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9 Best Delivery Apps Like Doordash to Make Money in 2021

As young people, we all are trying to earn more money due to economic situations. Now there are thousands of ways to make money. Among them, did you try with Delivery Apps? If you don’t test this way yet, have a look at delivery apps like Doordash. You will undoubtedly continue it without any doubt. 

Doordash is the most popular and best food delivery app, which is specialized in delivering restaurant food. Doordash provides an excellent service to their hungry customers just in a tap of a button. To join and work with this food delivery app Doordash, you should have a valid driving license, valid insurance, and also you should be at least 18 years old. You can find Doordash in thousands of cities in the US and Canada among top food delivery services. They allow scooters or bikes to deliver the food in some cities. According to the regulations and the situations of cities you can be a dasher by walking also. Doordash is the best delivery service and an ideal place to enjoy these services if you love to deliver food to people.

Due to people’s busy schedule, gradually the delivery service apps and delivery service became a major thing and more popular. Then it began to born the competitors to Doordash.

Who are DoorDash competitors?

1) Postmates

Postmates is one of the best and most popular delivery apps like Doordash. But Postmates is different from Doordash because it delivers not only restaurant food. But also grocery items and liquor store orders too. People like to give their orders to Postmates because they have done and complete the deal within an hour.

If you are at least 18 years old, you can join this best food delivery service to work for. And you should have your licensed vehicle. It may be a bike, scooter, or car. And the most important thing you should have is your attitudes and the ability to work with clients friendly. Customer-friendly deals will help you to earn customer tips also. However, at the end of the day, you need the earnings. But there is nothing to worry about. According to the Postmates site, it shows that Postmates delivery drivers typically earn $25 per hour.  

What pays more Postmates or DoorDash?

From the site reviews, I can introduce Postmates as a more payable food app than Doordash. But Earning capability is up to your talents. It doesn’t depend on what app you choose to work for. It depends on your attitudes, interpersonal skills, customer-friendly service, and the attractive way you deal with. 

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2) Uber Eats

I think Uber is a very familiar sound to the people. When we are talking about Uber, Transporting service is get into memory first. It’s ridesharing. Uber Eats is another top service of Uber, which is delivering food to its customers soon. We can call it one of the competitors of Doordash also. You can join with Uber eats if you are at least 19 years of age. And you can choose whatever vehicle you like such as the scooter, bike, or car with licenses according to the city environment. Due to its flexible service, Uber Eats becomes the top level among the top food delivery companies in a short period. You can earn with Uber eats between $15 to $25 per hour. 

Is DoorDash or Uber Eats better?

When considering both apps, I can see both of them are charging a small fee if the bill value is lower than a minimum amount. In Doordash this minimum amount is lower than Uber Eats one. So from the customer’s side, Doordash is the cheapest way. But if you a driver it will be nice with Uber Eats.

Does DoorDash or Uber Eats pay more?

You can find out from the site reviews of Uber Eats and Doordash that both delivery apps’ payments are similar to each other.

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3) Grubhub

Grubhub is another best food delivery app to work for among thousands of food delivery service companies. You can find Grubhub in 2700 cities. And Grubhub has a partnership with over 140,000 restaurants. People love this food delivery app, mostly because it is a very easy and similar app. There is no matter that you own a car or bike. It needs only a licensed vehicle and smartphone. Grubhub delivery agent’s minimum earning is $12 per hour. But I know agents earn more than $12 per hour and additionally customer tips also. So Grubhub helps you reach a better income per week and deliver the payments directly to your bank account weekly. I can introduce Grubhub as the 117th one among the top food delivery apps. 

What is the better one to work for DoorDash or GrubHub?

As a delivery agent, I recommend the Grubhub is better than Doordash due to the high payments. But Grubhub should give their concentrate on customer satisfaction more. 

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4) Instacart

Are you searching for a job or fast money earning method? Instacart the ideal place for that. Instacart is delivering grocery items to their clients. But you should have a car to do the deliveries through Instacart. Delivery drivers of Instacart shop the grocery items from the Instacart app and hand over the order to the customers. You can do it part-time also. Instacart allows the drivers to make a flexible schedule according to you. Mainly you should at least 18 years of age, and you should have the capability of working in the United States. Instacart pays you weekly based. And if you can shop quickly and send the groceries soon to the customer, you can increase the orders per hour. Then you can increase your hourly income. You can enjoy with Instacart and earn more by delivering groceries.

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5) is another popular way of delivering restaurant food, groceries, liquor, and dry cleaners. From you can earn a commission per each order and customer tips too. You can work as you like and they offer a flexible schedule for the drivers. You should at least two years of age if you need to join Except it vehicle, vehicle registration, and a valid driving license must work as an agent of And you should have a smartphone too.

