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13 Best Email Apps for Android Free & Safe (2023)

We all love Android devices because we can do a lot of work with android devices. When we consider the best emails to have within your Android handset will be a significant issue due to the lack of email exchanges. We cannot depend on emails to cause data breaches and will destroy all your details too. In 2015 Yahoo had a massive data breach and had to lose 1 Billion email download users. Which has pushed people to a difficult stage to handle business and education in hardly? So, here we have covered the best email apps for Android devices, and some are more flexible with iOS.

What are the Best Email Apps for Android Download?

1) Gmail

Suppose you are searching for the excellent best email apps for Android free. In that case, the best email client for iPhone and Android is the Gmail mail app, which is very easy to install email app and manage email accounts. Gmail login is from Google, which is the number of internet surfers in the world.

Gmail app for android comes with google drive, which is an extraordinary work where you can store everything with the drive, including the virtual storage space to store all the personal data. Lifetime free subscription for every user all around the world. When we consider the best and easy email downloading to handle your personal or business, there is no other best application.

There is an Android and iOS business email app for mobile to download and use through your phone. As tech persons, we are also using the Gmail Android app to maintain our data. Best email platform has so many features like adding HTML signatures, Attach files up to 25 MB or 14 GB, and many features included. If you are new to this, you must download email apps for android today.

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2) Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft is one of the leading tech companies in the world. Which has awarded so many awards for the best platform? Their Microsoft Outlook app for android is one of the best mobile email apps for android tablets or any other device, which is available for free for everyone. Open your email mobile account now and enjoy its exclusive features for absolutely free.

This has so many features, like adding video conferencing with people and easily sending office packages and files. If you are looking for the best email app for android outlook or apps for Hotmail, then there is no other best android app for email for this substitute. We have done much research and surveys with university students to identify the fantastic platform for sharing files.

It is a free email client android to store and send emails anywhere in this world. This also has an end to end encryption; therefore, no channel can be waived to your account. Try this outlook for Android app today and enjoy its features and start sending emails to the world.

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3) Blue mail – Is BlueMail Free?

BlueMail is an advanced and best email application cherished by a huge number of clients around the earth. Unlike other email applications, BlueMail doesn’t move passwords to its workers and doesn’t store any messages. We are pleased as a group to keep up the most elevated level of security workable for a universal best mail client for android that bolsters all the standard email conventions (IMAP, Exchange, SMTP, and POP3).

It gives an immediate association from the application to the client’s email worker for sending and accepting messages, just as getting ongoing message pop-ups. They respect and profoundly regard clients’ private data. Having made sure about the condition is at the center of every single individual from the BlueMail group.

They have been striving to make this a reality and continued improving the arrangement until this declaration. Also, they give a valiant effort to use the most recent OS advancements to keep a first-rate email understanding while at the same time keeping up the greatest security for their clients.

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4) myMail

The best Android email app without ads is the mymail email platform, one of the fastest and easiest email clients for android on the internet. But with the best and secure emails, we are recommending this to you. Anyone can access their platform and create mymail emails for free at any time.

Fastest server and malware-free platform to install on mobiles and browsers. You can install the official email reader app on your phone and start using it free of charge. Try today and leave your feedback in the comments. We are looking forward to many best android email client reviews in return.

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5) Yandex.Mail

Yandex.mail is a global android default email app for sending and receiving all mails in one app and scheduling events through calendars. Which is the latest model which has fewer users around the world? It’s a unique platform which is offering many features to its users. Their platform has so many unique features like quick responses, swipe messages, one-click send, and push notifications. It is providing 10GB encrypted space for users where they can store emails up to 10GB for free. If you are looking for a bit extra space, then it will fall under premium subscriptions.

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6) TypeApp Email

TypeApp is a smooth, portable and best email manager that highlights a clean plan and backing for a wide assortment of email conventions and administrations, for example, best Gmail app android, Yahoo, iCloud, Exchange, and Yandex, just as IMAP and POP3. This best email android app underpins a boundless number of mail accounts with snappy exchanging and adjustable message pop-ups for each record.

Likewise, a slick “bunch” includes insightfully packages together related emails for survey and group activities. TypeApp accompanies various highlights, for example, fast channels, configurable swipe controls, versatile printing, and Android Wear uphold, all enveloped with a perfect Material plan bundle.

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7) Aqua Mail

Before talking about Aqua Mail, it’s essential to comprehend email frameworks, all in all. Cloud-based email administrations have been around for quite a long time. Even though highlights may contrast, each works in comparable ways. Through PCs or cell phones, end-clients can send messages to others all around the globe.

As a major aspect of the cycle, these messages and their connections have been kept someplace in a cloud, which is neither a real cloud nor situated in the sky. Rather, the messages are put away across worker’s cultivates alongside those of a large number of different clients.

