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11 Best Sites Like Airbnb For Your Next Vacation Booking (2023)

We analysed and tested 35+ similar sites to Airbnb and here are the best 11 alternatives. Airbnb is one of the most popular websites for booking hotels and hostels. According to Forbes, it has over 7 million listings. It’s pretty sure that you get an experience with Airbnb rentals in your lifetime at least once. But there are other similar sites even better than Airbnb with unique features. Check the list and select the best option for your next vacation!

What Are The Best Airbnb Competitors?


This is another popular site like Airbnb for long term. You must be familiar with this name. Whenever we need the best deals on hotels around the world, we log into Still, many of you didn’t know that you can even rent apartments on this Airbnb equivalent site. It has an easy-to-use interface.

Property holders can list their properties without any payment, and they only have to pay when they get a booking. Also, your first five booking fees will not be free. You will get comfortable when you come to know that it’s a part of TripAdvisor. But, they don’t offer you shared rooms, either book a full room or a whole property. also has a great search feature where you can search for properties according to their choice. You get varieties like pet-friendly properties, waterfront properties, properties with a mountain view, and many more. For property owners, it’s free to put a listing. Your listing will be on almost every search engine. 

When you go for a vacation, it is always important to know precise wheather condition. Check our best Weaher Apps list
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2) TripAdvisor Vacation Rentals

TripAdvisor Vacation Rentals plays the most significant role against the other two famous competitors, HomeAway and Airbnb. Anyway, this site has just risen and it’s so popular. Since TripAdvisor was established in 2000, the site has amassed a Google-Amazon-Esque goldmine of the shopper.

All of which they have at their computerized fingertips to improve their trip rental stage’s user and experience just as improve its combination with TripAdvisor’s more extended environment. I also have great experience in giving rentals on this website like HomeAway. While ago, I started posting trip rentals straightforwardly on TripAdvisor.

A short time later, they have developed rapidly and naturally with many purchases. So it’s a great place to find places and rent places like Airbnb homes. In 2010, they started with UK-based Holiday Lettings and then Spain-based Niumba in 2013. And Massachusetts-based Vacation Home Rentals in 2014. They have also advanced from an altogether non-value-based and membership posting-based platform to a full-administration booking website.

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3) Vrbo or Vacation Rentals By Owner

Vrbo is one of the best short-term rental sites according to customer feedbacks and reliablility. With more than a million properties listed on their app, you will get many options at a good price. They have a little bit different version than Airbnb as they only rent vacation houses. So, you get a personal space, not a hosted one.

Is Vrbo Better than Airbnb?

If you are a holder and want to list a property, then you have got two options, either pay an annual fee or pay a fee per booking. There is a free way to list properties too. When you book with Vrbo, the whole experience is expertly figured out how to guarantee the most significant remain. Their guides help locate a delightful home that is directly for you.

So, they can likewise include custom-made encounters when you book, and their accessible every minute of every day for help. They enthusiastically accept the intensity of movement and try every day to make quality travels more available to everybody. Their target is to give the best vacation destinations to find a real and reasonable settlement in any place you go.

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4) Agoda Homes

Agoda Homes is one of the largest online booking sites like Airbnb experiences which is located all over the world. This is one of the most trusted competitors to Airbnb house rental. Agoda Homes is the main stage where a great many voyagers locate their ideal rental.

Regardless of whether you’re searching for a beautiful city loft, open a poolside estate or comfortable lodge, they have the apartment for you, irrespective of your spending plan or where you need to be on the planet. You can find many locations and accommodations as per the budget request.

They have different types of apartments like a beach house, townhouse, and forest house for short and long-term rentals. If you are looking for a strange experience while traveling, then this is the ideal place. They are connected with many locals who are renting apartments.

It is also an excellent alternative for Airbnb. Whether you’re searching for a city condo in Barcelona, open space in New York City, or a seashore house in Miami, you’re sure to find the ideal excursion rental on Agoda Homes. Just sort in your goal, select your dates and browse one of our quality excursion rentals worldwide.

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5) – Is Airbnb Cheaper than Hotels? is one of the best vacation rental sites similar to Airbnb where you can find many types of places as you wish such as resorts, guest houses, apartments, and also hotels. They have a comprehensive collection of rental places that are ideal for everyone.

Moreover, it’s easy to make bookings through emails or apps. You can make a booking before arrival. But also, on the other hand, it’s a bit expensive than other platforms. is an internet searcher and isn’t the last contractual worker of the booking.

It just works with trustworthy expert suppliers, doesn’t charge any help expenses to its clients, and isn’t straightforwardly associated with any rental or installment. Their payments are accurate and affordable for every traveler.

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6) Trivago

Whenever I want to go for a long vacation, I look for home rentals in Trivago. It has various options like filtering prices for months, check user ratings in the long-term rentals. Trivago is a global accommodation provider all around the world. It provides you with the real home experience where ever you go.

Not only that. Their plans are affordable and suitable for everyone. They are operating in 100 plus countries, and 50,000 homestays are located all around the world. Their schemes are best for students, Retired parents, Business travels, Family travels, Couple travel, and for the girls who are staying away from home.

It has many discounts and instant cashback offers for everyone who signs up with them. You can be a customer or a seller. If you have a spare room at your place, then this is an ideal platform to generate extra income. You can have the best service and food rather than hotels and a great experience while living abroad.

Moreover, you can have the best experience to taste local home foods. That’s why you can find affordable rooms and apartments here. But sometimes, rooms may be small. Because you can’t expect every facility from the Trivago.

Trivago is famous because of cheaper rentals and monthly options, but now Airbnb monthly stay option introduced. 

