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13 Best & Popular Games Like Witcher 3 Ps4 (2023)

The Witcher 3 definitely caused us to change the picture we had on games in our minds. CD Projekt, the game developer, brought something to the gaming world that was not previously there, and it’s a no-brainer explaining it to game lovers. Even after six years after the initial release, we still talk about it; however, many games like Witcher 3 on PC came to the screen since its inception. Today we are talking about few such amazing games you can consider playing instead of The Witcher 3 overrated.

What Are The Games As Good As Witcher 3?

1) Monster Hunter World

As you most probably would know, The Witcher 3 RPG contains both humans and beasts, whereas Monster Hunter World is totally about defeating monsters. Though we include this in our list of Co-op games like Witcher 3 ps4, it may not be the most matching choice for those who need a game that is exactly similar to the nature of The Witcher 3.

We would say this one will go really well for the people interested in a game like Dark Souls as this one is full of beasts. The game is played from the third-person point of view, and the player can select a customized character that will enter a “new world” filled with beasts.

More than five million copies of the game sold within the first three days of the initial release and out of which over 1.3 million copies were sold in Japan. Also, over 140,000 Ps4 consoles were sold during the week of Monster Hunter’s release: World, and it was the most selling game of January and February in the US, 2018.


2) The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – Which Is Better Skyrim Or Witcher 3?

Bethesda Game Studio’s Skyrim was one of the leading games similar to The Witcher 3 best game before The Witcher broke into the scene. And it had its reputation unharmed even after the arrival of The best Witcher game. The huge fan base and Bethesda’s focus on making games like Witcher 3 and Skyrim available for all consoles with necessary technical updates made sure that it remains solid over the years.

Is The Witcher 3 Bigger Than Skyrim?

The witcher 3 vs Skyrim: The game contains a wide variety of locations and activities. You have the freedom to select the ideal character for the game, such as an alchemist, Monster hunter, or blacksmith. It’s an action-packed action role-playing game like Witcher 3 where you can play in a first or third-person perspective.

During the game’s release day, it was noticed that more than 230,000 people around the world were playing it concurrently. It recorded a whopping 3.4 million copies within two days, and Xbox 360 had the major portion of 59% of those sales.


3) God of War – Is God Of War Better Than Witcher 3?

It’s one of the action-adventure Witcher 3 like games from Santa Monica Studio, which got released in 2018. The story, graphics, game design, characters, and all other elements were just from the top cupboard, and it received praises from game-loving people from all around the world.

Is God Of War Open World?

God of war vs witcher 3: Yes, it is not a fully open world. There are so many unique features of them. At its initial release in the UK, it got 35% more sales than the previous editions and topped the charts for all formats for six consecutive weeks. Also, it recorded a sale of 3.1 million copies within three days of the release; at the time, it was the best-selling Ps4 exclusive as well.


4) Horizon Zero Dawn

Released in 2017, Horizon Zero Dawn is a role-playing action game, and since its arrival on PC, it has gained more popularity in the gaming world. If you are a person who loves to go hunting strange creatures, ps4 games like Witcher 3 and horizon zero dawn are open-world games you can definitely count on.

Is Horizon Zero Dawn Like God Of War?

You will be playing the role of a human in hunting robots and converting them to beneficial parts. Further, the story includes investigations about what causes robots to become aggressive against humans, and the character you are living with will find valuable clues along the way.

The game’s storyline is interesting, and the hunting features blend a satisfying feeling to the users. It has won dozens of awards from its release until now and got nominated for more awards. In terms of sales, Games like horizon zero dawn were the best-selling game in the UK of its released week and was the second best-selling one in Japan and topped the charts in Australia.


