How to Improve Your Work Productivity on Mac in 2023?

Whether you are working full-time, part-time, from the office, or remotely, productivity is the key to keeping things organized. You might be looking for new ways to improve productivity, and luckily there are dozens of possible ways available to achieve that. 

You will find several apps on the web that you can download on your computer. Most of these apps are not resource-intensive, and hence they do not consume significant RAM or storage space on the hard drive. 

If you are looking to implement the simplest and goal-oriented ways to improve your work productivity, professional apps are the solution. So, let’s understand what you should look for in a productivity app before downloading one on your computer. 

Seamless Integration 

The app you download on Mac must be highly compatible and doesn’t cause any interruption. It should not interfere with other computer functions and work seamlessly to help you accomplish your tasks easily. 

Easy to Use Interface

The productivity apps are meant to improve your workflow, making it easier to complete everything right in time. The UI of the productivity software has to be simple and self-descriptive so that you can work flawlessly. 

Affordable Cost

Make sure to check the free and paid plans for the apps you download on your computer. Paying heavily for an app to improve your work productivity doesn’t make sense, so find one that comes in handy within your budget. 

5 Productivity Apps for macOS You Must Have

If you are new to Mac and wondering how to uninstall apps on mac, navigate to the Apple App Store and find the apps you are looking to download. Some apps are available for free, while others are paid. Opt for trial versions of the app before downloading them on Mac or purchasing its paid version. The free edition gives visibility to the app’s features and allows you to learn how it functions. 

The interface is another important aspect you can learn about by using a free version of productivity apps. You can test each element, such as buttons, links, menu, and other aspects, to understand if it is an appropriate option to boost your work productivity. Let’s now learn about some highly functional apps that help you improve your work tasks. 

1) Todoist

Scheduling and managing even the smaller tasks adds largely towards maintaining a consistent workflow. You must organize your to-do list to keep things organized and in the loop. Todoist is a feature-rich task manager that keeps you on top of your projects, whether they are big or small. You can download browser extensions and use interactive boards to organize your notes. 

2) Hazel

Managing your files on a computer is essential to boost your performance. You can also locate your files easily and quickly when you know the actual location of each folder and the files stored within. Storing files on the computer in a defined manner saves time that you spend sifting through folders. 

Hazel, an automatic file organization tool, manages your files and folders on Mac based on the user-defined custom rules. Organize your files by moving them from one folder to another fully automated way. 

3) 1Password

In today’s digital world, there is an app for everything, and thus you might be dealing with a lot of usernames and password credentials. We often find it difficult to memorize login credentials for each individual account. If you are dealing with a similar situation, download 1Password on your computer to make things easy. The app memorizes all the passwords for each account, and you do not have to log in every time you need to access an app or website. 

4) Bear

Notes are essential as they help you keep your work tasks aligned and manage things efficiently. When you are on the go, jotting down things gives you enough time to gather the required information as you have an outline. With Bear, your time on brainstorming reduces as you have already collected enough information. From managing a to-do list to sending reminders, Bear manages everything for you, particularly if you are a writer

5) Alfred

Shortcuts are the way to accomplish any task faster by following a shorter route, circumventing multiple steps and procedures. Having an app for managing app shortcuts and customizing actions simplifies your workflow in many different ways. 

Alfred is an all-in-one application designed for macOS to simplify tasks, manage workflow, and seamlessly stay on top of your everyday work schedule. Automate all your essential tasks and avoid performing repetitive tasks repeatedly. 


Productivity apps are meant to make your tasks easy and efficient. Besides apps, keyboard shortcut keys are an ideal and most effective way to maximize your productivity. You can prioritize your tasks and organize your schedule by downloading these apps on your Mac computer.

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