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17 Best Educational Quiz Games like Kahoot for Free (2021)

Quizzes are a great way to recall and memorize what you have learned; similarly, teachers worldwide use quizzes to check whether students have grabbed the lessons as well. However, creating quizzes or finding an appropriate one isn’t the most straightforward thing. This is where games like Kahoot become helpful; Kahoot is a game-like classroom quiz app that helps students and teachers through multiple choice answer quizzes. It’s regarded as one of the best interactive classroom apps that exist right now. However, there are many magnificent Kahoot alternatives available for you to polish your knowledge. Today we are talking about such interactive apps with virtual review games. Let’s jump and see. 

What are Other Games Like Kahoot?

1) Trivia Crack

Trivia Crack is one of the best alternatives to Kahoot, and you can test your knowledge to the fullest with various gaming modules. You can answer the trivia questions and the multiple-answer questions and figure out exactly where you rank by playing against your friends and the players worldwide. The game consists of questions about art, sports, science, and many more categories. In classic mode, you can get quizzes by spinning the wheel, filling the crown gauge, or collecting the characters. Also, there are options available for you to explore new game modes, and you can chat with the opponents while you play the game. 

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2) Quizlet

As an alternative to Kahoot, Quizlet offers just about everything you expect, whether you are a student or a teacher. Quizlet is free to download and play. You can easily pick games to play by running a quiz, and even they allow you to create more in-depth questions for your assessments. If you are a teacher, you can use Quizlet to provide study tools to your students for both schools. Home use is an excellent feature of this app. arranging a quiz game for the classroom is never an issue with Quizlet. Its interactive review games help your students to catch the lessons much efficiently. 

Which is better, Quizlet or Kahoot?

Quizlet has games like Kahoot and the options similar to Kahoot; however, concerning the vocabulary and grammar lessons, we think Kahoot has the upper hand over Quizlet. 

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3) Google Classroom

Google Classroom is another option you can consider instead of online Kahoot games. It’s a free service for schools, non-profits from Google itself. You can connect to it with your Google account, and it links students and teachers inside and outside schools. Gone are the days of manual and hassling paper works. With Google Classroom, you can easily create classrooms, communicate, allot assignments and stay organized. The setup is easy, saves time, and the options you have inside it are huge. We feel that people are still not using this great app from Google to their advantage. 

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4) Jeopardy Lab

Jeopardy Lab is one of the websites similar to Kahoot, where you can create and customize jeopardy games for free. Teachers, too, can use this website to create review games like Kahoot to help their students before exams. It’s fun to work with Jeopardy Lab and easy; once you create a customized Jeopardy template, you can share that particular URL with the people you want. They can access the game via it. You can also use the templates previously created by the other users by browsing. When you find a suitable one, you can edit it the way you want. 

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5) ClassDojo

Suppose you are searching for building an online classroom community. In that case, ClassDojo is one excellent option to consider, and even teachers can bring parents to the classroom. Parents can easily see the students’ progress via photos. Also, they can have a chat with the teacher and receive the announcements. People from more than 180 countries are reaping benefits from ClassDojo, and it works almost with any device, be it a smartphone, tablet, smart board, pc, or laptop. Since we discuss games like Kahoot for learning, ClassDojo perhaps works a little bit differently from a gaming platform and brings more educational elements to the table. 

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6) Canvas

Canvas is an app where students can access their online courses via mobile devices. If you are a student, you can participate in lessons, submit assignments and course materials. Canvas has quiz games for the classroom, similar to the Kahoot, and students can check their progression under different tools from the app’s dashboard. The Canvas app is designed in a user-friendly manner. This helps its users manage files, course grades, change users, and get support from the Canvas support center. You will first have to create a Canvas account to access all these features, and the app is available for Android and iOS users. 

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7) Photomath

It’s the most trusted and used mathematics app in the world. Students can learn math, do homework and prepare for the upcoming exams. The most valuable aspect of this app is that it’s free to use. Even you can get access to its features without connecting to the internet. It doesn’t matter where you are at; you can learn math on the go, thanks to Photomath. It is fun learning math with this app, and it does have educational quiz games like live Kahoot games. Photomath has a plus plan for advanced explanations, tips, hints, and animations. Still, the free plan is quite helpful in our view, and hardly there is a reason to purchase the plus plan. 

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8) QuizUp

QuizUp is one of the biggest trivia game apps going around. Topics are covering almost all interests; also, QuizUp is one of the multiplayer games like Kahoot. There are multiple answer questions, and you can challenge your friends and anyone in the world on the subject you like. There are whopping 1,200 topics to choose from, and most of these topics available in different languages. It’s an award-winning quiz program, and it’s the best way to discover like-minded people worldwide. Moreover, it’s free to download, and you can play with your buddies in real-time. 


