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13 Best PC Games Like Final Fantasy Tactics (2023)

People love hobbies. They do so many different things in their leisure time. Among them, playing games is the best hobby and one of the most popular hobbies among the young crowd. As a result of Technology, the gaming industry is also in rapid development. Among them, the best final fantasy tactics game is one of the most popular games in the world. This game is best for PCs. But now lots of people are searching for alternative gaming series to have a new experience. So if you want turn-based games like Final Fantasy for pc, then you are in the right place.

What Are Final Fantasy Tactics Similar Games?

1) Dark Souls

Dark Souls is a role-playing video game RPG like Final Fantasy that is published in 2011 by FromSoftware. It is based on a spiritual successor. In Dark Souls, there are many camera styles. In this game, players can choose the fighting styles from the available styles according to the situation and the nature of the enemy. And if you need to change the fighting style when the battle is going, you can switch between the styles.

You can have multiplayer in this game. For adventure lovers, The Dark Souls is the ideal place. Day by day, the audience of Dark Souls is growing gradually. And the reviews of this game are always good. If you need to get a fantastic adventure gaming experience, you must stay here only for a minute. Then definitely you will be with this game.


2) The Phantasy Star series

The Phantasy Star Series is the best example of console role-playing Final Fantasy-type games. The creator of Phantasy Star is Sega. The first four games of the Phantasy Star Series are related to the fictional planetary system of Algol. And they are single-player turn-based role-playing games. Now you have four distinct Phantasy Star subseries.

You can play with ad-support or ad-free. And you can save the game at any time in the game. And there are HID-compatible controllers. If you are searching for a game to get a better gaming experience Phantasy Star series is one of the best for it, and it is a game similar to the Final Fantasy RPG game.


3) Persona 5 Strikers

Persona 5 Strikers is one of the popular action turn-based Final Fantasy games like RPGs that is developed by Omega Force and P-Studio and published by Atlus. We can introduce Chrono trigger to you as a critical and commercially successful game series. And we can call it a great video game series at all times. We can tell Persona 5 Strikers is revolutionary.

They include the unique battle system, plot-related side-quests focusing on character development, multiple endings, and detailed graphics, etc. Persona 5 Strikers’ popularity is proven by becoming one of the best-selling game series. There is no need for more evidence to call it a fantastic game. Join Persona 5 Strikers and enjoy.


4) The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel

Nihon Falcom’s greatest gaming experience like the RPG Final Fantasy, which he shares with the world is The Legend of Heroes. It is a role-playing video game series. In this game, you can earn and collect all the weapons you need while you are continuing the game. Every legend has four skills that are matching for their roles. The player is the hero.

According to the stars how much heroes earned, you can increase the maximum skill level. The Legend of Heroes offers you six modes to play such as Daily Boss, World Boss, Arena, Tower, Campaign, and Event. Here you can do customizations also. For each mode, you can select the team and organize the roster as you wish. Don’t miss The Legend of Heroes. 


5) Dragon quest

Dragon Quest is one of the Japanese action final fantasy tactics like games for pc which is created by Yuji Horii. Formally it was published as Dragon Warrior. In most Dragon Quest games, the player has to act in the role of a hero who is fighting to protect the land from a powerful evil enemy. The Dragon Quest game series has a core development team.

Do you know Wizardry and Ultima? They are Western role-playing games. The elements of the original concepts of Dragon Quest are taken from these western role-playing games. And mobile games, the game controls are designed perfectly to work. In these games, English is the only language available. You can have a better gaming experience with Dragon quest.

Is Dragon Quest similar to Final Fantasy Strategy Game?

Yes. Both Dragon Quest and the best final fantasy games for pc are offered to the player with lots of fun spin-offs over the years.  

Is Dragon Quest More Popular than Final Fantasy?

No. I don’t think so. According to my research, the best Final Fantasy for pc is more popular than Dragon Quest.


6) Tales series

Namco Tales Studio developed a fantastic action role-playing video game similar to the Final Fantasy computer game, and it becomes more popular among people. It’s Tales of Vesperia which is released for the Xbox 360. Tales of Vesperia is published in Japan and North America. This game is based on three-dimensional environments and characters.

Here you have to use a trademark action-oriented Linear Motion Battle System. Tales of Vesperia give a fantastic experience to the players. It is not a free game series. But this fact never affects the popularity of Tales of Vesperia. Up to now, there are over 1,580,193 players around the world bought this game series.


7) Shin Megami Tensei

Shin Megami Tensei is a series of Final Fantasy-style games which is designed by Kazuma Kaneko, Shigenori Soejima, and Katsura Hashino. It is based on science fantasy role-playing video games based on a novel series called Digital Devil Story. In the Shin Megami Tensei series, the first game was released in 1992, and then gradually dozens of games came. And Shin Megami Tensei is the most money-earnable game, and it earns over billions up to now. 

People are different. So their favorites and taste are different. In my opinion, still, my favorite is Shin Megami Tensei 9. And also, if you want the hardest experience in this game series, then play Shin Megami Tensei 9. The main reason for that is they designed the ai for the enemies, and they limit the tactics of the battle. It is very helpful to relax your mind, improve your creativity, and feel happy. There are lots of ways and devices to play games such as mobile phones and PCs etc.