The average payment of the driver is $15.03. So I think it is a reasonable rate for you as a delivery driver. If you need more than this rate, you can work hard, increase the number of orders per hour, and increase your income. It’s up to your capability. However, is one of the best delivery apps like Doordash among this huge collection. 


6) 7NOW: Food & Alcohol Delivery

I’m very interested in this app called 7Now due to the wide area of items they do the deliveries in a huge area. &Now delivery app delivers over 3000 items such as food, wine, alcohol, candy, groceries, ice cream, drinks, snacks, and health and medicine needs. Any of these items can deliver in 30 minutes. So I can introduce this 7Now delivery app for you as the fastest delivery service app. The average earning of a driver in 7Now is between $8 to $12. So it is a little bit low rate. You have you work harder to earn money with this app. But earning average depends on the location that you are doing the deliveries. And you can earn more from the customer tips also. 


7) Deliveroo: Takeaway food

When you search which food delivery service is the best, you will never miss the Deliveroo app. This online food delivery app is started in London, England. But now you can find the service of Deliveroo over 200 locations including the UK, France, the Netherland, Belgium, New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, Spain and UAE, and Kuwait. There are two procedures for paying the drivers in Deliveroo. One is the hourly basis which is an amount with a small additional payment. The other one is paid based on deliveries with a large fee. The most important thing is, if you are an agent of Deliveroo, you can have free insurance. It is a big advantage for the riders. Delivery is another enjoyable and more earnable food delivery app. 

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8) GoPuff

Among the delivery apps, lots of apps are food delivery apps. But you need to deliver only food? No. There are lots of needs for delivery. So goPuff is the better solution for that. goPuff delivers groceries, essential items, snacks, medicine, drinks, cleaning supplies, and electronic items. Now, goPuff is in the top-level among the delivery companies. It is expanded to over 500 cities in the US. There is a unique feature of goPuff. When you are ordering something through goPuff, the items and sent from the goPuff warehouses and not from stores. You have to set the order previously, and it takes 30 minutes to set the order in the warehouse. If you need to join with goPuff, you should complete the following requirements.

  • At least 21 years old
  • Licensed and insured vehicle
  • Smartphone
  • Your Driving license

Drivers are paid a commission per each order by goPuff, and you can also earn from customer tips. It helps you to earn between $10 to $15 per hour. You can choose goPuff as an alternative to Doordash too.

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9) Seamless

Among the mobile apps for food online food delivery and other things, Seamless takes a great place. It helps the customers receive the restaurant food at their doorstep just in a button tap. According to my research, Seamless is the 4th fastest growing company in delivery service in the US. Now it is rated to the top among a large collection of Delivery apps. Seamless and Grubhub were merged, and now Seamless is worked under Grubhub. Seamless is available in over 4000 cities in Australia, the US, and Canada.

You can choose your hours to work for, and the schedule can set. They offer a flexible schedule. You should be a person who is above 18 years old. And there is no matter what is the vehicle you use to do the delivery. You can use a car, scooter, or bike which has licensed and insured. And the driver’s driving license is also a mandatory requirement. Usually, you can earn through Seamless $11.08 per hour. You can earn more by working hard. Seamless will helps you to reach a better earning. 

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Can you make a living off DoorDash?

Why not. You have lots of alternatives to Doordash, and you can choose the best delivery app according to your requirements. You can earn up to $500 per week with Doordash.

What Food Delivery Pays the Most?

According to all the pay rates of delivery apps, Uber Eats is the most payable food delivery app. So Uber Eats delivery app pays the best. The average payment of the uber is $20.

What are the Other Apps like Doordash in India?

  • Uber Eats
  • Zomato
  • Just Eat
  • Swiggy
  • Faaso’s
  • Food Panda

What are the Most Famous Doordash Alternatives in the USA?

  • GrubHub
  • Uber Eats
  • Postmates

What are the Most Popular Doordash Alternatives in Australia?

  • Menulog
  • Uber Eats
  • Deliveroo


As I told you in the introduction, earning more is important for both you and me. And there are thousands of ways of earning money. Delivery service is one of the ways to make money. And you can see a large collection of delivery apps and services. The services provided by these delivery companies are different from each other. And the payment rates, working hours, and requirements are also different from each other. You have to choose which one is the best suitable delivery app to earn a lot of money. But at last, I want to say that your earnings depend very little on the delivery service you choose. Your earnings mostly depend on your hard-working and your talents. Work hard, earn money, and reach your goals.

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