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10 Brain Train Games Like Sudoku Online | Android & iOS (2023)

Sudoku is a brain-developing game. These kinds of puzzle games like Sudoku do not need talent in math. You have to choose the missing numbers logically to fill the puzzle while enjoying the background music, fantastic game mechanics, simple controls, and brilliant graphic details are available in this game. There are many alternative games like Sudoku. Try to select the best game to play in your leisure time. 

What are The Sites Similar to Sudoku?

1) Nonogram

Many people love Nonogram games. These puzzle games originated in Japan. Nanograms are also called Griddlers, Pic a Pix, and Picross. It is an alternative to Sudoku. You have to recreate a hidden picture with the help of given hints. The hints tell you the colors of the blocks in a row or column of a game.

Your logical thinking ability will drive you to reveal the whole hidden image. Nonogram games help to improve overall cognitive abilities. This app is one of the best games for your brain improvement. It helps to increase neuroplasticity in you. So you will be able to identify things from different angles and get smart ideas. So, the Sudoku players will have a different perception than others.

Website Android IOS

2) Lumosity: Brain Training

Lumosity: Brain Training offers a larger number of games to make you smart. It consists of math games, language games, speedy shape games, and many others. Brain training games help achieve your goals by problem-solving, and improving memory, attention, and agility. 

Website Android IOS

3) Crossword Puzzle Free

Crossword puzzle-free is brain-improving games like Sudoku. It is good for people who like words, testing the ability to problem-solving and has general knowledge. You can test vocabulary knowledge by playing these games. It is very enjoyable to solve clues. There are ample Crossword puzzle games available in the Google Play Store and Apple app store. Most of them are free to install. You can enjoy your free time by playing these games. You can also easily play sudoku online. It will help to improve your logical thinking also. 


4) Tic Tac Toe

Wintrion is the founder of the Tic-Tac-Toe game. It is an intelligent game like Sudoku. You can play this game in your free time. The two players involved in the game are called X and 0. Your opponent player can be either your friend or the computer. The game consists of a 3*3 grid. A player must draw either X or 0 to start the game. Three similar marks must match horizontally, diagonally, or vertically to win the match. Tic-Tac-Toe offers two game modes called AI Mode and Multiplayer mode

Android IOS

5) 7 Little Words

Ox Technologies found and published 7 Little Words. It is a single-player word video game. The game includes names of popular brands, animals, famous people, and other things related to day-to-day life. You have to find the hidden letters of the words.

Every puzzle has seven mystery words, seven clues, and twenty letters of the group. No time limit is given to this game. You can move on to the next puzzle after completing all the hidden letters. Various modes like Daily challenge, My Classroom Puzzle, and Expert are available to test your spelling knowledge. 

Website Android IOS

6) SudoCube

SudoCube is a free block game. It has a cool interface and colorful blocks of different shapes. The player has to drag the blocks onto the board. Squares of various shapes can fit into the board. This is the key to the game. When you placed the blocks on the board, they can’t be removed. You have to fit blocks having different shapes into a 9*9 grid. This is a classic game. That does not have a time limit. 

There are two options in the game. You can select the breaking of the highest score using repeated rounds or challenge one level per day through the daily challenge. You can win the trophy by completing all the challenges. 

Android IOS

7) Nonograms Katana

Nonograms Katana is a game like Sudoku. It helps to sharpen your mind. Nonogram Katana is a picture logic puzzle game. The hidden picture can reveal by coloring or left blank the cells in a grid according to numbers at the grid’s side. All the puzzles in Nonograms Katana are free. The app is compatible with phones and tablets. You can undo and redo things whenever needed. 

While playing these cool math games you can develop lots of your patience.

Website Android IOS

8) Wordle

It is very much similar to Sudoku. But it offers something more than just Sudoku with words. Wordle web-based game is developed by Josh Wardle (Software Engineer) and owned and published by The New York Times since 2022. Wordle is a tag cloud game that is visualized the free form of the text.

The diagonal cells from the top left to bottom right should spell a common English word. So it is exciting to fill the puzzle. The game allows you to repeat the same letter in the solution word until the letters are not repeated within the same column, row, or region. This Wordle app is free to download. 

Website Android IOS

9) killer Sudoku

Killer Sudoku, or the Sum Sudoku, is a combination of features in Sudoku and Kakuro. The columns, rows, and 3*3 blocks have digits from 1 to 9. The dotted lines indicate cages, and they also contain a set of non-repeating digits. The addition of the digits in a cage gives the sum shown in the clue. 

Scan rows and columns are the best tricks to play Killer Sudoku. You have to scan each triple box area. Also, you have to eliminate numbers or squares and find situations where only a single number can be put into a single square. This method will help to finish the difficult Killer Sudoku puzzles within a few minutes. If you are good at mathematics then you’ll find this is much easier.

It is good for your brain and helps to keep your brain younger. You will stay in shape. Your brain function will keep younger when playing puzzle games like Sudoku. So, your logical thinking will also keep improving. Moreover, your brain will keep active by Killer Sudoku. 

Website Android IOS

10) Numpuz: Classic Number Games, Free Riddle Puzzle

You can test your mind by playing this game. You have to subtract the numbers from the given tile on the grid to obtain zero. Then you pass to the next levels. You can combine the tiles to make a number that is less than the original tile.

And also, you can combine an identical number of tiles to complete the task. The fun part is that you can play the game while listening to background music. It provides smooth controls and attractive visual details. You can improve your brain activities while enjoying the game. 

Android IOS

What Are The Best Free Sudoku Apps?

Sudoku by Brainium is the best app for android phones. You can learn and improve your skills in Sudoku using this app. It is an attractive, easy-to-learn, and user-friendly app. You can install this app for free. You can even try Sudoku on New York Times website too.

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Many strategy games like Sudoku have developed in recent times. Some of them are seven little words, a ticket to ride, and Splendor. People tend to play these games along with Sudoku. You can choose these strategy games to enjoy your free time. 

Also, there are many math games like Sudoku. A magic square, 2048, Domino puzzle board, Kenken, and Kakuro are the best math games. Kakuro is one of the best alternatives for Sudoku. Kakuro is also called ‘Cross Sums.’ Math games are helpful for students to improve critical thinking and develop multiple skills along with having fun. 

All the games similar to Sudoku puzzles have solutions. Every Sudoku puzzle has a unique solution. If you cannot find a solution to a puzzle, it does not sound insoluble. You have to try hard. To get the solution to challenging puzzles. 

What Are the Best Alternative Paper Games like Sudoku?

  • Sudoku is a famous paper game.
  • crosswords with friends
  • hangman


Sudoku is the best game to play in your free time. It helps to improve your brain functions and will make you smart. The player has to fill a 9*9 grid with numbers to get amounts between 1 to 9 in each column, row, and 3*3 unit. You do not need to do math calculations.

Some cages in the puzzle are already filled before starting the game.  Autosave features, various challenging levels, more than three input modes, a ranking system, and unlimited undo options are some of Sudoku’s features. 

Several smarter brain games like Sudoku have developed in recent times. There is no age limit to play Sudoku and other alternative games. These games make you think logically. You can install these apps onto Android or Ios devices. Try to play smarter brain games like Sudoku in your free time without wasting time on other addicting games. 

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