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13 Best Apps to Make Friends Around the World (2023)

Adults would know how difficult it was to make new friends back in the day. Days of pen friends are now over thanks to technology and the modern-day apps for making friends. If you need a friend or meet new friends is now easier than ever. As you know, where to make friends, we are thrilled to bring you many ways to find new friends with the best apps to meet people.

What Apps Can I Use to Make Friends?

1) Snapchat

You can share your Snapchat user name in this app to make a friend and share experiences instantly. Even though you use your Snapchat user name, it remains private inside the app unless you agree to share it with the people. Adding friends is quite simple; once you press the add button, you will get directed to the official Snapchat app. It has more than four five-star customer ratings and is considered a cool app to make friends. 

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2) Tinder

If you are desperate to make new friends online, Tinder is a super easy platform you can consider. You can locate singles in your preferred area and like or dislike their profiles on Tinder. Once you meet the “matched” person, you both can start messaging and go on the journey.

Tinder is a free friendship-building site, but there is a paid version too. However, if you are new to this “meet friends app,” it’s better to start with the free version. Moreover, Tinder provides you with the details of the person who sees your profile instantly.

It’s one of the free websites to make friends, and within around a few minutes, many people will see your profile, and you will get messages rather quickly from them. You can use these above apps to make new friends in your area as well as, other areas. In my opinion, Tinder is the best number 1 dating app in the world.

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3) Discord

Initially, this app was developed for gamers to build communities and get in touch. Now, it has changed to a famous group conversation app with loads of value-added features. Yes, gaming was and is their primary focus, but you can utilize the app to make friends and join a large group of communities. Discord allows you to connect with the people you wish via voice calls, video calls, or chat.  

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4) KakaoTalk

This particular app comes to you from South Korea, Also called KaTalk. It is more of an online communication platform for mobile users. Also, it allows you to function like voice messaging, video calling, instant messaging, and many up-to-date features.

Moreover, you can use it as a find friends app thanks to the mentioned features, and it’s built with a super user-friendly interface. Kakao Talk is more or less the same as WhatsApp. The application is up to expected levels.

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5) Skout

Skout is nothing new to the friend finder app world as they are in the industry since 2007. It’s one of the great apps to meet new friends online, especially when you are traveling. It doesn’t matter where you are or where you go.

It helps you make new friends regardless of your current location. Skout utilizes your GPS to locate your place to help you meet friends near you, and the app is available for both Android and iOS users. Skout is one of the best apps to make friends near me in a new city. 

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MICO is for fun-loving people who love to explore new stuff day in day out and for the ones who are hunting for where to meet new people. It allows video chats and even random chatting with people from other countries. You can use MICO to stream and share your live social activities with the world, and it is one of the easiest apps to make friends online. 

This app is one of the best apps to find friends online that are close to your site. There are millions of users inside this platform looking for friends to chat with, meet, date, and more. You don’t necessarily have to get “matched” to send messages to the people you like.

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7) Ablo

If you are still searching for how to make new friends, here is another suggestion from us. Ablo is a superb networking service for quick communications, and it’s a relatively new app in the industry. Ablo initially launched in January 2019.

Though it’s new and fresh, signs are clear that Ablo is on the right track considering its huge follower base. No sexual harassment is tolerated on Ablo, making it’s one of the safest and best friends app you can download to your phone.   

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8) Wink – find & make new friends

If you are wondering about how to make friends online from all over the world, Wink is another trusted and safe place; you should have a look. You are just one or two swipes away from meeting people online, and Wink connects you with the people in only one click.

It’s easy to start conversations on Wink, and even you can add the people you get connected to on Snapchat as well. You can earn something called gems every day from Wink, which you can use to add more friends. It’s exciting and worth downloading. 

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9) Hoop

Hoop is one of the apps to make friends on Snapchat, which means people, especially teens, use it to connect with strangers, which can be both good and bad for them. The truth is, Hoop is considered one of the dating apps for teens going around these days. According to our perspective, it would be best if teens use this app under their parents’ supervision as the platform is super easy to use to get connected with strangers

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10) Bumble

The name tells what it does for you, right? Yes, it’s another app for making friends, but the profiles you are going to see in it are not random by any means. This says once you create your profile with full data (there are over 100 interests for you to select from), Bumble will show only the profiles that match your intentions; making the find an online friend process is hassle-free work.

Does Bumble BFF really work? 

Yes, it works. First of all, Bumble is a location-based platform that helps you make friends online. The most exciting part of it is that only females can contact male users first. So, if you are a shy male looking for a “girlfriend find app,” Bumble can work fine for you.

What should I put on my bumble BFF profile?

If you put yourself as goofy and funny, the chances are more to meet new people; don’t show you are a serious person. Let them know that you are a free-flowing soul, and you will get answers for how to meet people online.

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What is Yubo? Yubo is a French-based social networking app that you can use to make online friends. It’s not a dating app, but you can get help from finding new connections from your school via hobbies and interests. It is one of the great apps to make friends for teens.

The same complexion of the app has created some issues in the minds of the parents. However, if you are a teen, this is a must-have friend app on your phone, and it doesn’t matter what’s format you use; you have to be vigilant when you are finding friends online. 

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12) Nextdoor

Nextdoor is a tool you can use to meet new friends online, particularly near to your home. Actually, with Nextdoor, you can get in touch with your neighbors without knocking on their doors. The purpose of this app is to help you build reliable connections with neighbors, and it was initially launched in 2011.

You can show your address on your profile to the people around you, or else, you can go only with the street name if you think to keep it away from the public. It’s easy to use, and even you can take it to your advantage to sell your goods or services around the area you live in without much of a problem.

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13) Meetup

Suppose you carry pre-determined interests and aim to make a friendship with a suitable person to match them. In that case, Meetup is the ideal place for you. In Meetup, you can join the activities with people with similar interests, but keep in mind that it’s only to make friends online, not a dating material app. Not all its users are single or looking for relationships; this platform’s primary goal is to help people meet friends online to share similar interests

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What Are Good Apps for Making Friends in South Africa?

  • Bumble BFF
  • Skout

are prominent meets up apps in South Africa

What Are Good Apps for Making Friends in NZ?

  • Realu
  • NZDating

are few front runners in New Zealand.

What Are Good Apps for Making Friends in the UK?

  • Bumble BFF
  • Peanut
  • Friender
  • Meetup

are doing well in the UK.


Here you can search for some answers regarding friendship apps. Now you know how to find new friends online, right? As we pointed in the middle of the article, we don’t commit to unwanted relationships with strangers as the internet is full of people with bad intentions. If you are a teenager, make sure you use these “make friends apps” wisely or seek adult help if you feel something is not right with situations. Have a great day, people, and we love you all!

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