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13 Best Paid Android Apps All Time (2023)

There could be instances where you cannot accomplish tasks using free android apps. But, there are cool apps where you will have to pay a few bucks and get the work you expect within an instant. It’s not the most straightforward thing to find the highest rated apps, and, today, we are bringing you premium best paid Android apps that are guaranteed to work magnificently as per your requirement.

What Are the Top Best Paid Android Apps?

1) Poweramp Music Player

Poweramp is one of the best paid Android apps of all time. When it comes to the number of downloads, it is in the top 10 apps that fall into the music players’ bracket. Poweramp allows you to experience some of the brand-new features like crossfade, gapless play, equalizers, and many more.

To master the art of music, every musician needs some tools regardless of their level. If you are looking for the best new apps for that purpose, this app can do wonders for your musical life. Poweramp allows you to create and capture chords from your most-loved songs for your personal use.

That is not the only feature it has in it; you can practice with unique backing tracks, change tempo, edit chord charts, and much more. In the simplest of forms, it’s one of the essential Android apps for musicians. The app is fully optimized for smartphones and tablets.

Is Poweramp Music Player free?

If you are a die-hard music lover, paying for Poweramp is undoubtedly a good investment you can consider, and you don’t have to purchase it to test whether it suits you as you have the luxury of the 15-day trial period.

Considering countless modern-day musical phone apps for Android, getting recognition from a world-famous publisher like Time Magazine alone proves that Poweramp is one of the best apps ever developed for musicians. The product’s price is not that high given the goodwill it has; you can buy it for $5.49.

Once you buy the app, you can receive lifetime support from Poweramp, and even you will get the essential regular updates to keep you ahead of the rest. It doesn’t matter what the format is, and the power amp is compatible with almost all file systems. There are no valid reasons for you to say no to this premium app. Download and enjoy it now!

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2) Nova Launcher Prime

If your ambition is to use a zestful home screen app, we would recommend you Nova Launcher prime without a second thought. It’s one of the Best paid Android apps worth buying for display customizing. Thanks to its useful features, Nova Launcher Prime blends an astonishing outlook to your home screen.

It also works as a privacy saver allowing you to hide apps or folders that you don’t want to appear on your home screen. You can customize your apps as per your preference, and transferring files from one phone to another is also possible if you afford this excellent and top-rated app.

Besides, you can choose night mode or darker themes via the app, and on top of all, it’s one of the highly optimized best-paid apps going around these days. Give it a try and see whether the decorated words are valid or not. 

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3) Star Walk 2

If you are an astronomy lover, we bet you can’t find better premium apps for android phones than Star Walk 2. With Star Walks 2, you can see stars on your mobile phone even in the daytime! Yes, that is what this app does for you. It shows you a real-time sky map when you direct your phone to the sky.

All you have to do is point the phone to the sky, and the app will open up your camera, and Star Walk 2 will let you see all the objects in the sky, including stars, satellites, planets, and many more. Sounds impressive, right? It has all the capabilities to say that this is one of the greatest android applications we have ever witnessed, and now it’s your turn.

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4) MX Player Pro

Are you in search of the best android phone apps for videos? If so, have a look at MX Player Pro. An ordinary video player app cannot provide you with the joy of MX Player Pro; yes, we mean that statement.

Just go through the reviews of this app before you download it. The Google play store is full of positive reviews from its customers, and it’s one of the coolest apps where you have the advantage of storing a huge number of video files in its storage.

MX Player Pro is the best phone app we recommend concerning hardware acceleration, and the zoom-in option is another excellent featureIt supports various types of video formats, and there is an option for you to keep the content private in the app, even there is a kids’ lock inside it. 

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5) Moon+ Reader Pro

Keep no doubts while purchasing Moon + Reader Pro. It’s the best and one of the most popular Android apps for E-books. The paid version offers you customer email support, TTS, TTS engine support, headset, Bluetooth control, fingerprint recognition, book to home screen shortcuts, and many more incredible benefits.