5) Kingdom Come: Deliverance

We would say The Witcher was brilliant in terms of story and weighty tone. In contrast, Kingdom Come: Deliverance was a top-notch product regarding realistic pains and historical surroundings. The fights in the game are always intense and look real. The player plays the role of a Blacksmith’s son and fights against the enemies to restore Bohemia’s lawful king.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance has won 12 awards in total from different institutes spanning from 2017 to 2019. And in the 2019 Czech game of the year awards, it has won three awards for the best game design, best technological solution, and YouTuber’s award; it got nominated for three other categories as well. 


6) Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey

Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey is an impressive reinvention, and we had to include this as one of the best games like The Witcher 3. It’s the 11th installment (major) from Ubisoft, and players can choose either male or female characters for the gameplay and fight to find the family. The game was released for Ps4, Windows, Xbox One, and Nintendo in 2018.

The Stadia version came to the scene in 2019; and, as similar to the previous editions, this one too had positive reviews from users all around the world. Concerning the game, Assassin’s Creed Odyssey is more focused on role-play elements, which are a little bit improved than the previous ones.

In the first week of the release, it has gained more sales than the older versions of Assassin Creed products, and in Japan, it recorded over 45,000 copies of a sale in the first two days of the release. This edition also grabbed more digital sales worldwide, and overall it was about 45% of the total sale.


7) Red Dead Redemption 2

It’s one of the action-adventure Witcher 3 similar games introduced to the game world in 2018. The game’s story is about a fictional representation of the late 1800 in the US and the tale of Arthur Morgan’s position in a notorious gang.

Red dead redemption 2 vs Witcher 3: Players can play the game from both the first and third person’s perspective, and gameplay consists of shootouts, hunting, horse rides, and many more outstanding elements to maintain the character’s honor. Arthur Morgan’s character is quite engaging and hugely based on emotions. Initially, it got released for Ps4 and Xbox One, and now you can play it on Windows and Stadia.

The game has all the capabilities to lose you in a whole new world, and the game is explained deeply in all aspects. Talking about PC games like Witcher 3 and red dead 2, it was one of the highest-selling game products of 2018, and on the opening weekend of the release, it made over $725 million.


8) Dragon Age: Inquisition

This particular game is full of meaningful gameplay stuff, and obviously, it will let you wander here and there for few minutes. Dragon Age: Inquisition is not a 100% open-world game as its map will make you go around different areas. It’s restricted at the start, and after you make progress, you will be allowed access to new places and various exciting tasks.

It’s more than just a kill and runs game thanks to the comprehensive and interesting dialogues and cleverly designed gameplay. Inquisitors or their peers will get controlled by the player, and the game is designed to control from a third-person perspective.

In both games like Witcher 3 and dragon age: inquisition, you can customize the character’s appearance, gender, and most other elements, and the character you choose will become the Inquisitor over time. Dragon Age: Inquisition had the same amount of sales as 2013 released Dragon Age II, and it was the 5th ranked game in the UK at the time of its initial release.


9) Dragon’s Dogma

The curious story, strong action role-play, and character progression are what makes Dragon’s Dogma a game that stands tall above the rest. It’s more of a topic-related game than a monster hunter, and the colors and the backgrounds of the game definitely make it an eye-catching and pretty game.

Dragon’s dogma vs Witcher 3: As said, we love this game’s unanticipated and disturbing myths and the open-world atmosphere; all in all, Dragon’s Dogma is a satisfying product from Capcom. You will be playing a customizable avatar named Arisen, who is fighting against the monsters. It was released only for the game’s original consoles initially, and people had to wait for three years for windows and four years for Ps4 and Xbox One.

The sales aspects of the game debuted in Japan and topped the charts with over 300,000 copies. However, the PC version of Dragon’s Dogma failed to capture many sales in its inception but gradually became one of the company’s most successful PC titles over time.


10) Fallout 4

The Fallout series’s first three games were 2D games similar to Witcher 3 and came to the gaming world in the 1990s. Then, Bethesda bought it from previous owners and designed 3D Fallout games. Fallout series would superbly match your intentions of finding games like Witcher 3 Xbox one. The fourth one was released in 2015 for Ps4, Windows, and Xbox One.

