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13 Best Games Like Rimworld Ps4 (2023)

Don’t you like to live in another world for a moment? Why not? I know sometimes you all are dreaming of a fantasy world, adventure world, or any other. But can you get this experience? When we are talking about games, we cannot miss Rimworld. I can get so many different feelings with this fantastic game. After some years, I heard about some other games like Rimworld through my friends. Then I started searching for the best games like Rimworld. 

What are the other games similar to Rimworld?

1) Minecraft

Mojang developed a sandbox video game in a java programming language called “Minecraft,” which has a large fan base worldwide. It is proven by 200 million copies sold and 126 million active users per month. Minecraft won the award of the most incredible video several times.

Minecraft provides you with a procedurally generated 3D world. And players and fight with computer-controlled “mobs”, corporate with or compete against the players. It depends on the game mode that you choose. Minecraft has five modes as Survival mode, hardcore mode, Creative mode, Adventure mode, and Spectator mode.

The ability to modify the game is another benefit of Minecraft. The unique icon of this game is, that there is no specific goal or target that you should accomplish. The Player can play the game to their own preference. Player has the freedom to choose how they play the game.

Minecraft offers all these features completely free. The main disadvantage of Minecraft is when the kids are on multiple servers, there is a lack of parental control. Sometimes, kids can go for inappropriate content like battles, violence, monsters, sexual content, etc.  

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2) Oxygen Not Included

A unique icon..! When we heard this name, we can find out the core. Oxygen Not Included is a survival simulation video game that was developed and published by Klei Entertainment. In this game, you will feel that scarcities of Oxygen, Sustenance, and Warmth may affect your colony’s survival.

Oxygen Not Included is free to download and play. This game is allowed only for single Players. Still, there is no plan for multiplayer mode. As the first step, you should start digging around. You can gather materials from it. Then you have to increase your space and get access to oxygen pockets and water.

And the other thing you have to do in the early stages is to avoid poisonous gasses, vacuum spaces, and polluted water and oxygen. I felt interested in this game because of the name. Then I found that Oxygen Not Included is an enjoyable game, and I failed to find any cons.


3) Virtual Villagers

Virtual Villagers video game series attract lots of players from the beautiful cover of it. You can find five games in this series: A New Home, The Lost Children, The Secret City, The Tree of Life, and New Believers. In Virtual Villagers, you have to uncover the island’s secrets and puzzles called “Isola” and create a village.

It is a very simple game. So some players love this simplicity of the game. You can have new surprises at all times when you start playing Virtual Villagers. There are hundreds of unique villagers. And they are customizable too.

When we are talking about music in this game, we don’t have any drawbacks. Sound is pleasant and perfect in Virtual Villagers. High recommendations and good reviews of the players prove the quality and the wonder of the game. You also try to uncover the secrets and have fun if you want to live in games Like Rimworld.

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4) Prison Architect

Can you get an experience at a prison? OR have you ever tried with this feeling? Prison Architect offers you this opportunity. It’s a private prison construction and management simulation video game. Also, it provides you with a 2D visual in partially 3D mode.

If you are the Player, you are the prison head, and you have to run all the things and manage them in prison. In this game, you can see five classes of a prisoner called Minimum, Medium, Maximum, Supermax Security prisoners, and Death Row prisoners.

You have the responsibility to manage so many different types of criminals. And keeping control of fights, fire situations, floods, and full-blown riots are the other processes you should do. Prison Architect is free to download and play. If you need additional, you have to purchase. After you pay $4.99 for the sandbox mode, you can play without any limitations.  


5) Kenshi

Limitations and lack of freedom is a huge problems in some games for the players. This game bought a better solution for that. It gives the player the freedom to play the game instead of following a linear story. Also, Kenshi is an open-world role-playing video game that has real-time strategy elements.

When you start to play the game, you have to start with no skills, and you have to struggle more to keep survival. But gradually, you can level up. Then you have the opportunity to recruit other units to expand their squad. Kenshi allows character customization also. You can play Kenshi as you wish. So, I can recommend you Kenshi as a blast for games Like Rimworld. 


6) Surviving Mars

Paradox Interactive published an amazing city-building simulation video game that a Bulgarian Studio develops. Surviving Mars is allowed for macOS, Linux, Microsoft Windows, and Xbox. You have to build up a colony for humans on the red planet. Players can bring metal, electronics, concrete, food, rovers, drones, etc.

In this game, players have to face natural disasters like meteor storms, cold waves, dust storms, dust devils, etc. Surviving Mars is famous as a challenging game. But my opinion is a game should be a little bit harder. Otherwise, it can be boring. This is a multiplayer game also. With all these features, Surviving Mars gives you a better feeling in gaming without any subscription fee. 


7) Stonehearth

Don’t you like to manage and care for a colony? Yah… It will be a new feeling for you. In Stonehearth, there is a colony called “Earthlings.” So the task you have to do in this game is, caring for the people in Hearthlings, sheltering, feeding, and defending from enemies, etc.

Stonehearth is supported on Microsoft Windows and macOS. All the customizations are in the Player’s hand. Locations and layouts are designed individually from one to the next. You can harvest the local resources such as stone, and lumber and decide what areas you need to build in the shelter.