8) Evoland

Are you searching for paid or free RPG games like final fantasy ps4 that are developed by a French gaming company? This game is one of the lists of a French gaming company called Shiro Games. Evoland’s role-playing video game was developed in 2003. It is based on tracing the evolution of the video game concept. At the start, you can have only four colors with the game.

And you have only simple pixelated graphics and 2D characters. But when you are coming through the game and going through the adventures, automatically, it unlocks new graphics and new technologies that you need to continue the game series. Have great fun with Evoland.

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9) Monster Hunter

Monster Hunter is a video game series that is themed on Fantasy and action role-playing same as Final Fantasy fan-made games. Capcom developed it in 2004. The player should take the role of Hunter, and he should go forward with trapping monsters, slaying them across different landscapes. Then they can reward and improve their weapons and go through.

You can play multiplayer in all main game series. But you can play as a single player also. In the smartphone version, you have new features in the game. You can have high-resolution graphics, developed user interfaces that are easy to handle, and autosave functions. Do not miss joining Monster hunter which is one of the best games in Final Fantasy tactics genre and has fun.


10) Xenoblade Chronicles

Xenoblade Chronicles is a successful action role-playing video game like Final Fantasy turn-based both critically and commercially. It is developed by Monolith Soft and published by Nintendo. I’m sure you will admire it when you have a look at how to play this game. It likes a real-time battle. You have to face it as in your real life. The player should move manually. Then the parties called enemies will attack automatically when they enter the attack radius.

Here you have some Time-Saving Support features also. So you can wind the clock to the time that you want to continue the game. Xenoblade Chronicles is a famous video game series because of the reality of the game. Hurry up and join Xenoblade Chronicles which final fantasy-style game.


11) Kingdom hearts

This game is one of the most popular game series among thousands of video game RPGs like final fantasy all over the world. It is an action role-playing video game that is developed by Square in 2002 for the PlayStation 2 video game console. Do you know Master Xehanort? He is the villain of Kingdom Hearts. But do you know why did he searching for the darkness?

You will find the secrets when you step into his role and follow his life. Here you can engage in strategic battles and test your skills and go through them. And you can customize your equipment and defeat your enemies. In the Kingdom Hearts series, there are so many games.

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12) Lost odyssey

Lost Odyssey is one of the Japanese role-playing free games like final fantasy tactics on pc developed by Mistwalker and Filtplus and published by Microsoft Game Studio in 2007. Lost odyssey is based on Kaim. Kaim is a selected team that is immortals who have lost their memory. In the game, they have to face threats generated by the magical industrial revolution of the world and the pain when he gets back the lost memory again.

The graphics and sounds of this game feel like real life. So you can enjoy it without any boredom. Mostly Lost odyssey players tell that the sound of this game is so excellent. And Lost Odyssey is more popular as a free game similar to all final fantasy tactics games. You don’t have to pay to download the game. You can get a better gaming experience with these features of Lost Odyssey. Don’t miss it.


13) Secret of mana

Do you know Seiken Densetsu 2? In Japan Secret of mana is released as Seiken Densetsu. The Secret of mama is an action role-playing game like final fantasy tactics on steam that Square developed and published in 1993. And mostly it is published for Super Nintendo Entertainment System. In contemporary games, they use a turn-based battle system. Here Secret of mana is featured real-time battles with a power bar mechanic.

Here you have a unique Ring Command menu system. You can pause the game in the middle of the battle and then take the decisions. The Secret of mana catches the player’s heart quickly due to simple reasons. The colors of this game are more bright. And there is an expansive plot also. Hurry up and join Secret mana to have great fun with Final Fantasy-like games on steam.

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What Are The Mobile Games like Final Fantasy Tactics?

  • Chrono Clash
  • Age of Fantasy
  • Uncrowned
  • Adventure Bar Story
  • Hero Hunters

What Are the Best JRPGs like the Best Final Fantasy Game for PC?

  • Chrono Trigger
  • Persona 5
  • Xenoblade Chronicles
  • Suikoden


Game lovers mostly love to have an adventure gaming experience. So among thousands of game series, lots of games provide adventure to the players. These games like final fantasy tactics for pc have a back story. Some are based on films, and stories. Some are based on novels. But, there are some disadvantages also. Unfortunately, some young people are addicted to computer games today. So it is a terrible situation.

Playing games like final fantasy explorers too much may cause your brain. It may steal your talents and creativity too. And staying every time with games will waste your valuable time. You have to consider all these things if you are a game lover. Anyway, they give you the best feeling about their environment. If you feel that you are in this gaming world and you live in real life, then the game is a success.

Best PC Final Fantasy is the most popular game in the world. Moreover, It is a top-rated game series still. It proven by the 144 million deals of units across 54 entries. But some are searching for alternative gaming series to have a new experience. For that, you can try any of the above games similar to final fantasy tactics which are matching with your taste and have great fun. 

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