesn’t have a website, and only the mobile app is available. 

Website Android IOS

11) Dosh

When I was searching about Ibotta competitors, Dosh is one of the collections of best cashback apps. Feel free with this app and earn money by getting cash back at thousands of places such as hotels, shops, or dining like Home Depot, Uber, DoorDash, Pet Smart, Forever 21, Walmart, Office Depot, Sephora, Costco, and eBay, etc.

People love this app because of so many reasons. Dosh is securely connected with your credit or debit card. When you are paying using these cards, Dosh gives you this cashback. You have thousands of local restaurants here.

There is an opportunity to book thousands of worldwide hotels and travel. You can transfer your money to your bank account, pay pal account, Venmo, or you can donate money to charity if you like. There is no need to remember the discount codes, scan receipts, or cut the coupons.

Dosh is an entirely free mobile app service supported on Android and iOS, and I can recommend that you indeed enjoy shopping through Dosh. And people also love to go shopping through this app due to the simple environment and easy-to-navigate app. It’s another app similar to Ibotta.


Website Android IOS

Which App Gives The Best Cashback?

Ibotta takes the top place. It takes more popularity among couponers due to its savings strategies: shoppers use, stack, and match the coupons, redeeming coupons, rewarding programs, etc. Ibotta is a very user-friendly app and very easy to use.

If you are a beginner at Ibotta, you have to fulfill only two requirements. They are a compatible device and a pay pal account. They have different offers and actually, they play a different roles with each other.

Which App Gives Real Money?

Swagbucks gives the real money. Moreover, It is the best app to get free money.

What Are the Other Best Cash Back Apps Similar to ibotta in Canada?

  • Saving Star
  • Receipt Hog
  • Dosh
  • Checkout 51
  • Fetch Rewards

What Are the Other Famous Apps like Ibotta in India?

  • MobiSave
  • Shop Savy
  • Saving Star
  • Dosh
  • Fetch Rewards


Saving money will give you a bright future. If you select a better money-saving way, I think it is easy to go to your targets. Different apps have different features and methods. You can choose the best apps like ibotta for you, according to your expectations.

The best way of introducing Ibotta is as a cashback shopping app. Here you can earn money as gift cards or pay pal cash. And also as a free mobile coupon app for both iOS and Android. There are only simple things to do to earn money. Shoppers can earn money back on the select product by performing many easy tasks, purchasing the product, and proving the purchase.

Many apps have different ways of making money. Some apps make money by snapping receipts. Some are done by clicking links. Except for these two sharing referrals, scan bar codes are also there. Hurry up and join with apps like ibotta for android and iOS. Save money for a better tomorrow. 

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