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15 Best Apps Like TaskRabbit To Make Good Money (2023)

TaskRabbit is an online place where you can hire freelancers for various tasks in many categories. You can find people for your plumbing requirements, deliveries, or even home cleaning needs. Especially if you are a freelancer, you can make easy and fast bucks from TaskRabbit. However, it’s not the only app out there to make money online; there are many TaskRabbit like apps available for you to make some handy cash. If you are interested to know about a few other apps like TaskRabbit, we have choices for you.

Who Are the TaskRabbit Competitors?

1) Poll Pay

Poll Pay is one of the best apps similar to TaskRabbit, where you can earn good bucks. You don’t even have to sell any services similar to Taskrabbit to make money with this app. All you need to do is download the app and complete simple polls from Poll Pay. You can pick a topic for the surveys, and there are tons of surveys available in the app for you to complete and earn money. Yes, we know many scam survey sites promise to pay you but don’t; Poll Pay doesn’t fall into that bracket. Please don’t take our words; give it a try and see. 

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2) Fiverr

Fiverr is one of the best alternatives to TaskRabbit. It’sIt’s an Israel-owned company, and thousands of freelancers are working on the platform. It’sIt’s a safe place for both freelancers and buyers. You can offer many TaskRabbit areas like writing, graphic designs, video editing, programming, web developments, and many other services to the buyers and earn good side cash. ranks among the most popular 100 websites in the USA. You can see many services like TaskRabbit in Fiverr for a much lower price. If you are a freelancer who is looking for TaskRabbit alternatives, we highly recommend with confidence. 

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3) Nextdoor

Nextdoor is the newest way to keep in touch with your neighbors without reaching their door. If you are located in the correct place, you can earn money easily with Nextdoor. Similar to TaskRabbit, you can sell your services to your neighbors without much of a problem via Nextdoor.

First, you will have to register with the platform. If you are smart enough, you can make good money even with affiliate marketing inside Nextdoor. You have to be nimble-witted in it, and once you get used to the platform, the opportunities are endless. 

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4) Upwork

When we talk about websites like TaskRabbit, Upwork is a name that comes to the equation. It’sIt’s one of the worlds world’s best online marketplaces for freelancers. Upwork is an excellent place for the sellers, and you can bid on suitable works that match your services.

This means you are always doing stuff and things like TaskRabbit within your reach; hence, the chances of getting fail with the accepted tasks are slim, and the price tag for the services you provide is relatively high compared to the other services like TaskRabbit. 

Website Android IOS

5) is the most trusted place for you to find caregiving jobs. They offer families TaskRabbit type services to find child care, senior care, pet care, and many more related services. And, you won’t always get to see these types of jobs on sites similar to TaskRabbit.

Even you can pick up a dog for a walk at night and earn money. pays an hourly rate of around 12-16$ for the housekeepers, and the rate can get a lot higher for the caregivers. So, getting a job with a considerable salary is not an issue anymore. 


6) Steady

It’s another online platform available for freelancers to work at home. You can find TaskRabbit like services in the app, and you can boost your side income to reach your financial goals fast with Steady. The app is free to use.

You will get a survey to answer your qualifications and education levels when you sign up with Steady. Once you complete it, you can browse the site and start the search for jobs. Steady is one of the TaskRabbit and Handy competitors going around these days. The positive reviews from Freelancers prove that it’s far easier to get jobs from Steady.

How Do Steady Apps Make Money?

Help others make time for what they love by finding help for what they don’t, that is the motto of Steady. We have included Taskrabbit similar apps like Steady on our List because of the flexibility they offer to the sellers and the competitive hourly rate you can receive from them.

Concerning the amount of money you get from TaskRabbit vs. Steady, Steady pays a high hourly rate than for most of the jobs than TR. Importantly, Steady pays you up to 90% of what the customer pays, which is higher than most other apps like Task Rabbit. 

Website Android IOS

7) Angie’s List

 Angie’s List is one of the American-owned websites similar to TaskRabbit that provides most of the home services people need. This website is relatively new to the industry. Still, it has become one of the leading Task Rabbit competitors in recent years.

Angie’s List services are very much similar to the HomeAdvisor; however, in comparison, you will get relatively low fees from Angie’s List for your jobs. You don’t get chances for big-ticket tasks often on this platform, and if you ask us what suits you best, we would say it’s better to go with HomeAdvisor. 

Which is better: HomeAdvisor vs. Angie’s List?

As we mentioned previously, you can receive big projects via HomeAdvisor compared to Angie’sAngie’s List. Overall, HomeAdvisor has better ratings from its customers than the latter, making it a finer choice. 

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8) Thumbtack – Which Is Better Thumbtack or TaskRabbit?

