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13 Best Twitter Alternatives For Social Networking (2021)

Twitter remains one of the largest social platforms. Normally, people use Twitter to know the latest news in the world. Here, you can post live videos and photos on this platform. Filters like Vignette, Cool, and Happy helps to edit your images. You can send GIFs to your family and friends via Twitter. Embedding hashtags are also available on Twitter. There are about 300 million active users on Twitter per month. There are several Twitter Alternatives for this platform. You can use one of them to have a change. 

Who Are Twitter’s Competitors?

1) Instagram

Instagram is one of the best Twitter alternatives for social networking. Thousands of people around the world use this app for different purposes. It is famous among young people. You can follow people, get their notifications, and chat with people using Instagram. It also allows you to sell products through pages. Instagram offers live streaming directly from the phone. Instagram has more than 1.2 billion active users. More than 500 million of them are active daily. The Instagram app is free to download on iPhone or Android devices. 

Which is better, Instagram or Twitter?

People use Instagram and Twitter for various purposes. Some use them to learn new things, chat with people, and increase brand visibility. Instagram has more popularity compared to Twitter. But it does not sound like Instagram is better than Twitter. You can use both of them and find the best one to use. 

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2) Facebook

This app is one of the most famous social media platforms for Twitter Alternatives. It is also Twitter’s competitor. Thousands of people around the world are Facebook users. Here, you can connect with your friends and family via this platform. Facebook allows you to find new friends and chat with them. It has a separate messaging app too. Sharing photos, videos and stories are very interesting on Facebook. It also has a marketplace. Facebook pages allow you to sell your products and finding jobs. 

Are Facebook and Twitter competitors?

Both Facebook and Twitter are social media platforms. So it is fair to say that they are competitors. The users decide the winner. 

Why is Twitter better than Facebook?

Twitter and Facebook are the largest two social networks in the world. If you are using Twitter for business purposes, then it is much better than Facebook. You can reach a large audience with Twitter. You can Tweet known people and get interacted with them. It also focuses more on hashtags. You won’t find much importance in the hashtags of Facebook. 

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3) Snapchat

Snapchat is one of the main alternatives to Twitter. You can send short messages, photos, and short video clips to friends and family. The specialty in this app is when someone viewed a message or an image, then it disappears. The receiver can’t see it again. Now, you can send you silly photos and funny videos through Snapchat without bothering about bullying. This app allows users to post stories that disappear after 24 hours.

The Snapchat memory feature offers the chance to save your favorite photos and videos and view them later. It is very easy to send snaps with Snapchat. Editing photos by adding drawings and illustration is also available in the app. All you have to do is take a video or a photo, add a caption and share it. The Snapchat app is available for both Android and Ios devices. After installing the app, you can connect with the existing contacts in the phone which already use Snapchat.  

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4) Telegram

Telegram is one of the famous social media platforms similar to Twitter. The security of this platform is very high. The encryption techniques and secret message options are examples of high security. Telegram allows you to send data up to 1024 MB. The data consumption is comparatively low on this platform. You can join in group chats via Telegram. There are some disadvantages of Telegram too. Sometimes you won’t receive the notifications of messages without opening the app. You can easily install the Telegram app on Android and Ios devices. 

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5) Pinterest

Pinterest is one of the best alternatives to Twitter. Also, it is a hub of the idea that includes recipes, inspiration, fashion, gardening, and more. This app has billions of Pins on this platform. So, you will find them on the home feed. If you find an interesting Pin, then save it to boards to keep your ideas organized. You need to make a Pinterest account to build pins and boards. 

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6) Tumblr

This site which is a social media and blogging tool, is similar to Twitter. Many creative artists and free thinkers prefer this platform. You can publish short blog posts or The ‘Tumblelog.’ Your page can be customized as you wish. There are various colors, layouts, fonts, and everything needed for customizing available in the platform. You can emphasize the brand to attract the audience. It allows automatically linking of Tumblr posts to Facebook and Twitter accounts. 

Tumblr is free to post photos, live videos, GIFs, videos, audio, text, or anything you like. You can make GIFs and send t friends. The tagging system available in this platform enables people to connect with people around the world. Tumblr has a reblogged feature which is similar to the rewet available on Twitter. Jeff D’Onofrio found Tumblr in 2007. has shown that they have 510 million blogs at the moment and 13 832 143 posts. You can install the app on Android or Ios devices. 