None of the other new Android apps comes to you with such versatility and features. It’s so easy to use the application. All you have to do is tap the dots on the top right corner, import the desired E-book, and hit ok. Now you are good to experience all the above magnificent features

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6) Unified Remote Full

Unified Remote converts your mobile device to wifi or Bluetooth remote controller irrespective of the OS your computer uses. It’s from the top tier of best Google apps for multi-tasks. This app is loaded with more than 90 options, including media players, file manager, screen mirroring, power control, and many more fantastic features.

Besides, it’s super easy to set up and automatically detects servers allowing you to be lazy but with maximum efficiency. Talking about the most useful Android apps or the top Android apps, you often see the Unified Remote’s name. It costs you only $4.99, and you can purchase it with utter confidence considering 4.6 five-star ratings from its users. 

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7) Tasker

Make Tasker your go-to app for all the task managing stuff. It provides you with many features to customize and automate tasks related to photos, SMS, and many other types of files on your smartphone.

Tasker must-have apps for Android if you expect your phone to do more works than what Google or the manufacturer offers you in default. Even you can customize things like notification messages, LED alerts, pop-up messages, or sounds.

How Much Does Tasker Cost?

The cost you have to bear is just $3.49 for all these options making it hover around the cheap applications in the Google play store. With more than 350+ actions, there is nothing you can’t do with Tasker; purchase it now and relish all these startling actions today!


8) The Rif is Fun Golden Platinum for Reddit

Do you still love the classic or the old interface of Reddit? Or, looking for an alternate way to browse Reddit? There is no other good app than RIF. Its users say that RIF is way better than the official Reddit app; yes, it may sound a little exaggerated but, that’s the truth, guys. There are no ads in the paid version, and the navigations, features, moderation tools are right up to the mark.

If you are a frequent Reddit user, it makes browsing a joyful experience, and the app is optimized for both tablets and smartphonesIt’s one of the must-have Android apps for Reddit, and 4.8 positive customer reviews in the Google play store justify our divulgence.


9) WolframAlpha

Yes, Google is a search engine that helps you with the most appropriate website for your search. But, it won’t give you comparisons as efficiently as WolframAlpha does. For example, if you type regarding the best vegan restaurants in Germany, Google provides you with a hotel list.

Still, with WolframAlpha, you will get comprehensive details about the vegans in America compared to Germany. Also divided by food items into various categories, it’s that much powerful application. WolframAlpha is the best app for Android when you are thinking about data and math.

What is Wolfram Alpha Used For?

It’s a powerful and accurate tool. Moreover, the app consists of calculators for feet-inch-fraction, inch-fraction, decimal feet, decimal inches, preset fraction conversions, a full metric conversion function, and many other options for right angle calculations, area, and volume calculations.

You don’t need to have a so-called big degree in maths to work like a pro, and you don’t have to rob a bank to get these types of excellent apps. WolframAlpha has a price tag of just $2.99, and we think it’s one of the best Android apps all-time at that rate. 

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10) SD Maid Pro – Unlocker

Everyone wants to keep the phone clean and tidy, and we assume you are also thinking in that way. If so, SD Maid Pro is the ideal and the best android phone app we suggest for you. Even their customer service is clean and tidy.

According to the developer, you can request a refund if you are unhappy or not satisfied with the product. It seems they are confident about the app and 4.5 five-star ratings approve that it is a fantastic app.

You can easily manage all your phone apps, remove leftovers, free your system, clean bugs of the apps, de-duplicate files, and do many more essential works to keep your phone optimized 24*7. The price of the app is $3.85 in the Google app store.

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11) Weather Forecast Pro

Have you ever thought that one precise weather forecast can save you from catastrophic disasters? Yes, of course, but you don’t have to rely on weather news or search in Google for the latest weather updates if you pick the best phone app for Android for the weather.

Weather forecast pro is the one we propose to you just because of its accuracy, nothing else. It’s one of the expensive best paid android apps that allow you to know about your location’s weather forecast on your timeline. So, it doesn’t matter where you are.

