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13 Best Chatting Apps like Kik for Adults to Try (2023)

You will find a lot of chatting apps in the present world. Sometimes your mobile may have two or three top Kik apps. App Kik is one such famous chatting app used by millions of worldwide users. But Kik started to gain a bad reputation due to a large number of scam accounts. Here I will give you the best list of messenger apps like Kik groups. You will be able to drop your Kik and make new friends through these similar apps to chat with strangers.

What Are The Best Kik Alternatives?

1) Whatsapp

People having a smartphone with an internet connection knows about Whatsapp very well. This messaging app is famous among all ages which is not limited to teens or youngsters. It is one of the worldwide famous chat sites for Kik chatting app that replaced SMS and direct mobile calls. It is one of the best Kik app alternatives. 

What Is WhatsApp Used For?

You can send messages, audio, videos, and images to people. You can get voice calls and video calls anywhere at any time. The emoji, stickers, and GIFs will through away the boring chats. You can post your status on this platform. Those statuses last for only 24 hours. Your data is secured in Whatsapp using end-to-end encryption. 

The Whatsapp app is available for both Android and Ios devices. It has some design differences between these two platforms. The app has clean blue and white design inspired by iMessage on Ios. On Android, it has a tab-based interface with solid green color. This app is free to download. It does not display ads. If you are looking to replace the instant chat Kik app with another Whatsapp is a great choice to try. 

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2) Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is one of the popular chatting apps like Kik friends. it is a very easier to use and simple app. You can chat with friends and your family members. You can start private conversations with friends. An app like Messenger allows you to send messages, make audio and video calls, and playing games.

So you won’t feel lazy in using this Kik texting app alternative. You don’t need to bother about the security of your identity here. You need to be a Facebook member to use messenger if you are a Facebook user who downloads the messenger app. 

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3) Snapchat

Snapchat is becoming one of the famous group chat apps like Kik anonymous within a short time. It is not just like other traditional messaging apps like Kik roleplay. it keeps you engaged with your friends all the time. As the name suggests, you can snap and chat. Just capture an image or take a video and send it to your friend along with a text. They can react to it.

After some time your sent item will be disappeared. It has a FOMO feature that allows adding a story that lets the user share the snap that lasts for 24 hours. The main purpose of Snapchat is to send images and videos. You can also send text messages. Just after viewing the message by the recipient, it gets deleted.

The ones who prefer more privacy can select Snapchat to replace Kik instant messaging. Anyone won’t be able to show your messages to someone else here. You get notified when your message recipient screenshots your chat or snap. Snapchat offers a new messaging experience. Download the app onto your iOS or Android device and feel the change. 

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4) Viber – Is Viber Like Kik?

Viber is another Kik replacement. All smartphone uses are familiar with its purple color icon. You can message, make videos, and voice calls to anyone. ViberOut also calls available on this platform. It costs some money too. Viber allows sharing media with friends. You get marvelous packs of stickers and emoticons here. So your chats will never be boring.

It is a secure platform. Viber Secret chat enables you to have secret conversations. The messages in these secret chats get deleted automatically within a certain time. You can have a group chat with your friends too. You can download this app without any cost from the Apple Store and Google Playstore. 

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5) Line – Is The LINE App Safe?

The line is another alternative to Kik Apple and Android. Millions of people use this app to chat with each other. You can make voice calls and video calls locally and internationally. You can message your friends using texts and funny stickers. Video calls and voice calls also help you to connect with your loved ones.

Line allows you to share your posts, photos, connect with strangers, and more. You can play games with friends connected to Line. If you like to know the special things related to celebrities’ lives, this is the app to replace Kik USA.

You can follow your favorite celebrity to connect with them. Besides, you can follow other accounts in Line. It also allows you to create polls to get other’s ideas about certain things. You can have Line app on your ios or Android device. 

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6) Telegram

Telegram is one of the apps better than Kik chat now. It offers calling and texting features. You can chat with your friends with this app. you don’t need to contact a number to connect with Telegram people.

You can find people using the Telegram username of friends. It also has a group chatting feature that enables people to connect with more than one friend. You can create a channel on Telegram. So people can join your channel service. Telegram bots also help you with this platform. 

You can chat with your friends, family members, and strangers. So, your life will never get bored with the emojis, animations, and stickers available in these public group chat apps. You can download apps like Kik messenger onto your Android iOS devices. 

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7) WeChat

Wechat is another messaging app like Kik random chat disappeared. It is a top-rated app, and more than a billion worldwide active users are a part of this app. Wechat offers unlimited messaging, making voice and video calls, group calls, media sharing, and more. You get lots of stickers on apps like Wechat to chat with strangers.

Those stickers are promotional ones coming from your favorite movies. WeChat has some unique features like the Shake feature, WeChat’s Friend Radar, and People Nearby. It also allows you to connect with strangers other than your friends. You need to shake your mobile to find strangers using this app. The Discover tab inside the app helps to make more friends. 

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8) Hangouts – Is Kik better than hangouts?

