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10 Best Games Like Clash Of Clans You Should Play In 2020

We all know that the popularity of Clash of Clans all around the world. It’s one of the most popular games ever made, and credit goes to Supercell. On the Google Play store, it tops this style With more than 100 million downloads.

What Type of Game is Clash of Clans?

It is a freemium mobile multiplayer Strategy game that involves building a base, raising an army full of different creatures, defending your core, and attacking someone else’s station for loot. Even you can join different clans and participate in Clan Wars. Nothing is better than the crazy taste of victory in Clan Wars.

At last, ‘Clash of Clans’ is an entertaining, highly addictive game. Although Supercell brings changes and updates from time to time, to keep the interest going on. Still, if you are bored with this game and are looking for similar games like Clash of Clans, then your search ends here.

Let’s dive right in.

Best Games like Clash of Clans

1) Jungle Heat

If you have ever played any other game in this genre, then it wouldn’t be difficult for you. As you know correctly what to do in this game. Create a base for mining out resources like gold and oil for building and training army as well as protecting the base. As you would need to protect the command center of your base from the enemy’s attack.

This game comes with a very average graphics and considerable waiting time is required for building any structures. If you are a new player in this genre, you’ll enjoy the combat and find the strategy building to be very challenging. 


  • The underlying engine of fairness is better than CoC.
  • Battling is consistent, and the ability to improve defence is well.
  • This helps you to learn a lot about leadership.

  • Focused on in-app purchases.
  • The junk takes too long to clear.
IOS Android

2) Boom Beach

It is another unique creation by Supercell. So, if you have any doubts regarding quality and features, you shouldn’t worry about it. It would help if you started from scratch, build your base, prepare troops. You get a replay feature which shows you the replay of the attacks on your base while you were offline. So, you will be able to find the weak spots in your defence. The combat is intense, rewarding, and entertaining if you win. 


  • This game has different types of defences.
  • Game is well versed with fair graphics.
  • Can be better troop design and more options for daily events.

  • It takes too much time to upgrade everything. (Units, buildings, etc.)
  • Has in-app purchases.
IOS Android

3) Vikings: War of Clans

Plarium develops this game. In Vikings: War of Clans, you get an excellent old Viking to feel. Each player receives a similar objective that is they have to capture the place of power, generally located at the center of their kingdom. All the players have their kingdom in different geographical locations.


  • There are new challenges every day and that we are given gifts daily.
  • Auto farming is a big thing that not a lot of strategy games have.
  • There are many different troop options. (Such as personal killers, etc.)


  • There’s no way you can get the amounts you need to get a bubble to keep from anyone attacking you unless you spend money.
IOS Android

4) Company of Heroes

It looks like the PC version of it. Company of Heroes always had a great of physical quality to its audio design with hard-hitting explosions, sharp machine gun fire and desperate cries from soldiers across the battlefield. Another excellent game provided to us from Feral Interactive. If you have an  I Pad Pro, it sounds especially useful because of the speakers.  Its fairly generic world war to tail but its good time nonetheless.


  • Probably fun playing against other players also struggling to move their units.
  • The strategy is fun and challenging.
  • The graphics and gameplay are outstanding.
  • We especially appreciate the fact that the game is a time purchase with free add on content and NO ADS.


  • No multiplayer. 
  • Controls not good. (at the moment)

5) Empires and Allies

Empires and Allies from Zynga. Ìts within an isometric square area and a quite lovely 3D look. We need to gain resources and sort of things World map, which allows you to get into battles. You can also play PvP. It’s a strategy management game. This is just not only games like clash of clans, but also a very addictive game.

Great for beginners right up to seasoned campaigners. You have the option to spend money to get ahead faster. It’s Similar to Boom Beach and Clash of Clans in terms of gameplay with a total difference in more realistic textures. You can make your own kingdom and attack other nations to build alliances. It is a multidimensional game and can be played differently.


  • You can retrieve your troops from battle as in clash of clans, but you can’t get your troops back after each battle.
  • Smart graphics.
  • Allows others to donate troops and materials needed for upgrades.
  • There are many types of troops.


  • There are ads, but optional to view and you receive a boost.
  • It takes forever to accumulate the things that are needed to progress/upgrade.
IOS Android

 6) DomiNations

It’s a free game in the App Store. However, similar to Clash of Clans, the set of war, and mobile strike. When compared with the COC, there are few differences. You can hunt animals, upgrade resources, and do tasks like others. Upgrade time is realistic when compared with COC. It’s a noticeable difference. You can choose a nation to side with, ancient and modern is remarkable. Very challenging and educational, big learning curve.

