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11 Best Apps To Learn Spanish Fluently (Android/iOS) in 2023

Speaking multiple languages is an amazing skill, and scientists say that it can help delay Alzheimer’s disease. Spanish is one of the most popular languages, and more than 570 million people worldwide use it. Gone are the days of buying expensive courses and attending weekend classes to learn. Because today’s article is for the ones who search for the best apps to learn Spanish fluently and we have got such products for you to help you learn Spanish for free. 

What Are The Best Spanish Learning Apps?

1) Duolingo App – Is Duolingo Actually Effective?

Duolingo language learning app is one of the best free Spanish apps out there to learn from scratch. Not only Spanish but there are also more than 30 languages, including the Duolingo Italian app and Duolingo French app. All you have to do is download Duolingo login and start learning. It is a game of how you learn Spanish for free; when you complete one level, you go up to the next level in this apps Duolingo. 

Is Duolingo Free App?

Language learning Duolingo app android and Apple is entirely free to download and use. Yes, there is a paid version of it where you can enjoy an ad-free experience along with offline classes, but, as a beginner, the free version is more than enough to learn English, as well as the other language from this, learn another language app.

Can You Become Fluent With Duolingo Language Apps?

They provide you lessons in audio and text. Hence, it’s easy to polish your pronunciation and vocabulary skills with Duolingo learn English and French app. All in all, Duolingo language apps are a great way to become fluent in a second language like Spanish.

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2) Google Translate

Google Translate is the popular and best language learning program that contains over 108 languages in its armory. It is more focused on improving your conversation skills uniquely. They are in the trade for the last few years from 2006. The features of this best app to learn a language match perfectly for people with hectic lifestyles.

You can learn a new language free, including Spanish, even while driving, cooking, or sleeping. If you are wondering about the best way to learn Spanish, Google Translate got you covered. You can translate any language from the one you know. There are no ads in this learn a language app when you learn other languages.

You can concentrate on the lessons even you are offline, making it one of the best Spanish apps and the best language apps for iPhone and Android. Millions of users have downloaded the Google Translate app. Over 4.5 five-star ratings out of five are a definite indication that it has all that it takes to be the best app for learning Spanish for free.

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3) Memrise

It’s another popular free language app to learn Spanish and a language teacher app like where you have the luxury to learn multiple other languages as well. Finding a “learn Spanish app offline free of charge” might not be the most convenient thing. Most of the language teaching apps provide their services online, and offline courses will be provided mostly to the paid users.

Talking about the learn Spanish free apps that teach you Spanish, Memrise is just more than a pronunciation source. It has various other Spanish learning resources and methods and practicing procedures in it. Moreover, Memrise is full of everyday conversations that enable you to speak Spanish daily to activities. The library contains videos from more than 360 million native speakers.

They have a pro plan with more additional features, and it would cost you $59 per annum or $9 if you go with a monthly subscription. Again, we suggest you start with the free version first, particularly given you a starter, and move to a pro version later. 

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4) Babbel

Built by language learning experts, Babbel is another languages learning app that you can use to your advantage to learn Spanish. Babbel com Spanish is definitely one of the best resources to learn Spanish.

Still, they have 13 more different languages, including French, Italian, German, Portuguese, and many more. Babbel is the ideal best app to learn languages for both beginners as well as experienced language learners to enhance conversation skills.

Can I Try Babbel For Free?

You can learn a free language with utter ease in Babbel as their courses’ first lesson always comes to you free of charge. According to Yale University researchers, 100% of users improved their oral proficiency within three months. Even after 10 hours of study, learners seemed to have better grammar and vocabulary scores.

How Good Is Babbel Spanish?

You can practice all Spanish elements in Babbel, and its speech recognition technology helps you sound like a native speaker. There are over 6000 language courses and over 60,000 lessons; literally, Babbel got everything you need to make you a perfect language learner.

Is Babbel Better Than Duolingo?

Both are the best free language learning apps, and they contain great courses and lessons. However, we feel Babbel has the upper hand over the learning languages app Duolingo download when it comes to conversation phrases. 

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5) Mondly

Mondly is a Spanish flashcard app, so it’s one of the ideal Spanish applications to learn English or Spanish that you learned before from somewhere else. They provide free lessons daily, and within minutes you can memorize the words, sentences and take part in the conversations. These lessons are tailor-made to improve your pronunciation, vocabulary, and grammar in Spanish.

Mondly is the preferred learn language app for iPhone and Android for more than 50 million in the world. You can learn Spanish pronunciation from conversations between native speakers through comprehensive audio and professional voice actors. And, the state-of-the-art speech recognition technique of Mondly listens to your pronunciation and corrects them instantly with feedback.

Also, at the end of the language lessons in the best free Spanish learning app, you have the chance to master the most used and helpful 5000 words and phrases. It’s an easy and fast way to master a foreign language. We are confident that Mondly will provide you with top language learning softwares solutions to search for the best android app to learn Spanish.

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6) Busuu

Busuu app is one of the best apps for learning Spanish free that has a free and paid version. More than 100 million people worldwide use this conversational Spanish app. It got 12 different languages, including Spanish, Japanese, French, English, and more. First, you can download and try a couple of lessons for free before you pay them.

Also, if you are a non-English native speaker, Busuu will work amazingly as learn English app. There is a massive community inside Busuu to guide me through to become a pro in Spanish or teach yourself Spanish. You can easily pick the conversation phrases while listening to them.

