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11 Best Games Like World of Warcraft for Ps4 (2023)

When it comes to the best MMORPG, it’s obvious that you hear the name World of Warcraft. The truth is it has played a huge role in shaping and improving the MMORPG game genre. Replacing WoW is nearly impossible, but the best Warcraft-like games offer the same game mechanisms and the feel. Let’s discuss such alternatives to the world of Warcraft.

What Are the Other Games Similar to World of Warcraft?

1) Destiny 2

Considering games like WoW for ps4, Destiny 2 is a game that has every element you expect from an MMORPG game. The game permits you to enjoy many exciting combats from a first-person perspective and explore the hidden mysteries along the way.

The story was huge when it came to the scenes, and most of us thought it was exaggerated at that time. Bungie Inc, the game developer, and Destiny 2 itself proved all of us wrong and delivered well above the initial hype.

You will be revealing the secrets of the solar system, and you can use your power against the enemies. Similar to World of Warcraft, you will be bossing the entire game, which means you have the chance to create your guardian and select suitable weapons for the combats

Even it allows you to customize the character that you are playing and the playing mechanics. The exciting storyline combined with the challenging combats is the most obvious highlight of this MMORPG, similar to WoW.

Besides, users find it exciting to fight against friends and the world with various player vs. player modes. Regarding the game’s release, developers release it for Ps4 and Xbox One in September 2017 and the Windows version in October of the same year. It had a sale of over 50,000 copies for Ps4 in Japan within the first week of its release. 


2) Sea of Thieves

Produced in 2018, Sea of Thieves is an action-adventure game in which you will play a pirate’s character. The pirate voyages from various companies become the legend of the sea. It’s an open-world multiplayer game; this means you will and can cooperate with the other players to explore the sea via a pirate ship.

Thieves are also called a shared-world adventure game; because it allows players to get help from others and even fight against each other, going head to head. It is believed that developers explored various game settings before they release the game, such as dinosaurs and vampires. But, eventually, they decided on the theme of pirates.

It comes with a level-wise progression system; when you move ahead with the game, you will get the opportunity to customize the pirate that you are playing with new cosmetic items. It got released at the 2015 Microsoft press conference and labeled as the most ambitious product from the developer, Rare.

Talking about the sales, we would say it is a commercial success because it enjoyed a sale of over 1 million copies within the first two days of its release. Yes, when you take the world of Warcraft similar games into the equation, you can’t disregard the name “Sea of Thieves.


3) The Elder Scrolls Online

This game barely needs any introduction as it is one of the well-renowned WoW-like games in the world. The same can be said about the developer and the publisher of the game as well. If you don’t know, ZeniMax Online Studios developed it, and Bethesda Softworks published it in April 2014.

Since we are talking about games like Warcraft, let’s focus on the similarities between the two. The most visible and notable connection is that there is a lot to be explored in both games. You will have to play the character of Tamriel and take responsibility for one of three factions of the game.

The Elder scrolls online also received a considerable amount of critics, similar to most of the games at inception, but the regular updates from the developers nullified most of them. Now it is regarded as one of the top-notch Xbox One games like the world of Warcraft.

It was released as the best-selling game in the UK, and by January 2020, the developers have announced that it has reached 15 million copies making it one of the most successful Bethesda games of all time. 


4) Warframe

It is a third-person perspective shooter game and one of the best World of Warcraft-type games. Warframe is unique in its way, though; well equipped with all the MMO game features. The game’s initial concept came way back in the year 2000; but, Digital Extremes, the developer of the game, had to stay patient and work hard till 2013 to make it a reality.

You will be controlling the members of Teno. Teno is an ancient race of warriors, and the game is set in the future. The fight is against the Grineer, a race of militarized human clones. There are various controllable characters in the game, and each of them has unique powers. 

Enough decoration; it’s among the best free-to-play games like WoW; download it now and see whether we are telling the truth. Warframe received excellent and positive reviews from game-crazy people, and GamingExcellence stated that Warframe was one of the best-made MMO games in recent years. PC Gamer gives a score of 95, and what else do you need?  

