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11 Best Loan Apps to Borrow Money (Android/iOS) 2023

If you have your smartphone with you, nowadays, it’s not a big problem to get a fast cash advance from your next salary check. This means that there are payday advance apps available to borrow money in an instant. Most of these money loan apps download grant you instant cash advances within a matter of hours, and overall, there are no strict rules or regulations placed on you. Today we are going to talk about such reputed and trustable money borrowing apps that loan money for you.

What Apps Let You Borrow Money?

1) Dave

Dave is an industry leader with more than 7 million downloads; this says that money apps like Dave have come across many barriers and won their users’ trust. You can start an online bank account with an app like dave to enjoy all the services, and there are no service charges for their advances.

Does Dave Really Give You $75?

Yes, Dave is one of the best apps that loan you money instantly, and you can get solo funds up to $100 from instant cash advance apps like Dave. 

Are There Any Apps Similar To Dave?

Yes, there are many other apps like Dave, and all of them are more or less the same as Dave, where you can get a paycheck early (a small portion). However, members must pay a monthly subscription to use the app, which can be a con for many compared to other borrow money apps.

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2) Buddy Loan App

Buddy is a two-dimensional app; it works as an advance paycheck app and a jobs finder app. In the Buddy loan app, there are personal money lenders available to request money, so the chances are very slim for you to get rejected with the loan application. Even you can reach up to 1,500,000INR inside Buddy, and the interest rate starts at 11.99% per annum

Being one of the best loan apps that lend money in India and getting more than 4.5 five-star customer reviews is not a joke. Maybe installment plans ranging from six months to five years can be a significant factor besides the big loan amounts they provide. However, it’s our duty to inform you that the annual interest rate can go up to 36% based on your profile. You know the pros and cons; make wise decisions inside the Buddy loan app is upon you.

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3) MoneyTap

MoneyTap is also one of India’s top instant loan apps, and as a paycheck advance app, they provide quick cash app loans of up to 50,000INR to salaried employees. Regarding interest rates, MoneyTap starts at 13% per annum, and you can enjoy the cushion of having up to 36 months for the settlements. However, you will have to be a salaried professional to get a possible loan, and the salary must exceed 30,000INR.

The downfall of this “cash now app” is that the annual interest rate can go up to a whopping 36%, depending on your credit history. The whole process requires no annoying paperwork. Besides the eligibility mentioned above requirements, you will have to provide identification proof, an Aadhaar number, address verification, and a selfie when you get registered with the app.

Even though we mentioned that interest rates are high, you can enjoy a 50-day interest-free period before they calculate it on your payments. So, take it and pay it asap; it’s the best way we can suggest to you.

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4) Chime

Chime keeps your banking simple with one account and one debit card. They don’t charge any fee from you, and even there are no limitations on the minimum account balance. Chime is slightly different from the money mentioned above money advance apps to borrow money because it works as your checking account for those apps that will loan you money.

Do you know about the payday cash advance apps that work with Chime? Dave and Cleo are such two apps, and Brigit is also one of the cash loan apps like dave works with Chime. Chime is a bank account; from which you can send money, pay bills, and do all online transactions. Moreover, Chine got no hidden fees, and you don’t have to wait for two-three days to access your own money as you do with traditional bank accounts, especially when it comes to clearances.

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5) Earnin

Also called Activehours is another app to borrow money now where you have the luxury of gaining up to $100 as a newly registered user. Yes, you don’t have to find people who loan money when you become a customer with them, but you will have to access your bank account to obtain payday advance loans from Earnin. And, similar to MoneyLion, Earnin too increases your credit limit up to $500 when you make on-time payments.

Earnin is cheaper than many money lending apps, making people tempted to go for unnecessary early paycheck requests. It is an issue not only associated with apps like Earnin and Dave but most of the other instant cash apps. Concerning the approval process, you will have to prove that you are working via an electronic timesheet. If not, Earnin will ask you to share your location data. 

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6) EarlySalary

As the third-get paid early app that lets you borrow money from India, it appears that EarlySalary is a fast cash app borrow compared to the earlier mentioned apps. The loan amount is also high at 500,000INR, and you definitely can get your paycheck early thanks to EarlySalary. You can request up to 24 months for the repayments, and the interest rate starts from 20% per annum.

Yes, if you look at the customer reviews, it suggests that EarlySalary is way fast than the competing companies, but their interest rates seem too high. On the other hand, the processing fee also can hover around 0% -4% from your advance amount. According to its official website, EarlyMoney has distributed 2,850Cr thus far, making them the most extensive online loan money app in India. 

