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13 Best Rabbit Alternatives to Watch Videos (2023)

Are you obsessed with watching videos to get entertained? Then the rabbit will help you to get the maximum fun and latest video on your mobile device. is a multi-tasking platform that you can use to watch and chat with your beloved once. There are also several Rabbit alternatives for video sharing. Explore now and get the latest insights. Read the most used apps to get a better idea for your next party.

What Are The Best Alternatives to Rabbit Video Sharing?


my circle.TV is also another best rabbit alternatives for video sharing. You didn’t need to signup for the platform. And also you can hist a movie party with your friends and family easily. There is also the ability to invite people from social media to join your party.

You can host videos from famous free sites like Vimeo and youtube. You can create your queue by uploading the video to your party room. It needs a cloud platform. Only they do not support dropbox or google drive. Easy to navigate, and you will be loved to be there for a grant.

2) Rave – Watch Together

sites like rabbit

This is one of my favorite similar sites to Rabbit watch together. It has all the cool features in the Rabbit and it’s available on both the App Store and Google Play Store. On both platforms, it has a 4+ rating out of 5. It also has over 5 million downloads in the play store. I personally tried both apps and they work pretty well. I tried Netflix and Youtube with my friends and it works very fine and smoothly.


3) Metastream

Meta stream

Metastream is one of the best alternatives for the Rabb. It platform. It is a chrome extension and a web-based application that hosts movie parties and live video chats with people to get the best feeling while living apart from one place. This application is still on the beta conditions; therefore, you may find some technicals errors.


4) Airtime

similar sites to rabbit

Another cool alternative with very good features. It also has Android and iOS versions. iOS version has a 4+ rating while the play store rating is just above 3.5. I tried both apps and work pretty well. Youtube works fine and loads fast. I like animated stickers which give more fun in group chats.


5) Watch2gether


Watch2gether is also like Kosmic. You don’t have to signup to use the meeting functionalities. Just only you want to create the session by using their web platform and invite your friends. You can start to chat and watch videos only from a particular site. But you can’t support other platforms, Facebook, Youtube, Vimeo, Amazon, and Dailymotion.

You can listen to music using Soundcloud and using twitch streams. Anyone in the room can play any video but not from third-party streaming places like Netflix, Hulu Hulu. But watch2gether is composed of an extensive library for videos and music to play for their precious customers.


6) Netflix Party 

Netflix Party

Netflix party is a chrome extension that is made only to host Netflix videos with your friends and family to host a real party. The users should install the extension to join the party. You can’t steam any video from other third-party platforms. This is one of my favorite Rabbit alternatives. 

You can watch movies, dramas, TV series, and popular videos while chatting with your friends. It is a web-based application developed to host a meeting with certain people and play any video on a streaming platform. It is easy to use and has the ability to host video with 100+ people easily. You can share a favorite video and integrate third-party apps.

Netflix Party

7) Kosmi

rabbit alternatives

Kosmi is one of the most accessible streaming platforms to hang out with your friend and family. These platform nodes do not need your signups by using their web; you can find an excellent room for your family or friends and share live videos, Netflix videos, and many more.

Using the URL generated by the platform can be used by your people to enjoy the meetings. But the public room may be joined by many people who are in the private lobby. But this platform can be used to create an instant party.


8) ShareTube

Here you can make rooms and invite your friends to watch youtube videos together. Also if you know a group name you can join and watch together. There are two issues I see on this site. 

  1. It is not the best Rabbit alternative for Android/ iOS as it doesn’t have android or iOS apps
  2. You can only watch youtube videos

9) Syncplay

Using this program, you can watch movies, videos together with people who are in different locations. It works pretty well on different platforms and many media players. This is actually quite different from other rabbit alternatives, but I felt this one should be on the list. Supported platforms are Windows, macOS, Linux, and Supported Players are KMplayer, VLC player, Codec Player.


10) Twoseven

Two seven

Two seven is another live streaming chrome extension to host a live video chat with people. You can use this extension to host videos from their party apps like Netflix, Hulu Hulu, Vimeo, and others. If you subscribe to a paid plan, you can use this extension directly on the hosting platform. Subscriptions are from $5 to $2. You need to signup and limit people and only subscribed people can access the host.


11) Kast


Kast is the new best alternative app for Rabbit has multi-functions just like all these platforms. By using the Kast app, you can host a movie party with 100 people and even play games with your friends. This app supports sharing texts, video, voice, etc. You can play games with your friends and share the live updates with your teammates.


12) SyncLounge


SyncLonge is also a free website, no need to sign up to use the features. Navigate to their online platform and get the party rocks. You can host parties and movie shares with your friends. Fun and entertainment for free for a lifetime.


13) Synaptop

Synaptop - best rabbit alternatives

This is the last one on the list of Rabbit alternatives. Synaptop is a remote desktop to share with friends, co-workers, and other people. It’s a remote desktop, which is ideal for sharing with co-workers to finish projects.

Once you created the account, there are many apps to be installed on your network to use the services. Like sharing documents, videos, and others. You can’t host videos from outside; you have choices within the available list by default by the platform.



Here I have mentioned the top rabbit alternatives for you to get the best understanding of live streams and the different functionalities. I hope these Rabbit alternatives will help you to watch videos with friends and family. Start to use every platform to gain different experiences.

If you have any questions, comment below to get a quick response. All these alternatives are best for your weekend party. If you like to host a virtual party, use all these platforms to get the party done for free of charge. Stay tuned with us for future updates.

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