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10 Best Video Chat Apps for Mac Users (2023)

In modern realities, people communicate via video chats more often. There are many reasons for that, like physical distance or social distancing. But in any case, having a decent video chat app is necessary today. At work and university: we need to have a digital communication channel everywhere, and it’s required to turn on the camera and microphone

When having lectures or online meetings, you should be able to record the screen on Mac. There are special programs for that as not all video conferencing apps have this crucial option. But users need to pay attention to many other features when choosing the app for video calls. Read the article and find how to find the video chat Apps for Mac. 

What Are the Best Video Chat Apps for Mac Users?

1) Zoom

Zoom is a popular video conferencing app with about 300 million daily active users. It has many great features available for free. The app allows users to host up to 100 participants within one meeting that can last 40 minutes.

Users can choose among three paid plans according to their needs that cost $150, $200, and $240 per year. Zoom offers an immersive view, a virtual, PowerPoint or blurred background, real-time analytics and reports, live transcription, enhanced data privacy, etc. 

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2) Skype

Skype is a powerful app that has built its reputation since 2003. It has 40 million active users per day. You can download the app for free on your device or use it in a browser. Users can benefit from the following Skype features HD video and clear audio calling, virtual background, screen sharing, call recording, live subtitles, and private conversations. Skype has an interactive messaging option where users can message with fun reactions, search within a conversation, and even benefit from Cortana smart replies. 

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3) Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a business video chat app that has many educational opportunities. There are about 250 million monthly users, and their number is growing. Users can take advantage of a free plan and have 60 minutes of meetings with up to 100 participants, 5 GB of cloud storage, unlimited chat, and file sharing. You can get personal, family or business paid subscriptions and benefit from more features and video chat possibilities. But every user indispensable to the free or paid plan they use has data encryption.

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4) Google Meet

Google Meet is one of the most popular services developed by Google. It constantly enhances features ensuring a positive user experience. On the Google Meet, you can benefit for free from 720p resolution video calls, chat, call encryption, low-light video mode, screen-sharing, video filters, effects, and augmented reality masks.

Premium Meet provides more advanced features for educational and workspace purposes. It helps your team work remotely effectively and offers teaching and learning upgrades. Get Meet on your Apple device, and a compatible operating system is iOS 12 or up.

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5) FaceTime

FaceTime has plenty to offer for Mac users seeking online video calls. It has a user-friendly interface, high data security, and excellent communication features. This app is tailored for informal calls with friends and families, but you can still use it for team meetings. There is no time limit, and you can communicate with your nearest and dearest as much as you want, but there is a participant number restriction: 32 people can join the call.

It has plenty of sharing options for more interactive communication. You can blur the background and use grid view or portrait mode when calling. Your privacy is of high importance, and there’s a recording indicator and protection of your activity in Mail.

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6) GoToMeeting

Join GoToMeeting web conferencing software and get an unforgettable user experience. It has many advanced features for businesses, ensuring flawless and flexible work. GoToMeeting is widely used in sales, education, healthcare, and professional services industries. Also, It’s cross-platform, so people use any device for calls. Every meeting is protected with secure connections, encrypted sessions, and meeting locks.

Video meeting features include HD video, webcam preview, screen sharing, keyboard and mouse sharing, drawing tools, in-session chat, etc. You can download the app for free or buy a professional, business, or enterprise plan for $12 or $16 per month. The price determines a variety of advanced features available.

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7) Discord

Known as the best video chat for gamers, Discord has many great functionalities for personal and business video calls. You can download it on any device and enjoy flawless communication. The company respects its users’ privacy and provides a guide to secure their accounts. Being a platform for 13+ age users, Discord has moderators and administrators who help resolve any issues people face.

You can use the app for free and have up to 25 participants on a video call and 50 while streaming. If you upgrade to Nitro, which costs $10 per month and $100 per year, you can enhance your user experience with high streaming quality, upgraded emoji, bigger file uploads, etc. 

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8) Facebook Messenger

Today every person has a Facebook account, and this messenger is available for every user for free. The communication process is easy as you do not have to register or download the app if you already use Facebook Messenger. Even if your account on Facebook is deactivated, you can still use the app.

So let’s explore the features this video chat app has to offer. You can start a call with just one click, pressing a video camera icon in the screen’s upper-right corner. Facebook Messenger allows up to 50 people to participate in a video call. There is a chat option for sending messages, files, stickers, etc. 

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9) WhatsApp

It is another excellent cross-platform video calling option. The only thing to remember is to have a strong phone connection for conducting video calls. It is a popular communication channel since you can join WhatsApp with only a phone number.

You can easily connect with your friends and family if you have their number and they have the app installed on their device. WhatsApp video calls and messages are end-to-end encrypted, so do not worry about your data security. One video call can contain up to 50 participants. Both desktop and mobile iOS users can make video calls for free.

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10) RingCentral

RingCentral is an efficient video calling software widely used for business communication. Meetings over RingCentral can host 100 participants at once for 40 minutes as a free version. It has an AI integrated, fully-featured PBX administration service and 100% cloud service. RingCentral Video Pro+ costs $12 per month and provides more advanced features, including 200 participants in a call, extra cloud recording storage, and advanced analytics across video, messaging, and devices.

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What to Consider When Choosing the Video Chat App?

Choosing an app for video conferencing may be pretty challenging as there are many great options in the market. However, pay attention to the following tips to make the right choice:

  • Personal security
  • The free app may have some restrictions and ads
  • Paid apps have trial periods and hidden fees
  • Text chat option
  • Time limit
  • Participant limit
  • Call joining methods
  • Grid view availability
  • Recording and screencasting options
  • Customer support


You can choose the best app to do video Chat for Mac. These are the paths through which you can get a better chatting experience easily. Some are paid ones, and most of the apps are free with lots of features. So you can communicate with the best facilities. The choice is in your hand.

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