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8) K-9 Mail

It’s straightforward why clients are so energetic about keeping K-9 Mail around. This email management app incorporates various efficient highlights for dealing with your inbox, rearranging off bulletins, and different interruptions to various envelopes so you can focus on your most significant emails.

Peruse receipts let you know when your Email’s been perused, and you can likewise nap a few messages so you can manage them at a more advantageous time. The best part is that K-9 Mail coordinates with different applications, letting you spare messages to places like Todoist, Evernote, OneNote, and that’s just the beginning.

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9) Edison Mail

Edison Mail is an across-the-board versatile email reader for android that bolsters an assortment of email suppliers while likewise packaging in a convenient shrewd aide and various supportive Emails the executives’ highlights you’d request from a standout amongst other top android email apps. The application highlights configurable swipe controls, auto-arranging of Email by classes, and a convenient mass withdrawal highlight to help you get off malicious mailing records.

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10) Spark Email

It’s been a here and there ride for Spark Email, a very much respected, rich and best email client ios and Android focused on star clients that have hit a couple of harsh patches throughout the long term. You can try Spark Email free for a multi-day before you’re needed to buy the premium plan for nearly $6. You will get 5GB for free. We can guarantee that Spark Email stays for long. So download mail app and try it.

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11) ProtonMail

Most default email apps for android are accommodated free. Despite this, the desire has consistently been that organizations are making an honest effort to shield our information from meandering eyes. Shockingly, information breaks have become ordinary, influencing billions (indeed, billions) of clients.

With trust in enormous brand innovation organizations consistently disintegrating, top email clients like ProtonMail are planning to get a move on and offer something other than what’s expected. ProtonMail offers two sorts of email encryption, contingent upon your circumstance.

The initial, zero-access encryption happens when a non-ProtonMail android mail client sends an email to somebody who utilizes ProtonMail. For this situation, suppose the Email came through Gmail. Here, the mail is scrambled utilizing a ProtonMail public encryption key expressly attached to that client. As such, the client is the one in particular who can decode the message. Indeed, even ProtonMail can’t do this.

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12) Nine

Nine is one of the best free email apps for android phones recommended to use if you want to spend some amount on sending and receiving the Email. It costs you $14 per month, and that doesn’t have any cloud storage to store the emails with encryptions. We recommend you use other best mail apps for android free of charge rather than wasting your precious penny over here.

This best free android email app has so many features like widgets, wearables, Android and iOS apps to download and use. They are also offering 14 days free trial for every user to experience their platform for a short period. If you are looking to know the difference between them, use a 14 days trial for free today. Claim your trial from the official platform.

With the grown-up of email chattings and exchanges, nine is also one of the best alternatives compared to these email platforms. This has scheduling facilities that are easy to manage calendar events on time to attend and schedule works.

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13) Yahoo Mail – Is There a Yahoo Mail App for Android and iOS?

If you are looking for an email platform with great features, then you are at the right place to learn everything. Here you can use the best mail app for android that is used by millions of users all around the world. Yahoo mail application also can maintain Gmail, Yahoo Mail, outlook 365 android app, office 365 email app for android, AOL, and so on. So we can tell the email app for yahoo is all emails in one app.

We guarantee you this is the best apps for Android’s latest and old phones, depending on the features. Yahoo mail also offers an abundance of accommodating highlights; for example, constant travel notices for flight deferrals and door changes, bundle following, and receipt association.

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What are the Facts You must Follow before Getting A New Email Platform?

  • Access to data easily
  • Get the latest messages quickly
  • Sending emails without waiting for hours
  • Sending Email with HTML signatures
  • Receiving virus-free emails
  • More functions like adding pictures, files, and other data
  • End to end encryptions

Why must You Use Top Email Apps for Email?

Emails are the modern way to communicate and lead businesses worldwide for free and easily. All the email providers are working on the best user experience than leaking the users’ data. Yahoo email server failed in 2015 due to a lack of data breaches in the email databases. Which has lost many businesses due to this security error? If you are a businessman or a student, you can choose the best email client for android and iOS to manage your work easily.

What Are The Multiple Email Account Apps?

  • Yahoo Mail Go
  • All Emails – All in One
  • myMail

What Are The Email and Calendar Apps?

  • Nine – Email & Calendar
  • Samsung mail app
  • Outlook email app for android
  • Free hotmail app


Installing the most reliable and best exchange email app for the android phone will lead you to access messages and open messages instantly and easily. Here is a comparison of paid and free email apps for Android for your review. We hope you will choose the top free email apps for android rather than Gmail. One and best platform so far used by millions and billions of people all over the world.

I hope this simple guide on the best email apps for Android APK will help you discover the most beneficial best android mail apps with high features for your phone. If you have any concerns or doubts, you are free to get answers from our expert team at any time. Please ask your questions now and get your questions cleared. If you want to know more reviews on many apps like games, streaming, and many others, stay with us.

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