It depends. If you are looking for random works around the place you live, Task rabbit app would be the ideal choice. But, for professional jobs from big-name companies, you should visit Thumbtack. So, you can decide which one is better for you. However, consider other sites like TaskRabbit. Thumbtack does offer most of the TaskRabbit like services on their website, and it’s a good place for freelancers to sell their services as well. 

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9) Gigwalk

There are many apps like Taskrabbit for professionals to make money, and Gigawalk is one such smartphone app that pays you for completing mini tasks. This app is available for Android and iOS users, and all you have to do is register with them and apply for suitable gigs.

There are many flexible features in this app to help you pick the matching work for you. Even you can apply for the gigs close to your place, and you can offer a wide range of services as well. On average, you can earn from 3-100$ for an individual task, and you can get the payouts to your PayPal account without much of a problem. 

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10) Wonolo

Wonolo is an on-demand online marketplace that helps companies fill temporary staff requirements. It is another legit alternative to TaskRabbit. Wonolo app is very much similar to the TaskRabbit app, and finding relevant jobs is quite simple. The requestors post vacancies in apps like Wonolo stating their requirements.

You can review them and apply for the job if it fits with your abilities. Unlike most other companies like TaskRabbit, Wonolo pays you the fee the next day after you complete the job. There are various payout methods, as well. 

Website Android IOS

11) Shiftgig

If you are searching for jobs like TaskRabbit, you should know about the apps like Shiftgig to make a fair comparison before you commit to tasks. Shiftgig is another TaskRabbit competitor in the industry and one of the few companies similar to TaskRabbit.

Like most sites like Task Rabbit, Shiftgig is also well-equipped with a wide array of jobs, including customer representatives, cooks, bartenders, housekeepers, brand ambassadors, models, and the List goes on. You can offer any service via this handyman app, and it’s available for both Android and iOS users. 

Website Android IOS

12) Jobble

In the simplest of forms, Jobble is a platform that connects contractors to homeowners. If you are a carpenter, plumber, or electrician, Jobble would be the perfect TaskRabbit alternative for you. You have to register with Jobble and submit the details about the services you offer.

You will get jobs via the site after that. Jobble is better than TaskRabbit for the contractors. Still, you will have to be specific about the services you offer and respond to the messages from buyers as fast as possible to sustain it.

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13) HiTask

This is a task management app that provides you many features like task sharing, time tracking, and reporting with your project team. Users of Hitask can organize their tasks by project and then easily assign or share them with the group members. You can join a project team via the app and work in tandem with the team to accomplish it. If you are a project owner, Hitask can save you a considerable amount of money, and there is a free version of the app

Website Android IOS

14) Handy

In addition to the above TaskRabbit alternatives, apps like Handy, TIDY, and Justmop are few other options you can try to earn money without much of a bother. And, always research before you select one. A comparison between TaskRabbit vs Handy is another popular search in Google you also can try. 

You can make a living on Handy. Normally you can earn $22/hour per job. But the amount you make purely depends on the work you do, the place you work, and several other factors. Handy site spokesperson once said some freelancers of the platform earn over many dollars in a year. It’s an excellent place for both sellers and buyers

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15) DesignCrowd

Do you have sellable skills in graphic design? If so, please visit DesignCrowd to find buyers easily. You can sell your creations in several packages. They allow more flexibility for freelancers to work freely on the platform. When it comes to TaskRabbit vs. DesignCrowd, we would say DesignCrowd is way better for design freelancers. They want to earn money at home.

Moreover, you can build your reputation quite easily in it. It will be a good investment for you with an excellent portfolio. If you are talented enough to develop high-quality logos or designs, you can charge even 1000$ for your work. It’s an excellent app for both buyers and sellers.


What is The Other Taskrabbit Alternative Canada?

  • Workopolis
  • Upwork
  • Fiverr  

What Are The Other Apps Like TaskRabbit UK?

  • EasyShift
  • Zaarly
  • Handy
  • Upwork
  • Jobble

What Are The Other Taskrabbit Competitors NYC?

  • DesignCrowd
  • Oneflare
  • Services like Fiverr
  • Upwork 


We are in a period where job security is under severe threat due to the prevailing pandemic situation. If you think a bit out of the box, finding a side job isn’t that much hard, and who knows, it might be the wake-up call your life expected. Yes, we have mentioned apps in this article. Thumbtack, Wonolo, Amazon Mechanical Turk, DesignCrowd are very much similar to TaskRabbit. You can check on the alternatives mentioned above to figure out what suits you best.

We think you have a sufficient amount of options to pick one. We know you read this because you need extra money to support your financial goals, or perhaps you are trying to hire a freelancer for your tasks. Whatever the reason is, now you have some great options to shoot at And, before we say adios, let us know your comments and frequently asked questions about Handyman apps. It’s a wrap from us. Cheers!

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