Hangout Chats is a product of Google. It is one of the famous texting apps like Kik for adults. Internet connection is not a must to chat on Google Hangouts. It has chat rooms. You can start a conversation thread in groups or for one-to-one conversations. It allows adding third-party bots to chats to make it easy to schedule meetings and other things. 

You get a Hangout account just after making a Gmail account. Hangouts app is available for Android, Windows, iOS, Mac, and web browsers. There is also an aid subscription in Hangout to offer more storage space and other features. 

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9) Tango

Tango is one of the Kik like apps. It is named the ‘all-in-one’ social networking app. you can connect with 50 people at once using this app. You can send text chats, video calls, share audios, and pictures in Tango. During video calls, you can send animations to friends.

It also allows playing games and chatting at the same time. Spotify in this chat app like Kik enables sending musicYou can find the nearby Tango users to ‘find friends nearby‘ feature if you don’t need other nearby Tango users to identify you through the location.

Just set your profile to private and turn off the location service. Tango app is free to download on your mobile. There are some additional features that you can purchase, like getting the ‘Tango Premium Discovery‘ to chat with the most popular person on Tango for $9.99 per month. 

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10) Discord

Discord is one of the best alternatives for Kik. This is especially for gamers. But it is also available for others—discord features like public chats, voice channels, and direct messages between individual members. Discord is free to download onto your mobile. There is a paid version that costs $4.99. it has extra features like GIF emotes and the ability to use any emote on any server. 

Discord is a very famous Kik alternative that enables you to connect with strangers and make new friends. This app has over 3.5 million worldwide users. You can select a group, and those chat rooms are categorized based on interest. People share their thoughts in chat rooms.

You can join groups and forums to get more knowledge. The special feature of Discord is you can customize messages using different fonts, themes, colors, emoticons, and stickers. You can find people searching with filters like age, name, location, etc. Discord is free to use this online messenger like Kik.  

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11) KakaoTalk

Kakao Talk is one of the messaging apps similar to Kik. More than 150 worldwide users use this app. You can connect with other Kakao Talk uses using this app. Kakao Talk is a light app that allows connecting with your friends through text messages and voice calls.

What is KakaoTalk used for?

It works even with Edge data and GPRS data. The FaceTalk feature is for you to start video calls with friends. You will find many emoticon packs in the store of this app. You can chat with friends using those creative emoticons. The addition of multiple friends in groups is also available here. KakaoTalks app is available for Android, Ios, Windows, and many other platforms. 

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12) Signal

The signal app is becoming more popular this day. It is one of the best chatting sites like Kik with strangers. You can use this app instead of Whatsapp also. A non-profit organization owns signal. Signal has an excellent security system that does not allow the signal itself to read your messages. It does not support third-party backups.

All the data you use remain inside your device. So you won’t be able to get your chat history on another device after losing your phone. You can add a maximum of 150 members in a group at Signal. It supports video and audio calls. Disappearing messages can be enabled for each chat. So you can decide whether to delete the chat within five seconds or one week. 

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13) Ablo

Ablo is an app similar to Kik that has similar random Kik chats. Millions of worldwide users use this app. It is a secured platform too. Ablo has lots of amazing features. You can customize your profile for any specific group you join to keep privacy. Voice integration in messages, comments, and posts is also available in this app. 

This app is free to download. But you can purchase custom emoji, live video and voice calls, more storage, dark mode, and more. The Ablo subscription offers access to all these features for a zero monthly rate. Ablo app does not display ads. If you are fed up with ad-showing chat apps, it is better to try this app. Ablo app is available in the App Store, Google Playstore, and online. It supports many languages. 

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What Are The Other Websites Like Kik In The USA?

You can find ample apps like Kik app in the USA. Some of them are Whatsapp, Mewe, WeChat, Line, Viber, and Telegram. All these similar apps for Kik messenger offer a unique chat experience for users. Chat Rooms is also one of the chatting apps like Kik but better. You can find new friends in chat rooms. The chat room app has stickers to make you engage with chats. Download the Chat Rooms app onto your Android or iOS device and start making friends. 

What Are The Other Online Messengers Like Kik In India?

  • Hike
  • Sharechat
  • Signal
  • Telegram


Kik instant chat app has many amazing things like GIFs, emojis, and text to chat with your friends. Some of the Kik app’s special features are a user-friendly interface, availability of bots, and unique codes. Kik started to gain a bad reputation due to a large number of scam accounts. People are moving towards chat sites like Kik.

Unfortunately, you won’t find Kik instant messenger in some countries such as India. Free Kik chat is banned in India. But other apps like Kik group chat are available. There are many famous chatting alternatives to Kik that is one such popular chatting app, but you can easily find many alternatives if you are fed up with the free Kik messenger app.

Apps like Kik with groups help you to chat with your friends and sometimes with strangers. All these alternative chat apps like Kik top sites have amazing features. Consider the security and user-friendliness before selecting an app. You have to select the best app that offers amazing features. 

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