9) Blackboard Learn

This is another mobile solution for the students to stay up to date with their studies and connected with courses. You can quickly view your course content and take assignments, and it helps you check grades as well. Blackboard Learn works as a collaborative tool with your institution’s server. Most of the courses created by your teachers are compatible with this app. To work with Blackboard Learn, your institute must enable access to the courses. Since the app is working as a secondary connected tool, your class must use appropriate software to use the app’s features. 


10) Extramarks

Extramarks is a fun and exciting way to learn your lessons. You will meet Alex, the Al-based companion designed to take you through your personalized learning program with visuals and animations. It helps you resolve your doubts about specific questions. Online games like Kahoot and Extramarks are produced to ease the learning and make it a fun process. You can choose your class, subject and commence the lessons taking numerous valuable features to your advantage. It’s free to download and use, and the Extramarks app is available for both Android and iOS users. 

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11) 7 Little Words

Everyone loves crossword puzzles, word finds, trivia quizzes and 7 Little Words is one such fantastic app to learn various subjects. There are more than 10,000 puzzles, and it contains five difficulty levels from easy to impossible! Most of these puzzles are made in English and Spanish, and it does have games like Kahoot but free of charge. 7 Little Words to has a paid subscription even though we mentioned it’s free. But, you don’t have to purchase a subscription right at the start to experience hundreds of free puzzles and games. Just get started with the app, and you will realize what we are talking about here. 

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12) Quizizz

Quizizz is a beautiful learning app used by over 20 million people per month in schools, homes, and offices worldwide. You can either study on your own or engage with your friends using videos, quizzes, assignments, or presentations. And you can use all the features by creating a free account at You can find many games like Kahoot online in this app, and the quizzes’ structure is quite comprehensive to understand. 

Is Quizizz better than Kahoot?

Talking about the user-friendly interface Quizizz is far better than Kahoot. However, when it comes to providing answers and feedbacks, we suggest Kahoot works brilliantly over Quizizz. 

Is Quizizz free for students?

Yes, students can create free quizzes and interact with any learner just by creating an account. 

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13) Seesaw

It’s a student-driven learning app that is always free for the teachers, and the app uses more than 200,000 classrooms in the US. Seesaw is an award-winning product equipped with recognitions from Common Sense Education, the American Association of School Librarians, and Richard Byrne. Its creative tools are well-known for encouraging student engagement. Every student has their portfolio to showcase the progress. Seesaw has thousands of pre-created activities inside it that are ready to use in the classrooms. The app is compatible with more than 100s of Google Play and Apple apps. It’s one of the best polling apps for classrooms, particularly for teachers. 

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14) Quiz World

Quiz World is an entertaining trivia game that consists of many social games like Kahoot. More than 3000 quizzes are growing every day. A few of the app’s features include four pictures, one-word quizzes, music-based quizzes, worldwide trivia battle, survival trivia mode, and more. You will be provided with a detailed explanation for the questions you receive. All in all, it’s a delightful learning experience. You can download and install the Quiz World app for free, and educating yourself is as easy as ABC. 


15) Blooket

It’s a web-based quiz game that you can use for classroom activities. Blooket offers a variety of game modes, visual themes, gameplay types and quizzes. Teachers can use the app to create assignments for the students and set up games. It’s an engaging learning platform, and most of its users see Blooket as addictive in a good way. How good is it to get addicted to education? It motivates both teachers and students, and there are loads of options available for you to customize the quizzes. You can join the Blooket community and share your knowledge and get what they have in them quite easily as well. 


16) TopHat

TopHat is an app that helps you with comprehensive assessments before, during, and after class. It provides you with the luxury of connecting with your teachers, friends, and lessons in and out of the classroom. TopHat is filled with dynamic and interactive images, videos, audios, and a couple of other methods to help you with fun and engaging courses. There is tailor-made content to support your courses. You can access the digital materials wherever you go, whatever you do.  

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17) Poll Everywhere

You can respond to the Poll everywhere questions from anywhere. You can check on the correctness of the submitted answers by checking the history quite comfortably. It allows you to connect with live audiences and respond to the speakers via private messages. You can sign in or create a fresh account to track the attendance and assessments; from there, it’s simple to get access to the live presenters. Poll everywhere is a popular platform among fortune 500s and educators worldwide, and now it’s your time to relish.



At times, learning can be boring to us, which is perfectly fine and alright. If you use an app mentioned above, kick out the boring elements from the lessons and enjoy them to the fullest. Most of these apps are free to use, and we would like you to download a couple and test them as we did. And, yes, do not forget to let us know your take as well. Cheers!

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