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13 Best File Sharing Apps iPhone & Android (2023)

There are instances when we need to transfer files from our smartphone to a friend’s smartphone or the PC. Now there is plenty of share applications that enables file transfer across various platforms. But, you must choose the safest and best file-sharing collaboration for all devices. Hence, we collected a list of paid and free file sharing apps that are also safe and have no threats. If you are fed up with your current file-sharing software, then it’s time to change it. There are so many top file-sharing websites for easy file sharing systems. So this article is for you. 

What Are Best File Sharing Sites To Share Files Online?

1) SHAREit

Among these file sharing apps, Shareit has gained much popularity across the world. Lenovo developed this app. Shareit is compatible with Android Platforms, iOS, and windows. It is easy to do audio and video file sharing between the mobile and PC. The users do not need to have any mobile data plan or Wi-Fi network. It is much faster than Bluetooth. Shareit does not require any data connection to transfer the file. It generates a direct Wi-Fi link between two devices to share documents.

Shareit does not allow file transfer between Mobile devices and Mac. This app has a unique structure and little information. So it is quite tough to move files. Share displays ads that hinder the user experience. Another drawback of Shareit is after transferring data files using Shareit, and the user needs to reopen the connection to move files again. Shareit has been banned in India. You can download Shareit for free. Google app store shows 1B+ downloads. About 14 934 521 users have given 4.1 out of 5 ratings for it.

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2) Google Drive

Google Drive is one of the best free file sharing sites where you can do cloud document storage and sharing. We can also tell that this app is one of the fastest file sharing apps for android. You can transfer data easily with the help of this google file sharing app within a minimum time. This app is easy to use sharing files on google drive online offers a high transfer speed.

It does not need a hotspot, internet, and Bluetooth. You connect using Wi-Fi to a Wi-Fi connection, which does not require any Bluetooth and Hotspot intervention. This app has gained a 4.6 rating out of 5 in Google Play Store App. So download the app and share files on google drive file sharing.

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3) Files Go by Google

Files Go is one of the most popular file sharing programs for Android. Google owns this app. Files Go a versatile app. It has a file transfer tool and like an Airdrop. If you want the best way to share files with another device, it should also have the Files Go app. Both sender and receiver must be connected to share file online. Files Go to a secure and simple app free from clutter. You can easily send and receive videos, images, apps, and sharing documents via Files Go.

You can easily access information about previously shared files via the Files Go app. The user can easily install APK files directly. It helps to remove clutter on Android mobiles. It seeks for hidden unwanted duplicate files, duplicate images, messages, and APK files. Then direct you to delete all those at once.  Files that go by Google are free to install, but you cannot install them on an iOS device. 

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4) Xender – Which is Better Xender or SHAREit?

Xender is one of the best documents sharing sites. It is simple and easy to share documents online. You can send and receive photos, videos, and shared documents. Users do not need to have an internet connection. It has a clean and user-friendly interface. You can share apps between 4 devices. Instead of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, Xender uses the NFC protocol of all devices engaged in the transfer. The sender and receiver should be nearby.

Is Xender Ban In India?

Yes, it is banned in India. Xender enables cross-platform sharing too. You don’t need to fear the language used in this app. It is a multilingual app. Xender supports Chinese, German, Hindi, and many more languages. You can easily install the Xender app on your mobile. It takes only a small amount of space from the device. Xender has a 4 out of 5-star rating in the Google play store. 

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5) Microsoft OneDrive

Jio Switch is a free online file sharing and storage app. It is a cross-platform which is popular on Android. So it enables sharing files between iOS and Android devices. Jio Switch does not have a size limit in sharing. So you can easily send and receive photos, audio, and videos. This site offers speedy and best file sharing for businesses. The user does not have data to share files. Now Jio Switch update has a QR scan code feature, which helps share files with PC to use with webcam. The google play store displays that Jio Switch has 10 000 000+ downloads. 

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6) Dropbox

Dropbox online offers an ultimate sharing experience that provides a no-frill layout. The users do not have to connect to the same Wi-Fi to send and receive files from dropbox folders. Just want the internet connection. This app provides a fast and smooth file-sharing experience. You don’t need to bother about the security of the files.

Dropbox file sharing encrypts all local transfers with Transport Layer Security, called TLS. So the security that the dropbox service provides is similar to Shareit. This app is available for Windows, iOS, Android, Linux, and Mac. It comes as a free version. Use file sharing apps like dropbox and share your files safely.

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7) ShareMe

ShareMe makes it easy to share files between any devices in Android, iOS, Windows PC, and Mac. The users should be in close proximity to make use of this app. ShareMe uses a Bluetooth connection to make a peer-to-peer Wi-Fi network between the devices. The users have to turn on Bluetooth. No internet required. 