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7) LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a professional networking app similar to Twitter. It mainly focuses on career development. You can display your CV, search for jobs, and post your talents and achievements to enhance your professional reputation on LinkedIn. You can post updates, share and like content, and chat with friends through this platform. It offers a full-featured career board that you don’t find on Twitter. It helps to find and apply for jobs. You can share your LinkedIn profile when applying for a job. LinkedIn is free to use. But it also has a paid version that consists of premium features like online classes and seminars. 

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8) Reddit

Reddit is one of the top Twitter Alternatives. It has groups for all most all the things you like. You can easily get into a group as well as leave a group on Reddit. This Twitter alternative gets updated with the latest news and trends. So you will get news about new trends very quickly. Reddit has more than 1.5 billion users. You will find a subreddit for any topic on this platform. Some of them are business, crafts, cooking, travel, cooking, and fitness. Reddit has almost all the information you are searching for on the internet. 

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9) 9GAG

9Gag is one of the famous alternatives of Instagram. Many popular memes, Videos, images, breaking stories, and GIFs are sharing on this platform. There are categories like comedy, cute, movie, prank music, and TV in 9Gag. 

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10) Quora

Quora is one of the famous alternative websites like Twitter. Normally people used this platform to find information. All the content on the site is generated and edited by the users of Quora. You can build social networks and follow interesting topics on this platform. Moreover, quora mainly focus on high-quality questions and answers. The users can vote for the answers here. So that people can identify the most accurate answer or a question. You can easily make an account in Quora and start finding answers for questions and engage with same-minded people. 

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11) Medium

Medium is a great social media platform for readers and writers. It is an alternative website for Twitter. People all around the world use it to post blog posts. It helps people to learn as well as earn. Readers can customize the interests by authors, following topics, and publication of your interest. You have the chance to alternate the interests at any time. The Medium allows you to highlight the favorite passages in the article, clap on the article, and offer a response as a reader. 

If you are a writer, then you can share experiences with the world. The Medium does not levy any dollar from you. The articles you publish here are shared with your followers and with readers following the relevant topic. A free account in Medium allows the following authors and publications to bookmark the stories to read later, publish their creations, and interact with authors.

The membership in Medium costs $5 per month or $50 per year. It offers unlimited and ad-free access to all the publications on Medium. Audio versions of popular stories and daily selections from leading magazines and publishers are given to the Medium members. It is not essential to get a medium membership to read or write on the platform. 

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12) Mastodon

Mastodon is similar to Twitter. The network has different servers located around the world. Mastodon has servers for any professional. You can create, host, and run communities or instances on this platform. It allows you to connect with new like-minded friends. Also, Mastodon enables you to create your communities. You can type only 500 characters on a post on this platform. The setting up process of Mastodon is complicated. You can install the Mastodon app onto your Android or Ios devices. 


13) BitChute

BitChute is a social video hosting platform. It is an alternativ for Twitter. Normally, other social media platforms remove videos that display hate. But it is different with BitChute. It does not remove any hate speech. BitChute is a well-known platform among conspiracy theorists and far-right individuals. 


What Are The Negatives of Twitter?

Twitter has pros as well as cons. Limited message size is one such drawback. Also, it allows only a 140 character limit for a post. You need to have a full-time engagement to increase the audience on Twitter. Otherwise, you will lose followers. 

What Other Social Media is Like Twitter?

I have mentioned several social media platforms similar to Twitter in this article. There are some other examples like WhatsApp, Line, and Youtube. You try them also if you are fed with using Twitter.

What is The Best Alternative to Twitter?

The best twitter alternative depends on your requirements. Suppose you need to find information about something and meet same-minded people. In that case, Quora, Reddit, and Pinterest are good alternatives. If you are searching for an instant messaging alternative for Twitter, then Facebook is Telegram the best. Likewise, the best alternative must be decided by you. 

What Are The Other Conservative News Apps Like Twitter?

Parler is a conservative news app like Twitter. MeWe is also another famous one. You can find several conservative news apps like Twitter on the internet. 

What Is The Biggest Social Media Platform?

Social media platforms are getting popular with the development of technology. Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube are at the forefront of popularity. Among them, Facebook is the biggest social media platform. It has over 2.74 billion active users. 


Twitter is one of the best social media platforms available in the world. There are several alternatives for that also. If you need a change, then you can try another platform. They offer most of the features available on Twitter as well as unique features. Try to select the best Twitter alternative that is compatible with your requirements.

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