It is an open-world environment action role play game. It’s the sequel game of Fallout 3, and the story runs from the year 2287 after ten years from the conclusion of the previous game. This particular game received praises worldwide for its in-depth story, soundtrack, freedom of the player, overall design, and content.

Fallout 4 recorded a sale of 1.2 million copies within the first day of the release, and most of the sales came from a digital form instead of physical sales. Bethesda managed to ship 12 million copies to the retailers within the first day, a $570 million value.


11) Destiny 2

Also known as Destiny 2: New Light is one of the only-player shooter Witcher like games better than Witcher 3 produced by Bungie. It’s a first-person perspective game, and with the initial release, Bungie gave chances for Ps4, Windows, and Xbox One players in 2017. You will get chances to improve the guardian, which is referred to as the character you play.

The guardian will protect the world from alien attacks, and once you gain level-ups, the guardian will receive an enhanced ability to perform in the battles. Over the course of four years, Destiny 2 got nominated for over 60 awards but interestingly only won six awards.  

In the first week of its release Destiny, 2 clocked over 50,000 copies in Japan, which made it reach the top of the charts, and in the weekend, it got to the top of the UK’s charts as well. That concludes our list of similar games like Witcher 3. We have handpicked these for you to provide the more or less same experience similar to The Witcher 3, and we will cap this piece off with a FAQ session.



12) Sekiro: Shadows Die

Sekiro: Shadows is a third-person perspective game and comes with an over-the-gameplay’s shoulder camera, and Sekiro is the character you will be controlling in combats and puzzles. Also, don’t expect the gameplay to be similar to the previous installments, as it is entirely different from how they brought up the set and the atmosphere in particular.

There is a lot to experience in each stage of the game, and you barely have chances to apply the combat mechanics you used in games like Skyrim or The Witcher. But, there is nothing to get worried about as it comes with a lengthy tutorial to ease gameplay pressure. 

Which Is Better Sekiro Or Witcher 3?

The simple answer would be yes. First of all, we must say that you will have to play both games to see whether our statement is correct or not; of course, play Witcher one before starting with Sekiro. Many still argue that The Witcher 3 is the better of the two, but not in our perspective. Let us know your take in the comment section below.  


13) Middle-Earth: Shadow of War

If you are a die-hard fan of The Witcher 3 and its combats, Middle-Earth Shadow of War is definitely one of the games to play after Witcher 3 you should try at least once. It’s the latest and most brilliantly built game from Monolith productions, and it’s the sequel game of Middle-earth Shadow of Mordor. The game got released in 2017 for Ps4, Windows, and Xbox One.

You can continue the ranger Tailon in this game and elf lord Celebrimbor’s soul to establish a new ring of power to fight against the enemies. The game is played in an open-world atmosphere from a third-person perspective. You can take the maximum out of the athletic and combat abilities of Tailon to overcome situations.

Also, it has a multiplayer feature as a friend and is ranked where you can play with your friends or the higher-ranked opponents. In 2017 Shadow of War won the award for the best console game for Xbox One from Gamescom and was a regular nominee for many game-related awards throughout 2017 and 2018. Middle-Earth Shadow of War has the largest open-world environment for you to explore. It’s about a billion square miles!


What Are The Best Games Like Witcher 3 for Xbox One?

  • Kingdoms of Amalur
  • Legend of Zelda
  • Dark Souls
  • Legend of Zelda

What Are The Best RPGs Like Witcher 3?

  • Salt & Sanctuary
  • Greedfall
  • God Of War
  • Mass Effect 2


The Witcher 3 is one of the best open-world environment games ever produced; it’s a fact. However, now you know that there are more magnificent games like Witcher 3 made and recognized by gamers worldwide. Mostly you can try all of the games like the witcher 3 comparisons we mentioned above. We are confident that you will try a couple from this list and what to play after witcher 3 Besides, we would love to hear your suggestions other than the ones mentioned on this list.

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