The most important thing you should remember is ShareMe allows sharing files only with the people in your contact list. The contact should verify their Google account with a phone number to start receiving files. You can share links, pictures, files, and many more via this app. ShareMe is available for free on Android devices.


8) Zapya File transfer – Is Zapya Chinese App?

Zapya is one of the best document sharing platforms that has a user-friendly interface. It enables the transferring of bulk files. It gets the help of a QR code sharing method to achieve fast and secure online document sharing. This app is designed for cross-platform sharing. You can easily do group transferring via this app. Zapya allows users to offline chat with up to 5 devices. It has a universal search bar that enables the sharing of all kinds of files. 

Zapya is free to download. You can download it to the web, macOS, Windows, Android, and iOS. This app shows lots of ads, just like Shareit. It disturbs the user experience. Zapya has 4.5 out of 5 ratings in Google Play Store. 50M+ people from the play store have downloaded this app. 

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9) AirDroid

AirDroid is secure document sharing software that enables users to transmit Android devices to another, Android device to Pc, or PC to Android Device. Wi-Fi Direct technology is also the technology used here. You can send notes, lists, links, files, and addresses via this app. Your file size must be up to 25MB. AirDroid is a fast and reliable app. This app uses end-to-end encryption to protect your data.

AirDroid shows WhatsApp messages, phone calls, texts, and many more. So you won’t miss them. The files send via AirDroid get downloaded automatically. So you can download them right from the notification. Over millions of Android and iOS users use AirDroid.

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10) Send Anywhere

The name also tells you that you can send files anywhere. This means the user can send files anywhere in the world. Each time, you have to use a one-time six-digit key. You can share any file via this app. It can be videos, audio, apps, or photos. It is easy to share anything at once for multiple recipients via send anywhere file transfer. This app uses a 256-bit file encryption protocol to protect the privacy of your data.

Send anywhere APK does not alter the quality of the sharing file. It sends the file by keeping its original file size. You can easily download the free version of Send anywhere download. It contains ads. If you want to get rid of ads, then go for the paid versions. You can have two paid versions. Those are the Plus variant and premium variant. The premium version costs $5.99 per month.

Each of these variants has increased stability, speed, and size when compared with the free version. You can easily install the Send Anywhere app on Windows, Android, macOS, web, Ios, and Linux. Send Anywhere was created in Seoul, South Korea. Send-anywhere has 10M+ downloads in the Google Play Store. It has 4.7 out of 5 ratings too. 

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11) Box

The Box is one of the best file sharing apps for pc that has certain similarities to other free online file storage and file-sharing services. Also, box online storage uses Wi-Fi direct technology to send and receive files. Due to the use of Wi-Fi direct technology, the speed of sharing is high. The users can pair devices using QR code, entering sharing key or Near Field Communication (NFC). Box simple online collaboration has earned 4.5 ratings out of 5 in Google Play Store, while it has a 4.8 rating of 5 on 

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12) WeTransfer

WeTransfer is one of the secure file sharing platforms. You can share large files up to 2GB for free. This site has a free version and a paid pro version. You can upload and share online your images, videos, likes, and any files across this file sharing free app. Moreover, you can organize all these free files storage on visual boards. Then you can share this board and work with the one you want to share on that board. 

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13) Amazon Drive

Amazon Drive is a file share website and large video sending app which is operated by world-famous Amazon. This large file transfer service offers cloud file sharing and secure file storage online and backup. This app offers 5 GB of free secure online file storage for All Amazon customers. Amazon Prime members get free unlimited photo storage with an additional 5GB of video storage.

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What Is The Best App For File Sharing?

All the above file transfer sites have certain similarities and unique features. But some media transfer apps like Files Go by Google, are not compatible with iOS devices. My personal recommended file sharing app free is Zapya. Previously I used Shareit. But due to specific issues like displaying ads and no facility for business file sharing online between Mobile devices and Mac. I searched for other free online files sharing apps. Then came to know about Zapya.

Zapya enables easy filesharing between Android, Mac, PC, iOS, and more as cross-platform software. It can connect with four devices simultaneously. I was able to chat and share audio and videos with nearby friends. The most remarkable feature is the user experience it provides. Zapya does not show ads. It is free to download and easy to use. 

What Are The Share Video Apps?

  • Vimeo
  • Dtube
  • Vevo
  • Daily motion
  • AirDroid
  • Portal


Most of these data sharing apps have similar features. But some of them have unique characteristics. Some can be used as online document storage, cloud sharing, and simple filesharing. Check our list of top apps in detail. It would be best if you were concerned about the compatibility and user-friendliness before selecting the best file transfer app. Go through the article and choose the best one for your work.

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