It has lots of purchasing options, but it also has lots of decent giveaways just by watching videos and participating in events that help balance the playing field.  The concept is excellent, and DomiNations actually has a level of realism that will never be present in Clash. You have real historical figures as your “Heroes” in DomiNations, rather than the fantasy characters in the other games.


  • Constant updates and new features.
  • You don’t have to spend money, you can play other games to accrue crowns.
  • Lots of looting and ways to buy extra perks in-game.
  • strategy with what you choose to study or upgrade.


  • Upgrades expensive but they take far to long to be completed.
  • The defense cannot be controlled.
IOS Android

7) Clash Royale

Depth and simplicity are the characteristics of the best game. After a few minutes, you can understand what is going on here. But when you play more than an hour, you realize that a lot more to it. This game walks that line brilliantly at first glance, easy to understand the mix between a tower defense game and a MOBA. 

But once your teeth start sinking into the fleshy bits under the supercell polish, you find engaging and addictive. This is a two-lane MOBA, and you will get three towers and much like a tower defense game. Even if you not a fan of COC is well worth a look.


  • Quick to get into a match and matches are only 3 minutes, 5 minutes at the longest.
  • There are a very balanced set of cards.
  • This game has the unique ability to push you past the point of rage quitting to rage playing.


  • You have to spend money to go on a higher level.
  • Matchmaking with over level players. (they will fix it)
IOS Android

8) Plunder Pirates

You have to rebuild a destroyed island, which was ruined by a typhoon as we understand. Your buildings take a certain amount of time so you can spend premium currency to make them speed up. You’ll also be attacked by other players as well. You can play with your friends. It’s a much in the style of Clash of Clans. But it’s like the next generation in terms of visual polish.

Like COC, the apparent intention of the game is to frustrate the impatient people into buying gems that will help you speed up production. You can purchase 1 hour’s worth of coins and so on. Because this makes the game good, in games like clash of clans, you can only buy a certain amount, which is annoying when u get good at the game.


  • The music is so calming and lovely.
  • Gameplay and graphics are excellent with enough variation to keep you amused almost indefinitely.
  • The smart menu system and clear throughout and impressed with the help and coaching.
  • A short period of shielding after an attack (You can continue to build up despite attacks)


  • If you are impatient and poor, don’t download this game. If you are patient or wealthy, it’s not a bad game.
IOS Android

9) Dawn of Titans: Strategy Game

If you like to play a game that has an emperor and you want to build your own resources, own army, and go ahead inside the world. This is for you. You can plan and control the entire troop battle colossal titans and thousand of warriors in the great wars. In Dawn of Titans, your either go big, or you go home. You can also join with your friends and play free like a few others on the list.


  • SImply you can control everything
  • Console quality Graphics
  • You can dominate with the master titans and see a lot of various creatures.
  • Non-stop events and campaigns


  • The titan sometimes doesn’t follow the right path if he walks near troops.
  • Can’t put emoji when chat and no team play.
  • High recharge time for portal stones. (7 minutes for 1 stone)
IOS Android

10) Lords Mobile: Kingdom Wars

It’s a good game to make your own territory and rule the world according to yourself. You can help each other kingdoms. so you could grow easy and be safeguarded by highly advanced kingdom or friends. There’s plenty of different things to work on, and many of guild events to keep you social and busy.

As with most games, you get further, faster when you spend money. Completing tasks makes it more exciting, and the events for different heroes are also impressive. The tutorial is straightforward, and it guides you through every step.


  • They have significant events that keep it fun and exciting.
  • This will test your patience, tactics, and self-confidence.
  • The controls are smooth, and the chances of experiencing ads are low.


  • Focused on App-purchases much, but free players can have a great time.
  • Better if the battles are not controlled automatically.
IOS Android

Bonus Similar Apps to Clash of Clans 

  • Age of Empires: Castle Siege – If you are looking for games like clash of clans and you are also a fan of the age of empires, then this game is most recommended. 
  • Brave Conquest
  • Lords Mobile

games like coc

Hope you like this list of games like clash of clans. If you have played any similar games which I haven’t mentioned here, feel free to leave it in the comment section. 

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  1. I love this collection. I used to play clash of clans as a habit for years. I thought to try Lord mobile: kingdom of wars as it’s bit different to others. Anyway, thanks for the update.

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