Digital Extremes released the game in March 2013, and the Ps4 version of Warframe was developed and released in late November 2013. Since its inception, developers have expanded the formats in patches, and recently they have released the Xbox Series S/X.


5) Path of Exile

The open beta version of this game came to an end in 2013, and since then, it has won the hearts of the gaming public around the world; today, we mention it as one of the best games like World of Warcraft for Play Station with supreme confidence.

The game world is set in a fantasy world called Wraeclast, full of dungeons and monsters-filled caves. It has a super competitive player versus mode and many more must-have features of an MMORPG game. Path of exile is indeed one of the very similar MMORPG games like WoW simply because of its story and the game mechanics.

Your main task is to fight against dangerous monsters and collect the points. Furthermore, Path of Exile is a wonderful alternative you can consider when talking about World of Warcraft on steam; it got over 150,000 very positive reviews on it to justify our claim. 

According to the WIKI, the Path of Exile is a product of a small group of developers who lived in frustration with the lack of new games in this genre. Yes, it is among the alternatives to WoW; but, it was one of the MMORPG genre pioneers. 


6) Star Wars: The Old Republic

Star Wars: The Old Republic is another free MMORPG like WoW, which is full of excitement. Further, this is the exact star wars game-like world of Warcraft you can play out of the lot. Yes, we mean it. You can get help from your friends to save the galaxy and assume if you are brave enough to fight against the destruction, you can take most of your combat skills to defeat the enemies on your own.

There are few factions, and you will have to guide the side that you choose by winning the war, and you can enhance the character’s ability by gathering numerous resources. The sudden and unexpected attacks can destroy all your efforts, so be vigilant in every step you take during the game.

Regarding the gameplay of Star Wars: The Old Republic, it’s engaging and always intense, very much like the mechanisms of World of Warcraft. Moreover, the player can customize the weapons according to the way they want. Referring to all these features, we have no second thoughts in mentioning it is one of the best games like World of Warcraft but a free-of-charge playing opportunity.

The game’s arrival was accepted mostly with positive reviews, and an over 85 score from Metacritic says that it has most of the qualities you expect from a good MMORPG game. According to the PC Gamer, that score goes well above 90, and they praise the story, voice, and richness of the content. 


7) Runescape

It doesn’t matter your selection as the game comes in two versions “old school” and new; Runescape got you covered. It is one of the top free games like WoW, but it has a paid subscription option as well, which we think is irrelevant to enjoying the game to the fullest.

Runescape is a pioneer in the massively multiplayer niche, and it came to the gaming world way back in the year 2001. Runescape has influenced game developers worldwide to come up with advanced MMORPG games with new features, and to date, it has a place in the hearts of game enthusiasts as one of the best-made role-playing MMO games.

Don’t expect the graphics to be contemporary or up to most of the games mentioned above; but, the gameplay and storyline are phenomenal. For the people looking for games like WoW but free, with loads of progression, unique ideas, and exciting gameplay, Runescape is a good old game that we can still recommend with confidence. 


8) Neverwinter

Do you like dragons and dungeons? If so, you would know how interesting and exciting a game can be when it has such ingredients. It is what exactly Neverwinter brings to the table with good and evil forces fighting each other for the triumph.

Especially for the newbies to the Role Playing Game world, this would be a great choice as it allows many options to explore the amazing open world of the game. The player who controls the game can pick one character as per the preference and explore the magical-looking world of Neverwinter, which is full of battles.

In the simplest of forms, we would say that Neverwinter is one of the top games similar to Warcraft on consoles. The game was first released for Microsoft Windows in June 2013 and gradually allowed for the other platforms. Yes, if you know what type of game is WoW, it wouldn’t be hard to understand the gameplay and other Neverwinter mechanisms; it’s very much identical.  

On top of all, it has an app like World of Warcraft for mobile users making it one of the best games like World of Warcraft for iOS and Android users. All in all, the game was well-received by the gaming world, and on Metacritic, it holds an overall score of 60 out of 100. By the end of 2021, it went past millions of players worldwide.