Another bonus you have in Busuu is that you can access the lessons offline. Busuu checks your knowledge of a specific language through quizzes. You will have to pass one level to move to the upper levels. So start using learn Spanish app iPhone or Android.

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7) Quizlet

This is the best free app to learn Spanish or master a new language like Spanish. With Quizlet, you can test your skills as you learn and race against the clock to achieve your intended language goals. They will also allow you to share flashcards with your classmates, and if you are a teacher, you can share them with your students.

You can even use this duo language app to learn subjects like vocabulary, chemistry, social studies, or Biology with great ease. When you upgrade this best app to learn foreign languages, you will get the chance for an ad-free experience, night themes, and loads of offline courses.

Also, they provide a facility for image uploading and allow you to get hands-on to an unlimited number of classes. Unlike most other dual-language apps free and paid, Quizlet gives you a free trial of seven days to enjoy the premium features before you purchase. Yes, Quizlet is one of the best apps to learn Spanish vocabulary.


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8) Rosetta Stone

This is the best Spanish language app that must keep you surrounded by the language elements you are trying to learn. That is exactly what Spanish resources like Rosetta stone do. It contains interactive and contextual lessons and allows you to access valuable content at your fingertips wherever you go. Besides, it’s an ad-free learning Spanish app.

Can You Be Fluent With Rosetta Stone?

Thus far, it has received three awards from various institutes, making it a trustworthy option to learn language free. They offer 10-minute lessons to match with any schedule, and for the translations, all you have to do is touch and hold anything from your core lessons.

Moreover, TruAccent technology provides real-time pronunciation feedbacks to check whether you are doing it correctly or not. If you want to concentrate only on the audio lessons, Rosetta stone helps you take a break from the screen. In that sense, we would recommend that it’s one of the best apps to learn Spanish while driving if you find it hard to find time for the lessons. 

 Is Rosetta Stone Or Duolingo better?

The Duolingo website and app are easy to use from our perspective, and you can get access to quick lessons. In contrast, Rosetta Stone is ideal to learn Spanish app android, or iPhone if you want to challenge yourself in a new language. We recommend both these best free language apps, and that’s why we included them here.

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9) Tandem

We know you are bored with other best Spanish textbook stuff when it comes to learning foreign languages. Tandem is another best free way to learn Spanish we are suggesting to you for that matter. In Tandem, you can connect with native speakers worldwide and start chatting with videos or calls while learning the new languages.

It’s super exciting. Actually, that’s what you expect from learning Spanish-free apps. No matter how low is your language skill, you can become a pro gradually with the help of Tandem. It costs nothing compared to the other learn new language apps for learning languages we mentioned on this list. It’s totally up to you to decide Tandem is suitable for you or not. We guarantee you that it has some valuable content to convert you into a fluent speaker within a short time.

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10) Hellotalk

Easily, Hellotalk is one of the best free apps to learn Spanish got Google Play’s editor’s choice with more than 150 languages. Perfecting pronunciation and grammar skills is never a hassle, thanks to its massive text, audio, and voice message lessons with the best audio language learning.

You can ask questions from native speakers regarding language, culture, or travel and get their views about your pronunciation accuracy. Further, Hellotalk has various word recording games, language podcasts, and direct chatting with the teachers to strengthen your Spanish knowledge in particular. Learn languages for free is awesome, but as far you use the best apps to learn a language for free.

Hellotalk is such one method you can keep your trust on. In Hellotalk VIP, the paid version of these foreign language applications grants you privileges like unlimited translations, learning three languages simultaneously, choosing language partners on location and gender, and ads-free lessons. 

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11) Beelinguapp

A complicated language like Spanish is quite easy with Beelinguapp learning. It’s one of the best Spanish learning programs available for mobile users on the go. It’s like having your language coacher in your pocket. Moreover, it carries many languages other than Spanish.

You only require about 10 minutes per day for two months to learn the most important words and phrases to express yourself to others in the language you want. Beelinguapp is among the best apps to learn Spanish while sleeping. There are more added features for the users. In Beelinguapp, You can learn to speak Spanish free or desired language with music, music videos, movie trailers, news, and inspiring talks.

There are more reasons to mention Beelinguapp as one of the best language learning apps free of charge as they have more than thousands of vocabulary flashcards, audio recordings by native speakers, grammar lessons, video podcasts, tips, built-in online dictionary, offline capabilities, and even hands-free mode

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What Are The Other Best Language Learning Softwares?

  • Lingualift
  • Lingvist
  • Bilingual App
  • Mindsnacks
  • Duolingo Online

What Are The Best Apps To Learn French?

  • French Translator Dictionary 
  • Brainscape’s Learn French
  • DuoLingo
  • Frenchpod101
  • Le Conjugueur


Now you have some fantastic different language learning apps to help you learn Spanish with features like reading lessons, core conversation lessons, speak-easy challenges, digital flashcards, and many more skill-building tools. Here, we have made a list of the best apps to learn Spanish fast, and we think you will make most of the use of these apps.

Not only that. There are so many French language learning apps, the best English learning apps, or other best foreign language apps where you can learn a language for free. Further, we think that we did ease your search to find the best apps to learn languages. Go through a couple and pick one according to your requirement. Cheers!

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