It is another top-notch and one of the best apps in the world for weather enthusiasts. This app provides high-resolution weather data on the go. You can get all the details about even extreme weather conditions such as thunderstorms, flash floods, or tornadoes with RadarScope.

If you live in the USA, RadarScope will provide you with all the details about weather released by the US National weather service. The accuracy of the forecasts is always up to the mark, and by far, it’s the most efficient radar app out there in the Google play store.

Compared to the other competing Google play apps for androids free, Weather forecast pro has a relatively higher price of $9.99, but it’s worth it. As of now, it got more than. The country, state, the city all are just irrelevant to the Weather forecast Pro.

This app uses its GPS network to figure out where you are located and notifies you instantly about the current and forecasted weather. You never know what’s coming in the next minute. Remember, prevention is always better than cure. 


12) Password Manager SafeInCloud Pro

Nowadays, all digital applications require passwords, and there is nothing left to tell you about the importance of having unique passwords for logins. But, it’s not an easy thing to remember all those valuable passwords, and you should have a secure place to store them.

If this situation is relevant to you, the solution lies in the Password Manager SafeInCloud Pro app. It’s the best new app for Android when taking password security to the count.

This kind of useful Android application comes with a price, but your details such as logins, passwords, and all other private info are safe as a church. The most exciting part about this app is that you can share it with five members once you purchase it at $7.99.

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13) Scanner Radio Pro – Fire and Police Scanner

There are many top free android applications available these days to look at cop’s and firefighters’ availability. Scanner radio is one of the best free apps for android phones where you can get details on more than 7000 fire and police scanners. This app grants you to browse scanners by location, type, and favorite of the best-loved ones you hear the most.

For $2.99, you can purchase the pro version of the app, and you can enjoy an ad-free experience, quick notifications, several eye-catching themes, and many more value-added features. Scanner Radio Pro is on the top 10 must-have android apps and requires an android version of 6.0 or above to work. 

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What Are the Other Top Paid Apps for Android?

Bouncer :

The last suggestion of our top apps for Android is Bouncer, an app that controls the permission to access your data on the device. Bouncer allows you to grant permission for a temporary basis to the apps and automatically remove the approval right after you exit from a particular app.

The truth is all Google apps for android use certain personal information, and whether you like it or not, you will have to allow access to use the app. This can bring harmful consequences. But, with Bouncer, you can minimize this threat and easily prevent access when you are not using all those cool android apps.

Construction Master Pro :

Out of all the best new android apps we have brought to you thus far, Construction Master Pro is the app with the highest five-star ratings. Carpenters, Architects, builders, and contractors are reaping the rewards, thanks to this excellent app. It calculates construction issues quickly and precisely, helping users provide solutions for their clients instantly.

As mentioned above, if you are a professional of industries, do not think $29.99 is an expense; consider it an investment for your career growth. Don’t expect any of the features of paid android apps for free. They are useful apps, and the best apps for Android do come at a cost.

Which is the Highest-paid App in the PlayStore?

Abu Moo collection is the highest-paid app. There are six apps, and one costs $400.

What Are the Best-paid Android Apps in the UK?

Minecraft, Football Manager, Bloons TD 6, and Monopoly best paid the UK’s latest applications right now.

What Are the Best-paid Apps for Android in India?

Minecraft, Grand Theft Auto, and Getting over it with Bennett Foddy are the top three paid apps in India.


So, searching for cool apps for your phone is made easy for our readers with our recommendations. That’s all we have for the best phone apps for android; you can use the apps mentioned above to the fullest, depending on your requirement. As usual, you can go for a brief Q&A session regarding android mobile apps.

When talking about trending apps, Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, and TikTok remains at the top of the table. We are not saying that they are the best apps android has, but definitely, these are the most trending ones as of now.

As we stated best Google play apps always carry a price tag; still, most of the Best paid Android apps are highly affordable and efficient enough to accomplish unbelievable tasks. If you know about mobile apps new to the scene or cool apps for Android, please let the world know about them via a comment. Have a great day, peeps! 

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