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7) Loan App for Instant Personal Loan Online – NIRA

NIRA is an Indian-based instant payday loans app where you can request money for personal use. The eligibility criteria are somewhat strict as you need to be an Indian, age must be between 21 – 65, have a college degree, work for at least six months, and earn a minimum of 20,000INR to request a loan. These rules must be in place to run a business like this, considering the country’s rising financial fraud.

NIRA grants you paycheck loans by phone from 2500INR to 100,000INR, and at the very beginning, you will have to start from 2500INR, and once you build credibility with them, you can go high up to 100,000INR. Yes, NIRA is strict with their customers, but Indians do have faith in this platform, and it seems that the popularity of this personal loan app increases day by day for good reasons.

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8) Brigit

Brigit is very similar to apps like Earrnin and Dave, from which you can get money now up to $250 as a salary advance by linking your regular checking account to them. has no service charges, and you can receive the amount you request within the same or next working day, depending on the time you make the initial request in the apps like Brigit.

This is a 100% legit pay advance app you can keep your trust in, and 4.8 out of5 five-star ratings confirm that its services are at expected levels. Usually, the repayment day is notified to you in the Brigit app, and they will alert you two days before the payment date.

You can request an extended period for the payments as well; in doing so, you have one chance to change the due date, and you will earn one due date extension after two consecutive successful payments. 

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9) MoneyLion

MoneyLion is a financial service provider that is in the game since 2013. They provide online banking services, rewards, and you get paid before payday as well. In the MoneyLion app, you can get up to $250, and that too with 0% APR. Only a handful of apps like Moneylion bank remain popular and reliable in this field, and the platform runs as a membership program.

With credit builder loans, you can build trust with Moneylion login overtime via on-time payments, and you can get advances up to $1000. MoneyLion is one of the best cash advance apps going around in the US.

There are no hard credit checkups done before they decide on the amount you are entitled to. We would say possible loans like Moneylion dashboard are the “best borrow money app no credit check,” instead they are reviewing your checking account, where you need to meet specific criteria to be eligible for the services. 

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10) Possible Finance

Cash advance apps no credit check” is that a term you tried in Google? If so, you would have noticed that finding such small loan apps for iPhones and Android is not the easiest thing in the world. With Possible Finance, you can obtain up to $500 with little to no credit check.

There are more than one million users registered with this “cash till payday” app, and having a good relationship with apps like Possible Finance helps you improve your credit score as well. Yes, one would think the same thing can happen vice versa as; but, with flexible repayment terms, you would barely have a chance to go wrong in this payday loan app.

When concerning apps like MoneyLion or legit loan apps like the dave app, the Possible app is a name you usually come across, and it just doesn’t happen for bad reasons. As they say, it’s like borrowing money from your best friend; you can do it with peace of mind. 

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11) Zip pay

It’s more of a buy now and pay later app, and we include this because that Zip Pay is very much similar to the money loaning apps we mentioned above. You can buy stuff via Zip Pay without a credit card, and you can pay back with interest-free monthly installments.

End of the day, that’s what you do with the money on most occasions. Once you receive the green light from them, you can purchase goods up to $1000 using your shopping account. The minimum loan amount is $350, and even you can buy goods from reputed sellers like Amazon with Zip pay. 

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Can I Get A Loan Through A Cash App?

Yes, of course. You can borrow money instantly from any of above mentioned personal loan apps for students given you meet the eligibility criteria. 

What Are The Best Apps To Get Advance Payday Loans In The USA?

Speaking about the apps that lend you money, MoneyLion, and apps similar to Earnin and dave can be named as the best payday loan apps in the US.

What Are The Best Apps To Get Instant Cash Advance Online In India?

This is a good question as, over the years, many financial companies from India came to the scenes and got banned for various reasons. You can bet on the four pay advance apps mentioned in this list with confidence as they are well-established and considerably matured services in this firm. 


First of all, you have to realize that these “advance money payday apps” don’t force you to become their user. Also, most of them are safe to do your transactions as long as you understand how to use your money. Yes, receiving a small amount of money for your emergencies can be unbelievably helpful, but it should not be a habit as long-term consequences can be damaging for you.

Gone are the days of worrying without money for your urgencies, thanks to apps that let you borrow money online instantly. Today we have handpicked such apps for instant money for your consideration; all we have to tell you is that use these apps wisely as they are doing business, and a brainless couple of months can bring you unwanted situations in the long run. Also, we know more “get paid today apps,” and if you have used them before, let everyone know about your experience as it can help a person for sure. Cheers!

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