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11 Best Sites Like Glassdoor For Job Serach (2023)

How can you find jobs through lots of advertisements? How do you select a suitable job for you? For the newcomers to the field, these are the major problems and challenges in the industry. So it is not an easy process. Finding a job is more difficult than studying. But no need to worry. There are so many job review sites like Glassdoor. You can select the best one for you according to your preference. 

Who Are Glassdoor Competitors?

1) Indeed

In the job field, there are millions of newcomers. They need guidance. As they lack experience in job searching, Indeed provides the best guidance for the newcomers. It is an excellent benefit of Indeed. When searching for a job, you can search by job title, location, salary, or company name.

A unique feature of Indeed is it can detect your current location. And then it searches for jobs close to your location. If you need to change the location, the app allows you to change the location and search for a job near that location.

Users allow using keywords like part-time, full-time, freelance, contract and internship, etc. If you are interested in some companies, you have to follow these companies and allow the job alerts from these companies.

Which is More Popular Indeed or Glassdoor?

Before it, you have to create an account in Indeed. After you become a partner of Indeed, you can see which jobs you had searched before, saved, and applied for. You can get all these details. Try with indeed company reviews and get the best experience in job searching. 

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2) LinkedIn

LinkedIn is one of the similar sites like glassdoor where you can search, find, and apply for jobs easily by using a LinkedIn profile where you can review employers, company ratings, job ratings, and employment comments. Here you can apply for jobs in any category. For that, you can use keywords like part-time, full-time, contract, etc.

Is Glassdoor Better Than LinkedIn?

Moreover, it’s a great place to meet professionals and industry experts and keep a connection with the industry community. There are lots of features that it offers to LinkedIn users. You can receive job alerts and notifications. Instead of complex resumes, you can apply via your LinkedIn profile.

Moreover, you can share your skills, achievements, and other responsibilities in your LinkedIn profile easily. Also, you can get daily updates which are matching to your job expectations. These are the features provided by LinkedIn App. You can connect globally through this app. Do not miss this chance. Join LinkedIn and get a better experience than Glassdoor recruitment.

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3) ZipRecruiter

All these things are valid for employers only. For job seekers, the app is entirely free. This app’s major benefit is it has a large database of resumes and networks of job boards. It allows you to search the above job boards at once.

You can use the job title, locations, or keywords to search for the job. After the employer gets your resume, you get a notification from ZipRecruiter. Many people use this ZipRecruiter app because of the simple path for applying for jobs and posting jobs

So, according to your targets, you have to select the best app for you. Staff Merge provides you with lots of services. Here you have a few of them. You can search for jobs according to your expectations by using keywords. It allows appropriately creating resumesEmployers can post video introductions. 

Website Android IOS

4) Snagajob

Snagajob is one of the special apps for Jobs like the Glassdoor website because it has unique features that are different from other apps like job review companies. The special feature of this app is that you can find hourly jobs working for reasonable rates. You cannot get this facility from other company review sites.

With all these benefits, Snagajob plays a major role in finding jobs for job seekers. There are filters to categorize jobs according to salary, location, skills, age, education level, availability, etc. Snagajob provides the user’s personality quizzes to help you to select what is a suitable job for you. Don’t be late to download this app and try it. It will be a great helpful app in your career. 

Website Android IOS

5) Facebook Job Search

Facebook Job Search is one of the famous sites Like Glassdoor to find jobs on both iOS and Android. It offers lots of job opportunities for job seekers. Do you know how people gather around Facebook? There are over millions of downloads.

You can search for jobs by location, skills, and job titles. The ability to find a job at any level is the most beneficial thing in Facebook Job Search. No matter whether you are searching for a job at the bottom level or in rocket science. Here you can see a few features of Facebook Job Search. 

You can explore multiple jobs which are matching for your skills by using keywords according to your expectations. There is an ability to create resumes by the app experts and apply for a job with an account or without registering. Having job alerts when the vacancies are available and notifications when the employers receive your resume. 

Website Android IOS

6) Dubizzle

Like other apps similar to glassdoor com jobs, Dubizzle allows you to find any job roles from the bottom level to the top. Millions of emirate citizens use this app in their daily work. Guidance to create resumes and keep your professional account in Dubizzle is another advantage of Dubizzle. Dubizzle is a very important app in your day-to-day work.

Join Dubizzle and get the experience. With these services, you can search for jobs, find jobs like glassdoor employment, create resumes, and keep your career account in Dubizzle. So it is a multi-tasking app. Due to the large database, it is not difficult to find a job role that suits you through this app.

