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11 Best Investment Apps For Beginners To Make Money Fast (2023)

When you invest, you are buying a day that you don’t have to work. It means one day you will earn money without any effort. For that, you have to plan all your stuff wisely and go through it. In your plan, the first step is finding and selecting an investment online path that is more suitable for you. So here we give you the best collection of the best investment apps for minors.

What Are The Best Online Investing Apps For Beginners?

1) Fidelity

Fidelity is one of the best investment apps for retirement investors and active traders. It is the best and top investing app which has premium research and low fees. Fidelity provides your stocks, options trading, and ETFs without any commission fee with commission-free stock trading. Account minimum can be $0. In options trading, you don’t have any base commission. But they charge $0.65 per contract.

You have several research tools and money market app trading platforms available in this free investment software. Also, you have strategies for popular investing in Fidelity based on your age, such as Fidelity Funds, Fidelity Blend Funds, and Fidelity Index Funds. Besides, you can choose what you need according to your expectations. 

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2) Acorns

If you are searching for the best beginner investments, Acorns is one of the best investing places for you due to its beginner-friendly interface. Acorns is a financial service based in California and provides banking, retirements, individual accounts, and custodial accounts. You can invest money online as you spend here by Stock-Back Card. Hence, you can invest in your loved ones, such as your family and your children too.

There are three levels of membership. They offer custodial accounts for kids. The minimum amount of deposit is low. And Acorns is supported for both iPhone and Android. When you are making purchases, it rounds up the amount by Acorns.

The investment expense ratio of Acorns is between 0.03% – 0.18%. The drawback of this app like Acorns is, you can invest too little. For the larger accounts, it charges more and the limited account options. You can get personalized investing guidance through Acorns for beginners.

How Much Should I Invest In Acorns?

The minimum account value is $0 in Acorns. So you can start investing money with any amount you can start from but a minimum of $5. So it is the best place to start investing.

Is Stash Or Acorns Better?

Acorns or Stash: They both have similar features. But these best small investment apps like Acorns come up due to their low cost. But in apps like Stash, you have three plans. It takes $1 per month in Stash Beginner, $3 per month in Stash Growth, and $9 per month in Stash+. There is no investment management, and the ETF expense ratio is also high. 

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Millions of people all over the world are gathering around to stay tuned on global financial markets. This is one of the best android investment apps for investors as Investing com app is only for Android users. You can have lots of financial information such as stock alerts, portfolios, breaking news, watchlist, economic calendar, etc. When you are investing in real-time data is more important.

Through this app, you can get all the news about stocks, bonds, currencies, interest rates, etc. According to the economic calendar and the live updates of global economic events, your interests are customized in It is also another best app for investing in stocks. 

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4) Upstox

If you are an Indian citizen, you may hear about Upstox, a more popular best free trading platform in India specially for free online investing for beginners. Upstox provides you a user-friendly and the best investing app for beginners. It offers helpful easy stock trading tools also. If you wish to start investing with Upstox, it will be a great idea because Upstox is very helpful for beginners due to its free starting and lots of direct mutual funds.

Moreover, it offers all the joining processes online, and there is no paperwork to do. It is a zero brokerage on Delivery Trades. In the delivery segment, there are no GTC orders (Good till Canceled). But if you are a beginner, I recommend this investing platform. 

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5) Robinhood

In the investing world, Robinhood takes a great place among top investing apps for iPhone and Android. You can choose Robinhood in investing stocks, online investment funds, and options. It gives you the best financial explanation. Robinhood offers you to work with cryptocurrencies. There is no Robinhood minimum deposit amount to the accounts.

If you are a new member, this best investment software offers you free stock investing. You buy stocks free and earn stocks by sharing referrals among your friends also. The disadvantages of Robinhood are poor trading apps, lack of basic investment features, attract more uninformed investors, etc.

Robinhood is another best one among top investing companies which have three computer-based platforms and two mobile apps. Different apps trading styles are aimed at by two mobile apps of Robinhood. You have lots of features here. These best investment tools are easy to use. There are large investment selections.

Robinhood allows access to extensive researches. You have stocks, options, and ETF trades without commissions. The best thing is top trading apps like Robinhood provides us excellent customer support. The only drawback of Robinhood I found is, it is a little bit difficult to navigate the website. But you can have a great investing service by easy investing apps similar to Robinhood and save money for your future. 

Is Robinhood Safe?

Yes. I can recommend that Robinhood is a safe way of small stock investing to a big amount.

What App Is Better Than Robinhood?

I think the Trade Station is better than stock apps like Robinhood. 

Which is better, Robinhood or stash?

I think Robinhood is the better one. You can check the Robinhood reviews of customers to get a better idea. 

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6) Digit

Digit is another money-saving best mobile trading platform for you to help you finance and earn more money and reach your financial goals without any effort. Here, you can save money, invest, and pay off debt, etc. So you don’t have to think more. Digit does the hard work.

Your money spending patterns are observed by Digit. So you can get the help of Digit to save more money and build your wealth. If you need to invest in retirement, Digit gives you this chance also. A no-hassle investment plan is for you.