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9) Planetside 2

In terms of games similar to WoW, Planetside 2 holds the Guinness world record for the most players involved first shooter battle game of history. Isn’t that some record? There were 1283 players recorded in one battle. Planetside 2 is the sequel game to Planetside 2003 and facilitates the same sort of world and factions.

Also, it is a fast-moving game and can allow up to 2000 players to play simultaneously. You can unlock the new skills along the way, which offers you all kinds of weapons to use against the enemies that you face. The game takes place both day and night time, and it affects some aspects of the gameplay as you will get sufficient opportunity to get cover against the coordinated attacks at the night.

The launch of the game happened in November 2012, and European-based players faced difficulties in playing the game because of the incorrect launcher on steam at the start, and issues in the EU servers also played a part in it. However, over time it reached the expected levels of success and received several awards as well. 


10) Lord of The Rings Online

Thank us later; it’s kind of a hidden gem that we are giving you for free. Yes, the Lord of the Rings Online is an open game-like world of Warcraft you can download and play. It is famous for its detailed and expansive storyline and one of the most exciting ones that the game world has ever witnessed.

Lord of the Rings Online indicates that it has all the potential to pass the popularity of World of Warcraft in the coming years. It is full of excitement right from the beginning of the game, and it offers a variety of tools and features to keep you engaged in the game for long hours.

As you most probably would know, you can select a race from an iconic set of characters or even can play as a servant of a Sauron. It’s a rarity that MMORPG-loving players miss this great game and have the range to amaze you as one of the best MMORPG like WoW. 

The GameDaily rates Lord of the Rings Online 9/10, praising every aspect of the game, and it is a recipient of the top-rated awards that are there for the games. Believe our words; you won’t come across free online games like World of Warcraft every day and don’t expect to find such games a walk in the park. 


11) Conan exiles

Conan Exiles’s overall feel is quite similar to most games like World of Warcraft on the particular switch. Some argue that it is better than WoW; even the game world says it is the great version of World of Warcraft. Conan Exiles come with a few factions where you have to play in the brutal lands of Conan The Barbarian.

There is an enormous open world to be explored, also various sorts of challenges. If you are searching for high-quality free games like World of Warcraft, this is the one we suggest, and we hope you know that it’s not easy to find free games similar to WoW.

Some may argue with us; yes, we know that there are some features you have to pay for inside the game. But, it doesn’t have any impact on the overall gameplay. Indeed, the gameplay is very addictive, and with regards to new games like World of Warcraft.

Conan Exiles is one fantastic game that uses all aspects of the MMORPG genre to the fullest. It has been improving all the time throughout the years. Fast action combats and inherent asset managing features make it stand out from the other games in this genre.

At its invention in 2017, Funcom for Microsoft Windows, developers of the game developed and published the game. And as of now, the whole world knows the excitement of the Conan Exiles, and now it has a place even on our list as one of the best games like WoW.


What is the Closest Game to World of Warcraft?

There are many games paid and free-to-play MMORPGs like WoW. You can’t pick one simply because they fall into the genre; you have to explore the storyline, gameplay, characters, and certain aspects before you come to a decision. The games mentioned above more or less have the characteristics of World of Warcraft, and we are confident that they will match your intentions without much of a problem.

What Are the MMORPG like WOW?

  • Path of Exile
  • Rift
  • Blade And Soul
  • Skyforge
  • Planet Calypso


Guys, it’s a wrap for today’s article. The World of Warcraft is an iconic game in the history of the massively multiplayer online role-playing game genre. It first came to the scene about a decade ago, and now there are tons of games like World of Warcraft; but, the legacy of World of Warcraft is still there in the hearts of game lovers. 

It made life easy for game developers to produce more and more unique games. We have put a considerable time to handpick these games as we wanted to match the elements of WoW as much as we can when we are suggesting a game for you. Now it is your time to check whether these games are good or bad. Please let us know that. Cheers!

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