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7) ALL – Accor Live Limitless

ALL is one of the Global Travel Partner Airbnb-type Sites for affordable rates. It stands for Accor Live Limitless. You can use this platform to find your stay or the destination place. All you have to do is create an account on their platform and get the app on your phone. Once you sign up, they used to suggest the best place for you to stay. Once you signup, you can surf the town or world with the help of ALL.

Which is Better HomeAway or Airbnb?

Yes, Airbnb vs HomeAway, but on different sides. You can explore the events or stay easily without worrying about anything. It is really a wonderful Airbnb alternative but a little different.  All you have to do is register with the HomeAway and post the room view for the user view.

Once the customer likes the room, they will rent your apartment for the short or long term. Many tourists and students are waiting to rent the place for a long time, and business people are looking for accommodation for the short-term vacation rental. It is all about making the customer comfortable by giving a homey ambiance. So have a look!

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Airbnb highly recommends as an alternative partner where they are offering single, clean, and neat apartments to travelers for long or short-term vacation rentals. They are also a good investment for local people where they can get the finance quickly, and these apartments are coming with fully furnished no need to have many repairs.

Once you set up the place, you can register on and start to make rentals for tourists and travelers. You can start to display your home with a wide range of users all around the world. No need to market. They have partnered with many travel companies similar to Airbnb; therefore, booking your apartment is not painful. It is easy for bookings and easy to make rentals. Once you register, you can start making money as you wish.

If you want to remove your property from the listing, you can request that the officials and the listing be removed within 60 days. The payments are put off a tax; therefore, a group or individuals can make bookings. But, damages will not include insurance by the company and sometimes the prices differ after booking.

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9) HomeAway

It is the parent company of Vrbo. So as you would have expected, there is a great deal of overlap on their listings. But, you will still find some differences in long-term and short-term rental websites like HomeAway, though, as HomeAway does have a bit more inventory on their site. They have notably smaller apartments.

You get more choices if you’re traveling alone or as a couple. Same as best vacation home rental websites like Vrbo, if you are a property owner, you get two options, i.e., either paying the fees on an annual basis or paying when you get a booking. At HomeAway, they open ways to the best homes and villas with the most winning goals and convey one-of-a-kind Airbnb similar sites to visitors, mortgage holders, and travel accomplices around the world.

With each critical remain, this site communicates a degree of individual services like Airbnb website rentals and proficient neighborliness unmatched in the private rental industry. HomeAway is presently part of Accor, joining other extravagance brands, such as Fairmont and Raffles.

Also, it gives significant serenity, accommodation, and adaptability to property holders, hoping to make the best use of their homes when they’re away. With extraordinary tender loving care, this site deal with everything from proficient photography, housekeeping, and in-stay upkeep to coping with all appointments, just as inviting and taking care of visitors during their remain.

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10) Home Exchange

It is a different rental platform website like Airbnb where they are selling pre-made properties, and the business owners can buy and make rentals for tourists or locals. This site similar to Airbnb websites is also a great platform where travelers can find and exchange their apartments to enjoy vacation privately. They are offering exciting packages to rent and have a happy travel experience.

Are they legit? Yes, this is a legit company everyone can assure their policies and funds refund of the booking has canceled or for any errors. This site has a wide collection of suggestions where you can find budget apartments to exchange. Exchanges are being done every minute. You can find it on their sites. 

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11) Couchsurfing

CouchSurfing is a worldwide homestay and long-range open communication platform. Besides, it is one of the famous home-sharing websites where you can share your home to stay with travelers. So, you can demand residence openly or legitimately from different people. And, they offer cheaper opions compared to the Airbnb prices.

Here, you can share your home with the various people looking for the best stay during their travel or Join/make occasions. This website is furthermore used for datings. But it is against the terms of the policy. Couchsurfing is also an enormous alternative app like Airbnb for an air hub for booking a room and stay while traveling.

Initially, it’s a non-profit organization, and the founder starts with providing the lowest plane tickets for students. While the business has expanded, they have begun to give homestay worldwide at an affordable rate. So it’s easy to earn extra money and easy to rent a room!

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What Are The Other Websites Like Airbnb Australia?

  • MadeComfy
  • Stayz

What Are Some Airbnb Replacements in UK?

  • TripAdvisor
  • Holiday Lettings
  • One Fine Stay
  • Sonder

What Are The Other Accommodation Sites Similar to Airbnb in NZ?

  • Bookabach
  • HomeAway
  • HotelsCombined
  • Vacasa

What Are The other Rental Websites in India?

  • Tripping
  • Home To Go

What are the Other Rental Airbnb Alternatives for Events?

Some of you may be looking for places for events and sometimes it’s really hard to find better places. So, I hope to add a few alternative apps like Airbnb that worked really well for me. 

  • Peerspace

As you can see it has event locations such as Workshops, Video shoots, Photoshoots, etc. There are more than 30 cities in both the United States and Europe

  • Eventup

This site also has many options to try for events and meetings. If you are in the United States then you should try this site to find your next event booking. It’s easy to use and very reliable. 

Who Is Airbnb’s Biggest Competitor?

Tripadvisor can be the best home rental site and biggest competitor in my opinion.


You can book any lodge or hotel in almost every city in the world and it has a high occupancy rate (over 65%) in popular cities. Actually, due to its popularity, Airbnb hotels have started increasing their rates. But, in the peak season, almost all the places are full. So now it’s time to move on. Because there are so many Airbnb alternatives for long-term or short-term home rentals. 

If you are looking for accommodations then Vrbo and HomeAway have cheaper options than Airbnb Site. The last summer, I was looking for a house in Autin, but all cheaper options were gone in Airbnb. So, I checked in HomeAway for similar options, and I was amazed by the houses I could find. So these are some of the best sites like Airbnb but cheaper. I hope you have an excellent trip ahead.

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