Stonehearth provides you a much better feeling if you can design, develop and manage a colony well within an hour. According to your expectations, you can choose whether you are playing in safe mode or threat mode. If you are a more challenging person, threat mode is the one for you. The only drawback that I found in Stonehearth is, that it is not a free game. You have to pay $24.99. 


8) Colony Survival

It’s one of the popular games like Rimworld. I can introduce it as a unique first-person strategic video game. Also, I’m tired of this fantastic game. I loved Colony Survival because it flows very smoothly. You can see Dynamic 3D pathfinding in this game.

The Player should establish the colonies, defend to protect the colony’s people from enemies, and develop the colonies and societies. A team develops this game with two men. Colony Survival is not a free game.

You have to spend $19.99 to play this game. Reviews of Colony Survival are excellent, and I also feel that Colony Survival is better than Minecraft. But only the drawback is, you have to buy this game. Because of this reason, some players ignore Colony Survival. Don’t miss having fun with Colony Survival.



9) Space Haven

Space haven is another best game similar to Rimworld, which gives space experience to the players. In this fantastic game, you have to embark on a space voyage. You can go on this journey with your ragtag crew to search for a new house.

When you are choosing a game, you will search that what are the features you have. You can build spaceships tile by tile, manage their crew’s needs and moods, create optimal gas conditions, and encounter, other space-faring groups.

In this spaceship colony simulation, exploring the universe is another important thing for the players. Space Haven is available on Windows PC, macOS, and Linux. It’s not a free game. If you need to get the space experience through this game, you have to pay $22.99. 


10) Guild 2

The Guild 2 is a game like Rimworld, which allows the players to create a self-defined character in the gaming time. It is a real-time life simulation video game. Here, you have lots of features with the Guild 2. Tactical role-playing, social simulation elements, and construction and management are the main features of this game.

The Guild 2 can be played by using a mouse and a keyboard. I can introduce Guild 2 as a unique mixture of RPGs. The Guild 2 provides you with a wonderful experience in an immersive and beautifully crafted 3D world. So, you can be e cunning thief or a successful merchant. And it allows you to play with up to 3 members with different strengths and weaknesses. If you join Guild 2, you can try a real-time gaming experience. 


11) Gnomoria

Gnomoria is a sandbox village management video game that can give you excellent gaming joy like in games Like Rimworld. I found a unique feature in this game. That is, it allows you to destroy anything you see in the game and rebuild them at another place where you want.

Except for it, you can craft items, set traps, and build structures are the other features of Gnomoria. You can attract wandering gnomes by stockpiling wealth. But you have to be careful when attracting enemies to your kingdom. I may cause harm.

In the Gnomoria game series, each game is different. Players like this game because they can play Gnomoria to their expectations. Players can grow into a peaceful and calm town or a military town. It is up to you. Reviews of this game are excellent. So hurry up and join Gnomoria.


12) Project Zomboid

Do you have experience working with Zombies? Sometimes we meet some people like Zombies in real life also. But Project Zomboid gives you a chance to have a horror feeling with zombies. Project Zomboid is an open-world survival horror video game.

In this game, you have to live in a zombie-infested world. As the main character, you should fight and face challenges to protect your life from zombies before your death. There are two modes in Project Zomboid. They are Survival mode and sandbox mode.

In Survival mode, you have to create the character first and then, after the character spawns in one of the cities, work to save the life. But in sandbox mode, you can change so many gameplay mechanics of the game, such as speed, number of zombies in the world, weather, items available in the world, etc. You have to pay $10.04 to play this game. 



13) Dwarf Fortress

I can introduce Dwarfs Fortress as another construction and management simulation video game. Bay 2 Games create it. The most attractive thing is Dwarf Fortress has text-based graphics. The whole game is designed with characters, letters, numbers, and symbols only.

It has no main objectives, and it is an open-ended game. The Player has the full freedom to decide how to manage the colony and all other things in Dwarf Fortress. Generating a payable world is the first step of Dwarfs Fortress.

Dwarf Fortress allows the players to adjust the parameters such as savages, mineral occurrences, governing size, etc. This game is available for you entirely free. So it will be a great advantage for you because sometimes players get rid of some games due to the payments. 

Is Rimworld better than Dwarf Fortress?

When we compare both two games, we found that there are more features in both games. But features are different from each other. So it isn’t easy to select a better game. But according to my feeling, I choose Rimworld as the better one. 

Is Dwarf Fortress the most complex game?

Yes. In gaming history, Dwarf Fortress is more popular as a more complex game.



Gaming is another part of the world that is developing gradually day by day. So now there is a competition. Players also are not searching just for a game. They also search for the best one for an attractive price or free. Each game will bring you to different environments and societies. 

Rimworld is a video game that is a sci-fi colony sim. An intelligent AI storyteller operates it. When you play this game, each time you can discover a new world. And they offer hundreds of wild and interesting mods for the players.

You have the opportunity to get experience in deserts, forests, tundra, jungles, and more. Here I mentioned the best games like Rimworld above. So many different types of games are the best solution for that. The choice is up to you. Find the best suitable game for you.

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