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06 Best Card Games Like Spider Solitaire To Play (2023)

Spider Solitaire is a simple drag-and-drop game that has been around for decades. Microsoft initially introduced the game in its Windows 3.0 version. Since then, the classic leisure game has provided gamers with endless hours of fun. However, the changing times and focus on online mobile games forced the game to go through some much-needed alterations. The result is the following excellent alternatives to your favorite card games like spider solitaire that you mustn’t forget to add to your gaming collection. 

What Are the Other Alternatives Of The Card Game like Spider Solitaire?

1) M.P.L. Spider Solitaire

A great alternative to the classic Spider Solitaire, the game on M.P.L. is a multiplayer game. The basic rules remain the same: players must assemble the cards in descending order. When the thirteen cards belonging to the same suit are sequenced in the correct order, the completed column is transferred to the foundation pile, and scores are earned.

The one-suit Spider Solitaire is played in this online version, so gamers don’t have to worry about reds and blacks. There’s only one suit and one color in play. The game is time-based, and players can enjoy different gaming modes.

The free practice leagues are for beginners, playing with an opponent. You can learn the rules and teach yourself how to remain calm under pressure. Also, practice games like spider solitaire are ideal if you are seeking pure entertainment. 

When you feel confident of your skills and cash-making games are allowed where you stay, you can move on to the big leagues and participate in tournaments. Win tournaments to earn money.  If this game intrigues you, go ahead and Spider Solitaire download to join the fun.


2) FreeCell

FreeCell is a variant of the Solitaire card game, and like Spider Solitaire, you need to arrange the cards to score points. However, FreeCell is more strategic than Spider Solitaire because players must complete all the suits. The game is played using a standard 52-card deck, and from the beginning of the game, all the cards are dealt face-up. The foundations need to be built up by suit, and it typically begins with Ace and ends with King. You win the game by moving all the cards to the foundation piles. Try FreeCell Solitaire here.

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3) Spider Solitaire MobilityWare

MobilityWare brings the classic Spider Solitaire game to mobile devices with a twist. The game has daily challenges and fun new features. You can choose from six beautiful backgrounds and card backs to play with, including Halloween and Valentine’s Day themes. If you solve the daily challenges, you will be awarded a crown. 

The objective is to place the cards in each suit in stacks in descending order, and you can weave your way through the one-suit and two-suit games to move up to tackle the three-suit and four-suit games. Players can decide their difficulty level depending on their expertise and experience. The more you play, the closer you get to becoming the master of Spider Solitaire. 


4) Solitaire: Ted And P.E.T

Solitaire: Ted and P.E.T. are designed for adventure game lovers who love playing Solitaire card games. In these games like spider solitaire, players get a chance to go on a journey with the courageous travelers P.E.T and Ted.

The game brings forth the wonders of the Jurassic period. You have to overcome challenges as you go through a plethora of Solitaire layouts. You can win trophies on your journey as you solve Solitaire variants and complete the challenges to get the travelers back to their time. 


5) Emerald Solitaire 2

Emerald Solitaire 2 is similar to Rainbow Games’ Emerald Solitaire 1. The new version is expected to be a fantastic follow-up of the previous version. The game brings you back to Emerland, where mighty mages battle to get the ancient source of magic that powers all the cards.

You can join a lovely noble knight or a mystical sorceress in a quest to defeat the evil Dark Master. As you advance in the game, you will find new assistants. You will also earn rewards as you complete a wide range of challenging levels. The game is easy to learn, but you need to be courageous enough to master the magic of Solitaire. 


6) Endless Soul Light Solitaire

In the Endless Soul Light Solitaire, players are taken through the magical land of Liveria, where all living things have a glimmering light inside their souls. While some of them leave it in plain sight, others hide it. Each soul has a color, and everyone has a soulmate of the same color. In the magical land, nobody is ever lonely. 

The story in the game revolves around Phyro, who is looking for a soulmate but cannot seem to find what she is looking for. On her quest to find a soulmate, she meets varied creatures. These friends are about to have a fantastic journey, and you get to be a part of it. You need to solve more than two hundred card patterns at different difficulty levels and help them find the lost souls. 

You must check out some of these Spider Solitaire alternatives right away. Add them to your gaming collection, and look forward to enjoying endless hours of fun. You can even win extra money if you are partaking in tournaments. 



Love Spider Solitaire? Microsoft initially introduced this game in its Windows 3.0 version. Since then, the classic leisure game has provided gamers with endless hours of fun. The definitive version is a single-player game installed with Windows P.C. and offline. Here Are a few alternatives to the card games like spider solitaire to add to your collection.

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