You can use Digit app as your financial assistant. It will help you to save around $2,500 per year. But in Digit, you have to follow extra steps to access your money. And there is third-party access to the financial information. Digit charges $5 from you for the service

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7) Webull

Webull is the right place for you to search for an ETF, Trade Stocks, and Options with zero commission. Lots of people are gathering around Webull due to its nice features. Is there any app that offers you 2 free stocks valued between $2.50 and $250 when you create an account in Webull? And is there any best app for beginner investing that gives you 2 free stocks valued between $8 and $1600 after you have made the initial deposit of $100 or over?

Only Webull is giving you these opportunities. The minimum requirement is also zero in Webull. You can have smart trading tools by Webull. So you can practice and explore trading without using your real money. It will be great for you. As a drawback of Webull, I found that there are no mutual funds and the educational support is very poor in Webull.

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8) Sofi

When we are talking about investing and the best investment apps to make money fast, Sofi is the best investment platform for beginners that we cannot miss. Sofi is a personal finance service based in America. Besides, Sofi provides not only investing services. Banking, Personal loans, credit cards, mortgages, and refinancing are included in Sofi’s services. You have free stocks and ETFs in Sofi.

Sofi is one of the investing and money-saving platforms for people to improve the user’s financial status. You need to deposit your paycheck in Sofi only. Then they will handle all the works, such as analyzing your financial growth, paying your bills, and investing the rest for you. Sofi believes in passive investing.

You can open an account online. This process is very fast and fully digital. Great customer support is another benefit for you by Sofi. But Sofi is limited only to the US people. Product portfolios are also limited here. Another con of Sofi is, the research tools of Sofi are very basic ones

There are great promotions in Sofi. People are attracting this app because of its good features such as low ETF expense ratios, harvesting without tax, automatic rebalancing, etc. And I found no fractional shares and larges balance discounts are not there as the drawbacks. 

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9) eToro

All are like to enjoy investing without any commission. Now don’t worry. eToro gives this a great chance for you. Through eToro, you have the opportunity to create a crypto portfolio easily and with a hidden cost. eToro is one of the best crypto service providers and good investing apps iPhone and Android, which has millions of users worldwide.

eToro is not just like other investing platforms. You can be a part of a collaborative trading community. eToro gives you the chance to connect and share the strategies with the other traders. I can recommend the risk is zero here. Also, I can introduce eToro to you as the world’s largest and most popular cryptocurrency portfolio tracking app. It solves the main issue of cryptocurrency investors.

The home page of eToro is customizable according to your choice. It provides you quick and responsive customer service. All these features are free. And it has a user-friendly environment also. It deals only with your cryptocurrencies and other easy investments. So it gives you a more safe feeling in investing. 

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10) NerdWallet

NerdWallet is a personalized finance app for you that you can make more smart money. After linked your accounts, your income, expenses, and bills are observed by NerdWallet. It provides you more details and graphs about your finance. So you can arrange your expenses, cut off unwanted money spenders, decide how much you can save for a month, and manage your finance.

In the introductory period, you don’t have any interest in purchases. And NerdWallet is ideal for large purchases such as television and vacation. The cons of NerdWallet investing are, zero interest is not valid after the introductory period. Balance transfers are not always here, and you can lose them easily due to your bad behavior. But I can highly recommend NerdWallet as the best investing for beginners, to manage their financial part very well. 

Website Android IOS

11) M1 Finance

It is another successful best app to start investing for all the easy investors which gives you lots of features. The first and most attractive feature is, it offers you a very user-friendly platform to save your money. There are both passive and active investing features, and they offer both stocks and ETFs.

The minimum requirement of the M1 Finance account is $100. There is no access to mutual funds, futures, and option investing. Customer service selection is also poor. And you can have basic education from this platform if you are a newcomer only. 

M1 Finance is a top-level financial platform and the best free stock trading app, including many services. Common stocks, preferred stocks, exchange-traded funds, options, fixed-income investments are included in M1 Finance. It gives you support by providing educational services based on the financial section.

Hence, if you are a beginner at self investments, M1 Finance is the best place for you because you can make small investments after getting knowledge about all the things in this field. This platform has additional support channels such as Reddit, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, etc. As a con of M1 Finance, you can see, the environment is not clear. The website is packed with lots of content. 

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Which Investments Have The Best Returns?

  • Mutual fund apps
  • Individual Stocks
  • Money Market Funds
  • Index Funds
  • High-yield savings accounts

What Are The Best Stock Trading Apps For Beginners?

  • TD Ameritrade
  • Fidelity
  • Finhabits app

What Are The Best Investing Apps For Beginners In Country Wise?

  • Good Investment Apps investment In AustraliaeToro, Libertex, Plus500, IG
  • Top Investment Apps In Canada – Wrealthsimple, Questrade, Mylo, PocketSmith, EQ Bank
  • The best Investment Platforms In The UKHargreaves Lansdown, eToro, Fidelity, Trading 212
  • Easy investment apps In USA – Wealthfront app android
  • The best investment apps for iPhone or Android in India – Zerodha Coin, Paytmmoney, My Cams, Zerodha, 5Paisa


No matter if you are a beginner or an expert in investing or how much you earn or how you invest. For all these purposes, there are the best micro-investing apps for big investing platforms with different features. There are so many methods for the best investments for beginners. To get a better idea, you can check these money investment app reviews. From that, you can select the best investments sites or apps that are suitable for you.  

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