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7) Monster

Monster is one of the famous company review website alternatives to sites like Glassdoor to find your dream jobs. Also, employers can find the best and most qualified candidates through this community. Company employee reviews on jobs are displayed for job seekers to get an idea about the company.

If there is any vacancy matching for you, you can get a notification. Consider these features and decide whether Monster is a suitable job rating company for you or not. Video Introductions and allowing video interviews are special features of this app. Hence, Monster is an ideal app for you to hunt for a job easily and fast. 

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8) Careerbuilder

Careerbuilder makes it easier to find a job and manage your career as the Glassdoor jobs search. You can apply for the jobs even if you don’t have an account in Careerbuilder. Here you can use the Guest Apply featureIf you need to apply for a job later, you can save it for future use. 

You have to register on Careerbuilder and create a profile similar to a glassdoor profile including your current status, industrial experience, educational background, other skills, details, etc. According to this information, Careerbuilder automatically searches for jobs for you same as Glassdoor job posting.

You can create custom job alertsThe ability to observe the required skills and about the salary is another benefit. When your resume is received, you can have a notification. Hence, join from today, review jobs, and get experience with Careerbuilder. 

Website Android IOS

9) RobertHalf

Robert Half offers you better guidance for your career like how to communicate with others, settle down according to the new workplace, resume making, develop your personality, etc. No need to pass a complex process to apply for a job. By just clicking on a button, you can apply for a job.

By creating an account from your resume, you can find a job matching your skills like all the other sites Like Glassdoor. You can submit the time report by entering the work hours and setting a direct deposit for fast payments. By proving all these benefits, America’s Best Professional Recruitment Forms named Robert Half as the number one app for a job search in June 2020.

Staffing experts of Robert Half help the newcomers to the industry. So do not miss this opportunity. You can save jobs to apply for later. This is how Robert Half gives its service to the users. A user-friendly, simple process is another advantage of Robert Half. To find a job fast, you also join Robert Half. 

Website Android IOS

10) SEEK

The mission of Seek is to help people who are searching for a job where they love especially in Australia and Newzealand. They find a job that is suitable for you. You can get a notification or alert. If you are interested in some companies, you can follow them and instantly alert them about their vacancies.

Join seek and find a job fast and easy. The ability to observe workplace transparency is another major benefit of this app. Through the seek database, you can see website employee reviews of companies, interview reviews for jobs, interview questions, salary reports, etc.

By adding your CV/resume, you can take so many advantages. It will help you to hunt for a new job easier and faster. If you delete any job, then Seek will never show this job or similar jobs again. But you can view these deleted jobs if you made any mistakes. These special features steal the attention of the users of Seek.

Unlike the other apps like glassdoor for employers and employees, you can apply for a job by sending your resume with just a click of a button. And you can win only if you have an attractive and good resume. To create a better one, you can get advice, tips, and guidance from Seek.

Website Android IOS

11) Reed

Reed searches for thousands of jobs in 42 sectors. Jobs are taken from over 8,000 employers. And the special is on every day over thousands of jobs are added to the Reed App. You can search for jobs you need according to the location, salary, skills, job type, etc.

Reed provides access to find, search, and apply for the jobs which are suitable for you according to your expectations without any delay at any time, anywhere. Reed will help you in searching for jobs. And also, it will help you by providing tips in this industry. 

More and more tests help you to identify your skills. So if you are a Reed user, it is not much harder to hunt for a job. Never miss this great chance to have a job through Reed. Hence, join this app and succeed in your career. Try to find a job through Reed. 

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What is the Best Employee Platform?

Glassdoor and Indeed are the best employee sites for job hunting.

What Are the Other Employees Companies like Glassdoor USA?

  • U.S. News job search site
  • Google for Jobs
  • FlexJobs
  • Nexxt
  • Resume-library


You sacrifice lots of things in your life to succeed in that dream. You hardly did your education and prepared the background for your dream job. And now you are searching for a good opportunity. The apps mentioned above are the most trending and best apps for Job seekers and employers to find jobs and post jobs. Also, you can rate your employers or rate your job.

The features of salary sites like glassdoor are different from each other. Skills, industrial experience, education levels, and targets are also different from each other. So you have to choose the best one for you. To find a job easily and fast, you have a collection of the best iOS and Android apps. Hurry up and select the best app for you and enjoy your career without difficulties. 

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